DarkTrick_There seems to be a problem with the upgrade from 19.04 to 19.10.01:56
DarkTrick_If you're using ibus-anthy for japanese input (or ibus binyin input), it will not work after the upgrade01:57
DarkTrick_It's necessary to install ibus-gtk and ibus-gtk3 after the upgrade01:57
DarkTrick_I' expect the upgrade to install those packages automatically.01:58
DarkTrick_I would report it on launchpad, but there is no "report bug" button01:59
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AndrioIs it possible to use Rufus on Windows to make a bootable flash drive, but have the Xubuntu boot partition not be the first one?03:17
AndrioApparently Windows 7 kinda doesn't like that.03:19
gnrpDarkTrick_: on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu you can (on the top right)07:19
gnrpbut you need an account for that07:19
gnrp(note though that this is the ubuntu page)07:19
DarkTrick_gnrp, thank you for your help. I talked to people in #ubuntu and by now managed to file a bug there.07:28
DarkTrick_Apparently `ubuntu-bug ibus-anthy` was the way to post07:28
gnrpah, yes, you can also do it directly07:29
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