ericlafo_Hi Folks, I found out what was happening, there is a neighbor monitoring working for ipv4 (router discovery).  This causes my 2 other interface on which one didn't have a gateway and the other wasn't configured yet.  So, in all 3 of my interfaces, only one had a working gateway and was usable.  The kernel was aware of this and returned always the working gateway interface when looking at it with "ip route get x.x.x.01:53
ericlafo_ise here was the dynamism with which the kernel was able to adapt.  :) I will now return satisfied.01:53
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fooI have an old netbook. 7+ years old. I want to install ubuntu server on it mainly to ssh in and transfer data to an external drive. It looks like 18.04.3 LTS is 64-bit only, not sure if that's best for this old netbook. Any other suggestions?22:51
mybalzitchif your cpu supports 64bit its fine22:52
foomybalzitch: how would I know? I can get into safe mode shell on it with an older ubuntu distro now (not sure what's on here just yet)23:15
mybalzitchif you can get me the cpu name from cat /proc/cpuinfo I can look it up and tell you23:15
mybalzitchbut you can probably use that older ubuntu distro just as well as anything else to copy files on/off23:16
foomybalzitch: looks like this: https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E1683415211523:17
foomybalzitch: intel atom inside23:17
foomybalzitch: yeah, hm. It seems to be hanging at "checking battery state"23:17
mybalzitchit's 32bit only, so that other OS won't boot23:18
mybalzitchcan you ctrl+c the check?23:19
mybalzitchor wait it out I guess23:19
foomybalzitch: thank you for the confirmation. ctrl+c doesn't seem to matter. I do have another dell inspiron here that is newer... I might just use this instead23:21
mybalzitchwould you like me to check that for you as well? ark.intel.com is the site I'm using23:22
foomybalzitch: thank you for asking, just turning it on now... this is 2019 I was told. Waiting for it to boot up to see what's on it.23:23
mybalzitchI'm not sure what hte battery state being checked entails, there should be a way to interrupt it you'd think, but maybe not23:23
mybalzitchoh, so much newer23:23
foomybalzitch: ... yeah. It might also have usb 3 which would be nice.23:23
foomybalzitch: and yes, I am surprised a battery check could prevent a system from booting up. There may be another power issue going on, I'm really not sure23:24
mybalzitchwhat happens if you press ctrl+alt+f1 or ctrl+alt+f2, do you get a login prompt?23:26
fooubuntu 9.10 kernel 2.6.31-15-generic on the old netbook. The inspiron is still coming online (looks like it's installing windows updates).23:27
foomybalzitch: oh, there is a login screen when I ctrl+alt+f1. Nice. Uh, err, I don't remember this user/pass. But nonetheless, at least I can get into it. Looks like ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS actually23:29
foomybalzitch: thanks for "being there" - I've done quite a bit of tinkering with linux in my day but am a bit rusty. :)23:30
mybalzitchah sometimes hand holding is nice for both parties23:31
mybalzitchif you are copying off a NTFS drive, a newer version of ubuntu will probably work best23:31
mybalzitchbut if its fat32 or a linux filesystem, pretty much anything will do23:32

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