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ryuoanyone have experience with font rendering on kubuntu? i've been using 18.04 and i noticed that some fonts render much differently in kubuntu's applications vs GTK+ ones running under KDE. usually the difference is that kubuntu's fonts render thicker or darker than their GTK+ equivalents. any ideas how I can get more identical results?04:20
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> ryuo did you try changing the GTK font in System Settings -> Application style?04:23
ryuoDarinMiller: yes. i'll set the same font weight, size, family and get different results though some fonts are virtually identical.04:24
ryuoit's like QT is doing something different.04:25
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> Bummer.  That's the only place I know to fix the fonts...04:26
ryuoi'll try under a temporary user.04:26
ryuomaybe my other DE settings are interfering.04:26
ryuoi had ubuntu mate installed first.04:26
ryuobut this kubuntu seems to be a lot more stable so far than 16.04 was04:27
ryuoi would get random window manager crashes and other segfaults in xenial04:27
ryuothough i suspect it won't help much. the fonts i see the differences in are also very thin in a regular GTK+ DE.04:28
ryuomaybe KDE is just better at font rendering now.04:29
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> In Kubuntu 14.04, as per this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srOk1QHpQQc, this may help: sudo ln -s /etc/fonts/conf.avail/10-autohint.conf /etc/fonts/conf.d/04:31
ryuoDarinMiller: seems to be a quirk of the font. if i use the OTF version, it appears differently but the TTF version has no such difference. maybe GTK+ isn't fully using the OTF features.05:23
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IrcsomeBot<Shreddies> Hi,does anybody know how i can get rid of Kde wallet,it randomly started popping up even though I've never used it (can't seem to uninstall it from Discovere) ,it shows up every time the PC goes on sleep & then I have to cancel the window & enter the wifi password when the PC won't remember the wifi password  any more,mildly irritating.Thanks!09:44
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IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> @Shreddies, Hi! Look in the settings! Which Plasma version are you using? (Type "info" in the start menu).10:23
IrcsomeBot<Shreddies> @Linuxophil, thanks! KDE Plasma version 5.12.910:24
IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> @Shreddies, Kubuntu 18.04.3 then, right?10:25
IrcsomeBot<Shreddies> @Linuxophil, think so,how would I double check?10:25
IrcsomeBot<Shreddies> @Linuxophil, oh wait silly me,typed in about & it says in large letters Kubuntu 18.0410:26
IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> @Shreddies, At the same spot10:26
IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> @Shreddies, Cool. English version?10:26
IrcsomeBot<Shreddies> @Linuxophil, think so,but dowloaded it maybe from Sweden so not 100% sure10:27
IrcsomeBot<Shreddies> (Photo, 622x533) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/7epQTE05/file_20310.jpg10:28
IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> I only have the German version here, but you will find your way around the settings:10:29
IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> (Photo, 1280x686) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/Fc9cktY7/file_20311.jpg10:29
IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> (Photo, 1280x684) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/89KA89GO/file_20312.jpg10:30
IrcsomeBot<Shreddies> @Linuxophil, worth a shot,I understand some swedish which is a little similar to german,appreciate your help!10:30
IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> Sorry, had to correct. Now it is correct.10:30
IrcsomeBot<Shreddies> @Linuxophil, what did you type in to get that window?10:31
IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> @Shreddies, I think, the words are actually of no consequence. You can just follow the layout. 😉10:31
IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> @Shreddies, Do you find the system settings in the main manu?10:32
IrcsomeBot<Shreddies> @Linuxophil, yeah how you got the menu10:32
IrcsomeBot<Shreddies> @Linuxophil, got it! thanks!10:32
IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> @Shreddies, Great! kwallet is a mess unfortunately...10:33
IrcsomeBot<Shreddies> @Linuxophil, can't see it,attaching screenshot10:34
IrcsomeBot<Shreddies> (Photo, 1280x681) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/rBso0t0A/file_20313.jpg10:35
IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> Now I have a question for the gods of Kubuntu! My laptop with Kubuntu 18.04 was just updated (apt update & apt upgrade) and now does boot into maintenance mode instead of into the full system. PPAs for Kubuntu backports and syncthing activated. Any ideas on what to do? @RikMills @Valoriez10:36
IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> @Shreddies, in the searchfild type "pass".10:37
IrcsomeBot<Shreddies> @Linuxophil, if it's not tehre can I destroy (ehh I mean remove it) from the terminal?10:38
IrcsomeBot<Shreddies> @Linuxophil, I just get connectivity :/10:38
IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> @Shreddies, Nono. Don't!10:38
IrcsomeBot<Shreddies> @Linuxophil, oh ok,it's important somewhow,I've never used it,I wouldn't know... I won't remove it then10:39
IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> @Shreddies, It is probably somewhere else in the settings. Try to find it and deactivate it.10:41
IrcsomeBot<Shreddies> @Linuxophil, I've tried kde wallet,wallet,finding it on Discover,out of ideas where to search to be honest :/10:42
IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> @Shreddies, I am just talking about finding it in the settings.10:43
IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> @Shreddies, Discover is the software manager. Here you can install and uninstall the software. But I would not uninstall system integrated software if I can just deactivate it. you never know what else might be removed along with it.10:44
ryuoLinuxophil: sounds like something you should trace... you may have to try to rescue it from a live cd.10:44
IrcsomeBot<Shreddies> @Linuxophil, oh ok,I'm looking in settings but no luck so far10:44
ryuoLinuxophil: last person I helped with a similar issue had a failing hard drive.10:45
IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> @Shreddies, When you just click on "account details" in the settings, there is nothing like "Password management"?10:45
ryuoLinuxophil: check SMART; though it's unlikely to be the same root cause her.e10:45
IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> @ryuo, That would be weirdly inconvenient and fitting since I am thinking about upgrading the hard drive anyway...10:46
IrcsomeBot<Shreddies> (Photo, 1280x681) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/hXYBYjTo/file_20313.jpg10:47
ryuoDiscord bridge?10:49
ryuoJust where is the other side of this bot?10:49
IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> @ryuo, Can you tell me how to check smart via the cli?10:51
ryuoLinuxophil: smartctl10:51
IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> @ryuo, Booting from a Kubuntu usb drive works. Home folder is accessible.10:51
ryuoafaik there's no GUI for smart.10:52
ryuoIrcsomeBot: ?10:52
IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> @ryuo, rebooting now...10:57
IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> I get to grub10:57
IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> (Photo, 720x1280) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/KbTsl5dn/file_20319.jpg10:59
IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> @ryuo, Weird. I can install smartmontools on the Kubuntu USB drive cannot find "smartctl" and recommends installing "smartmontools".11:28
IrcsomeBot<Shreddies> Speaking of settings ,does anybody know how to change the decimal comma (20,5) in KCalc to a decimal period (20.5) Have searched in the settings & can't find anything in the Help center either & all search resulst online were on Ubuntu which doesn't have KCalc or a bug in 2012.Thanks!11:29
IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> And when trying to copy the data off the internal hard drive, there are some folders that "cannot be entered".11:30
IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> @Shreddies, I think that might be part of the regional settings of plasma.11:31
IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> (Photo, 1280x683) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/wg2DfJ18/file_20320.jpg11:33
IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> (Photo, 1082x750) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/pEiVY264/file_20321.jpg11:35
IrcsomeBot<Shreddies> @Linuxophil, thanks! Will that mess up my settings as I have set up my UK keyboard to have some Swedish letters when  both Ctrl keys are pressed at the same time11:35
IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> (Photo, 1083x764) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/5fGCIqeH/file_20322.jpg11:36
IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> @Shreddies, I do not know. Try it out, you can always reset to defaults on the bottom.11:37
IrcsomeBot<Shreddies> @Linuxophil, Did the trick,thanks! Swedish keyboard setttings still work as normal Öäåö    Thanks a million! :D11:44
IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> @Shreddies, My pleasure!11:44
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BluesKajHey folks12:29
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IrcsomeBot<Linuxophil> @BluesKaj, Hi Blueskaj!13:20
BluesKajhi Linuxophil13:21
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estanhi folks. anyone know which qt version 20.04 is likely to get? 5.12 LTS, 5.13 or 5.14?20:04
IrcsomeBot<Schyken> @ryuo, Isn't TTF what they're supposed to be using?20:14
IrcsomeBot<Schyken> Now that we can actually do TTF effectively, I don't quite see why we'd still use OTF.20:14
estanah i guess i can look at the current version at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/focal/+source/qtbase-opensource-src (looks to be 5.12.4).20:16
estana bit sad that the release schedule of ubuntu and qt are a little off from each other, with the qt 5.15 lts coming out in may 2020 :/20:17
estanwe need our app to build with the qt that is in the latest LTS release of *buntu, but i was hoping we could start using C++17 attributes (e.g. like [[nodiscard]]), but Qt moc only has support for that in Qt >= 5.14.20:18
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kinghatprobably expected but does the backports not come with qt 5.13.2?20:31
RikMillskinghat: no. that would be very silly20:37
RikMillsbackports are backports of what is in the development release. that is Qt 5.1220:38
RikMillsand besides, Qt does not get backported, as the ABI breaks makes other non KDE things uninstallable20:39
kinghat👌 thanks Rik!20:46
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