oerheksdon't mix sources00:01
oerheksand don't add repos to the sources.list, use the sources.list.d folder to put it in00:02
oerheksbut i guess that is useless, for an ubuntu docker vm00:02
oerheksdocker create ubuntu:18.0400:03
oerheksor 19.10 ..00:03
tempuserI think I figured out what to do.00:05
tempuserThe target is 16.04 actually (I'm not targeting 19.10, forgive me)00:05
tempuserRUN echo "deb-src http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ xenial main" >> /etc/apt/sources.list00:06
tempuserI'm dealing with exactly this line right now: https://github.com/googledatalab/datalab/blob/master/containers/base/Dockerfile#L3600:06
tempuserAnd then, just a few lines later in that same file, a reference to "apt-get source .." is made00:08
IRCNewSo is my problem have to do with docker00:08
IRCNewfrom a different source00:08
tempuserAnd the docker build fails, saying some packages can't be authenticated00:08
tempuserThat "apt-get source ..." command fails.00:08
tempuserI'll pastebin the output somewhere.. just a sec..00:09
IRCNewTo be clear the problem I'm having with unmask -.mount00:15
IRCNewis because "systemctl start docker" can't start because -.mount is masked.00:16
IRCNewso I'm not sure if anything was related to my probelm00:17
kreyrenhelp E: Unable to locate package libfuse3-dev00:57
oerheksdisco-eoan https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=libfuse3-dev01:02
kreyrenoerheks, ty01:03
MrPocketsAnyone around?01:13
kreyrenMrPockets, pong01:14
MrPocketsSo I'm tryena change the lock screen purple to black. Not the first login screen, but once logged in, if I lock my session, it shows the custom wallpaper, but when I press ESC and am presented with the password screen to unlock, it's purple01:15
MrPockets18.04.3 LTS01:16
kreyrenMrPockets, referencing https://askubuntu.com/a/98161901:18
kreyrenprobably better way to explain it01:18
kreyrenalso propper spelling is trying not tryena01:19
MrPocketsSee thats whats got me scratch'n my noodle.01:19
kreyrenMrPockets, elaborate?01:19
MrPocketsi did that, and thoroughly re-read and verified01:20
MrPocketsbut alas, the lock screen is still purple.01:20
kreyrenSent me the content of  /etc/alternatives/gdm3.css01:22
kreyrenalso assuming it being part of /etc/alternatives i guess you have to invoke `update-alternatives`01:22
daddy0mrpockets this what i did: vi /etc/alternatives/gdm3.css01:23
kreyren`sudo update-alternatives --config gdm3.css`01:23
daddy0lockDialogGroup {background: #00000001:23
MrPocketsyeah, logged out and bounced the workstation before asking  here.01:24
MrPocketsalso:  https://pastebin.com/gBH5Unip01:25
kreyren`* 1            /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme/gnome-shell.css                                    5         manual mode`01:26
kreyrenthere is your issue01:26
kreyreni assume01:26
MrPocketsWhat is the correct selection?01:26
kreyren`ls -la path/to/gdm3.css`01:26
kreyrenis probably symlinked somewhere01:27
MrPocketsChanging & testing (rebooting). Brb01:27
MrPocketsactually, that looks correct.01:28
IRCNewso does anyone know what -.mount is even used for01:29
kreyrenMrPockets, i assume that you made a syntax error in said .css file -> Lint it and report back01:34
jpmhIRCNew: for mounting file systems01:36
IRCNewwell I can't stop it01:36
IRCNewI can't unmask it01:37
IRCNewwhich is what docker is complaining about01:37
jpmhIRCNew: what do you mean by "stop it"01:37
IRCNewsystemctl stop -- -.mount01:37
asarchOne stupid question: how do you install GNOME (the real GNOME) with the full of its features?01:37
asarchsudo apt-get install gnome gnome-extras doesn't work :-(01:38
jpmhIRCNew: why are you trying to stop it?01:38
asarchIs it safe to use tasksel?01:39
IRCNewMy problem is when I try to "systemctl start docker" it give an error01:39
IRCNewFailed to start docker.service: Unit -.mount is masked.01:39
oerheksfor the vanilla gnome; sudo apt install gnome-session https://vitux.com/how-to-install-vanilla-gnome-desktop-on-ubuntu/01:39
guivercasarch, I suspect you're asking about vanilla gnome (you didn't specify a version, but https://packages.ubuntu.com/bionic/vanilla-gnome-desktop)01:39
oerheksbut then you are on your own01:39
asarchVanilla GNOME?01:40
Bashing-om!info ubuntu-desktop01:40
oerheksthere is no 'real gnome' all distros do something extra.01:40
ubottuubuntu-desktop (source: ubuntu-meta): The Ubuntu desktop system. In component main, is optional. Version 1.440 (eoan), package size 2 kB, installed size 49 kB01:40
asarchThank you!01:41
asarchThank you very much! :-)01:41
oerhekshave fun!01:41
jpmhIRCNew: one more reason to avoid docker IM(never)HO - I suspect a partitioning issue - but no idea really01:42
IRCNewdocker makes it really easy to setup services01:43
IRCNewError: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.systemd1.UnitMasked: Unit -.mount is masked.01:44
IRCNewhmm I tried 'apt update'01:44
oerheks Unit -.mount is masked. what is Unit -.mount ?01:45
IRCNewo dam01:45
IRCNewwell I have gpart open01:45
IRCNewthat might have been my problem01:46
jpmhIRCNew: remember I said partitions (LOL)01:47
IRCNewWell I just did not think of it till I read the error some people where getting when doing 'apt update' now I have to re install01:48
IRCNewsince that is what I was trying to do01:48
kreyrenhow can i get `libfuse3-dev` on bionic ubuntu?02:00
oerheksthere are no backports, build it yourself?02:04
leftyfbkreyren: why do you think you need it?02:04
oerheksit will need some newer gcc too, i guess02:05
kreyrenleftyfb, since my project needs it and GitHub Actions are using only ubuntu-latest which translates to ubuntu bionic02:10
cloazubuntu is finally really taking off & getting somewhere ;D02:10
kreyrencloaz, no, it's pita to deal with02:10
leftyfbkreyren: bionic is not the latest02:10
kreyrenleftyfb, it is according to GitHub02:11
leftyfbkreyren: Ubuntu 19.10 is the latest02:11
kreyrenleftyfb, tell that to Microsoft then they are as always few years in history02:11
lotuspsychjeplease keep general statements out of #ubuntu kreyren cloaz02:11
leftyfbkreyren: what project exactly are you talking about?02:12
lotuspsychjeuse #ubuntu-discuss if you need to discuss a topic02:12
kreyrenlotuspsychje, i try, but i'm triggered >.> and it's using all kinds of weird 3rd party repos..02:12
kreyrenleftyfb, https://github.com/Kreyrock/Kreyrock/runs/32672400202:12
kreyrennotice install dependencies02:13
kreyrenand my C lang project is using `#include <fuse3/fuse.h>`02:13
kreyren~~well i forked it and fixed it, it's made by someone else~~02:14
leftyfbkreyren: your own custom distribution?02:15
kreyrenleftyfb, meta-distribution yes02:15
leftyfbkreyren: ok, that is well beyond the scope of this support channel.02:15
kreyrenleftyfb, that's why am i asking ubuntu-specific question in getting said package on ubuntu bionic02:16
leftyfbkreyren: fuse3 is not supported on bionic02:16
oerheksdependencies do not meet 18.04, only disco and eoan02:16
kreyrenleftyfb, i know i need some workaround for that..02:16
leftyfbkreyren: ok, you are on your own for that. We can only support what is available in bionic (when supporting bionic)02:17
kreyrenassuming package list http://dpaste.com/3DQR2JX.txt02:17
oerheksbut it is not just fuse3-dev, there is a bunch more i think.02:17
kreyrenleftyfb, can you support a method to get said package list to update to get expected package on the list as efficient as possible assuming delay in runtime?02:18
oerhekssee https://ubuntu.pkgs.org/19.04/ubuntu-universe-amd64/fuse3_3.4.1-1_amd64.deb.html02:18
leftyfbkreyren: Sorry, but you are trying to shoe-horn us providing support for your customer distribution. Good luck02:19
martiansoulCan I make two clipboards in ubuntu?02:19
martiansoulI mean two clipboards containing different items. And using them separately?02:19
kreyrenleftyfb, How is that shoe-horn it's not doing anything with my distro it's literally ubuntu checking files.. **NOTHING** from my distribution is executed in a way that would affect ubuntu's runtime02:20
kreyrenoerheks, so i would still need to update on disco and assuming provided package list i would have to update on disco for it to work right?02:20
kreyrenexcluding sandboxing binaries i.e docker02:20
oerhekskreyren, yes, start with a 19.10 docker, i have no idea how to update that 18.04 docker instance, maybe that is impossible?02:22
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kreyrenoerheks, trying thanks for info02:22
oerheksmartiansoul, there is gpaste, with multiple buffers gnome-shell-extensions-gpaste > https://askubuntu.com/questions/656860/how-to-get-multiple-clipboards02:22
gbellinozHas anybody succeeded in getting new protocols registered with firefox via gconftool-2 (eg: tel://)02:31
oerheksit could be done with about:config https://askubuntu.com/a/96980602:35
gbellinozCool, thanks oerheks. The other answers like that indicated that that method didn't work any more. Will try.02:56
gbellinozThat's why I'm wondering if anybody's succeeded.03:12
=== PowerTower_121 is now known as PowerTower_120
gbellinozYeah, hrumph, didn't work.04:06
kreyrenWhat is the proper sources.list for latest ubuntu?04:32
tomreynyou mean the one currently in development, the latest release, otr the latest lts?04:36
Bashing-omkreyren: https://gist.github.com/seveas/09139dc2ce7e46e37ca6647b193ac0c9 . But change the xenial instances to the target release name.04:36
tomreyn* "or", not "otr"04:36
kreyrentomreyn, latest lts04:37
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions are supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Bionic (Bionic Beaver 18.04). Ubuntu !flavors may have different support durations, check their release notes for information.04:37
tomreynso the release name there is "bionic"04:37
kreyrenedit: i need disco at least04:38
tomreynyou'll work it out04:38
EdFletcherT137anyone know the right CLI invocation to get the default Ubuntu desktop env (I'm honestly not sure what it's called) to start from VNC (e.g. what needs to be at the end of ~/.vnc/xstartup)?04:44
kreyrenI'm updating ubuntu from bionic to disco and getting confllicts with perl-modules-5.22 (https://travis-ci.org/Kreyrock/Kreyrock/builds/618838657#L199) how should i resolve it?04:52
kreyrenusing `http://dpaste.com/1GXGD8Q.txt`04:52
kreyrennot sure if using recommends is enough04:53
Bashing-om!info perl-modules-5.28 disco } kreyren04:59
ubottuperl-modules-5.28 (source: perl): Core Perl modules. In component main, is optional. Version 5.28.1-6 (disco), package size 2751 kB, installed size 18894 kB04:59
kreyrenBashing-om, eh?04:59
tomreynthis is not travis ci support, but you should be aware that setting up apt sources and installing packages from !disco on !xenial is just going to break04:59
Bashing-omkreyren: perl-modules-5.22 will not exist in disco.05:00
kreyrenBashing-om, ah i see, thanks05:00
kreyrentomreyn, thanks i didn't notice it using xenial05:02
tomreynhttps://github.com/Kreyrock/Kreyrock/blob/master/.travis.yml#L12 isn't going to work because https://docs.travis-ci.com/user/reference/linux/05:16
tomreynoops, i mean to post this to #travis05:19
juanonymousgreets, i have installed telnet on ubuntu18.04 vps.. but telnet command is still not found06:08
juanonymousinetd is active06:08
tomreynjuanonymous: show your output of installing and trying to run telnet06:11
Ben64how did you install telnet06:11
tomreyn!paste | juanonymous06:11
ubottujuanonymous: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:11
juanonymoustomreyn: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/vYQMfD4d84/06:13
tomreyntelnetd is a telnet server, it's not the same as telnet, a telnet client06:13
tomreyni.e., to get the telnet client, you need to: sudo apt update && sudo apt install telnet06:14
juanonymousso i need to uninstall telnetd then?06:16
juanonymouswhat is the proper way to uninstall it, and also delete all of its directory?06:16
tomreynsudo apt purge telnetd06:17
juanonymousthank you tomreyn06:19
tomreynyou're welcome, juanonymous06:20
rabbitnightmarehow do I add my TV provider to the videos app?06:32
rabbitnightmareI don't want to use chrome every time I want to watch Spectrum06:33
tatertotssometimes people have to do things they don't want to do06:37
tatertotsincluding but not limited to going to work06:38
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rabbitnightmaretatertots, I just got home06:38
rabbitnightmarework sux06:38
lotuspsychje!ot | rabbitnightmare06:39
ubotturabbitnightmare: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:39
rabbitnightmarelotuspsychje, would you happen to know how to add a cable provider to the videos app?06:40
rabbitnightmarepretty please06:40
lotuspsychjerabbitnightmare: elaborate please?06:41
rabbitnightmareI would like to add Spectrum to videos06:41
rabbitnightmarethere is a channels button06:42
rabbitnightmareI add watch.spectrum.net and it just says "unable to play file"06:44
lotuspsychjerabbitnightmare: im not familliar with that service, but you could try to open the url with vlc or clementine06:45
rabbitnightmarehttps://bhtv.brighthouse.com/livetv is another url06:46
rabbitnightmarebrighthouse is the local one06:47
rabbitnightmareit hasnt been bright house since before timewarner06:47
rabbitnightmareok so I know they use flash06:48
rabbitnightmarewhat would I set the profile to06:48
rabbitnightmareyeah its not letting me stream06:49
tatertotsmight have to suck it up and use a browser06:49
rabbitnightmarethats fine and all but it doesn't let me use all the channels I am subscribed to06:49
rabbitnightmareonce upon a time xbmc supported it06:50
rabbitnightmareI think XBMC is dead now06:50
rabbitnightmareoh well life goes on06:53
SwedeMikeXBMC is called Kodi now.06:58
SwedeMikeand it's alive and well06:58
rabbitnightmareI shall try it and see06:59
rabbitnightmarethank you that was what I needed07:00
rabbitnightmarethat was incredibly easy to setup07:00
rabbitnightmareI wish other video players supported tuner streaming07:00
rabbitnightmarey'all might want to look into either including kodi by default in the future or add it to videos07:01
rabbitnightmarethank you SwedeMike07:01
tatertotsrabbitnightmare: it only supports the HD Homerun tuner so ...don't get too excited07:02
rabbitnightmaretatertots, yeah no DVR or anything but I half expected it07:02
rabbitnightmareif I wanted to be a pirate not much is stopping me, but legal methods should be widely supported and adopted in Ubuntu07:03
lotuspsychje!ot | rabbitnightmare07:03
rabbitnightmarelotuspsychje, asking for legal media tuner streaming support is ot?07:04
lotuspsychjerabbitnightmare: you are not asking ubuntu questions, but general chatting right now07:04
lotuspsychjepleas keep things divided in the proper channels07:04
tatertotsif you stray too far from basic OS support someone will deem it OT so tread lightly07:05
rabbitnightmarethats fine and I am trying to be understanding, just a feature request07:05
rabbitnightmarewith the advent of docsis 4.0 you are going to see more people like me asking about it07:05
rabbitnightmarehave a good night07:06
tatertotsmost networks have their own android / iphone apps for subscribers07:06
* linux_dr discovered himself banned from ##linux :-(07:12
tatertotscongrats...it's a right of passage07:14
elit's because of irccloud07:14
tatertotsyou're a man now07:14
elfree accounts are trivial to spin up, so they ban the irccloud free accounts. if you had a paid account you'd be fine. it's not personal.07:15
linux_drI certainly can’t claim to be a newbie. I was building and using kernel modules before devfs was in wide use. Now I know it’s been replaced by udev that integrates with systemd:  that said, I can’t remember how to determine what is using a module that prevents modprobe -r from removing them. Can anyone refresh my memory?07:15
tomreynlsmod, i guess07:19
linux_drtomreyn: lsmod told me no other MODULES are using it, but I think either a process, or system.d’s current target is using it...07:21
tomreynthere doesn't seem to be a single / simple answer to this. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/448999/is-there-a-way-to-figure-out-what-is-using-a-linux-kernel-module07:23
EdFletcherT137totally guessing, but maybe `lsof` can show you if it has any file descriptors open?07:23
linux_drI’m trying to install the correct versions of the virtual box guests additions (WITHOUT a reboot)... vboxvideo is giving me trouble... but, as X11 is not even INSTALLED yet, (no less running) I’m a bit mystified by this.07:27
linux_drI’m trying to do this with ansible-local, so a reboot would be particularly inconvenient.07:28
d0tsun7why not a reboot linux_dr?07:29
d0tsun7ah, just read that last comment07:30
linux_drd0tsun7: several reasons... 1) ansible-local runs on the box being manipulated, so there’s no graceful way to resume a ansible play 2) there is a way to automate a reboot during provisioning in vagrant (which I am using), but there is no way to make this conditional on the system state, 3) a reboot simply makes several things more difficult07:35
d0tsun7i follow ya07:37
linux_drAlso, as long as I’m able to shutdown X and restart it, i don’t see a reason I should NEED a reboot07:37
linux_drd0tsun7: in THEORY. :-P07:38
d0tsun7right. lol07:39
linux_drIt is (for instance) possible that the kernel now uses vboxvideo for fbconsole, which is very unlikely to07:43
linux_drRelinquish use of it07:44
linux_drI have the download compile and install all beautifully automated... only switching out the loaded module is giving me greif07:50
nikolamI just wanted to say that not booting system if some of the items in /etc/fstab fail to mount, it total garbage.08:52
nikolamWhat if I removed a drive? Is that really a reason to stop loading absolutely fine working system?08:53
Ben64nikolam: there's an option to not wait08:56
nikolamI know but really. It that sane for a default for a desktop system?08:57
nikolamto stop loading OS and put bunch of error messages in front of unexpecte duser, just because some additional drives died or unavailable? Nope.08:58
tatertotsmakes sense to m08:58
nikolamMakes sense in server, but on desktop?08:58
tatertotsespecially if the drives aren't local direct attached storage08:59
Ben64yeah, most people on desktop don't even put stuff in fstab08:59
nikolamAnd there is the thing about /etc/zfs/zpool.cache . One more reason for it o stop booting..09:02
nikolamAnd it's fs shouldn't even care for system config files..09:02
nikolamit's Linux implementation...09:02
tatertotsyou live and learn09:03
tatertotsyou can make what ever customizations you need to fit your use case09:04
nikolamYeah, that's why it seems better not to run Linux at all, but some docker on top of lx zones on Triton and that's it.09:05
tatertotsnikolam: uh i beleive docker and containers in genreal share the kernel and sub system of the Linux OS on the bare metal....right?09:15
tatertotsso i don't believe that gets you out of anything09:16
nikolamtatertots, nope, no Linux kernel at all, other one is translating APIs. But it's offtopic.09:21
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thanzexhi there! does gnome disk utility make a byte per byte image of a disk?11:55
martiansoulHi. I want to develop two separate clipboards. Is it possible in ubuntu? even programatically?12:09
sazawalI have this bug in my recently installed gnome-shell for Ubuntu 19.04, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-shell/+bug/1822846 . Someone has mentioned that "This bug was fixed in the package gnome-shell - 3.32.1-1ubuntu1~19.04.1". My question is how do I apply this fix, or how do I upgrade my gnome-shell to this version. My gnome-shell version is GNOME Shell 3.32.012:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1822846 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu Eoan) "Icon disappears from favorites in gnome-shell 3.32 (upstream dock, not the ubuntu-dock)" [High,Fix released]12:16
BluesKajHey folks12:29
sazawalI have this bug in my recently installed gnome-shell for Ubuntu 19.04, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-shell/+bug/1822846 . Someone has mentioned that "This bug was fixed in the package gnome-shell - 3.32.1-1ubuntu1~19.04.1". My question is how do I apply this fix, or how do I upgrade my gnome-shell to this version. My gnome-shell version is GNOME Shell 3.32.012:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1822846 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu Eoan) "Icon disappears from favorites in gnome-shell 3.32 (upstream dock, not the ubuntu-dock)" [High,Fix released]12:40
jeremy31sazawal: in terminal>  sudo apt-get install --reinstall gnome-shell12:42
nikolamWhat's that "kworker/0:0+kacpid" that is eating 74% cpu time on 2-core 4-threads i3-2120 ?12:45
nikolamtogether with 62% for irq/9-acpi ..?12:45
dionysus69hey all, I am building a PC and I want to have a troubleshooting/emergency GPU in order to not to go blind. the CPU I am planning to buy doesn't have IGPU so which is the cheapest GPU you recommend that would work with linux kernel without any installation?12:47
dionysus69I am talking about cards that are ~20$12:47
nikolamI see them in top as 2 processes and 2 cores are used as I see in panel monitor (xfce4 panel), and showing as system usage on 2 virt. cores in top12:47
nikolamdionysus69, on AMD side, 7xxx series and newer, because it has GCN and is supported woth open drivers from AMD and will be supported in the future12:48
felcodionysus69 You may want to take a look into some older geforce, they work with the open source nvidia driver. And theres also the amd open source driver, but I don't know how it is going12:49
nikolamNvidia all have great support for older cards, but driver are all proprietary.12:49
felcoThe open source driver supports gtx 750 IIRC12:49
dionysus69I just care if you just plugin and it works, I would prefer if its AMD though12:50
nikolamamd now plays smoothly and drivers you get are open and supported , but from GCN onwards, not for older.12:50
nikolamAnd Nvidia can work for older, just make sure to install proprietary drivers, if you want speed from it.12:50
dionysus69like this? https://www.amazon.com/Genuine-Graphics-01308-01-109-C33457-00-113-C3340200-105/dp/B07QSCNNHY/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Radeon+HD+7000&qid=1575118270&s=electronics&sr=1-112:51
nikolamdionysus69, well, not ecaxtly.. yopu need GCN one, this is still Terrascale..12:55
nikolamcheck also on AMD site12:56
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dionysus69so it shouldn't mention terascale I guess xD12:58
nikolamAnd here is my problem, with top on i3-2120 with large CPU usage..  https://pastebin.com/8f9bKbVe13:02
stratus_sshello all. I am trying to track down a problem that Plex appears to be exposing. Since I don't know what package is causing the problem (networking is suspected), how do I go about documenting this process/getting to a bug report?13:17
stratus_ssI raised the issue with Plex: https://forums.plex.tv/t/specific-client-causes-system-plex-server-to-crash/498868/613:24
stratus_ssthey believe it is related to IP multi-cast13:24
jpmhI have a server that runs a number of services, including apache2 - from time to time apache2 is going off-line.  The apache2 log says that it received a SIGTERM.  I can not imagine where that is coming from - any suggestions as to how to get more info14:11
geirhaCheck the timestamps of those SIGTERMS, see if they may align with some cronjobs14:41
martiansoulhi. can I have two clipboards in Ubuntu?14:44
jeremy31martiansoul: I think there are, one will copy anything highlighted and can be pasted using middle mouse button14:47
UndefinedIsNotAFI want to install KDE. I did sudo tasksel install kubuntu-desktop14:48
UndefinedIsNotAFI got14:48
UndefinedIsNotAFE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.14:48
UndefinedIsNotAFI did sudo dpkg --configure -a14:48
UndefinedIsNotAFsudo apt install -f14:48
UndefinedIsNotAFall seems fine14:48
UndefinedIsNotAFI still cant do the tasksel14:49
yeats_UndefinedIsNotAF: can you pastebin the actual errors?14:49
=== yeats_ is now known as yeats
UndefinedIsNotAFyeats: https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/7KieFp96jFxVFDTWH0hHSA14:49
UndefinedIsNotAFnothing more14:50
UndefinedIsNotAFsudo apt --fix-broken install, did nothing14:50
AgneeesI don't remember who told me that my system was a bit too weak for ubuntu, and that was probably the reason firefox was freezing, but it works better with xubuntu now, so thanks!14:50
UndefinedIsNotAFAgneees: yeah Xubuntu is a good stuff14:51
yeatsUndefinedIsNotAF: there should be more info in /var/log/dpkg.log14:51
UndefinedIsNotAFI got nothing new in /var/log/dpkg.log at the time i do the tasksel . (i got old messages when i did upgrade)14:52
yeatsUndefinedIsNotAF: without more information, there's nothing to advise - one or more of the packages you've installed has errored out during the preinst or postinst script and until you know which one and what the error is, there's little help anyone can provide14:54
UndefinedIsNotAFyeats: what can i grep on /var/log/dpkg.log to find the guilty package ?14:55
yeatsUndefinedIsNotAF: if you have PPAs or nonstandard APT sources installed that can cause trouble14:55
yeatsUndefinedIsNotAF: well, you said there were no messages in the log, right?14:55
yeatsthey should be obvious14:55
yeatsUndefinedIsNotAF: sudo apt -f install *should* show more than what you pasted14:56
yeatsthere may be a debugging mode for tasksel too14:57
jpmhgeirha: sorry it took so long to respond - since you did not include my id I did not get paged - that is a GREAT idea - sadly not the case here - this server has VERY FEW cron jobs14:58
martiansouljeremy31: But a single copy makes for a single clipboard, right?14:58
jeremy31martiansoul: to use both you highlight and ctrl+c then you can highlight something else and then you can press middle mouse to paste the second and ctrl + v to paste the first14:59
martiansouljeremy31: Oh. Thanks. Now I understand.15:00
martiansoulI also wanted to know - is it possible to write a script that would allow me to have maybe let's say 3 clipboards?15:01
martiansoulAnd in principle, if it is - how would that work15:01
jeremy31martiansoul: I have no idea but google might have something15:01
martiansouljeremy31: okay.15:01
akkmartiansoul: X itself has 3 selections (PRIMARY, SECONDARY which no one uses, and CLIPBOARD) so you could write something that lets you use all three.15:09
akkmartiansoul: Or of course you can write a clipboard manager (like some desktops have) that uses PRIMARY and CLIPBOARD but also keeps their own records of what was in them.15:10
akkReally depends on what you want to do with the three clipboards (this is probably off-topic here, though).15:11
nishttalhello ppl.. I installed Ubuntu Server on a headless machine and I'm trying to launch GUI apps (like Pycharm) by exporting display to another UBuntu desktop15:45
nishttalbut its complaining of "libXrender.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"15:46
nishttalany ideas why its expected X libs on the server when I'm exporting display15:46
akkIt needs the X client libraries on the machine where you're running the app.15:56
nishttalakk my client is a Ubuntu 19.10 desktop so I'm assuming its got a full X installation15:56
nishttalserver is headless (where I'm launching PyCharm)15:57
akkIf you're running PyCharm on the server, that's where the libraries used by the app need to be.15:57
akkThough I'm surprised you were able to install PyCharm without the libraries; those should have been dependencies.15:58
nishttalakk, even when I'm exporting the display to the client?15:58
nishttalakk, pycharm is just a package that I untared15:58
akkOh, well, you'll definitely need X client libraries.15:59
akkX can transport graphics primitives (put a rectangle here, put an 'a' there) across the net, but it still needs all the libraries that translate concepts like a button, a text input, an icon, to those primitives.15:59
akkYou'll find that you need quite a lot of client libraries to run most X apps even if the server is on a remote display.16:00
nishttalmakes sense16:06
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Apachezalso X is in reverse16:29
N0Lif3I got a prompt to upgrade from 19.04 to 19.10 and now everything is broken. Thanks a lot16:38
N0Lif3what a joke. how the hell does bullcrap like this still happen with linux?16:41
ioriaN0Lif3, are you simply angry or is it  your usual way to ask for help ?16:43
compdoccould be anything. bad hardware, some program or driver you added16:43
ioriaN0Lif3, see if you can boot in recovery, if not you need a livecd16:43
ioriaN0Lif3, might be an out of space or the kernel hal broken16:44
mrninenineI am unable to execute apt-get -f install, as there are corrupt packages16:46
mrninenineThis is the error I get upon executing apt-get -f install16:47
mrninenineAlso, I am getting this error: [ Error reading lock file /etc/.environment.swp: Not enough data read ]16:48
mrnineninePlease help16:48
mrninenineI don't want to reinstall again, as I would lose data. So, I really need to get it right. I thought of backing up data to a cloud, but rclone is also using temporary space on the root partition. Despite changing environment variables, I can't make it use /home partition where I have free space available.16:51
yelofmrninenine: try removing those php packages, or at least the half-installed json, then do fix-missing and sudo dpkg –configure -a . with any luck you can then re-install.  otherwise might need to purge when removing to re-do the configurations too.17:14
stratus_ss[repost from earlier]: hello all. I am trying to track down a problem that Plex appears to be exposing. Since I don't know what package is causing the problem (networking is suspected), how do I go about documenting this process/getting to a bug report?17:20
stratus_ssI raised the issue with Plex: https://forums.plex.tv/t/specific-client-causes-system-plex-server-to-crash/498868/617:20
stratus_ssthey believe it is related to IP multi-cast17:20
BlendphysHello! Q wrt internet sharing: 2 PCs, one the server is connected via ethernet cable. Its second ethernet crad connects the client. To share Internet one has to follow advice 1 from here, right? https://askubuntu.com/questions/359856/share-wireless-internet-connection-through-ethernet17:25
BlendphysIn my case, it doesn't work. Is it because it is not Wifiw as described on the latter internet site?17:26
qwebirc95665Hello everybody, i bought a new laptop and want to install ubuntu on it, but ubuntu dont detect a drive to install on18:14
qwebirc95665i know i have 2 ssd inside with 500gb space18:15
ioriaqwebirc95665, check your SATA settings in bios to be set as 'ahci' and not 'raid'18:16
qwebirc95665i fond something in my bios named sata mode and its locked on RST Premium with Optaine18:19
qwebirc95665Product name is Nitro AN517-5118:19
qwebirc95665if this helps18:19
ioriaqwebirc95665, no idea; maybe you need to set a supervisor password to unlock it, but no experience about it18:20
qwebirc95665i cant set a supervisor password18:21
qwebirc95665oh i can18:21
qwebirc95665ok i can set a supervisor password, but still cant change the sata mode18:23
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Mike48I just removed an unused HD from my system (this is an internal drive, not a usb) in order to prepare for an upgrade.   I removed it's entry from fstab, shutdown, removed the drive, and booted.  Now it's got a failed systemd dependency for the drive.18:24
Mike48It's booting into emergency mode and won't continue. How can I fix this?18:25
ioriaqwebirc95665, https://community.acer.com/en/discussion/579607/change-sata-mode-from-rst-to-ahci18:28
dreamcat4uhm quick quesitron is there a place where i can see staging of official ubuntu apt packages18:52
dreamcat4specifically i am wondering when they will next update the nvidia-driver-440 package18:52
dreamcat4from the current .26 beta --> to the newer .3618:53
dreamcat4since it's otherwise not building on 5.4.x kernels18:53
oerheksstaging = proposed, that 440 is on next ubuntu 20.04 https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-440/440.31-0ubuntu1/+publishinghistory18:55
oerheksso, join #ubuntu+1 for focal support please18:55
BlendphysShare wireless Internet connection through ethernet (https://askubuntu.com/questions/359856/share-wireless-internet-connection-through-ethernet). If it is not wireless but ethernet, is it same procedure or is it more complicated?19:01
oerhekssame, without the wpa-supplicant stuff19:02
Blendphysoerheks, that means?19:03
oerheksone could use networkmanager for that, add connection; type ethernet; type ipv4; method shared to other computers19:03
oxekwhich firewall application do I use to allow only a specific application (e.g. Firefox) to connect to a specific outgoing port (e.g. 8080)?19:04
oxekcan linux  even do that?19:04
Blendphysoerheks, okay, but it does not work ... ;-(19:04
oxekI want to deny all outgoing communication except for applications that I specifically allow, and configure the ports that these applications are allowed to connect to19:05
BlendphysMay be, I have to do the steps described here (https://medium.com/@TarunChinmai/sharing-internet-connection-from-a-linux-machine-over-ethernet-a5cbbd775a4f) for the server19:05
oxekI can't get an answer online on whether ufw/firewalld can do that, or if I should be looking at some other thing19:05
oerheksBlendphys, 'on the server´  .. i would mention that in the first place19:06
Blendphysoerheks, yep, sorry, but do you agree with what is written on the latter internet page?19:07
tatertotsoxek: you might need to give more thought to what exactly you're attempting to accomplish conceptually...a web browser (firefox) when you enter a url into the address bar "sends" a request to a webserver, the webserver then fulfills this request and send the requested info or page back to the browser that requested it19:09
oerheksi think for ubuntu 18.04 you need to use netplan for sharing networking19:10
tatertotsoxek: it's a bi directional communication by default you see19:10
ubottuNetplan is a network configuration abstraction renderer which uses YAML descriptions of a network to work with either a NetworkManager or Systemd-networkd "renderer". More information at https://netplan.io/19:10
tatertotsoxek: so sleep on it ...think about what you really want to accomplish19:10
tatertotsoxek: more importantly give some thought to "why" you'd want to do this in the first place19:11
oxektatertots: what I want is use lots of windows programs in wine that communicate with homeservers, I want to block those connections while allowing those apps connect to things I want19:12
oxekon windows, I would install *any* firewall application, and it would allow me to do that19:12
oxekon linux, I am lost19:12
tatertotsoxek: if your firefox "browser" sends a request to a web server but cannot recieve the fulfilled request....you'll get a error more than likely19:13
oxektatertots: errors are fine and expected, it does not crash firefox on windows19:13
oxeke.g. on firefox, I only allow ports 53,80,443 and all is well. This means that e.g. an extension cannot by default load advertisements from a server on port 9090.19:14
oxekI need an outgoing firewall because I will be using lots of untrusted software19:14
Blendphysoerheks, thanks a lot. Netplan seems to be already installed under Ubuntu ... so I will try out tomorrow ... .19:15
BlendphysThanks, oerheks19:15
oerheksBlendphys, have fun!19:15
oxekI can already do that on windows using any firewall, and on android using AFWall+19:15
tatertotsoxek: just invest the time in the learning curve and do the same with firewall in your Linux distribution...it probably will not be as "just click here" as you're used to, so you'll be doing some homework and trial and error...if you want instant gratification...you might consider staying with what you've already had success with19:17
oxektatertots: I first need confirmation whether it is even possible to block outgoing traffic on linux, since neither documentation of ufw nor firewalld mentions that19:18
oxekmore specifically, outgoing traffic per application19:18
oxekI know I can do iptables/nftables and block a specific outgoing port for the whole machine19:18
oxekbut I need more granularity than that19:19
oxeke.g. allow firefox outgoing port 80/tcp, block malware.exe outgoing port 80/tcp19:19
H3dn1ngIs there any virtualisation solution that doeasn't require a special kernel? (performance is not important)19:19
dreamcat4thanks oerheks (sorry i didn't see your message earlier)19:21
tatertotsoxek: good luck in your research and subsequent "trial and error" testing19:23
Mike48anyone able to help with a systemd dependency problem on a secondary hard drive?19:26
Blendphysoerheks, bad news: in my case both PCs use the NetworkManager renderer19:29
Blendphys... and I have Lubuntu 18.0419:29
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Kevin77300Hello everyone !20:18
Kevin77300I'd need a little bit of support in order to solve an issue I have when resuming from standby20:19
Kevin77300I hear that my laptop is running, I sometime see the prompt for login and password, sometimes not. But I am always stuck on a blackscreen. The only way to solve this is to push the power button, and so I do see the Lubuntu splashscreen that says that my computer is turning off.20:20
Kevin77300I do not know where to look for this type of problem20:20
qwebirc95665Hello, i try to install ubuntu on my new laptop, but my oem made a raid 0 partition for windoof, gparted doesnt show the ssd's or the raid. how can i install ubuntu on this ssd?20:22
Kevin77300kevin@Kevin:~$ uname -a20:23
Kevin77300Linux Kevin 5.0.0-32-generic #34~18.04.2-Ubuntu SMP Thu Oct 10 10:36:02 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux20:23
rabbitnightmareso another bug, go into software updater, click other software, click "canonical partners" and it crashes the app20:23
rabbitnightmare"Sorry Ubuntu 19.10 has encountered an internal error"20:24
rabbitnightmareget your garbage distro under control20:24
r2dgo#join ubuntu-offtopic20:25
rabbitnightmarethis is a massive support issue I am able to recreate no matter what I do, whether it be in vm or on metal20:25
Kevin77300rabbitnightmare : I'm pretty sure this type of sentence is really helpful for developers and support, refering to a garbage distro. It's always a pleasure to support people like you20:27
rabbitnightmareKevin77300, well then stop releasing an unstable mess20:29
qwebirc95665how can i wipe a disc, that gparted cant see?20:30
r2dgoqwebirc95665: Can lsblk see it?20:31
Kevin77300rabbitnightmare : That is called entropy :)20:31
qwebirc95665@r2dgo no20:32
r2dgoqwebirc95665: Did you make sure it is connected properly?20:33
qwebirc95665yes, i can boot from it20:33
Kevin77300rabbitnightmare : You were talking about DOCSIS yesterday night. But there are many variants of video platforms with tons of codecs, bitrate, encapsulation, and so on. It is just impossible to support this for an amount of distro explosing over the last years. That's why it is a mess. But that the same with all information technologies, even Social Networks. How many platforms do you have to communicate with other humans ? It is just not20:34
Kevin77300possible !20:34
r2dgoboot what from it?20:34
qwebirc95665@r2dgo windows20:34
qwebirc95665@r2dgo i dont want that malware on my SSD20:34
r2dgothat is weird. gparted should be able to detect a bootable disk.20:36
qwebirc95665they are 2 SSD's in somethink like a raid 020:36
r2dgoooh. you have a hardware raid controller?20:36
qwebirc95665i cant edit sata mode in bios20:37
qwebirc95665i guess20:37
r2dgoand you want to format both of them?20:37
qwebirc95665i want to remove windows and have a ubuntu partition and a debian partition20:37
qwebirc95665each one on his own SSD20:37
qwebirc95665@r2dgo its less about format and more about breaking that raid20:39
qwebirc95665but i think a format should fix the problem20:40
r2dgohow did you create the raid?20:41
qwebirc95665i didnt20:41
qwebirc95665OEM did20:41
qwebirc95665i bought that thing yesterday20:41
oerhekschange to ahci, windows would probably boot, if it is not UEFI20:42
rabbitnightmareok so let me try to be nice about this, why is 19.10 such a buggy mess? I can't delete partitions off of thumb drives20:42
rabbitnightmareit just says error deleting partition20:42
oerheksit is not.20:42
rabbitnightmarelike nothing I want to accomplish for my daily workflow is working20:43
qwebirc95665i dont have an option in bios to change to AHCI20:43
oerheksqwebirc95665, check the vendor for a bios update?20:43
qwebirc95665yes i just installed the newest version20:43
oerhekselse, no go .. i like to know what machine does not have raid/ahci options20:43
qwebirc956651.10 => 1.2320:43
qwebirc95665Acer Nitro 5 AN517-5120:43
r2dgocan you do 'lspci -vv | grep -i raid'20:44
rabbitnightmareI am not comfy in cli20:44
rabbitnightmarecan you guys PLEASE make Ubuntu idk usable20:44
oerheksah, pretty new machine .. a whole topic on https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=242642220:44
rabbitnightmareerror after error after error20:44
rabbitnightmareI am trying to be very nice but I am quite irritated that the dell that I purchased with Ubuntu can't do basic tasks20:45
oerheksrabbitnightmare, > change bios to ahci, windows would probably boot, if it is not UEFI20:45
rabbitnightmareit didnt come with windows20:45
rabbitnightmareit came with ubuntu friend20:45
oerheksrabbitnightmare, and stop the rant, it makes volunteers not read you20:45
rabbitnightmareok so I am having the following show stopping bugs, 1) disks for some reason refuses to delete partitions from thumb drives20:46
qwebirc9566500.17.0 RAID bus controller20:46
ioriaqwebirc95665, did you read the link i posted you  ?20:46
rabbitnightmare2) software update crashes when trying to enable extra repositoroes20:46
qwebirc95665intel corp. 82801 sata controller20:46
rabbitnightmareI can get no work done20:47
qwebirc95665RAID mode rev 1020:47
r2dgoqwebirc95665: so you do have a hardware raid controller20:47
rabbitnightmareall of the servers REQUIRE me to use thumb drives20:47
rabbitnightmareI need to image those20:47
rabbitnightmareUbuntu is wasting me time which is costing me money, a LOT of money20:48
rabbitnightmaremaybe yall don't care in freetard land but I am going to return this piece of shit to dell and say fuck Linux for life20:49
rabbitnightmarefix your shit20:49
EdFletcherT137rabbitnightmare: why are you being so vitriolic towards the *volunteers* in this channel trying to help you recitfy a mistake *you* clearly made. if you are not comfortable with linux and the CLI, why on God's green earth did you buy that machine in the first place?!20:49
oerheksr2dgo, i read that this machine indeed does not give ahci options..20:49
ioriaoerheks, it's hidden20:50
qwebirc95665ioria yes20:50
qwebirc95665r2dgo i guess so20:50
ioriaqwebirc95665,  boot with F2 to get to the BIOS, and go to main menu, and press Ctrl + S. SATA field will reappear. Then change accordingly20:50
oerheksioria, ah, wait, set password on bios, then the option appears?20:50
ioriaoerheks, not exactly20:50
oerheksah nice, https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2429951&p=13900969#post1390096920:52
qwebirc95665i pressed crtl s and it gave me a sata mode button (i never saw something in a bios, like i am in the bios, i probably want to change stuff) and are now on AHCI. so the raidcontroller is now disabled and i have 2 SSD0s?20:52
oerheks2 m2 in raid0, sounds plausible20:53
ioriaqwebirc95665, disable secure boot and boot the ubuntu livecd20:54
qwebirc95665ok i booted ubuntu live20:54
qwebirc95665i opened gparted20:54
ioriaqwebirc95665, then open gparted20:54
qwebirc95665and it gave me an error20:54
ioriaqwebirc95665, what error ?20:54
qwebirc95665Invalid argument during seek for read on /dev/nvme1n120:55
ioriaqwebirc95665, does gparted see the diskas ?20:55
qwebirc95665not jet, another error20:55
qwebirc95665the backup GPT table is corrupt, but the primary aappears ok, so that will be used20:56
qwebirc95665nice 2 disks20:56
ioriaqwebirc95665, i think you're on the right track, i have to leave; good luck20:56
qwebirc95665thanks you20:56
qwebirc95665create partition table, i have many options, what should i choose?20:57
oerheksthe old mbr would give a limit of 4 primairy partitions20:58
qwebirc95665i could try atari or amiga, and install ubuntu on it, it seems like fun :-P20:59
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johnjayi'm in ubuntu 18.04 and i can't use Control-Alt-o or Control-Alt-p anywhere21:28
johnjayis it defined as a shortcut or something and if so where?21:28
johnjayi don't see it in any configurations or menus like Settings->Devices->Keyboard21:29
johnjayhrm. i think clipit is at fault, nevermind21:33
qwebirc95665hello, i want to setup ubuntu on my new laptop currently alongside of windows. 1. What partitions should i create for ubuntu (home, boot, swap?) and can i install the bootloader on the ubuntu disk and still boot both, or do i have to make the bootloader on the windows one?22:30
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bpromptqwebirc95665:   how big is your HDD?22:34
bpromptqwebirc95665:  but partitions wise, yes, it'll be home, root and swap, though, I use the root partition for $HOME, so I only have root and swap :)22:35
jeremy31qwebirc95665: You only really need 1 partition22:36
qwebirc95665its an M.2 500 GB22:37
qwebirc95665i want the lvm crypted thing22:37
_Sym_the default now is a swap file not a swap partition.22:37
qwebirc95665oh nice22:37
correctI have a script that i have placed in user-data for an ec2.  Problem I'm having is enableing networking.  It works intermittently.  Essentially, I have a cloudformation template that will spin 20 nodes and the user-data will install and configure a few things. the networking portion of script works intermittently22:38
qwebirc95665wait, do i need a /boot?22:38
qwebirc95665since the rest should be crypted22:38
bpromptqwebirc95665:   /boot will be in the root partition22:39
qwebirc95665but the root partition should be encrypted22:39
bpromptqwebirc95665:    and the bootloader goes, well Grub will be in the "device" not a partition, so it'll be /dev/sda or /dev/sdc or such, but not /dev/sda322:39
qwebirc95665ok i have now a /dev/mapper/nvme1n1p1_crypt , i think thats the right place to install ubuntu. what device do i have to choose for the boot loader? the ubuntu drive or the windows drive?22:43
bpromptqwebirc95665:   haven't done LVM myself, not yet, so not sure on the mapping it goes with22:44
qwebirc95665without lvm, would be bootloader go to the existing windows partition, or the ubuntu one?22:45
compdocqwebirc95665, why not let ubuntu do it for you, then you can study the layout and do it againmanually22:46
bpromptqwebirc95665:    without LVM, it goes to a device, not a partition, so goes to /dev/sda but not /dev/sda322:46
qwebirc95665and in the case of 2 disks (2 devices) one with windows and one new that ubuntu wants to install on, on what device would it go?22:47
bpromptqwebirc95665:   now, windows may well be installed on /dev/sda1 or /dev/sda2 and ubuntu may be at say /dev/sda5, but the bootloader will reside at /dev/sda22:47
qwebirc95665./dev/sda is my 3th drive, a hdd22:48
bpromptqwebirc95665:   well, without an LVM I know it'll go to a device, if say the M.2 is /dev/sdd and you install linux to /dev/sdd1, then you can just drop the bootloader at /dev/sdd, bearing in mind that the partition that boots is the "active partition"22:50
bpromptand as you'd already know, "active" is just a flag you can set on any partition22:51
qwebirc95665i have : /dev/mvme0n1 as device with /dev/mvme0n1p2 for windows boot manager and /dev/mvme0n1p4 for the windows file system, on the other side /dev/mvme1n1 as device for ubuntu with /dev/mvme1n1p1 for unknown (=>lvm)    for dualboot, do i use /dev/mvme0n1 or /dev/mvme1n1 ? (i'm unsure if it has to be on the existing windows partition to see winows and integrate it in the grub, or because my laptop would boot 0n1 always first22:56
qwebirc95665and would only boot windows every time, or can i have the bootloader on the ubuntu drive, and still have a functioning system without the windows partition)22:56
OnepamopaQ: any idea why I'm getting Error while loading /etc/netplan/50-cloud-init.yaml  W/O any tabs in the config ? Spaces only....23:07
oerhekssudo netplan try # should show you what is wrong?23:08
Onepamopashows only the error message, tho I figured out why there was an error...23:09
Onepamopaa few spaces23:09
oerheks2 space, 4 space, 6 space .. https://askubuntu.com/a/114535623:10
jnjHey guys, has anyone every tried to connect to fastmail's webdav/ftp file storage using nautlius?23:55

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