tatertotsjnj: nope ..but i'm guessing you have and received an error right?00:04
tatertotsjnj: probably unlikely that you tried and was successful so you came here to pose such a question00:04
jnjtatertots, Yeah, but it's less to do with webdav00:05
jnjtatertots, And more to do with fastmail I think00:05
jnjLike, I think I enter in davs://webdav.fastmail.com/ to connect00:06
jnjAnd my username and password, but it just keeps on asking for the password over and over00:06
jnjSo I'm thinking that the path should be something else or more than davs://webdav.fastmail.com/<something here>, but I can't tell what something here is00:07
tatertotsjnj: fastmail has provided 2x / two methods of accessing and managing your files...you are repeatedly asked to authenticat using 1of2 methods according to your testimony ...what happens when you use method 2of2?00:12
jnjtatertots, Are you talking about ftp?00:12
jnjSame thing, keeps on asking for the password over and over again00:13
jnjI think I need the correct path, but I have no clue what path it is00:13
tatertotsjnj: according to your testimony you are repeatedly asked to authenticate using both method(s) 1of2 AND 2of2....at this point they may be under some maintenance or outage...or you have a local problem on your PC or LAN/network00:14
jnjtatertots, What methods are you talking about?00:15
tatertotsjnj: to further deduce this scenario ...do you have a second computer or device to attempt from, including but not limited to a smartphone, a family members PC, xbox/PS300:15
jnjtatertots, I could try a webdav app on my phone00:16
tatertotsjnj: the link you provided https://www.fastmail.com/help/files/davnftp.html00:16
tatertotsjnj: shows 2 methods00:16
tatertotsjnj:  you have the same symptoms with method 1of2 AND 2of2 as per your account00:16
tatertotsjnj: make sure when trying from the phone that you are NOT connected to your wifi00:17
tatertotsjnj: make sure you are using the "cellular" network as to not inherent any issues you might have on your LAN/network...turn wifi OFF and use 3G/4G HSPDA/LTE data00:19
tatertotsjnj: report the result you get using the phone and we'll proceed00:19
tatertotsjnj: thank you ..and have a great day00:20
indoorcatfirefox won't load, i have to reboot, chrome is working fine00:41
indoorcator firefox loads but it takes time to load up00:42
indoorcatwhy is this00:42
indoorcatwhy am i being presecuted00:42
indoorcatit should load just as quick as chrome00:42
indoorcatis there a way to fix it?00:43
indoorcatwithout doing a fresh install00:43
akkMaybe something about your firefox profile? Try mv ~/.mozilla ~/mozilla.sav before starting firefox, let it make a new profile, and see if that helps.00:45
akk(Your old profile will be in ~/mozilla.sav so you can restore it later, or merge in just the parts you really need.)00:45
indoorcatakk that didn't help, it still loads slow as heck01:21
blueskiesokOn Ubuntu 19.10 when I reboot, edge scrolling is turned off. I can turn it on and it works again. Does anyone know  a fix for this ?01:25
fooI'm going to install ubuntu desktop on a dell inspiron. I haven't installed ubuntu on a box in over a decade. I want LTS, it'll primarily be used as a server02:04
fooUbuntu 18.04.3 LTS is what I want, correct?02:04
foonext, how do I install. thumb drive? /me investigates02:07
foooerheks: the primary use is for a server, the display would only be to show terminal / images or something... is desktop really worthwhile?02:07
foooerheks: like, 95% of the use case is for server on a laptop / transferring data / backing up data... I might use the screen to display a photo or something02:08
oerheksgnome3 would be pretty heavy for just a gui, choose xubuntu or mate?02:08
ubottuRecognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours02:08
foooerheks: almost thinking ubuntu server... and then install something on the frontend afterward. Last time I used ubuntu I used fluxbox if I recall correctly (that was over 10 years ago)02:08
foooerheks: ok, I can start with ubnutu server then install that afterwards, right?02:08
oerhekssure, fluxbox, i3-wm, ..02:08
foook, ok, ubuntu server it is02:09
fooI assume usb key is the best way to install?02:09
* foo looks for his usb key02:09
oerheksinstall server, setup ssh, generate keys and setup login02:09
oerheksand go wild02:09
fooahh yeah.02:09
foousb key the way to go, yeah?02:09
tatertotsfoo: you may need the help from the "managers" in the desktop version....server edition doesn't have certain "managers" that assist noobish / rookie users...i.e network manager02:10
foooerheks: eg. I don't think I can start an installer on windows 10 and have it work, I'd need some external media02:10
footatertots: if that's a simple apt-get post-server install, I think I can get that. I done quite a bit of linux admin, just haven't done laptop use for a while02:11
tatertotsfoo: and on a laptop with wifi..you'll probably want the assistance and ease of use of "network manager" ...not to mention the other assistive tools/utilities in "desktop" edition02:11
* sharpie does the Macarena02:11
* foo joins sharpie 02:12
tatertotsfoo: also if you're going to install server..only then to install a GUI and put back a bunch of "managers" ..you would have saved time and effort just using the "desktop" edition....that's all I have to say on the matter..good luck and have a nice day02:12
foook, ok, I'm sold, tatertots sold me.02:12
tatertotslol :)02:12
fooHmm, unless... I wired this thing in, and scratched using it as any sort of display.02:12
fooThat was a nice-to-have. It'll primarily be a workhorse02:13
* foo check hard drive size on it02:13
foo1TB, 4GB of RAM, intel core i3 CPU @ 2.10Ghz... if it's primarily a work horse, and has a screen, perhaps I just keep it at CLI02:14
fooand wire it in02:14
fooin which case, I stick with ubuntu server02:14
* foo does one last check in with tatertots to see if there's hope02:14
fooit's primarily for backing up data.02:14
* foo waits for tatertots to join the Macarena02:15
tatertotsfoo: go for it...just don't say nobody warned you02:15
footatertots: so you still advocate for desktop, even if I'm not using wifi with next-to-no ... I mean, to be fair, it IS a laptop. It is not a server. If you're suggesting I might hit driver issues/compatibility issues because I didn't install desktop... then I'm all for desktop. is that partly what you're saying?02:16
footatertots: it's a dell inspiron laptop.02:16
fooIf that's the case, then desktop is the answer02:16
tatertotsfoo: personally if you're going to be dependent on a GUI and GUI utilities ...desktop is your friend...unless you're comfortable using parted instad of gparted for managing disk from the command line as just 1x example (technically 2x since we arlready talked about wifi and network manager)02:17
tatertotsfoo: do you want more?02:18
footatertots: hm, I do see your point. I've spent 20+ years in CLI... so I'm probably comfortable there. Perhaps the question is, how easy do I want this to be? Haha.02:18
sharpiefoo, in my opinion, if the machine can do what you need it to, it will do it. install what you want and take it for a test drive.02:19
foosharpie: I value anyone's opinion who advocates the Macarena. Thank you for chiming in.02:20
tatertotsfoo: just keep the same screen name so i can enjoy a little laugh if you're flopping about like a fish out of water02:20
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Bashing-omfoo: I would be remiss If I did not remind you that a server runs 24/7 and a laptop is not designed to take this load.02:21
sharpieexperience is the best teacher02:21
footatertots: I will. ;)02:21
fooBashing-om: thank you. It has no other purpose, I'm willing to give this laptop a chance02:22
foosharpie: ;)02:22
Bashing-omGoop: :D Have at it - server best ran off a wired connection - reduces the overhead.02:23
GoopBashing-om, what is this in regards to?02:24
GoopOh, alright.02:24
tatertots"g" sits next to "f" on a US 101 key keyboard02:24
Bashing-omGoop: Oops sorry - bad highlighting on my part - foo ^^ .02:24
tatertotsaka fat finger02:25
Bashing-omGoop: Yeah - foo is the poster I was in reference to :D02:26
altendkyi am trying to diagnose an issue with the hdmi output on my lenovo p1 gen 2.  so far the only apparent effect of connecting an hdmi display is that i get the (kde) screen layout osd shown.  i haven't found anything new listed in the system settings > display and monitor > display page nor in xrandr.  no log messages via journalctl or /var/log/Xorg.0.log.  i'm starting to look through bug reports but my question for the03:12
altendkymoment is: where should i be looking for 'low level' information about the hdmi port or external displays in general to try to get some starting point to debug from?03:12
tatertotsaltendky: have you toggled the "keyboard shortcut" on lenovo's that controls display output?....usually a Fn/function key "combination"03:15
tatertotsaltendky: i'm going to go out on a limb and guess you have NOT03:15
altendkytatertots: i've got FnLock 'on' and Fn+F7 brings up the same 'screen layout osd' (not sure the proper term) but i've not noticed any other effect from it03:16
tatertotsaltendky: turn FnLock "OFF" and try again03:17
altendkyi'll admit i did have this working at some point but i've been chasing several other bugs.  finally got the other two (black screen on resume and lack of brightness control) fixed so i'm back to hdmi output.  presently i'm going back through various kernels and reconfirming they don't work.03:17
altendkytatertots: no apparent difference other than reversing whether i need to press the Fn key to get the osd to pop up03:18
tatertotsaltendky: on the "screen layout OSD" how many different options are visable in total?03:19
tatertotsaltendky: describe each03:20
altendkytatertots: https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/q809J1gH/image.png03:21
altendkytatertots: clicking on them can have the effect of setting my laptop display back to 4k (i've been running at 1920x1080)03:21
tatertotsaltendky: it should just work..i don't want to get to aggressive with you and start asking for screen shots , photos and logs...so maybe just mess around with it a bit..maybe try it from LiveCD/LiveUSB03:22
tatertotsaltendky: thanks for the image03:22
altendkytatertots: i've messed around.  :]  i'm working back through the kernels again.  4.15 oem didn't work.  5.0 oem sp1 doesn't.  for the other two fixes i'm running a locally patched 5.4.0+ from git.  well, one is in 5.3.12, the other i ported forward from 4.15 oem so i could have both in one kernel03:23
tatertotsaltendky: looks as i would expect...the system is showing you the different screen configurations available when a second display is attached03:23
altendkybug reports filed for both of those03:23
altendkytatertots: agreed.  shouldn't there be some command line program i can run to query what the system thinks is available?  i tend to prefer working with and sharing that over looking in pages in the kde system settings03:24
tatertotsaltendky: if selecting them has no effect you might try from LiveCD/LiveUSB first before filing some bug reports03:24
altendkywell, when it's not working i prefer cli :]03:24
altendkytatertots: fwiw, asking for screenshots and logs comes across to me as 'interested in helping me out', not 'aggressive'.  i can share my logs though as mentioned, nothing shows up in them when the display is connected.  though sure, there may be a clue elsewhere in them.03:26
tatertotsaltendky: you say it "used to work" so some system changes have likely impacted this functionality..that's why testing from LiveCD/LiveUSB is useful03:26
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altendkytatertots: i've had the laptop for a few weeks.  mostly the only stuff i've done with it is attempting to debug/fix these issues.  i've kept doing my daily work from my old laptop.  it didn't work.  i messed around a bunch.  it did work for a bit but at least one of the other two issues were not fixed.  so basically at some point my flailing was sufficient to get it working but i had no particular idea why.  in other03:29
altendkyefforts i have since reinstalled a few times.  anyways, i'll try from a live usb.  any preference which one?  18.04 for lts?  19.10?  ubuntu vs. kubuntu?03:29
tatertotsaltendky: your problems right now are on KDE so boot any "other" ubuntu besides KDE Livecd/LiveUSB and test from LiveCD/LiveUSB03:30
altendkytatertots: i've already got ubuntu 18.04.3.  do all the updates and third party software etc?  started downloading ubuntu 19.10 as well.03:32
altendkyerr, sorry, was thinking installation not live.  anyways, booting it now03:34
altendkytatertots: nothing new, in fact less.  no apparent response to plugging in or unplugging the hdmi or pressing Fn+F7.03:37
tatertotsaltendky: ok boot back to your installed KDE thingy and lets gather some diag and you can file a bug report03:38
tatertotsaltendky: leave external display attached / connected03:39
ryuoaltendky: how new is it?03:39
oerheksacer nitro ?03:40
altendkyryuo: i've had the laptop maybe three weeks.  it's been available a few months.03:40
altendkylenovo thinkpad p1 gen 203:40
ryuoaltendky: has anyone asked you to check what xrandr reports when you plug in HDMI?03:41
altendkyryuo: not in this help session.  just xrandr --query?  or...03:41
altendkyryuo: i've only been noticing my e-DP internal display03:41
ryuoaltendky: just xrandr. it should report other outputs as well.03:41
ryuoit's possible other screens are detected but not used automatically.03:42
tatertotsaltendky: back in KDE?03:43
altendkyryuo: you would think it would...  https://termbin.com/3urg03:43
altendkytatertots: yes03:43
ryuoaltendky: that's all xrandr says?03:43
tatertotsaltendky: sudo apt install sosreport inxi03:43
tatertotsaltendky: when done just say so03:43
altendkyryuo: that was the output of xrandr | nc termbin.com 999903:43
ryuoit's not even detected...03:43
ryuoit's as if the port is non-existant.03:44
ryuoi wonder if it's a BIOS bug.03:44
JanCif it's a laptop, the firmware might switch it off in some cases03:44
altendkyryuo: i think another should be detected as well for my dp i can get from a usb-c dongle.  mm, i'll plug that in03:44
ryuoa BIOS update would be advisable if they're available.03:45
JanCtry using the special keys to switch outputs03:45
altendkyJanC: see above for the f7 stuff.03:45
JanCand maybe have a look at the firmware configuration options03:45
altendkyi did do a bios update recently, checking again.  for all i know the bios update is what _broke_ this since when it worked briefly03:45
JanCthat's another option  :-/03:46
altendkyi was pretty much just flailing at the point where it worked03:46
altendkyand something else was still broken03:46
oerheksmaybe a help https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Lenovo_ThinkPad_P103:47
altendkydouble checking for a new update, then i'll look through the bios, then maybe do a reset03:47
JanCdoes it work when you boot with HDMI plugged in at boot?03:47
altendkyJanC: no03:48
altendkyoerheks: maybe i should read more there.  it's reported to be very similar to the x1 extreme gen 2 to the point arch just links to that page https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Lenovo_ThinkPad_P1_(Gen_2)03:49
altendkyhmm, if the hdmi is connected to the nvidia then maybe i should try the 440 drivers...03:49
altendkyi did have those on at one point in the past03:49
JanCah, yes, if it has dual GPUs03:50
JanCyou'll need double drivers...03:50
oerheks"It mentions: "The system cannot detect some external monitors during boot because they need a few seconds to be ready.": BIOS -> Config -> Display; change "Boot Time Extension" to 1 second (or more).03:50
altendkyJanC: it does03:53
altendkyoerheks: set it to 10 seconds with no apparent effect (i didn't notice a 10s delay either...).  trying an actual power down03:54
altendkyyeah, looks like it's 10 before the bios screen.  not during it.  but no apparent change (including xrandr)03:56
altendkyno new bios available03:57
altendkygoing for the 440 drivers (modinfo nvidia shows 435.21 right now)03:59
altendkybah, 440.26 didn't fix it.04:08
altendkywell that's fun, i don't have either an nvidia or otherwise unknown device in lspci anymore...  https://termbin.com/u0yl  aside from being confident i have an nvidia card i confirmed in windows that both the hdmi worked and that there is both an intel and nvidia card.  i guess tomorrow i figure out why the nvidia is missing from lspci...  it does show up in an ubuntu 19.10 live boot.  might be time for another fresh05:11
altendkyinstall i guess.05:11
tatertotsprobably so05:35
lotuspsychjealtendky: didnt you say you had your hdmi working on one kernel version before?06:16
altendkylotuspsychje: at some point in the past when i was flailing about...  hdmi worked.  this evening i've tried to run back through as many kernel versions in as many different configurations as possible, but without luck.06:18
altendkylotuspsychje: now that i've noticed lspci lacks any indication of the nvidia card...  i'm just now booting to reinstall kubuntu and see if lspci shows the nvidia on a fresh install.  i've been flailing less on this install, but still some06:19
altendkyswift110: hiya06:19
lotuspsychjealtendky: thats why i reccomended to keep updating your bug comments, so you can fallback where you had it working, wich kernel, driver version etc06:19
altendkylotuspsychje: i looked back in my slack messages to a coworker and it was working nov 12th...  but sure, it would be good to have had better notes.  i often start at tasks in a 'this ought to be quick so let's just try a few of these forum suggestions' way and that's what it was at that point.  along with the fact i was kinda clueless as to how it all worked.  i'm slightly less clueless and now trying to tackle only06:21
altendkythat one issue now that the other two are identified down to the commits.06:21
lotuspsychjealtendky: whats your bug ID on that hdmi issue again?06:22
swift110how r u altendky06:23
altendkylotuspsychje: no bug id on it yet.  (just in case that was not a rhetorical question)  if it doesn't work on a clean install then perhaps it's reasonable to report it.  can't say that reporting it against whatever mess i made while exploring the other issues seems kind.06:23
altendkyswift110: i should be asleep, but so it goes.06:23
swift110oh ok06:24
lotuspsychjealtendky: oh your other bug report was about hibernate right?06:24
altendkylotuspsychje: black screen on resume got an ubuntu bug, brightness control got both ubuntu and kernel bugs.06:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1854177 in linux (Ubuntu) "Black screen after resume from suspend on Lenovo ThinkPad P1 Gen 2" [Undecided,Confirmed]06:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1854413 in linux (Ubuntu) "Backlight adjustments shows OSD but does not change anything on Samsung OLED panel" [Medium,Confirmed]06:26
lotuspsychjealtendky: so wich kernel, graphics chipset, and nvidia driver are you on right now, that hdmi doesnt work?06:35
altendkylotuspsychje: do you want me to not reinstall?  got distracted but i'm now at the partitioning screen.  or, shall we go clean and see from there.  this evening i had tried 4.15 oem, 5.0 oem sp1, 5.3.0-23-generic, mainline 5.3.13, and my 5.4 custom.  maybe missed full coverage over the kernels but tried with both nvidia 435 and 440.  chipset is...  looking for T2000 max-q?  or there's something like tu117 (or such, i06:39
altendkydon't remember for sure) that shows up in lspci iirc.06:39
altendkythough i am likely closing down for the night soon.  i'm coming up on 2am06:39
lotuspsychjealtendky: what we try to achieve is testing problems individually with the most vanilla layout, 19.10 default kernel and the most reccomended nvidia driver06:41
lotuspsychje!info linux-image-generic eoan06:41
altendkylotuspsychje: so i should continue reinstalling to provide a clean setup not tainted by my efforts and exploration of my other two bugs06:41
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (eoan), package size 2 kB, installed size 16 kB06:41
lotuspsychjealtendky: and ubuntu-drivers autoinstall, should get you most reccomended driver06:42
lotuspsychjealtendky: in your case, i dont think you messed up your system too much you need to reinstall?06:43
altendkylotuspsychje: alrighty, so clean install with updates and third party then `sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall`?06:43
altendkylotuspsychje: shouldn't the card show in lspci?06:43
altendkyi know it has before at some point.  also does in ubuntu 19.10 live.06:43
lotuspsychjealtendky: can you pastebin: sudo lshw -C video && uname -a && nvidia-smi06:45
altendkyi was planning on reinstalling anyways once i got through figuring these issues out so it's not like this uses more than a few minutes waiting for the installation.  and it's quick ssd's etc so...06:45
altendkylotuspsychje: sure, just a minute to reboot06:46
DarkTrick_You're hiding the "really file a bug" button very well here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug06:48
DarkTrick_There seems to be a dependency problem with ibus-anthy when upgrading from 19.04 to 19.1006:48
DarkTrick_the package ibus-gtk and ibus-gtk3 should get installed, but they don't.06:48
lotuspsychjeDarkTrick_: we also reccomend to first come here in #ubuntu and ask your issue before filing bugs, and if you file one, use ubuntu-bug package (from terminal)06:49
DarkTrick_good to know06:49
DarkTrick_The problem โ†‘ seems to also affect Chinese input (as I read online)06:49
lotuspsychjeDarkTrick_: you have external ppa's added to your system?06:50
DarkTrick_On my machine I only experienced it with non-functioning Japanese input06:50
DarkTrick_lotuspsychje, There are some stated in "Other Software" (Software & updates), but they are all disabled.06:51
altendkyuh...  sorry06:51
DarkTrick_I think to also recall, that the upgrade told me "disabling third party sources"06:51
altendkylotuspsychje: this is on my existing install.  https://termbin.com/hlmy so i'll do the `sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall`06:52
DarkTrick_lotuspsychje, I should also add, I'm working on xubuntu. I'm writing here, because `apt-cache show` showed me to file a bug on ubuntu06:52
lotuspsychjealtendky: only shows intel graphics?06:53
altendkylotuspsychje: that's what i see.  after lspci didn't show the nvidia i checked lshw as well06:53
lotuspsychjeDarkTrick_: apt-cache told you to file a bug?06:54
DarkTrick_lotuspsychje, no, `apt-cache show ibus-anthy` says:06:55
DarkTrick_Maintainer: Ubuntu Developers <ubuntu-devel-discuss@lists.ubuntu.com>06:55
DarkTrick_Original-Maintainer: Debian Input Method Team <debian-input-method@lists.debian.org>06:55
DarkTrick_Bugs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug06:55
DarkTrick_That's the reason I came here, even though using xubuntu06:55
lotuspsychjealtendky: sounds like you will need to look in your dmesg06:56
altendkylotuspsychje: just pulled journalctl for you https://termbin.com/9bds06:56
DarkTrick_(A) lotuspsychje, And checking the `Depends` of its output, tells me, that ibus-gtk and ibus-gtk3 are not listed. So I guess they are missing.06:56
altendkylotuspsychje: and here's dmesg https://termbin.com/7xr2  (i'll go looking as well, of course)06:57
lotuspsychjeDarkTrick_: ah yes, i see that..but when you see launchpad as source, please use ubuntu-bug ibus-anthy wich will forward you to launchpad anyway, with all your system details & info06:57
altendkylotuspsychje: fwiw, in the ubuntu live lspci listed the nvidia as `01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation Device 1fb8 (rev a1)`06:59
altendkylotuspsychje: `[    0.894460] pci 0000:01:00.0: can't claim BAR 6 [mem 0xfff80000-0xffffffff pref]: no compatible bridge window`  and `[    3.920756] pci 0000:01:00.0: Removing from iommu group 1`  look mildly interesting, without me actually understanding them07:01
lotuspsychjealtendky: bumblebeed[1964]: [   65.223808] [ERROR]No discrete video card found, quitting07:03
lotuspsychjealtendky: did you install something weird on there?07:03
altendkylotuspsychje: i didn't think i'd done anything weird enough to remove the card from the pci bus...07:04
lotuspsychjealtendky: wich nvidia chipset is that please?07:05
altendkylotuspsychje: is TU117 what you are looking for?07:05
altendkylotuspsychje: or maybe even tu117glm https://devicehunt.com/view/type/pci/vendor/10DE/device/1FB807:07
lotuspsychjeso Quadro T1000 Mobile right?07:07
altendkylotuspsychje: what i've heard is T2000 max-q (which afaik is 'mobile')07:08
lotuspsychjealtendky: your lenovo surely seem to make a lot of issues in your logs..07:09
altendkylotuspsychje: i wouldn't know which things are really bad vs. just noise07:10
altendkylotuspsychje: other than what i quoted above where i'm having an issue with a thing and there are also suspicious messages related particularly to it.  but i can still only say suspicious at this point07:11
lotuspsychjealtendky: in this stage, sounds to me like your nvidia card doesnt get active for some reason due that bumblebee method07:11
altendkylotuspsychje: you think bumblebee is causing it to not show up in lspci?07:12
lotuspsychjealtendky: the reccomended way, is your system picking the best nvidia driver for your card, using nvidia-prime07:12
lotuspsychjealtendky: i also wonder how the compare on your system would be, gnome vs kde07:13
lotuspsychjealtendky: try to switch driver versions until you get it straight07:14
altendkylotuspsychje: i feel like the whiny asker-of-help here but wouldn't a fresh install either 1) make the lspci oddity go away or 2) make it debuggable in a less uncertain environment?07:14
altendkylotuspsychje: change driver versions for a device that doesn't show on the pci bus?  am i wrong to think it should be present on the pci bus?07:15
lotuspsychjealtendky: your nvidia worked before on this system right?07:16
lotuspsychjealtendky: and you are the boss of your system, clean install as you wish07:17
Phruisn lm-sensors what would in6 be?07:17
altendkylotuspsychje: at some point it showed up in lspci.  iirc i ran linux at some point with the bios set to dedicate graphics only.  i've seen nvidia as an entry in lspci -k.07:17
altendkylotuspsychje: yeah, i know i can just reinstall.  but you seem to think that's a bad diagnostic step and i'm trying to understand why.07:18
DarkTrick_(A) lotuspsychje, thank you for the pointer!07:18
lotuspsychjewelcome DarkTrick_07:18
lotuspsychjealtendky: exactly, im also curious why your nvidia gets blocked07:19
altendkylotuspsychje: ok, so even if a fresh install made the card show up in lspci you would still be interested in spending time figuring it out?  fair enough.  best guess i've got is i did install something that's meant to manage the two cards and is set to totally power off the card at boot.07:20
altendkylotuspsychje: i've got a few things installed at the moment which i could imagine being in conflict https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/v5wknV8n4M/07:21
lotuspsychjealtendky: that was my suspect..bumblebee is an outdated method, please purge that07:22
altendkylotuspsychje: iirc i installed that after noting the lspci oddity.  removing now07:23
lotuspsychjealtendky: the nvidia driver alone, should handle your card, not all those other programs you installed07:24
altendkylotuspsychje: the other programs are for switching what card to use, yes?  you say the nvidia driver now does that itself?07:24
lotuspsychjealtendky: you dont need those, when the system installs your nvidia driver, it automatic pulls nvidia-prime wich is able to switch intel vs nvidia with nvidia-settings07:25
lotuspsychjeso just pick a version from: ubuntu-drivers list07:26
lotuspsychjeDarkTrick_: thank you for filing bug #185461007:26
ubottubug 1854610 in ibus-anthy (Ubuntu) "No Japanese input possible after upgrade from 19.04 to 19.10" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/185461007:26
=== markus_e92_ is now known as markus_e92
altendkylotuspsychje: this is for the x1 extreme gen 2 not my p1 gen 2 but most comments list them as quite similar.  arch links p1 gen 2 to this page.  https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Lenovo_ThinkPad_X1_Extreme_(Gen_2)#NVIDIA  and says `However, this means your external display ports will not work`07:27
altendkylotuspsychje: i'm also going to remove my custom kernel so dkms can do a clean build for all kernels07:27
lotuspsychjealtendky: an arch guid for ubuntu, lets not focus on that07:27
lotuspsychjealtendky: ubuntu should be able to pick your card by default, if not we got a problem/bug right?07:28
altendkylotuspsychje: just an fyi given that one of my goals is to get a working hdmi output07:28
altendkylotuspsychje: sure07:29
DarkTrick_lotuspsychje, thank you for your support!07:29
altendkylotuspsychje: `sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall` -> `No drivers found for installation.`07:29
altendkyi'll reboot though in case the removals changed something that needs that07:30
lotuspsychjealtendky: try to doublecheck your bios, uefi vs legacy and try a !nomodeset too perhaps07:31
altendkylotuspsychje: after reboot https://termbin.com/yx5t07:32
lotuspsychjealtendky: compare with a liveusb please07:33
altendkylotuspsychje: i haven't changed uefi vs. legacy in the bios.  what would you like checked in that regard?07:33
lotuspsychjealtendky: we need to findout why your nvidia gets blocked07:33
altendkylotuspsychje: ubuntu 19.10 showed the nvidia in lspci.  kubuntu 19.10 just hung on lspci07:33
altendky^^ about live boots07:33
altendkylotuspsychje: so given that windows and ubuntu 19.10 live show the nvidia i guessed (sure, it's certainly not proof) that it was something in my kubuntu install that was causing it to not be 'present'07:34
whoareUafter lanuching tor in cosole, hint "connections died in state connect()ing with SSL state (No SSL object)" , what's matter with this07:34
lotuspsychjealtendky: yeah, or its a kubuntu block, or due your many prime software you installe07:35
altendkylotuspsychje: yeah, 'many prime i installed' would fit in my mind as something in my kubuntu install07:35
altendkyi'll power off instead of just rebooting07:36
altendkylotuspsychje: no better after powering off https://termbin.com/tjm707:38
altendkylotuspsychje: thanks again for all the help.  i purged the bumblebee/bbswitch packages and my not-from-ubuntu-repos kernels but no change yet.  actually walking away now to go to bed.08:01
lotuspsychjealtendky: ok, id go for 2 lives if i was you, gnome vs kde08:02
altendky02:33 <altendky> lotuspsychje: ubuntu 19.10 showed the nvidia in lspci.  kubuntu 19.10 just hung on lspci08:07
altendky02:33 <altendky> ^^ about live boots08:07
lotuspsychjealtendky: interesting08:11
altendkylotuspsychje: I'll give kubuntu another chance tomorrow08:12
altendkyKubuntu live08:12
CapprenticeDid Ubuntu loosing its popularity after the demise of Unity Desktop.08:25
portocala123hello all08:50
portocala123quick question...is this channel for chat only or is it for support as well?08:50
ducasseportocala123: support only, for chat use #ubuntu-offtopic08:51
portocala123i am in the right place then08:51
portocala123didn`t want to ask questions in the wrong place08:51
portocala123in case anybody has a few minutes to spare please let me know08:52
portocala123as i am stuck with a wireless issue for two days now08:52
ducasseask your question, be specific. if anyone can help they will respond, but it's very quiet here at this time.08:53
portocala123i see..well i will give it a go08:53
portocala123i have a tl-wn722n with atheros ar9271...initially when i was plugging the USB it would not recognize it at all so i had to install linux-firmware package..i am on Linux porto 5.0.0-36-generic #39~18.04.1-Ubuntu08:58
portocala123porto@porto:~$ iwconfigwlx6470021ab50d  IEEE 802.11  ESSID:"DIGI-5AWU"            Mode:Managed08:58
portocala123i can see it as managed08:58
portocala123[ 1516.876988] ieee80211 phy2: Atheros AR9271 Rev:1[ 1516.881099] ath9k_htc 1-3:1.0 wlx6470021ab50d: renamed from wlan0[ 1518.552372] wlx6470021ab50d: authenticate with f8:98:ef:50:1e:18[ 1518.787876] wlx6470021ab50d: send auth to f8:98:ef:50:1e:18 (try 1/3)[ 1518.789589] wlx6470021ab50d: authenticated[ 1518.792288] wlx6470021ab50d: associate with09:00
portocala123f8:98:ef:50:1e:18 (try 1/3)[ 1518.796457] wlx6470021ab50d: RX AssocResp from f8:98:ef:50:1e:18 (capab=0x1411 status=0 aid=1)[ 1518.805179] wlx6470021ab50d: associated09:00
portocala123in dmesg i can see it as associated09:00
portocala123lshw looks fine09:01
portocala123*-network       description: Wireless interface       physical id: 1       bus info: usb@1:3       logical name: wlx6470021ab50d       serial: 64:70:02:1a:b5:0d       capabilities: ethernet physical wireless       configuration: broadcast=yes driver=ath9k_htc driverversion=5.0.0-36-generic firmware=1.4 ip= link=yes multicast=yes09:01
portocala123wireless=IEEE 802.1109:01
portocala123the prolem is i cannot set this adapter in monitor mode09:01
portocala123whenever i try to do that using ifconfig interface down then iwconfig interface mode monitor09:02
portocala123and then up09:02
portocala123it simply doesnt show the interface at all anymore so i have to remove the usb and add it back09:02
portocala123phy0wlo1iwlwifiIntel Corporation Wireless-AC 9560 [Jefferson Peak] (rev 10)phy2wlx6470021ab50dath9k_htcAtheros Communications, Inc. AR9271 802.11nInterface 15mon is too long for linux so it will be renamed to the old style (wlan#) name.(mac80211 monitor mode vif enabled on [phy2]wlan0mon(mac80211 station mode vif disabled for09:05
portocala123then i do not see it if i do ifconfig09:06
portocala123but i see it here09:06
portocala123porto@porto:~$ ifconfig wlan0monwlan0mon: flags=4098<BROADCAST,MULTICAST>  mtu 1500        unspec 64-70-02-1A-B5-0D-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00  txqueuelen 1000  (UNSPEC)        RX packets 0  bytes 0 (0.0 B)        RX errors 0  dropped 0  overruns 0  frame 0        TX packets 0  bytes 0 (0.0 B)        TX errors 0  dropped 0 overruns 0  carrier 009:06
portocala123collisions 009:06
portocala123sorry if it is too much info..just wanted to give details09:06
ducasseportocala123: is this 19.04?09:07
portocala123#39~18.04.1 i believe09:07
portocala123Linux porto 5.0.0-36-generic #39~18.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Tue Nov 12 11:09:50 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux09:08
ducassewhat does 'lsb_release -ds' say?09:08
portocala123i also tried doing iw phy09:12
portocala123i noticed the two entries keep changing09:12
portocala123porto@porto:~$ iw phy phy3 interface add wlx6470021ab50d type monitorcommand failed: Operation not permitted (-1)09:12
portocala123and i get this as well09:12
portocala123i tried allmost everyhing that made sense to me and did a lot of research before coming here to bother you guys09:12
ducasseyou might want to test a newer mainline kernel, to see if that has a better driver09:16
ubottuThe kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds09:17
portocala123let me test that as well09:19
ducassethere is also the hwe-edge kernel09:19
ryuoportocala123: wifi drivers/chipsets don't necessarily support all modes of operation. in general only client mode is guaranteed to work. that may be what is going on here.09:27
ryuoand they left.09:27
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DarkTrick_Enhancement request @ upgrade: Allow user to check/uncheck package that get removed after upgrade was installed.09:48
DarkTrick_Is this worth posting in Ubuntu-devel-discuss?09:48
lotuspsychjeDarkTrick_: you could create a bug wishlist, but sure, perhaps better ask the devs first09:59
DarkTrick_lotuspsychje, usually I would create a bug, but my understanding is, that enhancement should first be discussed in Ubuntu-devel-discuss. I would take whichever is better.10:15
GalactorHello! I was wondering, when using apt-get, is it possible to check the version of the software you want to download before downloading it? (ex, seeing what version of deluge is available before doing sudo apt-get install deluge)10:25
Galactor(is it possible in the terminal I mean)10:26
ducasse'apt policy packagename'10:27
Galactorah thanks! :)10:27
ducassethat will list installed and available versions10:27
xnat834[m]Is it possible to reload a module with a quirk during a live session? It always tells me that the module is in use etc.10:49
triadkill the module and load it again ?10:52
tatertotsand if you cannot ..you may just have to suck it up and "reboot"10:53
triadkill pid should do the trick i think10:53
xnat834[m]How can I reboot into a live session?10:57
xnat834[m]I mean...10:57
xnat834[m]I have to load a sound module with a quirk or what it's called to make headphones work, but I also need to test it live because there is already an OS on my machine and I have to know whether sound works before replacing it10:58
ducassexnat834[m]: you could do an install onto a usb stick to have a proper install to work with11:01
ducassealso, to remove a module you need to unload all modules that depend on it11:01
xnat834[m]I tried to install from a USB stick to a USB stick, but it basically froze11:05
xnat834[m]I don't know whether the USB bandwidth is too low or the power of the machine, I suppose both could be the case11:05
cluelessperson_Is there a way in ubuntu to control the power settings perfectly?11:11
cluelessperson_and preferably using a programming language/script?11:12
cluelessperson_I want the screen to turn off after 1 minute.   Lock after 5 minutes.11:12
cluelessperson_Sleep after 30min.11:12
tatertotscluelessperson_: people that expect perfection are statistically always going to be disappointed11:12
cluelessperson_tatertots, I'd be happy if I could control it with my own python programming.11:13
FurretUberIs NTFS unsupported on grub2 when Secure Boot is enabled?11:13
cluelessperson_tatertots, Then the frustration is myself, and not with bad software even giving me the otion. :P11:13
cluelessperson_(not calling ubuntu bad software, I just don't know)11:13
cluelessperson_frustration all the same11:13
ducassecluelessperson_: screen blanking is done by the x server, locking by a separate process11:14
cluelessperson_ducasse, Well, I'm thinking X server shouldn't be what determines when to blank the scren11:15
cluelessperson_ducasse, I think it should blank the screen, only if it's told to11:15
cluelessperson_Leave it to a process to manage power11:15
ducassethat's what it does, see the xset man page11:15
cluelessperson_ducasse, So what manages power in ubuntu?11:16
ducasseat the end of the day, the kernel i guess11:16
cluelessperson_sounds like a dumb spaghetti mess11:18
cluelessperson_I wonder if there's a diagram/map of all the components together11:18
cluelessperson_then maybe it could be planned and put in place11:18
ducassethere is software to manage power settings, but it just manipulates kernel interfaces aiui11:18
=== DarkTrick_ is now known as DarkTrick
cluelessperson_I'd like to be able to totally control ubuntu from python11:25
cluelessperson_dunno if that's possible11:25
cluelessperson_Does anyone know how I can modify Ubuntu's CSS actively?11:26
cluelessperson_There are CSS files that govern look/feel in ubuntu, but it's really hard to modify sanely if I have to restart and wait to see changes.11:26
Dreamanikolov@ubuntu-ivan:~$ inxi -F12:24
DreamanSystem:    Host: ubuntu-ivan Kernel: 5.4.1-050401-generic x86_64 bits: 64 Desktop: Gnome 3.34.112:24
Dreaman           Distro: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa)   test12:24
lotuspsychjeDreaman: join #ubuntu+1 please12:25
Dreamanlotuspsychje  i am mute in ubuntu+112:28
lotuspsychjeDreaman: #ubuntu+1 is free to join for everyone, there shouldnt be a mute12:29
Dreaman<Dreaman> https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/FYsFNYjqbn/12:30
Dreaman* #ubuntu+1 :Cannot send to nick/channel12:30
lotuspsychjeare you identified Dreaman12:32
DreamanAuthenticating via SASL as Dreaman (PLAIN)12:33
Dreaman* You are now logged in as Dreaman.12:33
Dreaman* SASL authentication successful12:33
jeremy31Dreaman: you are quieted on #ubuntu+112:33
Dreamaneast european12:34
Dreamanmay be12:34
Dreaman-NickServ- Information on Dreaman (account Dreaman):12:35
Dreaman-NickServ- Registered : Oct 23 19:31:40 2008 (11y 5w 5d ago)12:35
Dreamani am big lame\12:36
lotuspsychjeeraserpencil: a question would also be handy12:38
eraserpencilwhat is wrong with my sudoers file? with this it works fine, but with this https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/XZ3Y48G89f/ it doesnt12:38
eraserpencilthe only change is the last line12:38
eraserpencili get a syntax error at line 3112:39
eraserpencilany clue?12:46
Ecko_Try with full path to lshw12:50
Ecko_@eraserpencil, ^12:50
triad@cluelessperson_ restarting/reloading the desktop env ? (not computer reboot)12:53
cluelessperson_triad, I was hoping I could modify the CSS and immediately see how it would be displayed.12:54
cluelessperson_triad, I mean, how was it initially designed.  That CSS person didn't just imagine it all in their head and type it all up perfectly12:54
cluelessperson_nor did they restart their computer 100,000 times for each edit to observe it came out right.12:54
cluelessperson_They had some sort of real time visual to work on12:55
BluesKajHiyas all12:56
max12345hello everyone!13:04
max12345My keyboard layout changing doesn't work, what do? It's the gui settings->keyboard tool.13:05
max12345I can add a layout, I can click on it, but there is no "use" or "save" button, so it maybe doesn't activate or something?13:06
max12345nvm I'm dumb13:09
triadcluelessperson_ what desktop environment are you using and what are you trying exactly to modify ?13:11
cluelessperson_triad, I'm using ubuntu 19.04 with gnome, I think?13:13
cluelessperson_triad, in this case, I'd like to know exactly what all the css visual options are and what they effect13:13
triadasking in #gnome channel might help you better; there should some sort of editor + plugins they are using for the style development13:14
cluelessperson_like, wtf is this thing  .stage  .slider  .shell-link  various dialogues.13:14
triadthey use javascript i think13:15
triadgtk+ maybe ?https://www.gtk.org13:16
nmzmHello everyone. I'm trying to open a port for the game on Ubuntu 18, I've created a firewall rule and opened that port on my router as well, but when I'm using a command, I see that this port isn't listening at all. May someone help me? :)13:20
triaddid you routed the port to that ip ?13:21
triadport forwarding*13:21
nmzmYeah. That's the strange thing13:23
cluelessperson_nmzm, hi there, what game?  where does the game run?13:23
nmzmI believe I've made a mistake somewhere, but can't find where =\13:23
cluelessperson_nmzm, Run the game on ubuntu.   run `netstat -ltu`  to confirm the game is listening on that port.13:24
cluelessperson_nmzm, Test that you can connect to it with `telnet localhost <port>`13:24
nmzmcluelessperson_, lemme check, 1 sec :)13:24
cluelessperson_nmzm,   3. Test that you can connect to it with `telnet <network_ip> <port>`13:25
cluelessperson_nmzm,   4.  Test that you can connect to it with `telnet <public_ip> <port>`13:25
cluelessperson_Focus your efforts on the point of failure.13:25
=== akem__ is now known as akem
not_nullnmzm what game are you trying to play?13:27
nmzmcluelessperson_, in all cases: telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused13:27
nmzmnot_null, the old one -> Quake 3, just wanted to have fun with friends :)13:27
triadi don't think you have addded the port in the firewall13:28
not_nullnmzm ah quake fun!13:28
nmzmnot_null, yeah :D13:29
nmzmtriad, added, that's the fun thing13:29
triaddid you restarted the firewall :D?13:30
nmzmtriad, yep, just did it again :D13:31
triadsudo lsof -i -P -n | grep LISTEN13:32
nmzmI tried to find what's wrong and found this -> "You must run the server to see that this port is listening", ok, server is running, still the same thing.13:32
nmzmtriad, nope, I don't see this port there13:33
nmzmnetstat -ltu show this port, but the State is "-"13:33
nmzmI don't want to believe that this is an ufw problem13:34
cluelessperson_nmzm, Are you running the server on your computer?13:41
FurretUberWhat file systems are supported by Ubuntu's grub2 with Secure Boot enabled?13:41
cluelessperson_Or are you just connecting to someone else's server?13:42
nmzmcluelessperson_, on my own computer13:42
cluelessperson_nmzm, If it's UDP, telnet won't work. :P13:43
cluelessperson_telnet assumes tcp13:43
cluelessperson_FurretUber, https://www.gnu.org/software/grub/manual/grub/grub.html13:43
cluelessperson_FurretUber, appears to describe a great many Ctrl+F for "Support multiple filesystem types"13:44
FurretUberGrub doesn't detect a NTFS partition, going to grub rescue if grub was installed on it13:46
FurretUberAlso, ls has no output13:46
FurretUberBut these restrictions were observed only with UEFI with Secure Boot on13:46
FurretUberI want to know what are the filesystems where grub can be installed that are going to work on an UEFI Secure Boot environment. I know FAT32 and EXT4 are compatible, but I need a file system that can support files larger than 4 GB, can be read by a clean Windows install and works for GRUB13:48
FurretUberOne that would be interesting to know is exFAT, but I don't know its status on grub13:49
herbstHey there. I just upgraded from 18.10 to 19.10 and now i can't get my hot corners back working. I've tried the available extensions, however the overview thingy never works.13:49
not_nullFurretUber you might give it a try in #grub if no one is able to help you here.13:54
=== _KaszpiR__ is now known as _KaszpiR_
qwebirc95665Hello, if i'm clicking on other location and on a NTFS disc in nautilus, the drive gets mounted read only. how can i fix that?14:01
akemqwebirc95665, You can try to dismount it, then run ntsfix on the disk. Then try to remount it.14:05
=== BrianG61UK_ is now known as BrianG61UK
qwebirc95665cant find that package14:31
not_nullqwebirc95665i think he meant 'ntfsfix'14:41
felcoqwebirc95665 ntfs-3g is the package15:04
=== BrianG61UK_ is now known as BrianG61UK
altendkylotuspsychje: yeah, the kubuntu live is a mess...  i've had gui hangs, lspci and lshw hang.  lshw specifically at the `PCI (sysfs)` point.  piles of `SCHED_ERROR` at the 'end' of journalctl http://termbin.com/p0yf.  306 hits for (error|warning|fail).15:34
lotuspsychjealtendky: well think we cant generalize things, as we have volunteers that have kde working like a charm, so maybe kde + lenovo combo?15:35
altendkylotuspsychje: sorry.  yeah, i didn't mean that.  just that the boot of it here is, yes.15:35
=== SimonNL is now known as SimonNL_Afk
nmzmnot_null, cluelessperson_, ok, thanks for trying to help with the ports, guys. The reason why I can't do that is my internet provider is blocking all ports by default.15:36
lotuspsychjealtendky: that doesnt sound too great: nouveau 0000:01:00.0: DRM: unknown connector type 4815:36
altendkylotuspsychje: the regular boot had `Dec 01 01:47:42 p1 kernel: pci 0000:01:00.0: Removing from iommu group 1` and the live does not.  again, i don't know the meaning behind these messages but when something is being 'removed' and i later am unable to see it somewhere i expect it...15:39
lotuspsychjealtendky: your logs are full of errors15:40
lotuspsychjenouveau 0000:01:00.0: fifo: SCHED_ERROR 20 [] yikes..15:40
altendkylotuspsychje: is shipping 'a developer' a problem laptop a thing that's done?15:41
lotuspsychjealtendky: in your case i would really try to do things systematicly, start from the start15:42
altendkylotuspsychje: at this point, what is the start?  beginning of live boot journalctl?15:43
lotuspsychjealtendky: like reset bios to defaults, update bios/firmware, test livecd and test LTS ubuntu15:43
lotuspsychjealtendky: so much errors right on a fresh live..is just too much15:43
altendkylotuspsychje: this is the live boot of kubuntu15:43
lotuspsychjeyeah you said15:43
altendkylotuspsychje: alrighty.  install 18.04.3 ubuntu  with updates and third party software and check the journalctl from the beginning.  yes?15:44
lotuspsychjealtendky: yes, lets try that15:44
altendkylotuspsychje: i've been reusing (formatting each time) my lvm setup with /, /home, /boot, and /tmp.  in case that is of any concern to you?15:48
lotuspsychjealtendky: i dont think i saw much problems around lvm, but testing is always nice when doing it vanilla15:49
altendkylotuspsychje: leave it with windows optimized defaults? https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/6jxAOgAU/IMG_20191201_104827.jpg15:49
lotuspsychjealtendky: do you dualboot?15:50
altendkylotuspsychje: i keep the windows partition around and occasionally do, yes.  mostly i use windows via vm though.15:50
altendkylotuspsychje: i'm comfortable with whatever for testing purposes though15:50
lotuspsychjealtendky: my preference for ubuntu single boot is legacy15:50
altendkylotuspsychje: so leave it with os optimized defaults, reset, then go change uefi/legacy to legacy?15:52
lotuspsychjealtendky: yes optimized and legacy15:53
altendkylotuspsychje: legacy is 'Unselectable for Secure Boot' so i'll disable secure boot.  I'm also typing up notes with images at https://github.com/altendky/issues/issues/116:13
WaloHi everyone, how can I quit this annoying sound in the greeter screen? That horrible tiny drums...16:16
altendkylotuspsychje: here are the notes and images from the bios reset.  https://github.com/altendky/issues/issues/1#issuecomment-56012821916:32
altendkylotuspsychje: i've got a bunch of pictures of the install that i'll post to the issue, but in short, at the end it is failing to execute grub-install for either /dev/nvme0n1 or /dev/nvme1n1.  i'm guessing that legacy doesn't support nvme drives maybe?16:45
jeremy31altendky: Are they GPT formatted drives?16:53
altendkyjeremy31: it's been a few weeks since i did the lvm partitioning.  how would you like me to check?  i am still in the installed but switched to a terminal16:55
jeremy31altendky: URL for> sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999916:56
altendkyjeremy31: with |& instead i get http://termbin.com/sq2r16:58
altendkyjeremy31: and with I<enter> http://termbin.com/qb6s16:58
jeremy31altendky: paste results at paste.ubuntu.com for> sudo parted -l #press i to ignore the warning16:59
altendkyjeremy31: i think above covers that?  lists gpt for both nvme drives.  interestingly one intel and one samsung (both lenovo-installed)17:00
jeremy31altendky: looks like it is setup for EFI boot, to change it you would need to make room at the begining of /dev/nvme0n1 for a 1MB partition with bios_grub flag17:02
reifkHello guys, I was wondering why sometimes when a command is stuck on output, it helps to hit enter to flush the rest of the output. Silly question perhaps but I'm not sure why this happens.17:04
ioriareifk, does it happen all the time ?17:06
jeremy31altendky: I moved my EFI system partition to make room for the /dev/sda3 at the beginning of my drive https://imgur.com/a/NPoiVen17:06
reifkioria Not all the time for everything but for certain commands it happens all the time17:06
ioriareifk, like what commands ?17:07
reifkYeah, the reason I didn't give an example is because it is an in-company tool I'm using right now. Can't think of anything else right now. I understand it probably depends on the tool.17:08
ioriareifk, what terminal is in use ?17:09
ioriareifk, i mean, gnome-terminal, lxterminal, fxce-terminal.... what ?17:11
altendkyjeremy31: (sorry for disappearing, kids needed some attention) setting the bios to legacy was done at lotuspsychje's request (they have been helping me a lot with various issues).  i don't know if we want to just go back to uefy (actual bios defaults) and continue from there.  lunch time now so i'll come back to this later.  thanks and sorry.17:35
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
bynariesimple question.. i have a cron job setup with 0 */12 * * *18:19
bynariedoes that mean it runs every 12 hours?18:19
altendkybynarie: https://crontab-generator.org generates that for every 12 hours on the 0th minute as i read it.18:21
lotuspsychjealtendky: any progress?18:22
bynariealtendky, thank you18:24
altendkylotuspsychje: had some other goings on for awhile...  records at https://github.com/altendky/issues/issues/1  the legacy route seemed to be growing to more and more deviation from 'defaults' so i figured i'd try it with uefi.  but...  since you are back on the case i'm happy to reset to legacy and continue down that path if you prefer.18:24
altendkyjust finished the installation and reboot (pictures to be added to the issue)18:25
altendkylotuspsychje: first grab a journalctl log http://termbin.com/otip18:34
noudleon one of my ubuntu vm's lvm seems to be only using 4 gb of the 32gb that are available, i try to extend that now.18:39
noudleis it really needed to create a new partition to do so? (ive read that one some sites)18:39
noudledont want to screw the installation just by mesing with the partitions18:40
noudleim not that used to lvm things18:40
altendkylotuspsychje_: https://github.com/altendky/issues/issues/1#issuecomment-560141448 journalctl/lspci/lshw/xrandr.  nvidia card and intel both show up.  xrandr only shows one display (so no hdmi i guess).  i started to look through journalctl but will read it some more18:41
lotuspsychje_altendky: logs look much cleaner now, great, your sudo lshw -C video shows nvidia unclaimed, needs the nvidia driver installed18:43
altendkylotuspsychje_: shall i jump to `sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall` now?18:44
lotuspsychje_altendky: lets have a look first at ubuntu-drivers list18:44
altendkylotuspsychje_: http://termbin.com/y1u318:46
noudlehmm if theres anyone who has some minutes to give me some advices with this lvm stuff please highlight me18:46
lotuspsychje_altendky: ok, try to install 43518:47
AdemanI'm confused, I don't seem to have resolvectl installed, but systemd-resolved is running. Is resolvectl in a different package? I installed from an ubuntu server disk18:50
altendkylotuspsychje_: http://termbin.com/o8wg18:51
altendkynoudle: i _think_ i did expand an existing partition and then lvm on it.  _but_ i am _not_ knowledgeable in this area either.18:52
altendkyAdeman: you can pick for your correct release (maybe not eoan) but it appears that systemd would provide resolvectl https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=resolvectl&mode=exactfilename&suite=eoan&arch=any18:53
compdocAdeman, theres a directory named resolvectl, and  resolv.conf is a link to another file18:54
lotuspsychje_altendky: purge and try installing 43018:56
noudlealtendky: hmm.. im also not sure about the lvm tool(s) output(s). i have /dev/sda1-3 and the 3 one has 31G "Linux filesystem"; pvs says /dev/sda3 is lvm2 with <31G; vgs says "ubuntu-vg" has <31G size and <27G free (there are the 4GB used that i actually have as available disk space); lvs says "ubuntu-lv" has 4G size.18:56
noudlealtendky: now im not sure what i should do, /dev/sda3 is a partition that uses almost the full available drive18:56
noudlebut the LV is only $GB of that18:57
altendkylotuspsychje_: you dislike the warning about the home dir?  or...18:57
Ademanaltendky: hrm, interesting, https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=bionic&arch=any&mode=filename&searchon=contents&keywords=resolvectl no results. I must be misunderstanding something or reading old docs heh.18:57
ioriaAdeman, https://askubuntu.com/questions/1149364/why-is-resolvectl-no-longer-included-in-bionic-and-whats-the-alternative18:58
lotuspsychje_altendky: did the install succeed at the end?18:58
Ademanioria: d'oh! thanks18:58
altendkylotuspsychje_: i don't see an error.  https://gist.github.com/altendky/23aa41ffe09b9be873332e959b0e80c3  though lshw still shows unclaimed https://gist.github.com/altendky/c12e95fd498fe8d4d606a8b1b8bb06dd not sure if i need a reboot (or if you want me to `sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade`)19:00
lotuspsychje_altendky: yeah always update system to latest, then reboot and lets test19:00
altendkylotuspsychje_: i didn't update so i could get a snapshot of logs etc as-installed.  updating now, rebooting19:04
noudlethink i need to reinstall ubuntu this thing seems to be broken19:11
altendkyAdeman: or reading new docs.  it seems it came to be in cosmic right after bionic.  though i don't know offhand if that search is looking at backports etc19:20
gryhi Aristide19:36
AristideI have a big problem : I don't find ยซ synergy ยป in repos. I use Bionic its normal ?19:36
AristideUnable to find synergy19:36
AristideIts my list of repos : https://pastebin.com/6GeCBnM319:37
altendkyAristide: looks like there's such a package https://packages.ubuntu.com/bionic/synergy but your repo list is for disco19:38
altendkywhich does not have synergy19:38
AristideOh wait19:38
ioriaAristide, you're on disco not on bionic, and there is no synergy on disco 19.0419:38
AristideOK I have disco dingo (Ubuntu 19.04) sorry19:38
ioria!info synergy bionic19:39
AristideHm :/ Ok19:39
ubottusynergy (source: synergy): Share mouse, keyboard and clipboard over the network. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.8.8-stable+dfsg.1-1build1 (bionic), package size 831 kB, installed size 3976 kB19:39
ioria!info synergy disco19:39
ubottuPackage synergy does not exist in disco19:39
AristideOk :x Thank's19:39
rbasakDisco onwards has "barrier" instead.19:40
AristideOh ok ! :D Its what I want <319:40
oerheks1good find, rbasak19:41
oerheks1do barrier and synergy mix?19:42
rbasakI have no idea, sorry19:42
AristideBarrier is a fork19:42
ioriaAristide, it's also available as snap with an updated version19:45
AristideIts work now :)19:46
ObsdarkHello good people19:46
Obsdarka question19:46
Obsdarkwhat is the difference between cp -a and cp r?19:46
Obsdarki read the docs, one said is for archives, the other for recursive19:47
Obsdarkbut can any of you elaborate a little bit more?19:47
gryObsdark: the '-a' also includes -D and '--preserve=all'19:47
gryObsdark: sorry, -d19:48
Obsdarkits better than -r then?19:48
gryObsdark: and -d means  --no-dereference --preserve=links19:48
gryObsdark: '--preserve=all' overrides '--preserve=links'19:48
gryObsdark: so you are left with extra --no-dereference and --preserve=all19:49
Obsdarkis more complete then gry?19:49
oerheks1one could use both, -a and -r19:49
gryoerheks1: -a already includes -r19:49
_Sym_Does anyone know what the "-w" option for iptables-restore does?20:05
_Sym_ubuntu 18.04 does not seem to support that20:06
ioria_Sym_, it's for 1.8.3  ver20:07
oerheks1http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/bionic/man8/iptables-restore.8.html nor https://linux.die.net/man/8/iptables-restore have the -w option, where did you read that?20:08
ioria_Sym_, bionic uses 1.6.120:08
gry_Sym_: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/PfMZVQRN9y/20:08
_Sym_thank you20:09
oerheks1good, 2 new values -W and -w, --wait [seconds] http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/eoan/man8/iptables-restore.8.html20:09
gst568923Hi guys, I have an urgent problem with my Dell Studio 1537 laptop. Using xubuntu 19.10 normally, at some point the monitor shows that it is losing pieces, so I restarted the pc and also the bios screen (which is updated to the latest version available) not seen fluid. If I start ubuntu with the parameter in the kernel radeon.nomodeset = 0 it starts20:18
gst568923up correctly but the resolution of the monitor is too low, while if I start ubuntu without that parameter, in the loading phase of the display manager the screen remains black. Starting the diagnostics in the bios I found these errors: error code 2000-0321 LCD EDID - unable to access EDID EEPROM. I would like your help step by step to avoid making20:18
gst568923further mistakes!20:18
oerheks1ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 onboard? http://allabwtlaptops.blogspot.com/2011/03/dell-studio-1537.html20:21
oerheks1then sure, that card is too old, so you have intel 4500 onboard left, not a racemonster, run a lightweight desktop on it, xubuntu/mate ...20:22
gst568923No, I have a Radeon HD3450 and I use radeon free driver20:23
oerheks1with  radeon.nomodeset = 0 you use intel i91520:23
oerheks1radeon wants 5xxx and higher20:24
ubottuOpen drivers for AMD cards: amdgpu (cards >= GCN1.2 aka GCN 3rd gen), radeon (older cards). AMD has a closed driver named amdgpu-pro that supports the same cards as amdgpu, but it is generally unnecessary. FGLRX is not supported in any current Ubuntu version or in this channel. For info on GCN levels, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_AMD_graphics_processing_units20:24
gst568923My laptop is not dual graphic card, currently I wrote with this parameter: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="radeon.modeset=0"20:25
oerheks1.. well, i read it is.20:26
gst568923I have in my laptop free interface VGA HDMI and LCD Screen and actualy I have run this command `sudo i2cdetect -l` and the ouput is 'i2c-0smbus SMBus I801 adapter at 1c00 SMBus adapter'20:30
ducasseif it has troubl reading the edid from the monitor that would also give resolution issues20:30
=== im0nde_ is now known as im0nde
gst568923So, than I have run `sudo i2cdetect 0` and the output is https://pastebin.com/TdmXmwfT20:32
gst568923How can I interpret those values?20:34
gst568923ducasse I have a log of xorg that contains the model of lcd screen and edid before the problem of black screen20:40
ducassei'm not sure how to help you, sorry. from what oerheks1 is saying it doesn't sound like your gpu is supported by any current ubuntu release20:48
* extor has an ubuntu partition with UEFI boot and android studio on a laptop about to be reformatted and wants to back it up to an external drive. What is the most efficient way, clonezilla? simple tar? Something else?20:52
ducasseclonezilla would work, and please don't use /me in here20:55
extorAnd it would back up the mysterious uefi keys too I take it20:57
ducasseif you just clone the raw drive, yes20:58
extorId be cloning a partition only...and afaik the clonezilla app does rsync + tar + gz20:58
extorNot sure though20:58
ActionParsnipHello to all20:58
ducassethere are no keys to worry about20:58
extorhonestly I like dealing with the nuts and bolts if possible20:58
extorwell my ubuntu install has an entry in my uefi bootup20:59
ducasseyou could use dd, of course20:59
extordd copies empty spaces20:59
ducassethat you will need to handle with efibootmgr20:59
ActionParsnipDoes the system have a lot of customization outside of the desktop setup etc etc?21:01
extorAlso, are there any ubuntu live CD projects with images that have the sophistication of knoppix; but the binaries of ubuntu?21:01
ActionParsnipI'm assuming a desktop OS21:01
ducassei think ddrescue can be told not to, but not sure21:01
ActionParsnipI wouldn't say Knoppix was sophisticated....21:02
extorI think it just compresses emptiness, but doesnt do filesystem level backups since it is hardware level21:02
extorErr knoppix has some snazzy features like copy2ram21:02
gst568923๐Ÿ–™ How can I find the LDVS correct bus with i2c-tools?21:02
oerheks1all ubuntu isos give a live session, except mini and server21:02
extorAnd the ability to install apps via apt, and then create an image WITH THOSE INSTALLED APPS for the next live CD boot21:03
oerheks1and there is server-live for that.21:03
extorright but I wanted a live session that had pre installed apps specifically android studio but possibly more21:03
ActionParsnipExtor: do you have a lot of customisation outside of $HOME on the system you want to clone?21:03
oerheks1err, no21:03
oerheks1install android studio in live, would be a disaster, unless you have plenty ram21:04
ActionParsnipExtor: you can remaster the install media and add what you want21:04
oerheks1but make one custom ? https://askubuntu.com/questions/741753/how-to-use-cubic-to-create-a-custom-ubuntu-live-cd-image21:04
ActionParsnipOerheks1: indeed21:04
extorActionParsnip, nope21:05
ActionParsnipExtor: then why clone? Just do a new install21:05
oerheks1snap install .. https://snapcraft.io/android-studio21:05
extorno customizations except apps like android studio which are very tedious to install21:05
extorandroid studio takes gigs and gigs of downloads21:05
ActionParsnipExtor: then make a way to install easily like a script or similar. I have one I run on new installs and it sets the whole lot up. Wallpaper, installs apps, sets up my backups and so on.21:06
extorAnd when it breaks...my goodness. So it's either a live distro with android studio or a setup where I keep clonezilla'ing a partition with ubuntu and android studio21:06
oerheks1just a 700 mb snap. get over it21:06
ActionParsnipExtor: then put it on a USB drive or local file server....21:06
extor700mb? what????21:07
ActionParsnipExtor: then you aren't downloading from the Web each time21:07
extorJust the emulator alone is one gig worth of downloads21:07
ActionParsnipExtor: too obvious?21:07
extorI'm sorry, what is obvious21:07
ActionParsnipExtor: download the file once. Make a copy to a file server on the LAN or USB. Saves having to download from the Web all the time21:08
extorOk the problem is that android studio keeps wanting to update via the web each time it starts21:09
extorand it is usually hundreds of megs at a time21:09
ActionParsnipExtor: I'd imagine there's an option to stop that21:09
oerheks1that is not a problem, a feature.21:09
extorAlso another thing is I am used to running knoppix sessions for the sake of security21:10
ActionParsnipExtor: seem you get the update offered. It's not mandatory21:10
extorsince in each bootup had you corrupted your install with web based malware, the new bootup would be clean21:10
extorWhich was another reason I liked the live CD option21:10
ActionParsnipExtor: what Web based malware exactly, please?21:11
extorActionParsnip, there is plenty of stuff you can pick up for example by choosing to have updates sent from certain sites. Also there are exploits for firefox right left and center21:11
ActionParsnipExtor: the user cannot change anything outside of $HOME without sufficient access so unless you are running your Web browser as root (in which case you deserve what you get). Then the only issue will be in the user's home folders.21:12
oerheks1interesting, my live session updates android studio , why would we stop that?21:12
extorI think there was a notification bug in firefox that had some nasty exploits, and a bookmark one I dont keep track but with knoppix its nice to boot to a KNOWN clean install each time.21:12
ActionParsnipExtor: so no. It's not a problem. I also said 'exactly' what issues not some vague nonsense21:13
extorActionParsnip, ok thats a relief but still, it's not desirable to have one's userlevel environment compromized either and its nice to be able to reboot and kill off those unknowns21:13
ActionParsnipExtor: then login as guest each time. The user's home is in tempfs and wiped at reboot21:14
extorActionParsnip, it is kind of hard to look into the future and say exactly what since these bugs and exploits are unknown until they start spreading like wildfire21:14
ActionParsnipWhich kills your unknowns21:14
extorActionParsnip, that went over my head. Although what if I ran a vmware session inside ubuntu and ssh -X to a browser in my vmware session of ubuntu? Is that safe or will ssh -X also have some loose ends?21:15
ActionParsnipExtor: I'm suspecting you don't know what you are talking about and just being paranoid for the sake of being paranoid or to try and seem cool. One or the other21:15
extorI had no idea there was a username called guest.21:16
ActionParsnipExtor: ssh is secured end to end. You can use the HTTPS/HTML5 Web UI and mange your systems securely.21:16
extorActionParsnip, it's hard to know what you are talking about when you're specifically trying to talk about that which you do not yet know of because it is still "in the wild".21:16
ActionParsnipExtor: with that mindset you wouldn't go online21:17
extorwait, you missed my point. When I ssh -X to a virtual machine the ssh tunnel is secure but my concern was running the binary locally. How sandboxed is the remote binary that is run locally was my query21:17
ActionParsnipExtor: if you run a binary with ssh -X the application runs on the remote side. Only the display is shown on the client. The 'sandboxing' will be done on the server side if any. You can use docker for this to isolate the running application and prevent it from going onto the system it's running on21:19
ActionParsnipExtor: or just use docker locally21:19
DarkByD3signHi all, I have a dual boot setup with Win10 and Ubuntu but on seperate drives, GRUB2 is the drive selector, if I want to delete the Ubuntu setup and use the drive can I just reformat the disc or will Grub mess up my Windows install?21:19
extorOh docker, is that some sort of a new virtual machine subsystem? I've heard of it.21:20
ActionParsnipDarkByD3sign: you'll need to reinstate the Windows boot loader if you delete GRUB. Your Windows install won't be touched21:20
ActionParsnipExtor: you can isolate individual applications. Have a look. It's exciting stuff21:21
extorDarkByD3sign, don't you have a UEFI boot?21:21
extork will do21:21
DarkByD3signActionParsnip: Will the Windows bootlooder just kick back in?21:21
DarkByD3signextor: yes.21:21
jeremy31DarkByD3sign: You might want to check in your BIOS if you can specify an OS or EFI file to boot to21:23
* DarkByD3sign is back -( + away )- gone ??21:25
TMLif anyone with some experience in debugging iptables could take a look at this pastebin, I lay out a problem I'm having where two machines can speak over one network, but cannot speak over the other: https://bpaste.net/show/XF2H221:29
ActionParsnipTML: did you set the docker port to go from outside to inside?21:34
TMLActionParsnip: I did - which makes sense, given that one of the legs can actually reach into the container21:34
TMLBut here's a screenshot from portainer showing it mapped: https://imgur.com/a/A66TkZH21:35
ActionParsnipTML: digitalocean :-)21:35
d0tsun7hey anyone into virtual machines?21:36
d0tsun7i have a kvm/qemu host/guest issue where my host loses its display. it just goes black.21:36
d0tsun7upgrading to qemu 3 to qemu 4 didnt solve it21:36
TMLActionParsnip: Nope, no digitalocean involved21:36
d0tsun7Linux myhost 5.2.4-050204-generic #201907280731 SMP Sun Jul 28 07:33:45 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux21:37
TMLThe actual IP addresses have been changed to prevent DOS if this paste gets crawled21:37
ActionParsnipTML: just looks like the font. Can Server B connect to localhoat on port 9000?21:37
TMLActionParsnip: Yes, server can connect to localhost on 900021:37
ActionParsnipTML: are there servers on the same subnet you can try connect from?21:38
ActionParsnipD0tsun7: what makes it 'lose its display'?21:39
TMLActionParsnip: I have tried connecting to Server on both NetworkA and NetworkB from: AWS, Azure, Google Fiber, Comcast, and vultr; in all cases, going to NetworkA works, going to NetworkB stops in the middle of a chain21:40
ActionParsnipTML: and you say the traffic hits the firewall OK?21:40
TMLActionParsnip: Yep - you can see the iptables trace logs of the traffic getting into the box21:41
TMLit just stops in middle of rule processing, with no DROP rules hit21:41
ActionParsnipTML: hmm. So it's getting through the docker config to the actual firewall....21:42
d0tsun7ActionParsnip: im unsure21:42
d0tsun7im running a dmesg -w >> file.txt right now to catch whatever happens for the next time21:42
ActionParsnipTML: I think there is #iptables as a channel.21:42
TMLLooks like it - thanks!21:43
d0tsun7ActionParsnip: im unsure what triggers it currently21:43
ActionParsnipD0tsun7: is it a server install or is there a desktop on the system?21:44
d0tsun7ActionParsnip: it'a desktop system. ryzen 7 2700x host system running ubunt 19.10 qemu 4 libvirt 5.4 and the guest is windows 10.21:45
d0tsun7ArctionParsnip: host machine GeForce GTX 750 guest machine GeForce GTX 107021:46
ActionParsnipD0tsun7: tried turning off the screensaver / power stuff in Windows 10?21:47
d0tsun7ActionParsnip: screen saver is off on the guest win10 machine, and power is set to performance. the guest machine maintains its display. it's when i click back to HDMI1 on the same monitor when the host display goes black.21:48
d0tsun7ActionParsnip: i could put the host machine to a stand alone monitor and have it running and see when it blacks out i suppose. hoping maybe dmesg -w >> output will catch some useful information for me the next time it happens21:48
ActionParsnipD0tsun7: ahh I see. If you turn the monitor off and on does it work. OK?21:48
d0tsun7ActionParsnip: i have. i have also removed the DVI cable and plugged it into another monitor after it blacks out, and I still get nothing21:49
ActionParsnipD0tsun7: are you using the proprietary video driver?21:50
d0tsun7ActionParsnip: any logs you recommend taking a peak at21:50
d0tsun7ActionParnip: yeah21:50
ActionParsnipD0tsun7: /var/log/Xorg.0.log maybe21:50
d0tsun7ActionParsnip: does that log refresh on each boot21:51
ActionParsnipD0tsun7: if you press CTRL + ALT + F1 do you see TTY1? If so, press CTRL + ALT + F7 and it may drop the desktop back in21:51
ActionParsnipD0tsun7: yes each boot21:52
d0tsun7ActionParsnip: how can i save the previous boot record so i can maybe see when it happens21:52
ActionParsnipD0tsun7: cp it to your home folder but I think the last file is kept21:53
ActionParsnipD0tsun7: so you'll have Xorg.1.log maybe21:53
d0tsun7ActionParsnip: ok21:55
Segajahey there. what the hack happened to the zsh-antigen package?21:57
oerheks1This package has 0 new bugs and 0 open questions. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/zsh-antigen21:58
SegajaoO it is just not working21:58
Segaja/usr/share/zsh-antigen/antigen.zsh:748: command not found: -antigen-env-setup21:59
Segajathe function is called but never declared. under arch the file has over 4k lines. in ubuntu only 74821:59
oerheks1on what ubuntu?22:00
SegajaUbuntu 18.04.322:00
talonosHello. My Ubuntu is woefully out of date: I'm running 7.5. apt-get update and upgrade aren't working; it's throwing 404s. I'm assuming that's because it's so old that its package managers are not supported anymore. What should I do to update from here?22:01
oerheks1it seems the lates, according to github https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/zsh-antigen22:02
oerheks1but zsh version does not meet 4.3.11 ... https://github.com/zsh-users/antigen22:02
leftyfbtalonos: cat /etc/issue # what does this say? (7.5 is not a version of ubuntu)22:03
oerheks1 !eolupgrade22:04
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades22:04
ActionParsnipTalonos: what is the output of:   cat /etc/issue22:04
talonosThanks for your response! Embarrassingly enough, leftyfb is correct; I am not running ubuntu.22:05
talonosHave a great day!22:05
corshmockHey what's the best way of learning Ubuntu / Linux for a Newbie?22:07
ActionParsnipCorshmock: use it just as you learned Windows22:07
Segajaoerheks1: well for me it is not working22:08
oerheks1ActionParsnip, learned me to start with a cronjob and a conky script, say 10 years ago,  200922:08
ActionParsnipHaha wow. I'm old22:08
corshmockThanks ActionParsnip.  Yeah I've packed in Windows so now I've just thrown myself into it.22:09
oerheks1longest tread on the forum 2347 pages https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=281865&page=234722:09
oerheks1ActionParsnip, yes, and i am going up for the 5th year membership this month22:10
ActionParsnipOerheks1: awesome. Not sure how long mine is now22:10
ActionParsnipI always renew :-)22:10
Segajaoerheks1: in https://github.com/zsh-users/antigen/blob/develop/bin/antigen.zsh the function -antigen-env-setup is twice. once called and once defined22:11
Segajaoerheks1: do you somewhere have the link to the current version in ubuntu18?22:11
ActionParsnipOerheks1: member since 2007-11-2722:12
oerheks1pretty old, but with backported security fixes22:12
Segajawhere can i see the content of antigen.zsh?22:13
oerheks1source is on that same page?22:13
Segajahm seems correct. maybe my installation is broken...22:14
Segajas1% wc -l /usr/share/zsh-antigen/antigen.zsh22:14
Segaja748 /usr/share/zsh-antigen/antigen.zsh22:14
Segajahow can this be?22:14
Segajaeven after a --reinstall it is still the same22:16
Segajait loaded this: Get:1 http://mirror.de.leaseweb.net/ubuntu bionic/universe amd64 zsh-antigen all 2.2.3-1 [12.1 kB]22:18
d0tsun7i cant seem to copy things out of vim22:18
d0tsun7why is that?22:18
d0tsun7i installed vim-gtk22:18
Segajaoerheks1: any idea? I would hate to have to install antigen by hand22:19
d0tsun7i can copy/paste within vim, but i can't get it to paste out to like my browser22:19
fructosed0tsun7: Might want to add this to your .vimrc: set clipboard=unnamedplus22:21
d0tsun7fructose: thank you22:22
fructosed0tsun7: There is a #vim channel too22:22
d0tsun7fructose: oh sweet hanks22:23
leftyfbd0tsun7: also, don't use vim-gtk.22:24
d0tsun7leftyfb: oh why is that? i just installed it-- should i remove?22:25
leftyfbd0tsun7: just use vim. What possible reason do you have to run vim as it's own clickable application?22:26
d0tsun7leftyfb: good call, i don't intend to. someone mentioned installing gim-gtk installed something to allow copy pasting outside of vim so i gave it a shot. ill remove it and append my .vimrc file with twhat fructose mentioned22:26
d0tsun7uhhhmazing. works now fructose, thank you22:27
leftyfbd0tsun7: if you just use vim in a terminal, you shouldn't need anything extra to copy/paste inside or outside of vim22:27
fructosed0tsun7: You might need vim-gtk actually22:27
leftyfbfructose: They do not need vim-gtk22:28
d0tsun7fructose: i read that on a bug report as well22:28
d0tsun7ill remove it and let you know if i can still yank properly22:28
d0tsun7uno momento22:28
leftyfbd0tsun7: yank is not meant to pull things into your gtk clipboard to be pastable outside of vim. That's what CTRL+shift+C is for.22:29
fructoseleftyfb: Yet some of us like it to do that.22:29
d0tsun7leftyfb: for whatever reason CTRL+SHIFT+C wasnt working for me iether22:29
leftyfbd0tsun7: try it in vim in a terminal. Not vim-gtk22:30
d0tsun7leftyfb: im just happy to have a way to get stuff out of vim. if yank is my solution im okay with that for now22:30
leftyfbd0tsun7: that is what we should be troubleshooting.22:30
corshmockWhat do Ubuntu people use for cloud storage for 5 or 10Gb of data?22:31
leftyfb!ot | corshmock22:31
ubottucorshmock: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!22:31
d0tsun7leftyfb fructose: i just uninstalled vim-gtk and now yanking and pasting outside of vim does not work22:32
corshmockThanks ubottu:  I thought I already registered today?22:32
d0tsun7going to reinstall vim-gtk and confirm it works again22:32
leftyfbd0tsun7: you should really take this one step at a time. We should be trying vim in a terminal and making sure CTRL+shift+C works first22:32
leftyfbcorshmock: your question is offtopic. See #ubuntu-offtopic.22:33
d0tsun7leftyfb: i tried that many times before installing vim-gtk and appending my vimrc with what fructose recommended. CTRL+SHIFT+C did not work for me unfortunately, i'm unsure why. any recommendations?22:33
Segajaoerheks1: still there? there are lines missing in my installation22:33
corshmockMy apologies leftyfb22:33
leftyfbd0tsun7: ok, remove vim-gtk and lets troubleshoot that22:33
leftyfbd0tsun7: also, undo anything fructose told you. You should not need any special configs for CTRL+shift+C to work22:34
d0tsun7leftyfb fructose: reinstalled vim-gtk and yanking works again outside of vim. so that's confirmed.22:34
leftyfbd0tsun7: if CTRL+shift+C is not working for you in a terminal, then you have other problems that should be addressed22:35
d0tsun7in terminal it works fine. but not in vim.22:35
Segajaafter line 84 the file differs between my installation and upstream22:35
d0tsun7leftyfb: ctrl+shift+d does work in terminal, but does not work in vim for me22:35
leftyfbd0tsun7: apt list --installed |grep vim  # what does this give you?  # use pastebin22:36
leftyfbd0tsun7: also, what version of ubuntu are you running?22:37
Segajaanyone else any idea why the zsh-antigen installation is not working?22:38
akkI missed the beginning of this ... does ctrl-shift-c copy to Clipboard in some terminals? In urxvt it's doing something weird that briefly shows a menu then clears the screen.22:38
ActionParsnipSegaja: use apt to install it and pastebin the command and its output. Also add the output of: lsb_release -a22:39
d0tsun7hey leftyfb i love the help but i think i'm going to go for the yanking option for now just because i have to get hecka work done. hopefully this is not rude of me. i really appreciate you willing to help. do you frequent here often?22:39
akkProbably related to the mysterious "iso14755" thing that I keep trying unsuccessfully to turn off.22:39
d0tsun7leftyfb: im on ubuntu 19.1022:39
d0tsun7fructose: thanks for the stopgap for now :) i can jam and get my work done now22:40
leftyfbd0tsun7: you should be concerned with things not working properly, which they are not. Regardless if you have a non-default feature doing what you want22:40
d0tsun7leftyfb: to confirm, you saying CTRL+SHIFT+C should absolutely be copying content from vim and allowing it to paste outside of vim22:41
SegajaActionParsnip: ^22:41
leftyfbd0tsun7: correct. If it's not, something is not right and should be addressed22:41
ActionParsnipSegaja: it's installed fine then....22:42
Segajayes, but the antigen.zsh only has 700~ lines22:42
ActionParsnipSegaja: so?22:42
Segajahttps://github.com/zsh-users/antigen/blob/develop/bin/antigen.zsh << this is the original22:42
ActionParsnipSegaja:  again... So what?22:43
Segajaand this is the error i get: /usr/share/zsh-antigen/antigen.zsh:748: command not found: -antigen-env-setup22:43
d0tsun7leftyfb: roger that. i will link back up with you to diagnose that when i get done with work. i'd love to follow up with that22:43
Segajaso the function is called but never defined22:43
adrian_1908d0tsun7: from a terminal that is! the ctrl-shift-c combo might not work in vim-gtk (I wouldn't know)22:43
Segajamy installed antigen.zsh and the upstream version differ starting around line 84 of the antigen.zsh22:43
ActionParsnipSegaja: you could replace the file after making a backup copy and test22:43
d0tsun7ActionParsnip: i found a file in /var/crash named nvidia-dkms-390.0.crash22:44
ActionParsnipD0tsun7: cool22:44
d0tsun7ActionParsnip: looks like my driver for my old GeForce 7900GS may be bugging out. i'll remove it and reinstall from ubuntus nvidia ppa22:44
d0tsun7adrian_1908: dang. super interesting. i'll definitely see what's up with that and link up with leftyfb on that after work22:45
SegajaActionParsnip: well I would like to find the actual issue22:45
d0tsun7appreciate all your guy's help22:45
ActionParsnipSegaja: if it works then please report a bug stating that the larger file makes it OK22:45
Segajathe point is that on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/zsh-antigen/2.2.3-1 the file looks right22:46
adrian_1908d0tsun7: yeah, do let me keep you from your other stuff now. Also the key succession   "+y   should work to copy to the clipboard, if you can get used to that.22:46
Segajai'm starting to think this might be a packagin issue on leaseweb mirrors22:46
d0tsun7adrian_1908: appreciate that, ty22:46
ActionParsnipSegaja: possibly an oversight in packaging22:47
ActionParsnipSegaja: does the package from the main Ubuntu repository have the same MD5 as the one from leaseweb?22:47
Segajahow can i find the md5 sum of the installed package22:48
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows22:49
SegajaI don't have the source file of the package. what is the apt cache directory?22:49
pfirsichhello everyone. I have currently installed Ubuntu on /dev/sdc, but I think that I am booting it from an EFI partition on /dev/sda (sda2, because that's where /boot/efi is mounted). fdisk -l does not show an EFI partition on sdc. If I wanted to boot Ubuntu from an EFI partition on sdc instead, I would have to resize a partition (preferably the first22:50
pfirsichone?) and create a new partition of about 200MB, correct? I did mess all this up a couple of times and I want to make sure now, because I do not understand anything really.22:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1770915 in zsh-antigen (Ubuntu) "command not found: -antigen-env-setup" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:51
ubottuDebian bug 906757 in zsh-antigen "zsh-antigen: command not found: -antigen-env-setup" [Important,Open]22:51
oerheks1i guess the zsh version is the bug, disco and eoan got newer22:51
Segajastill would be nice to have a working version in ubuntu 18.0422:54
pfirsichMy final goal is to have both Windows and Ubuntu installed and have them both show up in GRUB. My understanding is that I have to install ubuntu in EFI mode (which it already is), but to be able to boot it after I installed windows (on /dev/sda), I want the EFI partition Ubuntu is booted from to be on the same drive as Ubuntu (/dev/sdc). Does that22:56
pfirsichmake sense?22:56
ActionParsnipSegaja: grab the deb from the official repos and MD5 test it, then the one from your source. Are they different?22:56
pfirsichwell, then here goes messing up my whole system again..22:59
Segajaok, at least when i take the latest release it works.22:59
SegajaActionParsnip: let me check. I just have to figure out how to get the sources22:59
ActionParsnipSegaja: you can wget the files to $HOME easily.23:00
jayjothe number one problem i have maintaining ec2 instances is disk usage. I'm typically running docker containers, but it happens otherwise as well, and the disk fills up and I have to intervene, most of the time just requiring a new instance. What's the best way to monitor this disk usage? is `du` and `df` the best tools?23:00
SegajaActionParsnip: how can i get the url for download?23:01
ActionParsnipSegaja: you have the one from your pastebin for the one from leaseweb and packages.ubuntu.com can give a download for the official file.23:02
SegajaActionParsnip: https://pastebin.com/yJpuFK5623:04
ActionParsnipSegaja: those aren't the deb files.....23:05
ActionParsnipSegaja: we are seeing if the official deb and the one from leaseweb are identical. We aren't checking consistency here23:06
SegajaActionParsnip: I'm sorry to say I'm either to stupid or too tired right now to download the source file in order to check the md5sum23:10
ActionParsnipSegaja: cd /tmp; wget http://mirrors.kernel.org/ubuntu/pool/universe/z/zsh-antigen/zsh-antigen_2.2.3-1_all.deb; md5sum ./zsh-antigen_2.2.3โ€”1_all.deb23:11
ActionParsnipSegaja: repeat with the leaseweb file. Are they the same?23:13
Segajayes they are23:14
pfirsichIf I resize /dev/sdc1 and add a new partition at the front to use as an EFI partiton, will I likely mess up my system, because sdc1 is now a different partition?23:14
Segajaf1e6332bbe830f22481d089523c3ecc8 in both cases23:14
ActionParsnipSegaja: OK cool so it's not a weird package on the source you are using23:16
Segajaso http://mirrors.edge.kernel.org/ubuntu/pool/universe/z/zsh-antigen/zsh-antigen_2.2.3-1_all.deb and http://mirrors.edge.kernel.org/ubuntu/pool/universe/z/zsh-antigen/zsh-antigen_2.2.3-2_all.deb are broken, but http://mirrors.edge.kernel.org/ubuntu/pool/universe/z/zsh-antigen/zsh-antigen_2.2.3.orig.tar.gz is ok23:17
Segajaso the sources look good but packagin did bogus?23:17
pfirsichI hope my questions make sense and are understandable. Is there maybe a better place to get support?23:17
ActionParsnipSegaja: all I can suggest is replacing the file after copying the current one out, see if it's OK. You might fix a bug :-)23:20
Bashing-ompfirsich: Yer good here :). Be aware that altering the Partition will also alter the assigned UUID. Will require changing in related system files.23:20
pfirsichwould it alter the uuid if I only resized and add a new partition at the end as well?23:21
Bashing-ompfirsich: I would expect so -.23:22
pfirsichso my plan of adding an efi partition to my drive that has ubuntu installed is probably risky?23:23
Bashing-ompfirsich: My experience, however, is limited to legacy booting.23:23
bpromptpfirsich:  how big is the HDD with all the partitions?23:24
Bashing-ompfirsich: Not at all . risky - If one knows the system files that "might" be effected. Legacy booting is only the /etc/fstab file one needs to be awareof and check.23:25
pfirsichbprompt: 232.91GB: /dev/sdc1 is 46.6GB (mounted to /), /dev/sdc2 is 186.3G and an extended partition that contains /dev/sdc5 (16.8GB swap) and /dev/sdc6 (169.6GB mounted to /home)23:25
IndianSlimAny tips for users trying 19.10 via USB key with nvidia drivers?23:25
Segajaok this is an ubuntu problem. if i check the debian package it is ok, but the ubuntu package is broken23:26
pfirsichBashing-om sadly I know very and I am (and want to) boot with EFI (because I want to dual boot with windows)23:27
Segajacopying over the upstream file over the package installation works23:27
pfirsichI don't know if you want to scroll up. Should I state my problem again?23:28
bpromptpfirsich:  232.91+46.6+186.3+16.8+169.6 = 652.21 GBs total, why bother using GPT for storage and thus an EFI partition on a HDD that's not even 1TBs of size?  GPT and UEFI become relevant when the HDD is over 2TBs23:28
Bashing-ompfirsich: Await here for one with the Win/EFI experience to advise :)23:28
pfirsichbprompt: I was unclear. It's 232.91=46.6+186.3+16.8+169.6, so even less. I want to use EFI because I want to dual boot (on different disks though) and according to what I have read, that requires me to boot Ubuntu in efi mode, if Windows boots in efi mode23:29
pfirsichwhat I wrote is wrong again23:30
IndianSlimSounds like a failure at the keyboard23:30
IndianSlimFATK ERROR23:30
bpromptpfirsich:  so you have to HDD, and windows already installed is in a GPT partition, thus you need to make the 2nd HDD for Ubuntu to GPT?23:32
Bashing-ompfirsich: If Both Win and ubuntu are to reside on a single drive, then only one boot partition !23:32
pfirsicha couple months ago I messed everything up really bad and right now I have Ubuntu installed on /dev/sdc in EFI mode (partitioned as outlined above). the EFI partition it is booting from is on sda though (/dev/sda2). And now I want to install Windows again, but on sda23:33
jeremy31pfirsich: there are plenty of sites with the info you need to fix the Ubuntu install from Windows using bcdedit in windows23:35
bpromptpfirsich:  so you haven't installed either Windows or Linux yet?  bearing in mind GPT/UEFI become relevant mainly when the HDD storage is 2TBs or larger23:35
pfirsichUbuntu is working fine23:35
pfirsichUbuntu is installed on sdc. It is what I am using right now23:36
jeremy31pfirsich: installing windows will likely remove the ubuntu entry from the efi boot list23:36
IndianSlimWindows 10?23:36
bpromptpfirsich:  I say that, for now and then, some folks format the HDD that's about 1TB or less with GPT mapping, thinking there's something of performance gain23:36
pfirsichyes, windows 10. I am not doing it for a performance gain. As I said: I did it because I thought (and still think) that's what I would have to do to make the dual boot work.23:37
pfirsichIndianSlim I have a read at least 10 of those. My concrete situation is not easily handled by them, I think23:37
bpromptpfirsich:  myself as Bashing-om  also dual-boot, I dual-boot windows10 and kubuntu using Bios/MBR so-called legacy mode, just fine23:38
IndianSlimpfirsich how complex are you making this? You just have a bunch of partitions is all23:38
IndianSlimIf you pooch Windows 10, just re-run Ubuntu installer.23:38
IndianSlimThey play nicer today than they ever have23:39
IndianSlimAnd quite frankly with Windows Subsystem for Linux no need to dual boot anymore23:39
IndianSlimAside from trying to game on Linux for whatever reason23:39
pfirsichbrompt: When I installed Ubuntu with the intention of dual booting windows was already installed in efi mode. Now windows is broken, but Ubuntu is still installed in efi mode. I could install both again in legacy mode, but I don't really want to install both again23:39
IndianSlimdamn bro23:39
IndianSlimSounds like an id10t error23:40
pfirsichjeremy31 so do you think I should just let the windows installer kill my ubuntu efi and fix it later? if that's possible23:40
Segajainteresting. according to https://github.com/trapd00r/ls--/blob/master/README.md the package ls++ exists for ubuntu/debian, but I can't find it in ubuntu 18.04 mirrors23:40
pfirsichor my first idea was to move the efi partition ubuntu is using23:41
jeremy31pfirsich: you can fix from Windows23:41
bpromptpfirsich:  I see, windows was installed originally in EFI mode, so  you had no choice but to install Linux in EFI mode to correct the mistake, now windows is busted, and you need to reinstall, while making sure you keep the original mistake of using EFI in place =)23:41
IndianSlimPrepare partition for Windows Installation in Ubuntu 16.04.23:41
IndianSlimYou can always fix the bootmgr23:42
jeremy31pfirsich: https://itsfoss.com/no-grub-windows-linux/23:42
bpromptpardon my ignorance, but sounds like trying to make two wrongs to make a right =)23:42
=== shadoxx_ is now known as shadoxx
pfirsichIndianSlim can you please just keep out of it? you are not helping at all23:43
pfirsichthe noise is pretty annoying23:43
IndianSlimpfirsich You obviously didn't read the article I linked which clearly explains a resolution23:43
IndianSlimYou are spamming the chat with your idiosyncrasies and lack of effort on your own part23:44
oerheks1IndianSlim, tone down please.23:44
IndianSlimDude can't even type properly23:44
IndianSlimI'm still waiting on my issue thank you23:44
d0tsun7IndianSlim: there is zero reason to be rude.23:45
IndianSlimWho's being rude?23:45
pfirsichIndianSlim your article is describing a different scenario. you misunderstood.23:45
d0tsun7IndianSlim: you are23:45
IndianSlimOh that's subjective but thanks for your observation23:45
pfirsichbprompt: do you think I should install both again then?23:46
k_k_kdoes ubuntu 19.10 still have GUI lag with a vega 56 compared to xfce/mate?23:46
bpromptpfirsich:  can you resize the linux GPT partition to make room for windows in EFI mode? possible, but sounds overkill, not to mention last I did it with Gparted on a live-session, when Gparted finds data in the resizing partition, it runs really slow trying to keep data intact23:46
Bashing-ompfirsich: Not knowing the partitioning ( sudo parted -l )- this may be a situation that efibootmgr can handle.23:46
bpromptpfirsich:  I think is overkill, yes, whilst you have a chance to correct the original EFI mistake on a HDD that's not even 1TB of storage23:46
d0tsun7IndianSlim: you're coming across as arrogant with trying to force pfirsich to take your solution when you're providing him/her a solution he/she is not looking for and then trying to be a bully by saying he/she can't type.23:46
IndianSlimd0tsun7 I don't remember anyone asking you23:47
jeremy31pfirsich: you can fix in windows or use a Live USB to fix the efi boot by reinstalling grub https://askubuntu.com/questions/83771/recovering-grub-after-installing-windows-723:47
pfirsichalso called me a failure and an idiot. that was nice23:47
IndianSlimOh my23:47
d0tsun7IndianSlim: you don't have to. this is a community irc chat and everyone is recognizing that you're being a nuisance.23:47
pfirsichjeremy31: so with the article you sent earlier I should just install windows, probably destroy that efi partition ubuntu is booted from and repair later?23:48
IndianSlimd0tsun7 nope just you and the guy who won't listen23:48
IndianSlimpfirsich what part of you not understanding GRUB AFTER WINDOWS BRO23:48
IndianSlimEveryone keeps telling you23:48
d0tsun7IndianSlim: i bet you are an absolute joy to work with IRL. anyway, that's all im going to say. have a good day man.23:48
gryk_k_k: you can install xfce/mate on ubuntu 19.10 - you do not have to use its default gui23:49
jeremy31pfirsich: installing windows shouldn't destroy the EFI partition, it will just remove the ubuntu entry from the UEFI boot order23:49
pfirsichIndianSlim because that's exactly how I started and that did not work23:49
bprompt"can't we all just get along" --- Rodney King at LA riots23:49
k_k_ki guess i like it's gnome though just wondered if the kinks were worked out23:49
IndianSlimd0tsun7 Yea a lot more carefree and jovial than you, perhaps if I was a neckbeard looking for a safespace I'd be critiquing people online as well23:49
pfirsichjeremy31 windows will use the efi partition ubuntu is using right now though, because ubuntu is using the efi partition on the disk windows will be installed on23:49
d0tsun7IndianSlim: it's not even worth the energy to type back to you.23:50
k_k_kthis is a help channel for ubuntu bro why u mad IndianSlim23:50
IndianSlimd0tsun7 maybe you should try /ignore since /ignore is for quitters23:50
oerheks1k_k_k, your nickname is offensive, please change that, thanks.23:50
k_k_kk and k were taken?23:50
d0tsun7IndianSlim: sad.23:50
IndianSlimk_k_k not mad at all lol was trying to lighten the mood in here23:50
IndianSlimd0tsun7 stop @ing me23:50
k_k_kk & kk i mean*23:51
jeremy31pfirsich: if it does change the EFI system partition, https://askubuntu.com/questions/83771/recovering-grub-after-installing-windows-7 should fix23:51
IndianSlimLinux is not an OS23:51
bpromptnow now, who wants a nice hot cup of Chamomille tea?23:51
pfirsichbprompt: resizing is exactly what I initially wanted to do, but I fear it might break everything else23:51
IndianSlimpfirsich indecision is still a decision23:51
d0tsun7bprompt: ill take a cup pls23:51
IndianSlimBackup your data, install Win10, then install grub23:51
bpromptpfirsich:  yeap, likely, as Bashing-om said, not knowing the partition setup, it may very well can23:52
IndianSlimbprompt same!23:52
IndianSlimHello erry and welcome to #Ubuntu23:53
IndianSlimPlease feel free to !take a number.23:53
bpromptIndianSlim d0tsun7 sounds like a good deal, recall is on the kitchen cabinet, second shelf atop =)23:53
pfirsichubuntu and windows will be on different disks, but they would share the same efi partition. is that possible? jeremy31 or would recovering grub then just break the windows boot again? because when I installed ubuntu, my windows boot broke, I do not know if that was the issue though23:53
IndianSlimNow Serving: #2059123:53
leftyfbIndianSlim: please stop.23:54
d0tsun7so annoying.23:54
IndianSlimHello LearnAllTheTime welcome to #Ubuntu!23:54
pfirsichI would already have pastebinned my fdisk/parted output, but it's in german. I don't like that at all23:54
leftyfbIndianSlim: please stop.23:54
d0tsun7im not sure why IndianSlim is trying to act like a mod or something23:54
IndianSlimd0tsun7 lol says the guy trying to mod the channel23:55
pfirsichthat doesn't seem very mod-ey tbh23:55
IndianSlimwhat a hypocrite23:55
d0tsun7his horrible advice isn't mod worthy23:55
IndianSlimJust welcoming new users23:55
bpromptpfirsich:  when installing windows it will kick out Grub the bootloader, and yes, is possible when installing Ubuntu it'll kick the BCD the windows manager, however, either way, from an ubuntu live-session,  you can always put Grub back up and boot both OSes23:55
IndianSlimd0tsun7 then you can /ignore me23:55
IndianSlimThank you bprompt exactly what I said23:56
jeremy31pfirsich: it is possible to share the same EFI.  The only way I can see Ubuntu breaking Windows boot from EFI is to install Ubuntu in Legacy, then Windows would have to be booted from BIOS boot menu23:56
IndianSlimIn three steps23:56
pfirsichI am afraid that If I reinstall grub it will just kick out windows from that efi partition and I will be back at only being able to boot one of them23:56
IndianSlimbprompt rocks23:56
leftyfbIndianSlim: This is a support channel. Please either ask for help with something or provide valid support. Anything else is offtopic. Feel free to /join #offtopic if you do not fit into either of the 2 options.23:56
pfirsichokay. then I will just install windows, and recover grub23:56
oerheks1it does not kick out windows from the uefi partition23:57
IndianSlimleftyfb I'm waiting for my issue to be resolved, thank you. but no thanks23:57
pfirsichand if that breaks, I will reinstall ubuntu and repartition first with a separate efi partition for the drive that ubuntu is installed on23:57
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI23:57
d0tsun7pfirsich i've dual booted ubuntu before and had it skip over my ubuntu partiton and boot right into windows. i believe i ran a regedit fix and it allowed ubuntu to be seen again and i had the default linux grub back with options to boot into either system.23:57
IndianSlimleftyfb feel free to take your own advice or /ignore23:57
leftyfbIndianSlim: what is your Ubuntu support question?23:57
IndianSlimleftyfb I'm in queue thanks23:57
bpromptpfirsich:  well, as Bashing-om , I haven't done much EFI, but fairly sure efibootmgr can manage that, I've put Grub back but on Bios/MBR partition setup, fairly simply from a Ubuntu live-session using a "chroot" session23:57
IndianSlimDon't need your help23:58
leftyfbIndianSlim: there is no queue. Either ask your question or provide valid support. Anything else is offtopic.23:58
d0tsun7pfirsich: as in i was unable to see my ubuntu partition at all since the windows grub was stealing priority. but i haven't had it happen where ubuntu would boot and hide my windows partiton. i believe that's what you're encountering if im digesting this right23:58
IndianSlimleftyfb you should scroll up before you involve yourself. no one was talking to you neckbeard23:58
oerheks1IndianSlim, please leave, such attitude is unwelcome here.23:58
pfirsichwhat happened is that windows did show up in grub, but it just didn't work23:58
pfirsichblack screens, then reboot23:58
IndianSlimoerheks1 No thanks23:59
leftyfb!ops | IndianSlim23:59
ubottuIndianSlim: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, bazhang, chu, dax23:59
IndianSlim!ops leftyfb23:59
d0tsun7pfirsich ahh, i see23:59
d0tsun7!ops | IndianSlim23:59
ubottuIndianSlim: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, bazhang, chu, dax23:59

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