IrcsomeBot<Swift110> Hey all03:00
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IrcsomeBot<zparihar> Hey Guys, I'm on Kubuntu 18.04.3 - something I noticed today when I'm transferring files across my network is the following: … When I do an SCP on the command line from my Desktop to a server I have in the Garage, I get an average transfer speed for 25 MB/s. … When I do the same thing with Dolphin, i get 3MB/s  … Do you guys know why that is?07:06
mobijuboHi and thanks for the awesome Debian-based distro09:29
mobijuboGot a question that is just about internet: Is it ok if I have 2 different machines fetching wildcard certificates from LetEncrypt with acme.sh. I mean there is no invalidation of the previously issued and browsers will not freak out?09:30
mobijuboi.e. having more than one machine get a certificate09:31
mobijuboor should I make/find automation to send the certs to the other machines when they are renewed? Thanks in advance. Am on IrcCloud so answering in a weeks time is good09:32
lordievadermobijubo: From the side of LE this seems a bit suspicious. Not really sure what their policy is. I'd go the second route. Have one machine do the actual requesting and rsync it over to the other machine.09:39
lordievaderThen again, I do not really agree with wildcard certs. I rather request a few extra specific certs since that is trivial anyways.09:40
mobijuboThank lordievader09:56
mobijuboI'll do either of those. I think I can keep the main server using wildcards *and* get individual certs for the othets09:57
mobijuboThat way not robot bangs on an alarm button at LE09:58
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IrcsomeBot<Rutvikm> I clicked on some selection button to not show popup in the final screenshot popup notification11:37
IrcsomeBot<Rutvikm> Now printscreen does nothing11:37
IrcsomeBot<Rutvikm> No option in spectacle to enable it either afaik11:37
IrcsomeBot<Rutvikm> And Deepin Screenshot, Gnome screenshot aren't taking the shot either11:38
IrcsomeBot<Rutvikm> What can be done11:38
IrcsomeBot<Rutvikm> @Rutvikm, They take it in the app, but don't respond to printscreen11:38
IrcsomeBot<Schyken> Might need to reset the keyboard shortcut11:39
IrcsomeBot<Rutvikm> @Schyken, Where to do that in KDE11:39
IrcsomeBot<Schyken> @Rutvikm, I *think* it's under System Settings in the Input setction.11:39
IrcsomeBot<Rutvikm> @Schyken, Ok, I'll check11:40
IrcsomeBot<Rutvikm> Is there a simple Ubuntu like screenshot utility for KDE11:40
IrcsomeBot<Rutvikm> Without popup, which also takes current app shot on alt + prtscr11:40
IrcsomeBot<Rutvikm> Saves highest quality png by default11:41
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BluesKajHi folks12:06
user|96399I've got a blank screen after upgrade today13:25
diogenes_what exatly was upgraded?13:25
user|96399Don't know any more but I've also run apt autoremove so some Linux kernel stuffs I think13:27
user|96399I had run fsck via live disk the partition has no error I can't access grub menu anymore I think it was also updated13:32
user|77144It's me again with the blank screen13:35
lordievaderIs this a blank screen at the login screen, or after logging ing?13:37
user|77144After bios is nothing happened13:37
lordievaderDoes the kernel/initrd boot?13:38
user|77144And I can't go into grub menu via shift key13:38
user|77144No init no boot13:38
lordievaderGrab a live-cd/iso and fix it from there13:38
user|77144:( this going to be much work13:39
user|77144So warm any people from today's upgrade pls13:40
lordievaderThe problem may be specific to your setup13:41
user|77144Maybe but I don't think so13:42
lordievaderLet me put it in another way. If the update itself is broken I would've expected much more complaints.13:43
lordievaderAnyhow, I'll keep it in mind ;)13:44
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IrcsomeBot<Rutvikm> @Rutvikm, Anyone?15:16
IrcsomeBot<Rutvikm> This is too important for me atm15:17
IrcsomeBot<Terminator_99> How to do a Upgrade like Kubuntu 16.04 LTS to Kubuntu 18.04 LTS ?15:17
IrcsomeBot<Rutvikm> I'll need to switch back to Zorin if its not possible15:17
viewer|74Hi How to upgrade from Kubuntu 16.04 LTS to 18.04 LTS ?15:39
BluesKajviewer|74,  make sure the LTS flag is enabled in the package manager, then sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade in the terminal , then to upgrade to 18.04 , sudo do-release-upgrade15:47
BluesKajLTS Only15:47
ychaouchehello #kubuntu17:05
ychaoucheI would like to install calligra flow, found on this page : https://kde.org/applications/office/org.kde.calligraflow17:06
ychaouchewhen I click on the install button, it opens discover which displays this erorr message : Couldn't open appstream://org.kde.calligraflow.desktop17:07
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bpromptallo user1_21:16
IrcsomeBot<cipher_alpha> While I understand their existence, Snaps can be a pain.  Example.  Telegram-desktop  when installed chose stable and not edge.  Now the stable version when you start it up is telling you there is a new version, but when you do a refresh no new version.  This could be rather confusing to a new user21:23
bpromptuser1_:  check?  sure, that'll be $14.99 plus tax, and tip, comes down to $24.99 =P21:25
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unUserAI'm sending a message over IRC21:56
bpromptright, so?21:57
geniiunUserA: Yes, your IRC client works, we can see what you type here and respond to it :)22:00
geniiYou are currently in the #kubuntu support channel, which is to help users of Kubuntu linux with issues they may be experiencing22:01
LuxoCrypto[Dienstag, 3. Dezember 2019] [01:19:00 CET]<LuxoCrypto> why IRC?22:06
LuxoCrypto[Dienstag, 3. Dezember 2019] [01:19:34 CET]<LuxoCrypto> Don't you think this is a barrier? New users may not find it easy to communicate?22:06
LuxoCrypto[Dienstag, 3. Dezember 2019] [01:19:50 CET]<LuxoCrypto> Aren't there any alternatives?22:06
LuxoCryptosorry for the previous message22:08
bpromptwas going to say something =)22:08
LuxoCryptocopy paste did not work as anticipated smh22:08
LuxoCryptoJust a question: why does Kubuntu use IRC? Don't you think this is a barrier? New users may not find it easy to communicate? Aren't there any alternatives? Perhaps Discord or Telegram or Slack?22:09
bpromptlast I bother checking or using, browsers like Firefox have an irc:// protocol  you can use for it22:09
bprompta barrier? hardly22:09
bpromptwhy does kubuntu use irc? they don't exclusively, you can use other routes from what I know, or blogs or forums for Kubuntu support or inquiries22:10
LuxoCryptowhy not a modern chat like Slack or Telegram or whatever? Irc is so... 80s? :-)22:11
bpromptLuxoCrypto:  yes, irc is also a dedicated tcp/ip protocol, and thus highly optimized an efficient, more so than anything you can find on say http://, but sure, Telegram, I have it but you need a phone number to use it last I checked, and I think the same with Slack22:12
bpromptif it ain't broken, don't fix it =P22:13
bpromptbearing in mind that I was using irc in 1995 over a 28.8kbs modem, and my lag to someone on Australia, 16 timezones, was about 1 second22:14
bpromptand on most irc clients, you can automate quite a few things, like notifications, reminders, you can also do multi-server sessions, the most I've bothered has been I think 4 irc servers at once, so I was logged in to about 10 channels at once, over 4 servers, with very little cpu and bandwidth overhead22:17
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IrcsomeBot<Franzpow> Bprompt: is there a firefox integrated irc ?23:54
IrcsomeBot<Franzpow> Did I misundersood what you said?23:54

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