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cpaelzerjamespage: ok, thanks06:10
cpaelzerjamespage: we'll need some time for the new DPDK in Debian anyway - if things work out I'll get in touch with you for a snapshot build of 2.13 then06:10
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jamespagecpaelzer: ok ounds like a plan09:25
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nightuserHi folks. The main channel suggested to ask here. What's the right way of enabling auto-updates on a server? Still use cron or systemd timers?10:53
mwhudsonnightuser: man unattended-upgrades (which uses systemd timers, at least in newer releases)11:00
weedmicnightuser: is that really what you want to do?  we (where I work) check which updates are available, if they can affect running items, is it worth the risk, etc. and above all - how to revert if it breaks something.  I'm talking servers, not workstations.  Just a thought11:18
nightuserweedmic: I believe that updates from security repo are safe enough. It's just a tiny VPS which I keep for myself, so I'm not risking anything really.11:19
weedmicsafe v crippling are not the same thing - it was just a thought to consider - u need not listen to me at all11:21
nightuserweedmic: I understand your point. If it was something serious, I'd think twice before applying them, but for personal usage it's okay for me.11:25
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