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didrocksFTR, I will probably be out today during the MIR team meeting11:03
* didrocks is back14:02
joeubuntuNo meeting today ?14:05
didrocksseems like it's only the 2 of us, so I would say… no?14:09
jamespagejoeubuntu: don't seem to be a huge number of participants...14:09
* didrocks has only one topic, but for foundation team14:09
didrocksjoeubuntu: FYI, the zsys with separate daemon/server is available in focal. So nothing should block the security review14:10
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jamespageonly new MIR I wanted to raise awareness of was https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ceph-iscsi/+bug/185436214:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1854362 in urwid (Ubuntu) "[MIR] ceph-iscsi, tcmu, python-configshell-fb, python-rtslib-fb, urwid" [Undecided,In progress]14:14
jamespagemost is that is management glue but the tcmu package probably has some security implications as it links to the LIO driver in the kernel to userspace libraries/features14:14
didrocksack, I think it's on cpaelzer's plate?14:16
didrocksand cyphermox started to look apparently14:17
doko#1853175 was now handled by cpaelzer14:17
didrocksdoko: It seems the whole foundation team is an adminstrator for their package subscription. Do you mind subscribing your team to golang-1.13 so that I can promote it and unblock golang-default from -proposed? (I don't think it needs a MIR)14:17
joeubuntuthat is great didrocks14:18
dokodidrocks: .14:19
cpaelzertoo many things at once14:20
cpaelzeryes I did the two bugs of the Desktop team this morning14:20
dokoanything else?14:20
dokojoeubuntu: how does the security queue look like?14:21
cyphermoxurwid is a UI/input lib so it will probably need security review14:21
joeubuntudoko 4  in progress , 7 in queue14:24
cpaelzercyphermox: will you tackle the tasks of 1854362 one by one?14:24
cpaelzeratm only urwid is assigned14:24
cpaelzeror do we need to spread the others among the people that are here?14:25
cyphermoxI was going to do them one by one; but if you want to pick some I won't stop you14:26
cpaelzerIf time permits I will pick one of it, leaving the tab open ...14:26
cyphermoxI started from what looked like lowest level since we'd be in trouble if that was a MIR nightmare14:26
cyphermoxmy limiting factor right now is that I seem to be keen on coughing up my lungs14:27
cpaelzerplease underachieve on that14:27
cyphermoxmy goal14:30
cyphermoxisn't that why we have two of those though?14:31
dokoanything else, time to finish the meeting?14:34
cpaelzernothing more from me14:35
dokook, see you next week14:37

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