-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: libinsane [amd64] (focal-proposed/universe) [1.0.2-1] (no packageset)05:14
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cpaelzerrbasak: is there more to do for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/open-vm-tools/+bug/1844834/comments/19 right now than adding block-proposed ?07:29
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1844834 in open-vm-tools (Ubuntu Disco) "open-vm-tools 11.0.0 released" [Undecided,Fix committed]07:29
cpaelzerto "hold it back more" :-)07:30
rbasakcpaelzer: you can ask for a phasing stop for Eoan07:34
cpaelzerrbasak: I did in the bug update07:51
cpaelzerrbasak: usually bdmurray is dealing with phasing and I sent him a mail pointing to my added comment already07:51
mwhudsonif an aa is bored and wants to remove focal/i386 binary for containerd i wouldn't complain09:48
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: ubiquity (bionic-proposed/main) [ =>] (core)10:58
sforsheeLocutusOfBorg: did you see my last comment on bug #1848594 ? virtualbox-guest-dkms is still failing to build with 5.413:24
ubot5bug 1848594 in virtualbox (Ubuntu) "virtualbox 6.0.12-dfsg-1 ADT test failure with linux 5.4.0-1.2" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/184859413:24
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: linux-signed [amd64] (bionic-proposed/main) [4.15.0-73.82] (core, kernel)14:04
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: linux-signed [ppc64el] (disco-proposed/main) [5.0.0-38.41] (core, kernel)14:04
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: linux-signed [ppc64el] (bionic-proposed/main) [4.15.0-73.82] (core, kernel)14:04
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: linux-signed [amd64] (disco-proposed/main) [5.0.0-38.41] (core, kernel)14:05
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: linux-signed [arm64] (disco-proposed/main) [5.0.0-38.41] (core, kernel)14:05
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted linux-signed [amd64] (bionic-proposed) [4.15.0-73.82]14:05
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted linux-signed [amd64] (disco-proposed) [5.0.0-38.41]14:05
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted linux-signed [ppc64el] (disco-proposed) [5.0.0-38.41]14:05
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted linux-signed [ppc64el] (bionic-proposed) [4.15.0-73.82]14:05
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted linux-signed [arm64] (disco-proposed) [5.0.0-38.41]14:05
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: cargo (xenial-proposed/universe) [0.37.0-3ubuntu1~16.04.1 => 0.37.0-3ubuntu1~16.04.2] (no packageset)14:09
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: cargo (disco-proposed/universe) [0.37.0-3ubuntu1~19.04.1 => 0.37.0-3ubuntu1~19.04.2] (no packageset)14:10
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted jimtcl [amd64] (focal-proposed) [0.79+dfsg0-2]14:29
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted jimtcl [armhf] (focal-proposed) [0.79+dfsg0-2]14:29
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted jimtcl [s390x] (focal-proposed) [0.79+dfsg0-2]14:29
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted jimtcl [arm64] (focal-proposed) [0.79+dfsg0-2]14:29
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted python-asynctest [amd64] (focal-proposed) [0.13.0-4]14:29
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted jimtcl [ppc64el] (focal-proposed) [0.79+dfsg0-2]14:29
dokovorlon: please add gcc-10, gcc-10-cross and gcc-10-cross-ports to the i386 white list, gcc-defaults-ports too. They don't even build in ppa's now14:31
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: stress-ng (disco-proposed/universe) [0.09.57-0ubuntu3 => 0.09.57-0ubuntu4] (no packageset)14:35
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: stress-ng (eoan-proposed/universe) [0.10.07-1ubuntu1 => 0.10.07-1ubuntu2] (no packageset)14:35
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: stress-ng (bionic-proposed/universe) [0.09.25-1ubuntu4 => 0.09.25-1ubuntu5] (no packageset)14:36
LocutusOfBorgsforshee, unless you convince an AA to let gsoap go in release, the fix won't migrate14:48
LocutusOfBorgwe need an i386 removal, and an hint of something regressed in release14:48
LocutusOfBorgvoms/i386 removed, and hint for kopanocore/all and apparmor/i386, both regressed in release14:49
LocutusOfBorgvorlon, ^^14:49
kanashiroseb128, re rrdtool: I am talking to cpaelzer about this MR excluding python3-rrdtool-dbg: https://code.launchpad.net/~lucaskanashiro/ubuntu-seeds/+git/ubuntu/+merge/37606815:00
kanashiroI'd like your feedback if it is still needed to avoid the same problem in the future15:00
kanashirocpaelzer, was explaining that it can be auto-promoted because the source is in main15:01
seb128kanashiro, yes it's needed, currently the dbg shows as to be promoted on https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches-proposed.html15:01
seb128yes, we could promote the python binding as well if you prefer that15:01
kanashiroseb128, IMO promoting the python3 binding is preferable, what do you think cpaelzer ?15:02
sil2100RAOF, rbasak, infinity, bdmurray, apw: hey! Since we are working currently on some eoan image respins, could you, for now, not release any updates from eoan-proposed to eoan-updates? Accepting into -proposed is fine, but I'd like us to keep having a stable updates pocket for a bit15:13
bdmurraysil2100: I won't do anything!15:15
cpaelzerseb128: kanashiro: I'd prefer to ack and merge  the MP15:16
cpaelzerseb128: kanashiro: which lets the -dbg stay in universe15:16
cpaelzerand not trigger the component mismatch that we see (whcih we know will trigger the next one)15:17
rbasaksil2100: ack15:17
cpaelzerkanashiro: seb128: we are not keen (have no reason atm) to provide support for the python-binding15:17
cpaelzerif we would, then clearly promoting both would be the most straight forward call to make15:18
seb128right, makes sense to me to no promote/support things if we don't need to15:18
cpaelzerok, then it seems we agree - let me merge that seed change ...15:18
kanashirook then, you're more experienced than me on this :)15:19
seb128what 19.10  images are being respinned and why?15:21
RikMills^ was wondering as well15:22
seb128sil2100, ^15:22
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: python-aioresponses [amd64] (focal-proposed/universe) [0.6.1-2] (no packageset)15:27
sil2100seb128, RikMills: just the raspi preinstalled images we're respinning, no worries - those had a few issues for certain pi versions15:28
seb128k, cool thx15:28
sil2100Nothing worrying, just well, subpar experience, bootability issues15:28
sil2100So we're making it much better15:29
seb128nice, I just wanted ot make sure it was not the desktop iso :)15:29
seb128or that we know about it if it its15:29
RikMillsditto. thanks15:29
seb128can someone hint the dbus in focal-proposed to migrate? openjdk-lts/armhf just worked once and keep failing otherwise (should probably be flagged as badtest?) and systemd/i386 which seems a fallout if i386 being decomissioned15:30
seb128sil2100, ^ since you are around is that something you can do or who should be pinged rather? :)15:30
sil2100seb128: I guess I can!15:30
sil2100Let me do that15:30
seb128I guess we want to badtest openjdk-lts/armhf maybe?15:31
seb128it blocks other things as well15:31
seb128want a mp for that?15:31
tdaitxseb128: sil2100: it's timming out, weirdly it is set as a flaky test, I wonder why it is blocking anything15:31
tdaitxso yeah, badtest it for now15:33
sil2100seb128: yeah, if that's not big enough of a problem, an MP could be conveninent ;)15:33
* sil2100 is jumping between stuff15:34
seb128sil2100, https://code.launchpad.net/~seb128/britney/openjdk-lts-armhf/+merge/37628615:52
seb128sil2100, sorry, editing, I put it in a i386 block15:53
seb128sil2100, k, pushed again15:56
sil2100Ok! Looking, thanks!15:57
sil2100seb128: did you bzr push for sure?15:58
seb128sil2100, sorry, it remembered a previous location as default, done to the right place now15:59
rbalintRAOF, bdmurray: could you please release LP: #1853343 in your sru cycles?15:59
ubot5Launchpad bug 1853343 in wslu (Ubuntu Eoan) "[SRU] Please detect sound and X server in WSL2, too" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/185334315:59
sil2100seb128: all done o/16:00
seb128great, thank you!16:00
vorlondoko: they don't even build in ppas now> right, that's as I mentioned in my email to ubuntu-devel, but why do you need the -cross ones built at all for an i386 host?  That seems like a waste of launchpad resources to me ;-)16:29
vorlonLocutusOfBorg: removing voms requires removing an annoying stack of lcmaps revdeps which is why I didn't dig into it.  Is there an urgency here that justifies me doing that by hand, vs waiting for the i386 mass-removals?16:38
dokovorlon: you may see it as "waste", however I'd like to make sure these build on 32bit platforms. Plus it's not uncommon that I backport those16:45
dokothere's a lot more "waste" going on with daily and nightly package builds ...16:46
vorlondoko: so why not build them in the ppa for the target release instead of in focal?16:46
vorlondoko: yes, I would've thought you'd be sympathetic to the waste argument on that basis16:46
dokodo I really have to argue with you abou that?16:47
infinityNot if you don't want to argue.16:48
sforsheevorlon: LocutusOfBorg is saying this is a blocker for getting a vbox version which supports 5.4, which is a blocks getting a 5.4 kernel into focal16:49
vorlonsforshee: ok, I'll work through the tree16:52
dokono, I'm doing this work on trunk, not on any release. so please add those16:52
vorlondoko: you do have commit rights16:52
vorlonI still don't think any of the cross packages belong on the whitelist, but it's not really worth arguing about16:53
vorlonjdstrand: so the apparmor/i386 autopkgtests now fail because they have test deps on binary packages that have been removed.  Is there a subset of tests that test the library functionality and that we should care about continuing to have good results from, or should we just ignore apparmor test failures on i386 going forward?17:01
vorlonjdstrand: (to the extent that we are running tests on i386, they're all going to be with the amd64 generic kernel, and most of the test deps are going to be satisfied via the amd64 versions)17:01
jdstrandvorlon: let me look at the tests17:02
vorlonjdstrand: cheers17:02
jdstrandvorlon: unrelated, I'm planning an apparmor merge soonish to resolve the py2 stuff17:03
jdstrand(and super unrelated, also ufw)17:03
jdstrandwell, that is an upload to unstable then merge, but anyway17:04
jdstrandvorlon: ok, the bad test is 'compile-policy' and it needs to be reworked to avoid i386, both in its Depends and since there won't be an apparmor_parser i386 binary17:07
vorlonjdstrand: there will be an apparmor_parser i386 binary, despite it not normally being the one that's installed17:08
vorlonjdstrand: I can help with the refactoring of the test declarations to be cross-friendly, my question is whether once I've done that there will be any tests left worth running17:08
jdstrandvorlon: so, apparmor and apparmor-utils aren't in the list of i386 binaries we will keep, correct?17:11
vorlonjdstrand: they are. whitelisting is by source package, not binary package17:11
jdstrandvorlon: did something pull in libapparmor?17:12
vorlonso since libapparmor1 is pulled in, apparmor + apparmor-utils are also there17:12
* jdstrand wonders what pulled that in17:12
vorlonactually, let's see17:12
bdmurraycpaelzer: open-vm-tools has already been released to -updates so block-proposed won't do anything. An AA needs to manually set the phased-update percentage to 0 for it.17:12
vorlonjdstrand: dh-apparmor is a cups build-dependency and libapparmor-dev is a dbus build-dependency, that's what pulls it in17:13
vorlon(plus dbus runtime dep on libapparmor1)17:13
vorlonjdstrand: since libapparmor1 is a dep of the dbus binary package, which users won't install, rather than libdbus-1-3, it may be reasonable to just say we don't care about testing apparmor on i386 and the packages are just there as a side-effect17:14
jdstrandvorlon: the fact that the binaries are there at all suggests the tests are worth keeping, but the fact that no one will use apparmor_parser, aa-enabled or aa-exec from the i386 binary packages means the tests don't mean anything17:14
vorlonjdstrand: that's enough for me; I'll badtest them and move on with life17:15
jdstrandvorlon: yes, that is my conclusion17:15
vorlonjdstrand: ta17:15
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: oops-datedir-repo [amd64] (focal-proposed/universe) [0.0.24-0ubuntu2] (no packageset)17:16
jdstrandvorlon: when I do the merge, I'm thinking I should try to adjust the tests so they don't run at all?17:16
vorlonjdstrand: doesn't matter, they'll run and fail, it's cheap and not worth you spending time on :)17:16
LocutusOfBorgsforshee, actually, you can upload 5.4 in focal-proposed pocket17:18
LocutusOfBorgtests will be green if you run them with the proposed vbox trigger17:18
sforsheeLocutusOfBorg: oh, the version in -proposed has the fix? Based on the changelog entry I didn't think that it did, let me try it17:20
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: python-mne [amd64] (focal-proposed/universe) [0.19.1+dfsg-1] (no packageset)17:22
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: golang-gopkg-libgit2-git2go.v28 [amd64] (focal-proposed/universe) [0.28+git20190813.37e5b53-3] (no packageset)17:23
jdstrandvorlon: ack. is that badtesting them in a git commit somewhere that we discussed it and why it is ok to badtest them?17:26
jdstrandvorlon: (just in case someone else from the team is asked about it)17:27
LocutusOfBorgsforshee,   * Drop 81649 and take the archlinux version, that contains also rev 81586 and17:29
LocutusOfBorg    81587 (LP: #1848594)17:29
ubot5Launchpad bug 1848594 in virtualbox (Ubuntu) "virtualbox 6.0.12-dfsg-1 ADT test failure with linux 5.4.0-1.2" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/184859417:29
LocutusOfBorgthis is from virtualbox 6.0.14-dfsg-3 changelog17:30
LocutusOfBorg(with a gsoap fix added)17:30
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: accepted cargo [source] (disco-proposed) [0.37.0-3ubuntu1~19.04.2]17:33
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: thunderbird (eoan-proposed/main) [1:68.2.1+build1-0ubuntu0.19.10.1 => 1:68.2.2+build1-0ubuntu0.19.10.1] (mozilla, ubuntu-desktop)17:42
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: accepted cargo [source] (xenial-proposed) [0.37.0-3ubuntu1~16.04.2]17:42
sforsheeLocutusOfBorg: 6.0.14-dfsg-3 still fails with the same errors as in my last comment on bug 184859417:46
ubot5bug 1848594 in virtualbox (Ubuntu) "virtualbox 6.0.12-dfsg-1 ADT test failure with linux 5.4.0-1.2" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/184859417:46
vorlonjdstrand: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-release/britney/hints-ubuntu18:34
vorlonsforshee: fwiw I can't find evidence in the autopkgtest history for LocutusOfBorg's statement that kopanocore has regressed in release, I only see failures on the version in -proposed; so that needs unpicking still19:00
sbeattieapw, vorlon: heya, linux-oem got forward copied from bionic-security to disco-security and eoan-security respectively but linux-signed-oem was only forward-copied to disco-updates and not disco-security, leading to an abi mismatch. (linux-signed-oem did get copied to eoan-security correctly)20:20
sbeattie(that's linux-signed-oem 4.15.0-1065.75 )20:21
vorlonsbeattie: looking20:22
vorlonsbeattie: copied20:22
sbeattievorlon: thanks!20:22
apwsbeattie: likely I have yet another launchpad oops in my inbox21:13
vorlonhmmm cups is not seeded but libcups is; and cups depends on cups-filters which is not whitelisted; what to do21:13
LocutusOfBorgsforshee, fixed.21:20
sforsheethanks LocutusOfBorg21:22
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted golang-gopkg-libgit2-git2go.v28 [amd64] (focal-proposed) [0.28+git20190813.37e5b53-3]21:50
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted oops-datedir-repo [amd64] (focal-proposed) [0.0.24-0ubuntu2]21:50
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted python-mne [amd64] (focal-proposed) [0.19.1+dfsg-1]21:50
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted libinsane [amd64] (focal-proposed) [1.0.2-1]21:50
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted ruby-atlassian-jwt [amd64] (focal-proposed) [0.2.0-2]21:50
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted python-aioresponses [amd64] (focal-proposed) [0.6.1-2]21:50
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted golang-github-bmatcuk-doublestar [amd64] (focal-proposed) [1.1.5-1]21:50
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted vistrails [amd64] (focal-proposed) [3.0~git+9dc22bd-2]21:50
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted golang-github-pearkes-cloudflare [amd64] (focal-proposed) [0.0~git20160103.765ac18-1]21:51
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: cloud-init (xenial-proposed/main) [19.2-36-g059d049c-0ubuntu2~16.04.1 => 19.3-41-gc4735dd3-0ubuntu1~16.04.1] (edubuntu, ubuntu-cloud, ubuntu-server)23:03
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: cloud-init (bionic-proposed/main) [19.2-36-g059d049c-0ubuntu2~18.04.1 => 19.3-41-gc4735dd3-0ubuntu1~18.04.1] (edubuntu, ubuntu-cloud, ubuntu-server)23:07
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: cloud-init (disco-proposed/main) [19.2-36-g059d049c-0ubuntu2~19.04.1 => 19.3-41-gc4735dd3-0ubuntu1~19.04.1] (core, edubuntu, ubuntu-cloud)23:10
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: hypopg [amd64] (focal-proposed/universe) [1.1.3-1] (no packageset)23:14
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: hypopg [s390x] (focal-proposed/universe) [1.1.3-1] (no packageset)23:14
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: hypopg [ppc64el] (focal-proposed/universe) [1.1.3-1] (no packageset)23:14
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: hypopg [armhf] (focal-proposed/universe) [1.1.3-1] (no packageset)23:15
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: hypopg [arm64] (focal-proposed/universe) [1.1.3-1] (no packageset)23:16
blackboxswhi RAOF or bdmurray (as I think RAOF is EOD) we've queued an SRU for cloud-init that we'd like to check into -proposed to start validation for a couple of ec2/azure related fixes. The cloud-init SRU is queued against Xenial, Bionic, Disco and Eoan23:23
blackboxswIf there is time, we'd love to get that reviewed. If not, we can pick it up tomorrow with Robie23:25
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- Unapproved: cloud-init (eoan-proposed/main) [19.2-36-g059d049c-0ubuntu3 => 19.3-41-gc4735dd3-0ubuntu1~19.10.1] (core, edubuntu, ubuntu-cloud)23:28
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New binary: linux-signed-oem-osp1 [amd64] (bionic-proposed/universe) [5.0.0-1031.35] (no packageset)23:46
-queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted linux-signed-oem-osp1 [amd64] (bionic-proposed) [5.0.0-1031.35]23:48

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