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lbuntoonewbI got an atomic pi and I'm trying to get audio working.  A new version seems to fix it, but I'm having a problem trying to install it.  Running from USB works fine, but there is no option to install in the boot menu like I expect and like all the docs say19:16
lbuntoonewbthe GUI installer in the OS wants me to manually set up partitions and whatnot, which I have no idea how to do properly for lubuntu19:17
lbuntoonewbtried 19.10 and 19.04 and get same results19:19
lbuntoonewbI looked through the manual partition set up and it's a bunch of greek to me.  I'm comfortable with partitioning things, but have no idea which one I need to mount, or what any of these linux-specific options are19:39
lbuntoonewbUbunut proper has the boot menu option to install, but it can't find the analog audio device that I want to use19:39
lbuntoonewbalso, it's a little bit slower19:39
lbuntoonewbalso, what does this cryptic thing at the top of the page mean? "Welcome to freenode. To protect the network all new connections will be scanned for vulnerabilities. This will not harm your computer, and vulnerable hosts will be notified."19:40
lbuntoonewbOh look, after 2 days of searching, I finally found an up to date install guide19:41
lbuntoonewbthe part wih the erase disk button does not happen19:41
lbuntoonewbthat's what I was expecting and looking for, but I don't see it19:42
kc2bezlbuntoonewb: I will try to work through your questions in order.19:43
kc2bezI am not familiar with the atomic pi but from my reading it uses a mmc for a drive19:44
kc2bezIt is likely automounted which is why the erase option does not get presented.19:45
kc2bezIf you unmount it you should be able to run the installer with the erase option.19:46
lbuntoonewbyes, the atomic pi uses an eMMC.  I've only been playing with it for the 2 days I've also been playing with LUbuntu for the first time.19:46
lbuntoonewbthe install page says to turn the swap off if there's a linux install already there, I did that and no change.  Still no erase button19:46
lbuntoonewbSiri, unmount the partitions!19:46
lbuntoonewbyeah, that didn't work19:47
kc2bezif you issue a `mount -l` in the terminal you should be able to see all of your mounted drives19:49
lbuntoonewbI managed to find the GUI file explorer, and used the eject button on "ATOMICPI", which looked suspiciously like the eMMC's disk.  That gave me the erase button, and now its installing19:50
lbuntoonewbI also managed to figure out which terminal was installed.19:50
kc2bezThat works too.19:50
kc2bezWe have Qterminal.19:51
lbuntoonewbYou guys go through great lengths to make all of this convoluted and nonintuitive, don't you?  I've been trying to get into linux for years and it's always like this :-/   Just my 2 cents.  Thanks for the help though!19:51
kc2bezIt is difficult to keep up with all of the rapid changes sometimes. I've never used an atomic pi so it is hard to know how it interacts with the software (installer). We do try to be helpful and interactive with folks when they have issues.19:54
lbuntoonewbSo you think it's the fact that the installer doesn't assume that the eMMC is meant to be installed to?  It saw it immediately, and left it as the default option, preferring it over the USB stick19:56
lbuntoonewbI'll try the same thing on my ubuntu laptop and see if it acts the same way.  That one has an SSD, so it might appear more like a drive that is meant to be installed to19:56
kc2bezYes, it has to do with the way it automounts. It looks like a portable drive so it mounts it automatically vs an installed drive.19:58
lbuntoonewb19.04 installer offers to erase the disk for me like I expected19:59
kc2bezIs this the one with the ssd?19:59
lbuntoonewboh, well that makes sense.  I've never seen eMMC used as random aux storage though, it's always been the main storage for any device I've seen it on.  Android and SBCs come to mind19:59
lbuntoonewbyes, it has an SSD.  M.2 iirc20:00
kc2bezAlso it should be noted that 19.04 is end of support soon, you may want to install 19.10.20:02
lbuntoonewbi had made 19.10 and 19.04 usb sticks, so while 19.10 was installing on the atomic pi, I tested 19.04 on the other laptop20:02
kc2bezThat makes sense.20:02
lbuntoonewbok, so the install worked20:10
lbuntoonewbhowever, when I ran it live, i could change the audio to go to the analog audio of the board, and now I can only do HDMI.  The option in the pulseaudio control panel is not there20:10
lbuntoonewbI did not update or upgrade on the USB liveUSB for obvious reasons, so why would it be missing now that it's installed?20:11
kc2bezGlad the install worked. I am not sure about your audio issue, I will have to do some research about that.20:12
lbuntoonewbthanks.  Seems that I'm the only person ont he net wanting to use the analog audio and/or having problems with it.  Most people want HDMI audio20:13
lbuntoonewbI've got an impedance changer soldered to the board to give me line level audio to go to an amp.  Ultimately, the display I want to hook it up to has DVi, so there's no sound that will work over HDMI20:14
lbuntoonewbbut as Im testing right now, I have it connected to an HDMI monitor so I can hear it.  I was getting analog audio yesterday, and it sounded fine, meaning all of that worked20:15
kc2bezThe Raspberry Pi has a similar issue with the audio switching. I don't know if any of those solutions work on the atomic pi.20:16
LargePrimepalemoon install gives this https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/KrrhCTk9XZ/20:16
lbuntoonewbdoes the reboot command work?  Every time I tell lubuntu to reboot, it gets stuck on some kind of loading screen20:16
kc2bezIt should work, if you hit ESC you can see what it is doing.20:17
kc2bezThere may be a stopped job or something.20:17
lbuntoonewblol, it says bug soft lockup20:17
kc2bezLargePrime: Are you running 18.04?20:19
kc2bezok, thanks.20:20
LargePrimeshould i go ask ubuntu kc2bez20:21
kc2bezYou could but you may want to ask Palemoon support, Palemoon isn't in the Ubuntu repository. LargePrime20:23
LargePrimekc2bez, i added its repo. but, as you can see, it is a ubuntu library version issue, right?20:24
lbuntoonewbAtomic Pi makes some images, but says they are not installable and to use dd.  I was unable to find out what that means... is there a tutorial or guide anywhere that explains it?20:25
lbuntoonewbI'm trying the 19.04 LiveUSB now to see if that was the version that had worked20:25
kc2bezlbuntoonewb: You could use balena etcher for a gui program, it basically provides a gui interface to dd20:26
kc2bezlbuntoonewb: The Raspberry Pi page on installing an image using dd is actually pretty good: https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/installation/installing-images/linux.md20:28
lbuntoonewbok, cool20:28
lbuntoonewbmaybe Im missing something, but that looks like its just showing you how to "burn" the image to an SD card.  Not take an  img and write it to the disk/eMMC of a live system20:30
lbuntoonewbI can't take off the eMMC to use in another pc to burn the image to20:30
lbuntoonewb19.04 does not show me the analog audio as an option now20:31
lbuntoonewbit worked os well last night :(20:31
kc2bezdd copies what is on one disk to another disk so the device names may change a bit but you could probably do that from a live boot USB and copy the contents of another USB to the installed drive.20:35
kc2bezLargePrime: I was able to get Palemoon installed in my 18.04 VM. You may have to update before trying to install, also make sure you use the 18.04 repo and instructions posted here: https://software.opensuse.org/download.html?project=home:stevenpusser&package=palemoon20:46
LargePrimekc2bez, could you click my pastebin link?20:47
kc2bezI didn't get that error.20:47
kc2bezMy VM is 18.04.320:48
kc2bezI did a `sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade` before I added the repo.20:49
lbuntoonewbok, so I tried on a second atomic pi with 19.10 live, and in the playback tab of the volume control, I saw the second control for a second, then it disappeared20:55
kc2bezSo in the playback tab you will only see things that are actively producing sound.20:57
lbuntoonewbIIRC, the way to switch between analog and HDMI was on the playback and/or configuration tabs, and neither allow me to switch at the moment20:57
lbuntoonewbI see system sounds and audioIPC Server20:57
lbuntoonewbthere was a second audioIPC server for a second or two, then it dissappeared.  I have a youtube video playing in the background providing sound, just like yesterday20:57
lbuntoonewbmaybe it ws output devices.  One of those three let me choose between analog and HDMI audio yesterday.  Right now, at the top, there's a PCI card icon with some text.  Pretty sure that at one point yesterday I could click or doubleclick on something like that to pick the output21:00
kc2bezIf you see the output you want in output devices click the music note symbol, that will make that output default.21:01
lbuntoonewbthe problem is that I don't see the output21:02
kc2bezHere is a long shot: At the bottom do you have all output devices selected?21:03
lbuntoonewbyes, I have tried those and looked at all the selections.  No luck21:04
lbuntoonewbon a random note, why does the cursor freeze withing 20 - 50 pixels of the start menu for 1-2 seconds?21:18
lbuntoonewbalso on a random note, why am I getting full screen random video stuff that could be an 8 bit screensaver?  I thought the screensaver was some kind of video test pattern, but this was a pink background with blue snowflakes21:19
lbuntoonewbincidentaly, I saw both meters right before the snowflakes, and now I only see one21:19
kc2bezThe screensaver is set to run through them randomly by default, you can disable it or set it to use only one in the screensaver settings.21:20
lbuntoonewbwhat are the rules on the screensaver? it doesn't seem to happen after a few minutes, it's almost random21:20
kc2bezI think by default it is 15 minutes but it may be 10. I can't remember off the top of my head.21:21
kc2bezThe cursor freezing could be trying to display the tooltip around the desktop switcher, I don't know exactly.21:23
lbuntoonewbOK, so the stock OS on the 2nd unit can see the mayfield audio sound card/output21:25
lbuntoonewbI'm not clear on if it's USB or SPI though.  I've seen it called both across the net21:26
kc2bezThis reddit thread may be helpful https://www.reddit.com/r/Atomic_Pi/comments/bssotr/mayfield_audio_drivers/eotzqgt/    It looks like the commands listed there turn the audio chip off and back on again.21:37
lbuntoonewbyeah, I just found that and was trying that, but it looks like it's shorthand, only for an old version, or something else, because the terminal has no idea wtf is going on22:04
lbuntoonewbI copied and pasted 2 or 3 different sets of commands into the terminal and got errors about directories not existing22:05
lbuntoonewbI don't know enough linux to transinterpolate what they are saying into actionable steps for Lubuntu 19.1022:05
lbuntoonewbsame here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Atomic_Pi/comments/bssotr/mayfield_audio_drivers/22:06
lbuntoonewbthe wiki mentions the reboot/power off problem and gives a solution: https://www.reddit.com/r/Atomic_Pi/wiki/ubuntu22:10
lbuntoonewbthe wiki also mentions some commands and making a script22:11
LargePrimekc2bez, the interesting part of my problem is that my system will not update the libc, even tho it seems there is a updated version available22:12
LargePrimeI imagine a cleen install would work fine22:13
kc2bezI have to go AFK for a bit, I'll try to get back to you both, in the meantime maybe someone else will be along.22:16
lbuntoonewbseems like my current p[roblem is how to make and execute a shell script, which should be an easy one to solve22:22
lbuntoonewbalso dinner, which is a recurring problem and always takes too long to solve22:22

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