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corshmockI take it all the conversations are in pms?19:29
OvenWerksmore likely a holiday weekend is keeping people busy. I generally don't do PMs at all.19:34
corshmockThanks.  Lucky you all having a holiday weekend.  I'm looking at the System76 Meerkat.  Have you, or has anyone else tried one?  Or any other mini pc with Ubuntu Studio?19:55
OvenWerksI know of noone who has tried one. It seems to be an i3 (like the nuk... nuk inside?) The i3 is two cores 4 threads. latency should be run at 64/2 or higher unless the hyperthreading is turned off. It depends on what you want to do.I would think this is the same as any other i3 based desktop but in a small form factor.20:27
corshmockI believe it goes up to i720:48
corshmockIt starts at 499$ and goes up as you add.  It can go up to 6Tb in SSD20:49
corshmock16, maybe 32Gb of RAM.20:49
corshmockIt seems like a serious power house of a tiny little box20:58
corshmockIf I'm to believe what I've been reading, it's reliable too.  I thought it would be interesting, seeing as it is comes as a Linus machine, that I'd throw it out there20:59
corshmockdoublehelix can you make up your mind Friend?  Are you coming or going?23:37

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