renata444xfce not shutting down unless I click shutdown twice. any ideas?00:21
Noboru55is it possible to create a new user but do the new user to do not see the software installed in main account?00:31
Noboru55like a new o.so but only a new account00:32
Unit193Software is installed globally, not per user.00:32
Noboru55i see00:32
Noboru55Unit193 thank you00:33
guivercrenata444, if someone has a suggestion they'll offer it (when they can), I'd just use command myself (I find keyboard quicker than mouse)  or click shutdown & not logout then shutdown00:35
renata444guiverc thanks00:37
Noboru55renata444 when i did the upgrade, i had a lot of problems so i used the synaptic, i reloaded files, make changes... aply....   so it worked to me00:46
Noboru55but i do not know what happens to you, anyway i already back to 18.0400:46
Noboru55its better to my hardware00:47
renata444Noboru55 how did you go back to 18.04. I would like that also00:47
Noboru55renata444 i install the xubuntu again.. from 000:47
Noboru55renata444 do not forget the backup00:48
renata444Noboru55 ok Ill keep that in mind. to me thats a last resort . :-)00:48
Noboru55good luck...00:48
Noboru55you are welcome00:49
renata44418.04 was so perfect right?00:49
Noboru55to me it is00:49
renata444I also have volume issues since 19.10. it always chooses the wrong output device by default and so I have to manually change each boot.00:50
renata444changes not sticking00:50
Noboru55i see. to me the 19.10 works kind slow to open the thunar or even copying files00:50
Noboru55as i said, to my hardware 18.04 is better00:50
Noboru55i am sure there is many ways to fix any problem, but i am not a expert user so...00:51
Noboru55good luck... going to go00:52
Unit193But 18.04 doesn't have Xfce 4.14!00:53
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xubuntu65wLooking for some insight. Having issues with Xubuntu 19.10 that don't happen in Ubuntu 19.10. Running a 4K monitor. QT apps are tiny. When I add the line for scaling factor to profile VLC doesn't open. Other apps are right size but now have graphical glitching.03:18
xubuntu65wAny good solutions?03:18
xubuntu65wdid try to use MPV and a few others, they won't play back videos without being jumpy03:22
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xubuntu38wHi! I am having trouble with grub when installing xubuntu. The installation fails with the message: "Executing 'grub-install /dev/sda5' failed". Journalctl says: https://pastebin.com/26znAy8A  and 'fdisk -l' says: https://pastebin.com/9DCyAiuQ (/dev/sdb being installation media) Anyone able to help?14:38
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Guest51435I want help please21:08
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