Wild_ManBashing-om, I a did was remove an extra space and make one recommendation, it does not look like enough news to publish this week to me03:41
Wild_ManI am running on two hours of sleep, getting up before sunrise again in the morning03:43
Bashing-omWild_Man: Hard day's night :(03:50
guivercThanks Bashing-om, I just didn't think of it yesterday; it's complete (reading now) having just logged in (home with my chocki milk)03:51
Wild_ManTomorrow is going to be about a hour day03:51
Wild_Man19 hour day, stupid numbers lock keeps turning off03:55
Bashing-omWild_Man: If I were to pick up on "in development" there would be much more to report on this week. If the news is not pertenent to current ( Generally available) I gloss over it.03:56
Bashing-omWild_Man: Hint: Moar Halp - add a section to the newsletter :)03:58
guiverclooks great Bashing-om04:07
Bashing-omguiverc: Great - I had my reservations on how well I performed :D04:08
guivercyour performance was stellar Bashing-om :)04:14
Bashing-omguiverc: :P04:18
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Bashing-omUWN607 up for review and final edits: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue607 .22:23
guivercack Bashing-om23:45

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