OvenWerkscorshmock: I would worry about heating or is the i7 a "mobile" model (two cores four threads)03:58
OvenWerkscorshmock: in my case, I must have pci and pcie slots03:59
corshmockOvenWerks:  you will always lose me every time brother. Great to hear from you Pal04:06
OvenWerkscorshmock: there is a mobile i7 that is basically a little bit better i3 with bigger, faster cache. That has heat disapation and power use similar to an i3 but with the i7 name (and price) attached to it. That is what is found in most laptops with an "i7"04:15
OvenWerksfor a box that size (nuc size) that is about the best that can be used and still cooled ti within safe limits04:16
corshmockOvenWerks: thank you again brother.  I have never had the opportunity to deal with hardware at all05:00
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lastebill1what's your (free) autotune alternative of choice?12:08
sirriffsalothplastebill1: talent :D12:24
lastebill1sirriffsalothp: A sarcastic smart ass answear, worthy of the early 90s...12:37
lastebill1or the arc community12:38
sirriffsalothplastebill1: takker <313:08
sirriffsalothplastebill1: to answer your question though, the autotunes I've tried that are under free software licenses aren't that sophisticated yet and work very poorly.. you'd be better off trying some VST's13:09
lastebill1right.   So do you happen to have any autotuneish vst's that were ok?13:14
lastebill1I got a license for melodyne (vst).  It's ok and does the job well enough for my purposes, but messing with that license stuff is a pain in the ass.  And it is very unstable...13:18
sirriffsalothplastebill1: that's the life in these parts I suppose, or just do the autotune on some pirated software and pretend it's free software :P15:32
sirriffsalothplastebill1: how anyone would sue you by successfully proving that you're using their autotune in one of your songs is beyond me. Unless they'd have a warrant to see your studio session or something, lol15:33
lastebill1sirriffsalothp: I guess I could yarr, do that.  Where's my pegleg and parrot?15:33
lastebill1sirriffsalothp: nah, to old for that stuff15:34
sirriffsalothplastebill1: haha, lykke til ;)15:34
OvenWerkslastebill1: Autotune from the x42 plugins16:24
Martin77Hi, I can't get zynaddsubfx to work as a plugin. the vst is only a windows with 16 slots sliders16:30
corshmockWhen I start Jack, I don't see my audio interface in there (edirol ua-101).  Ubuntu can see it alright.  When I start Ardour, I select the edirol as my input and output device (probably doesn't make any sense) and I get, failed to open audio device.  Have I got everything completely wrong here?16:58
OvenWerkscorshmock: "when I start jack" does not give enough info. Do you mean jack will not start? (started how?) or that whatever utility you are using to start jack does not show your edirol as a device choice?17:13
corshmockThanks OvenWerks, I start qjackctl and yes it starts but it doesn't show my edirol.  Is this correct behaviour?  I thought qjackctl was used for setting up connections like audio interface.  I've got a feeling that I've got this whole thing all wrong.17:32
corshmockHey I just ran it again and now it can see my edirol. All ten inputs and outputs!  So am I correct in saying, I can use qjackctl to direct the output to my headphones (once I can work out which outputs the headphones are)?17:39
corshmockNo matter what connections I make, I can't seem to get the output to go to the headphones.  It seems like a really lovely piece of software if I could only get it to work for me :)17:49
corshmockI'd really appreciate it if anyone can offer me any help on this.17:50
corshmockHow's it going brainskan?18:10
brainskanI am trying to copy a small portion of a larger array into a new smaller array. I can't figure out the syntax for that. Can anyone point me in the right direction of what to look for?18:11
brainskanGoing good, corshmock. Thanks! How are you doing?18:11
brainskanGood to see you again.18:11
corshmockNot bad mate.  I'm trying to get jack to direct output to the headphones on my ua-101, so plenty of fun18:13
brainskanHere's an example of what I am looking for: Let's say I have an array with 10 items in it. But I want to copy the 3rd through the 8th items in the array into a new array. How might I do that? It seems like I would need to have a method for selecting a set of values at a start index through an ending index point.18:14
brainskanOh no... You're still trying to make that work? Audio problems like that can really be tricky sometimes. I feel your pain.18:16
corshmockI'll get it to work if it kills me.  I've been working on getting the OS going for the past few weeks.  Now it's time to play with studio.18:17
corshmockI never seem to see anyone talking in here.  Is everyone very shy or do they stay logged in when they're asleep?18:27
brainskanI found my answer FINALLY!!!!! It's called "array slicing" and I found a weird reference for SC array syntax in a Wikipedia article for "Array Slicing" in many computer languages. Why ... why is everything so hard to figure out in this language?18:27
brainskanI just joined the other day for the first time, when I met you the other day. Sorry, I'm not sure about activity level.18:28
brainskanAlso ... I am super dumb. I just realized I posted a question about SuperCollider by mistake here. I have to much jumbled in my mind right now. Sorry18:28
corshmockI didn't realize you were a Newbie too brainskan18:42
corshmockWhich language are you using to program?18:43
brainskanI'm the Forever Noob :-D18:45
brainskanI am trying to work on a project in a sound synthesis language called "SuperCollider."18:45
brainskanThe problem is it's a very cryptic and often poorly documented language. It's very powerful and flexible though. I will keep banging my head against the wall until I figure it out! RAWRRRR!18:47
corshmockIt seems to be extremely complicated.  Fair play for taking on such a task!18:48
lastebill1OvenWerks: thanks for the tip, I'm going to try it out :)21:24
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