xubuntu26wgrub problems01:39
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jermslpWhere the real ./'ers at10:03
jermslpWats the differneces hetween xubuntu n mint10:03
well_laid_lawnwhat is it you really are asking there?10:05
well_laid_lawnthe difference between linux distros is packaging and support mostly10:06
mauser9069Hello, all. I am using Xubuntu 18.04LTS and the dialog boxes for updates are way too wide. I have the DPI set to 160 because of my eyesight. Changing the DPI does not correct this bug. It won't allow me to resize them. I posted it this issue here but no luck. https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2431793 Anyone knows a fix for this?15:09
mauser9069By the way. I am commandline illiterate.15:09
GridCubemauser9069: you can resize windows by pressing ctrl and the right mouse click and drag to desired size15:14
mauser9069I tried that and it won't let me resize them.15:14
mauser9069These are the boxes that won't resize. https://postimg.cc/w7Fk6QvD and https://postimg.cc/n9j7jLkB15:16
GridCubethat doesn't look like xubuntu15:17
GridCubei mean probably it's a different theme, but looks a lot like lxde15:18
mauser9069I themed it differently. Even the standard Theme the dialog boxes are still way to wide.15:19
GridCubei see15:19
mauser9069It's XFCE theme.15:19
GridCubelooks like a bug then15:19
mauser9069Yes, but I tried to report the bug but it won't let me file a bug report.15:20
mauser9069So far I am living with this bug. I don't see it ever getting fixed if they won't allow me to file a bug report.15:22
GridCubehow did you tried to fill the bug?15:22
brainwashbug 173732015:22
ubottubug 1737320 in xfwm4 (Ubuntu) "Update Manager - Resize control disabled" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/173732015:22
GridCube:D brainwash to the rescue15:23
mauser9069I tried using Launchpad which I have an account for. There is nowhere to file a bug report, only search for bugs.15:24
brainwashyou should be able to open new reports15:24
mauser9069Thank you "ubottu".15:24
brainwashwidth = dpi / 72 * size * num_em15:25
mauser9069It won't let m e "brainwashed".15:25
mauser9069At 72 DPI I can't see anything.15:26
brainwashthere is a "Report a bug" link in the top right corner15:27
GridCubemauser9069: the best way to report a bug is opening a terminal and typing ubuntu-bug nameofpackage15:28
brainwashthe window width calculation seems to depend on the set DPI value15:28
mauser9069I am commandline illiterate.15:28
brainwashhigher DPI -> larger window15:28
GridCube:) you can always learn15:29
GridCubeas commands go that's an easy one15:29
mauser9069I have tried to learn since 1982 and it's Gibb erish to me.15:29
brainwashbut keep in mind that you should check first if a bug report already exists15:30
brainwashI linked the existing one for the inability to resize the window (when using Xfce)15:31
brainwashdidn't check if there is one for the width calculation15:31
mauser9069Thank you for the link to file a bug report "brainwashed"15:36
mauser9069Thank you all. Bug report filed.15:39
mauser9069Bye all.15:39
krrysishow do i change terminal colors?18:21
GridCubefrom settings18:24
BuSdRiVer320Hi. Is there a way how to get the panel profile which is the default one when one installs xubuntu?21:48
gnrpBuSdRiVer320: When you delete your old configuration of the panel22:02
BuSdRiVer320gnrp, i chose Xfce 4.14 in the Panel Profiles app22:06
BuSdRiVer320Now i've chosen Xubuntu 18.04  and it seems that everything is back how it was22:07
BuSdRiVer320would be helpful to create a label called xubuntu 19.1022:07
brainwashis 19.10 any different?22:08
BuSdRiVer320I don't know as 19.10 is the first time i've installed xubuntu22:10
brainwashyou could open a new report22:12
BuSdRiVer320Thanks. Will do.22:13
gnrpreminds me I have to upgrade one computer to 19.10.22:14
gnrpno point in waiting five months for 20.0422:15
BuSdRiVer320I'm testing atm.22:15
BuSdRiVer320but was impressed with how stable xubunto 19.10 is22:15
gnrpBuSdRiVer320: What is the recommended way to upgrade xubuntu?22:16
gnrpwell, I guess it is as stable as any ubuntu release?22:16
BuSdRiVer320yes and no... i've installed ubuntu 19.10 and lubuntu 19.1022:16
BuSdRiVer320both had issues22:16
gnrpah, ok22:17
gnrpso, let's see. Upgrading from 18.04 to 19.10...22:20
gnrpmaybe then I can get real USB 3...22:20
BuSdRiVer320good luck22:23
gnrplol. The upgrade window now shows me that the package configuration needs some interaction... but I cannot interact22:40
gnrpi.e., I upgrade the system, then I have to do this configure secure boot stuff, but I cannot enter anything22:40
gnrphmmm, nice. Some small troubles, but all in all system works fine now22:54
gnrpwhere do I set the system-wide keyboard layout?22:59
brainwashgnrp: dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration23:03
gnrpbrainwash: Yep, tried that. I edited in the end /etc/default/keyboard directly because I wouldn't know the keyboard model for my notebook23:05
gnrpstill having some trouble with keyboard layout/internationalization after the upgrade, though :/23:05
gnrpwhen I open a vim and insert an umlaut, it always makes the character and then a space23:05

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