ColdKeyboardAnyone have a suggestion on how to check why my Ubuntu Server went offline?00:02
ColdKeyboardThis has been happening often... Whenever I'm not using the NAS for couple of hours or days, SSH connection dies and I cannot remote into00:02
ColdKeyboardSo far, only thing that works is power cycle00:03
MJ6666I did fire up pavucontrol.  The interesting thing with pavucontrol was that there used to be an entry for redream in there when it was running.  Now there is nothing pertaining to redream.00:03
sarnoldColdKeyboard: is there anything in the logs?00:03
ColdKeyboardsarnold: Nothing that stands out to me... It just "crashed" again so I'll restart it and check logs.00:04
MJ6666I'm going to try to get a fresh dev build.00:04
ColdKeyboardI don't have a monitor connected so I don't know if it hibernates, halts or crashes...00:04
sarnoldColdKeyboard: dang.. maybe once it's back up, leave a journalctl -f and top running..00:04
sarnoldColdKeyboard: hopefully it'll be able to report whatever is going on on its way down..00:05
ColdKeyboardI don't see it on my routers DHCP leases so it's most likely off00:05
rfmColdKeyboard, last time I had a server quitting like that it turned out to be bad memory; might be worth putting a monitor on it and running memtest00:12
ColdKeyboardrfm: That's a good point...00:14
ColdKeyboardI restarted the server, checking logs now00:14
ColdKeyboardThis is the syslog -> https://www.pastiebin.com/5de5a97a7efea00:17
ColdKeyboardActually here it is in pastebin and longer -> https://pastebin.com/De3SRT5700:18
sarnoldhmm I don't spot anything all that illuminating00:20
ColdKeyboardWhat can I run in the background to catch when this happens?00:22
ColdKeyboardI can leave my desktop connected to the server 24/700:22
sarnoldjournalctl -f and top are my first two thoughts; *maybe* it'd be able to write something to a network connection even if it couldn't write it to disk... and top would let you see what's running, how much memory vs swap is used, etc..00:23
ColdKeyboardOk, I have both of them running now and monitoring to see what happens00:25
sarnoldgood luck :)00:25
ColdKeyboardNAS has 16GB of ram, nvme hdd and 8 threads... on top of that it's running two tiny docker containers and samba so utilization is sub 1%. That's what's confusing me... It's not overheating, it's not running out of ram or space00:27
sarnoldmemory leaks do happen from time to time though00:29
Volad_Malevichtrying to compile kernel module using this manual, but have some errors((( https://askubuntu.com/questions/960827/drives-for-ralink-mt7601u-wireless-adapter/100486700:34
Volad_Malevichdownloaded same version of kernel as installed, unpacked needed folder, edited phy.c00:35
Volad_Malevichcompiling: make -C /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/build M=$(pwd) modules00:35
Volad_Malevichhave these errors: scripts/Makefile.build:265: recipe for target '/root/mt7601u/usb.o' failed00:36
sarnoldwow that's hacky... I'm surprised that worked00:39
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OerHeksi think this is a better guide https://github.com/muratdemirtas/MT7601u00:48
sarnoldoh yes00:50
sarnoldthere's some silly errors on that page but it overall looks way better00:50
wil3Evening all... Got a working Ubuntu Server box... I made it an Iscsi client to a big box elsewhere - formatted as xfs, transfered a few files - all working great... I then rebooted the box and it hangs. Last line on screen is SSH server, but, the line beforehand is "Started iSCSI initiator daemon (iscsid).", so, I think I screwed something up - can anyone advise?00:52
sarnoldis sshd running? does the system have an IP configured? does it respond to pings?00:53
wil3no, SSH is not responding, not pingable00:53
sarnolddang :(00:54
leftyfbwil3: lacking ping is your problem, not ssh00:54
wil3sorry if I get terminology wrong - it's my first time using iscsi... this is the initiatior, I have another box as target.00:54
wil3argh - it is dhcp on the server, no fixed IP... but, why is iscsi hanging the startup rather than failing/moving on?00:54
sarnoldwil3: oh are you actually using iscsi?00:55
wil3well... trying to!00:55
wil3I edited fstab - I put the uuid / _netdev in there, so, I take it that it is failing to get on the network and that is causing the problem?00:55
sarnoldwil3: hmm. I wonder.. I'd hope the iscsi startup stuff doesn't try to start it up until enough of the system is running .. but maybe the dependencies aren't quite sorted out yet. maybe start up with a rescue shell and undo the fstab changes?00:56
wil3happy to try - annoyingly, the host server is too quick, I can't get to grub menu fast enough... and, when it hangs, even control+alt+delete doesn't seem to work00:59
sarnoldnormally servers take like three minutes to get to grub :)01:00
wil3It's a vm, I hard reboot it, but, it goes through too quick... anyway, I suck... I haven't done resuce in a while... I did e, added systemd.unit=rescue.target to the end of the line and booted, but, it is still hanging on the iscsi line... I'm Googling, but, has the process changed or did I remember wrong?01:01
sarnoldI never learned how to do the systemd way, if 'single' doesn't work then I'd use 'init=/bin/bash' instead01:02
wil3ok... so... recovery mode is an option under advanced - however, loading it leads to a kernel panic :/ WTF!01:03
wil3just my luck!01:04
sarnoldwil3: ohho.. how about previous kernels?01:05
wil3yeah, just did that - and weird... it loaded the previous kernel fine, went to recovery menu, then after a few seconds, the screen went weird... and it mounted the iscsi drive fine:01:06
sarnoldgross but not entirely unexpected, heh01:07
sarnolddoes it get further?01:07
wil3yeah... working in recovery01:07
wil3so, brain dump... not sure deleting from fstab will do much - but, I'm not sure the order stuff happens in... if the network isn't up, I think iscsid may try to discover even if not mounting - but, I could be wrong01:08
wil3going to try it now01:08
wil3yep, removed from fstab, it is still hanging on boot01:10
wil3I can confirm that the network is down, however, another issue - looking at the iscsi target, I can see that it still connected - so, during reboot, it never drops the connection... so, even if network was up, it wouldn't mount01:11
sarnoldbut if it made it further on a previous kernel, I wonder if this is a kernel regression or if your hypervisor needs new cpu microcode?01:11
wil3ok... maybe it does... it just took a bit longer to release target01:12
sarnoldwe got some complaints from a recent microcode update but those were hardware I believe https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/intel-microcode/+bug/185476401:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1854764 in intel-microcode (Ubuntu Focal) "Dell 5280 hangs on warm reboot after upgrading intel-microcode package" [High,In progress]01:12
wil3hmm - I'm a poweruser, but, kernel stuff is beyond me... sorry01:12
sarnoldwe also had some problem with amd microcode .. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/amd64-microcode/+bug/1853614 .. but that was a reboot loop, not hangs..01:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1853614 in amd64-microcode (Ubuntu) "System stuck in reboot loop on AMD EPYC 7542 32-Core Processor" [Undecided,Fix released]01:13
wil3So, I updated today... there is no kernel panic/it just hangs on normal boot - but, I won't see it isn't what is happening as everything is unresponsive01:13
wil3according to advanced options, it is 4.15.0-72 generic recovery which fails, and 4.4.0-62 generic that works01:14
wil3the cpu is Xeon E5-2650 v4 - I'll try to boot the old kernel in normal mode...01:14
wil3ok... old kernel works fine01:15
wil3this is beyond my understanding, so, if you want me to do any testing or gather any info, I'm happy to, but, I'm out of my depth!01:15
sarnoldwil3: could you file a bug report on this? ubuntu-bug linux will probably do most of it, but you'll have to explain a bit about your environment by hand01:17
wil3I'm creating an account and trying to do it now (Sorry, new to this)01:18
wil3I did do a normal upgrade and distribution upgrade earlier today... is there anyway I can change the default kernel on reboot without screwing other stuff up?01:18
sarnoldhmm nothing that I can think of that's easy..01:19
wil3@sarnold - should I just add a comment on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/intel-microcode/+bug/1854764 or should I post a whole new topic?01:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1854764 in intel-microcode (Ubuntu Focal) "Dell 5280 hangs on warm reboot after upgrading intel-microcode package" [High,In progress]01:19
sarnoldwil3: please a new bug, I just grabbed that one out of thin air..01:20
Bashing-om wil3: Probably unrelated, but, I too upgraded the kerenl to -72 and experienced a system lock upon rebooting. A cold re-start and things seem now stable on the 4.15.0-72-generic kernel.01:31
wil3I've tried without luck :(01:32
wil3argh, may have messed that up, I tried to submit at generic, but, looks like it did intel-microcode... I can't say it is related or not, but, here it is - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/intel-microcode/+bug/185488101:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1854881 in intel-microcode (Ubuntu) "Boot hang after updating and setting up Iscsi with 4.15.0-72 generic kernel" [Undecided,New]01:34
wil3I hope someone can fix it!01:34
wil3ok... put it back in fstab, rebooted and selected the old kernel - it booted without issue and mounted the iscsi fine... so, glad I didn't mess that up!! bugs (which I hope it is) really shake your confidence!01:36
aleksandrdvorkini am having problem logging into my modem i can login before creating the no-ip.com address but after it wont accept the same password and username01:44
freechoicehey folks, i've mount a nfs server item to local system , but what i can see the uid and gid are not correct,01:44
freechoicecan anyone help me to fix this01:44
sarnoldwil3: can you run apport-collect 1854881  ?01:45
freechoicehow can i fix this nfs client groupid 4294967294 issue?01:51
freechoiceand user shown as nobody01:51
wil3@sarnold - ERROR: The python3-launchpadlib package is not installed. This functionality is not available.01:52
wil3I should have read before I pasted! one sec...01:52
gryhaha :-)01:53
wil3That's a lot of info!!! Submitted01:55
wil3Thank you for the help... I'm going to try to get some sleep now and fingers crossed, someone will write something by morning!01:59
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d0tsun7can someone highlight me real quick. testing my weechat notify_send.py -- sorry a little OT02:29
sarnoldhi d0tsun702:29
sarnoldd0tsun7: hi02:29
d0tsun7amazing -- it works, thanks02:30
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lotuspsychjegood morning to all02:32
altendkylotuspsychje: so i think i'm finally on a 'real' installation.  clean kubuntu 19.10 worked fine with hdmi.  the installer had already added the nvidia stuff.  my resume issue is addressed in master-next and there was another report of my brightness issue over at freedesktop.org with a(nother) patch.  so i've got master-next + that patch and working resume/brightness/hdmi.  thanks so much for all the help with all of02:58
altendkythose issues.02:58
altendkythere's still some nagging stuff i'm curious about but it can wait (after resume the external display position isn't retained, i'm not convinced fans are being managed properly (overly aggressive))02:59
lotuspsychjealtendky: great to hear! can we conclude something from all your sorrows?02:59
altendkylotuspsychje: if you wanted to read what was wrong in ubuntu 18.04: https://github.com/altendky/issues/issues/1#issuecomment-560150544  basically how i ran ubuntu-drivers was probably wrong so it didn't get the xorg nvidia driver installed.03:01
ColdKeyboardI finally caught the event when my ubuntu server goes offline/crashes -> https://pastebin.com/hpG4WtKW03:02
lotuspsychjealtendky: but from a clean install, ubuntu should pick the 'best' driver for you right away, specially from 19.1003:02
altendkylotuspsychje: i didn't know what was going on.  i flailed/explored, got a vague clue, got lucky that there were existing fixes _somewhere_ and i just needed to get them coalesced into one place.03:02
ColdKeyboardCan someone explain what does this mean "Dec 02 20:46:38 nas kernel: ACPI Error: Could not allocate 15 bytes (20170831/nsnames-344)" ?03:02
lotuspsychjealtendky: maybe you messed too much with those bumblebee-like software that scrambled it?03:03
sarnoldColdKeyboard: crazy! my first thought is to look for BIOS updates03:04
altendkylotuspsychje: yes.  and i think i was aware i was scrambling it.  hence occasionally stopping and going back to fresh with my newfound knowledge and some fixes i'm relatively confident in (a single commit or two that claim to address an issue that match mine and fix mine).  after i scramble it enough i conclude that the time spent learning how to unscramble it is less valuable than starting fresh and learning some more03:04
sarnoldoh hmm. that 10/18/2019... maybe it's got a bios that's only six weeks old..03:05
ColdKeyboardsarnold: I'll give it a try... It's a cheap Gigabyte mbo for AMD AM4 CPU. Hopefully there is something03:05
lotuspsychjealtendky: thats a great attitude/journey !03:05
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altendkylotuspsychje: so we need more bug reports.  1) ubuntu 18.04 not installing the driver, 2) ubuntu 18.04 not handling brightness, 3) ubuntu 18.04 not handling resume.  i started reading the bug submission guidelines and iirc they said to _not_ guess as to what issues are duplicates.  seems weird that someone else needs to connect my issue in 19.10 with the same (sure, sometimes we guess wrong) issue in 18.04.  am i03:06
altendkyreally not supposed to relate such issues?03:06
lotuspsychjealtendky: i advice before filing bugs, you ask your issues here first one by one systematicly03:07
lotuspsychjealtendky: you clean install the 'problem' release and work from there03:08
sarnoldColdKeyboard: I'm got to run.. I suggest filing a bug against linux on this; ubuntu-bug linux  should do the trick; maybe try older kernels, older microcodes, we've gotten reports of buggy amd64 microcodes recently .. sigh03:08
altendkylotuspsychje: sure.  symptoms were the same as in 19.10 kubuntu (brightness control only triggers osd, resume leaves screen black).  i admittedly have not checked to see if the same commits are missing but it seems highly likely.03:09
sarnoldColdKeyboard: if this is a brand new problem aft er a recent update, that might be nice to note03:09
sarnoldColdKeyboard: good luck03:09
ColdKeyboardsarnold: Thanks! Appreciate your help!03:09
altendkylotuspsychje: anyways, maybe at some point i'll toss on an external drive and go through those details.03:11
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Mr_Cyclopslotuspsychje, hello, big confusion, and hence the question .... for long term storage of files, is Samsung 860 EVO SSD is a good option, I will be using it on my Ubuntu machine ext403:13
Mr_CyclopsI have a Spare one, so thought if not inside the machine, will use it for backup, but not sure if its good for long term storage. Any suggestions, most welcome, thanks03:13
lotuspsychjeMr_Cyclops: yes, the 860 series are pretty great working, 4x faster then the 850 series, reccomended to check firmware updates before install03:13
Mr_Cyclopshow do I do firmware update on the SSD using Ubuntu?03:14
lotuspsychjeMr_Cyclops: i use samsung magigician for it, but winbased, then after install ubuntu03:14
Mr_CyclopsCool  and assuming I can do that by sticking the SSD to ubuntu machine, and using that s/w using Windows on VirtualBox?03:15
Mr_Cyclopsor do I need baremetal Windows?03:15
lotuspsychjeMr_Cyclops: would be a cool test from VM, but havent tested that, not sure that will work on a virtual HD03:16
Mr_Cyclopssorry dont know what just happened03:16
OerHekssamsing gives a boot iso https://www.samsung.com/semiconductor/global.semi.static/Firmware_Update_Utility_UserManual.pdf03:17
OerHeksno windows no linux no osx needed03:18
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: indeed i also tryed that once, think with a utility from plop boot manager, cause unetbootin didnt like this03:19
Mr_CyclopsOerHeks, so just put the iso on a flashdrive, attach the samsung ssd and boot with iso?03:20
OerHeksyes, it says so03:21
Mr_Cyclopssweet, sounds like something worth a try!, thanks so much03:22
p0aHello how can I update my emacs?03:22
p0aRight now I think I'm using 26.1 and 26.3 is out a while now03:22
Bashing-om!info emacs| p0a03:24
ubottu'p0a' is not a valid distribution: bionic, bionic-backports, bionic-proposed, cosmic, cosmic-backports, cosmic-proposed, disco, disco-backports, disco-proposed, eoan, eoan-backports, eoan-proposed, focal, focal-backports, focal-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable, xenial, xenial-backports, xenial-propo03:24
Bashing-om!info emacs eoan | p0a03:24
ubottup0a: emacs (source: emacs): GNU Emacs editor (metapackage). In component main, is optional. Version 1:26.3+1-1ubuntu1 (eoan), package size 12 kB, installed size 76 kB03:25
Mr_CyclopsWell, thanks so much OerHeks and lotuspsychje ... gonna try it out and share the results! nite nite ...03:25
p0aBashing-om: I'm using 19.4 sorry03:25
altendkyp0a: from what i saw eoan (19.10) is the only one with emacs 26.3.  i don't use emacs or this ppa but https://launchpad.net/~kelleyk/+archive/ubuntu/emacs03:27
OerHeks2.7 today .. edge https://snapcraft.io/emacs03:27
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p0aOerHeks: hm...? I see 26.3 in emacs.org03:31
p0aOerHeks: oh unstable!03:32
OerHeksand 2.63 stable03:35
OerHekssudo snap install emacs --beta --classic03:35
OerHekshttps://github.com/emacs-mirror/emacs for diehards03:37
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p0aOerHeks: thank you!04:32
LunatunesHello I was wondering if I could get some help. Ubuntu 19.10 on my asus tuf laptop isn't detecting my tv/monitor through hdmi.06:11
gryHi Lunatunes I would suggest to check dmesg at the time of plugging the tv in.06:14
Lunatunesokay gry06:15
Lunatunesgry: so I got this HDA NVidia HDMI/DP,pcm=3 as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:01.1/0000:01:00.1/sound/card0/input1706:26
LunatunesDoes this mean its only seeing it as audio?06:27
tmilandHowdy, made some deb packages for IceCat: https://github.com/tmiland/GNU-IceCat if anyone is interested. 👍08:16
lotuspsychje_!discuss | tmiland08:19
ubottutmiland: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!08:19
tmilandlotuspsychje_ Done, thanks.08:28
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fire66hi upgrade from 19.04 to 19.10 and have kernel panics on every kernel installed, someone can help ?08:56
fire66hi upgrade from 19.04 to 19.10 and have kernel panics on every kernel installed, someone can help ?09:02
fire66hi upgrade from 19.04 to 19.10 and have kernel panics on every kernel installed, someone can help ?09:23
grydoes it boot into safe mode?09:23
fire66tested also grub changes nothing can solve, i am looking at a fstrim bug that maybe be the cause of this no kernel will boot the system of go in safty mode09:26
fire66ther's a bug opend but no response09:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1849419 in linux (Ubuntu) "kernel panic after upgrading from 19.04 to 19.10" [Undecided,Incomplete]09:28
Priceyfire66: Can you boot using an older kernel? Old versions shouldn't have been removed and still be accessible via grub?09:42
lotuspsychje_his bug was marked incomplete09:44
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nightuserHi folks. What's the right way of enabling auto-updates on a server? Still use cron or systemd timers?10:52
lotuspsychjecome join at #ubuntu-server mate10:52
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BluesKajHi folks12:06
makara2help. I just apt update/upgraded my system (18.04 Ubuntu Mate) and restarted. It logins in itself, and then the mouse pointer and keybord are unresponsive. I can see CPU/load/network graph working away in taskbar12:11
makara2and holding down shift doesn't bring up the grub menu12:22
makara2esc brings up grub menu12:31
makara2Grub dpkg says my python3 is corrupted. I dropped to root, apt install --reinstall python3 and reboot into 5.0.0-37-generic, and then 5.0.0-36-generic. Same, except the taskbar doesn't even show12:41
makara2i'm running out of options12:41
trickyrikyhello ubuntu13:05
trickyrikydo we have any guru's around here? i am really strugling with what i suspect to be a driver problem13:06
trickyrikyif anybody could help me with https://askubuntu.com/questions/1193325/how-to-get-my-wintv-hvr-4000-hd-working-again i would be forever indebted13:09
stratus_ssgood day all. I was wondering if the logs from the IRQ channel are reviewed and responded to? I posted a question twice over the weekend and just wondered if I should repost it during the week13:32
rbasakstratus_ss: generally they are not. It's OK to repost a question as long as you don't do it too frequently (once a day is definitely fine) and you're on-topic and not splitting the discussion somewhere else.13:34
coz_stratus_ss, this past weekend, in the US, was a holiday weekend. It may not have been seen during that time. The best solution is to repost it a few times during the day,several hours apart if it is not picked up quickly. Patience is also required ")13:34
rbasakstratus_ss: if you continue not to get an answer, somewhere like askubuntu.com may work better.13:35
stratus_ssok so let me ask the less technical question. How do I go about determining where to ask things? (RE the last couple Ubuntu podcasts have been talk about this)13:36
stratus_ssI didn't use Ubuntu bug thing because I dont know exactly where the problem exists13:36
stratus_ssand being an employee of a company that receives a large amount of bug reports, didnt want to generate noise for no reason13:37
makara2trickyriky: i don't think this is the right channel for your question13:38
trickyrikymakara2 sorry if i'm in the wrong place, can you point me in the right direction please?13:39
rbasakstratus_ss: that's a good question but I'm not sure we have a good general guide to that unfortunately13:40
rbasakstratus_ss: I think it depends on the nature of your questoin13:40
rbasakstratus_ss: I'd like to think that if you ask the question in the "wrong" place then the community will helpfully and politely point you to the right place. You shouldn't worry about getting it wrong.13:40
stratus_ssok without getting into the actual technicals, I was having a problem with Plex (or so I thought). I went on their support forms and they believe it is related Aquantia network drivers in ubuntu13:41
stratus_ssone specific client (a chrome book) would case the entire Ubuntu server to lock up consistently13:42
stratus_sswithout logs13:42
stratus_ssthey requested that I switch to Fedora to confirm, so that is what I am in the process of doing right now, as this is considered the main function of the box, its "mission critical" the WAF is through the floor13:43
rbasakWhat's WAF?13:43
stratus_ssWife Approval Factor13:43
rbasakI see, OK.13:43
stratus_sssorry common acronym where i am from13:43
rbasakPlex doesn't ship _with_ Ubuntu, so it's difficult for the Ubuntu community in general to help. Ideally if it's an Ubuntu issue, the Plex community would help you isolate the problem to a demonstration of how Ubuntu locks up without Plex - for example by triggering a bug in Ubuntu in the most simple way that doesn't involve Plex at all.13:45
stratus_sshowever, I really would prefer to have this box on Ubuntu in the long run, did not want to file a bug against the network card itself as I have other machines with this same card13:45
rbasakBut regardless I think it's on-topic here - it's just more difficult for the community to help without that, as you're limited to others who know Plex well.13:45
makara2trickyriky: are u sure there's an irc channel for this? YOu're having issuing with a product, so their support page13:46
rbasakAre you installing third party network drivers on your Plex server?13:46
stratus_ssya that is exactly my problem, I know plex is 3rd party. However, as I said their support believes Plex is mearly exposing a problem with Ubuntu drivers for the card13:46
stratus_ssnope just the ones that ship with Ubuntu Server 18.04/19.04/19.1013:47
stratus_ssits present in all versions13:47
makara2WAF = web application firewall13:47
trickyrikymakara2 unfortunately i have no idea if they have an irc channel or not, im strugling to find anything of help. The setup was working perfectly in 16.04 and 18.04 after dist upgrade, but after about a week it crashed and i have not been able to get it working since13:48
trickyrikycurrently rebuilding a kernel, if that dont work i will try a fresh install of 16.04 just to make sure13:50
rbasakstratus_ss: are you installing third party network drivers on your Plex server?13:50
stratus_ssrbasak: nope Its just the default ones that come with Ubuntu Server. I have tried Ubuntu 18.04/19.04/19.10 the issue presents itself in all of them13:51
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rbasakstratus_ss: can you describe exactly what you mean by "lock up"?13:54
stratus_ssrbasak: the system is completely unresponsive. It doesn't respond to ping, the monitor displays "no signal", cannot ssh into the machine, it doesn't respond to ctrl alt del13:56
rbasakstratus_ss: "no signal" is odd, unless the issue is that your monitor wasn't connected at boot. If you have the monitor connected and log in first, and then reproduce the crash, does that give you anything?13:57
stratus_ssrbasak: I looked at journalctl there is nothing consistent before the crash. Sometimes Cron has kicked off, sometimes NetworkManager-dispatcher.service is the last line13:57
stratus_ssI live a "crash cart" plugged into this computer at all time so the monitor is always plugged in13:57
makara2trickyriky: well if everyone else in your 18.04 system works then its doubtful anyone here would have any insight into your very specific problem13:58
rbasakstratus_ss: what does the monitor show before the crash then? Is it working? Do you have a login screen that disappears with "no signal" at the time of the crash? Or something else?14:00
trickyrikymakara2 i was hoping somebody would see something obvious to them in the dmesg and laugh at me then tell me what i'm missing. i don't actually know what the problem is, but i strongly suspect its a driver issue. like i say if this kernel im currently building doesnt fix it then i will try a fresh install of 16.04 and if that doesnt work somethings14:01
trickyrikyheading for the bin lol14:01
stratus_ssrbasak: Normally I have logged in as a regular user and its just sitting there, which means its just the prompt. And then the monitor goes off, there are no kernel messages if thats what you mean14:02
stratus_ssrbasak: or maybe there are but because it stops sending a signal almost immediately i dont catch them14:02
makara2trickyriky: I strongly recommend moving off 16.0414:03
makara2when dealing with quirky drivers, move forwards in updates not backwards14:03
trickyrikymakara2 i am currently on 18.04 but even a fresh install wont make it work, reverting to 16.04 where it worked for over a year is a last resort before putting some hardware in the bin14:04
makara2trickyriky: why not try 19.10?14:05
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rbasakstratus_ss: before a crash but after everything is running, what does "cat /proc/sys/kernel/tainted" say?14:05
trickyrikymakara2 is that a server flavour? i thought 18.04 was the latest server?14:05
makara2trickyriky: all ubuntu is server. 18.04 is the latest LTS14:06
rbasakstratus_ss: oh, and also could you report the output of "uname -a" please?14:07
makara2desktop is just server with a display manager installed14:07
stratus_ssrbasak: good question. I will test this out, since I am following the steps suggested in the plex forums right now, the system is on fedora (now). My mission now is to gather a bunch of things to look at when I switch it back over christmas14:07
rbasakstratus_ss: OK.14:07
stratus_ssI do have the kernel version14:07
stratus_ssrbasak:  Linux version 5.3.0-23-generic14:07
rbasakstratus_ss: if the kernel isn't tainted, and you're definitely running an Ubuntu-shipped kernel, then I think you have a kernel bug.14:07
trickyriky@makara2 i think i went with the LTS version because the system is normally headless, i do everything over ssh14:08
stratus_ssrbasak: I have most definitely NOT installed anything except the following: Plex, ZFS, NFS14:08
stratus_ssand of course just running updates14:08
rbasakZFS will taint the kernel I think14:08
stratus_ssbecause its a module?14:09
rbasakBut if it is the ZFS that shipped with Ubuntu and the problem is in ZFS then it's still an Ubuntu bug :)14:09
stratus_ssya i just did apt install zfs, or whatever the package is called14:09
rbasakYou could try https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds to help debug, but I'm not sure if that will play well with ZFS14:09
rbasakMaybe try without ZFS and with a mainline build if necessary14:09
stratus_ssi can dump zfs though14:10
rbasakTo help narrow down where the problem is.14:10
stratus_ssya absolutely i am just making a list of things to try. So far I have checking it the kernel is tainted, removing zfs, trhing a mineline kernel14:10
rbasakThat sounds good to me.14:10
rbasakhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Bugs describes how the kernel team would like bugs reported14:11
stratus_ssthanks for the pointers.... Perfect I was just going to ask14:11
rbasakAnd please do file a bug once you have the answers to those questions14:11
rbasakHowever I'm not sure that you'll get any progress on a bug without steps to reproduce without Plex14:11
stratus_ssya, it may be something I live on fedora for a while... sadly of all the computers I have, this one does not have ipmi which means when it locks up someone has to physically push buttons14:12
rbasakIf on the other hand you find that a mainline build does not have the problem but adding ZFS or Ubuntu's normal kernel introduces the issue, then the kernel team might be able to help you bisect to find the problem.14:12
nixfreak44I'm trying to run a 32bit elf file, can I run a 64bit arch and install 32bit libs or do I need to run a i386 arch ?14:13
makara2trickyriky: that's got nothing to do with it. Server/desktop is just about what packages you have installed14:13
makara2get the latest 19.10 server and try with that. 99% of the reason to take a later distro is to support quirky hardware14:15
stratus_ssrbasak: thanks again cheers!14:15
rbasakYou're welcome!14:16
trickyrikymy irc crashed, appologies i may have missed a message14:21
makara2trickyriky: get the latest 19.10 server and try with that14:22
trickyrikymakara2 i will reluctantly give it a try if this kernel im building don't work, i dont like the sound of no i386 support though.14:23
nixfreak44I'm trying to run a 32bit elf file, can I run a 64bit arch and install 32bit libs or do I need to run a i386 arch ?14:27
nixfreak44I tried installing the server version of Xenial LTS14:28
funabashiWhen i copy from putty text to word,notepad (windows) it get a new line after each sentence14:28
StucKmanlxc is unstoppable14:36
StucKmansudo snap stop lxd14:37
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MWMi Just upgraded to 19.10 from 19.04 with 'do-release-upgrade' (Budgie) and now I cant open a terminal.  I just get the little spinner for a minute and then the terminal doesnt open.  Now what? :)16:14
SE7EN`MWM: Can you drop into console mode to see what syslog has to say?16:16
jgouxI'm looking for a channel to get some help about some bash syntax16:16
jgouxIs there such a channel? :)16:16
leftyfbjgoux: did you try #bash?16:17
jgouxnice !16:17
jgouxthanks ^^16:17
MWMsyslog says : cannot open display: :100116:18
MWMcurrently googling to see if I can find a fix for that. feel free to chime in if you know what that means though :)16:18
SE7EN`Well generally speaking an issue with X configuration16:19
eelstreborif i understand signing a kernel, you  can't just sign the kernel debs but have to sign every kernel module?16:20
nixfreak44I'm trying to run a 32bit elf file, can I run a 64bit arch and install 32bit libs or do I need to run a i386 arch ?16:24
nixfreak44sorry for the repeat the network keeps splitting16:25
mmlj4if I use LTS, will it be a painless upgrade to (I'm assuming) the next one that's released?16:37
compdoc16 to 18 was great for my systems16:37
compdocno issues16:38
lotuspsychjemmlj4: every ubuntu release comes with changes, there's no magic red button that will promise painless16:42
lotuspsychjemmlj4: its highly reccomended to keep backups yourself before upgrading, but most cases the LTS way is a more stable way16:42
mmlj4thanks, both of you16:43
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deadromhad a Lenovo Thinkpad T530 on a dock which I used to suspend-to-RAM and wake up, worked in 18.04LTS all the time. switched to a Dell M4800 on dock, now *this* one loses the displays everytime I resume. anyone have an idea why?17:34
deadromit sometimes comes up again right after suspend as if sth woke it up again. is there such a difference in support? both intel core, both nvidia17:35
rud0lfdeadrom: i have dell m4800 and its power management is crazy, along with lightdm and lid handling17:36
rud0lfhad to disable everything17:36
deadromrud0lf: so not crazy good but crazy crazy?17:36
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rud0lfcrazy crazy17:37
rud0lfand no way to google the issue17:37
deadromit sits here on a dick on AC power all the time, lit closed. only using it as a desktop replacement.17:37
rud0lfit's winter time, nothing wrong to warm yourself...17:38
rud0lfdeadrom: may be a void try, but try to do Ctrl+Alt+F1 then Ctrl+Alt+F8 (not F7!) when screen is blank17:39
rud0lfmay be a temporary solution17:39
rud0lfor F7 if F8 fails17:39
deadromI've got a script with a xrandr  command set that usually sets things right, haven't figured where to call it so it's run after a resume17:44
deadromand sometimes is does not even work17:44
deadromfirst thought was "get a W541", but those are expensive. maybe a modern Ryzen micro system serves me better17:45
deadromrud0lf: ill try that. maybe gives insight what happens17:47
temp4questionHi. Package gimp-python is not available for Ubuntu Focal Fossa. What replaced it?18:14
SlowJimmyhi i am running an older version of ubuntu 18.0418:19
SlowJimmyand i would like to aks how i can update my php and my php only?18:19
SlowJimmyi need it one version higher at least as it comes in the repos18:19
OerHekstemp4question, reask in #ubuntu+1 please, untill release18:20
ubottuUbuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa) will be the 32nd release of Ubuntu, scheduled for April 2020 ( https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FocalFossa/ReleaseSchedule ). It will be a long-term support release. Join #ubuntu+1 for support and questions.18:20
temp4questionOK, thanks OerHeks18:20
SlowJimmyOerHeks: ty18:21
OerHeksseems like that package is gone since Warty .. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gimp-python/+publishinghistory18:21
OerHeksSlowJimmy, update my php and my php only? .. don't do that, update all packages.18:22
OerHekssudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade18:22
texlaUbuntu 18.04.3 when I login I get a message "quit waiting on suspense" this causing my laptop to be slow booting where do I correct this message18:32
eelstreborany chance there'll be a decent 5G linux based cellphone?18:45
OerHekseelstrebor, no.18:45
SlowJimmyOerHeks the highest available version in the repos is 0.1 versions too low can't i install from tar? if i mv the folder to etc/... and so forth and then show the OS where to look?18:49
seereSlowJimmy: php is a binary installation, if you grab the source tar you would need to compile it.18:52
OerHeksone could use the ondrej ppa .. https://launchpad.net/~ondrej/+archive/ubuntu/php?field.series_filter=bionic18:52
OerHeksuse at your own risc, or upgrade to a higher ubuntu eoan with php7.3? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/php7.318:53
SlowJimmyOerHeks do you know by any chance if that ondrej guys repo is all free software?18:53
SlowJimmyi mean like an mit or gpl license18:53
SlowJimmyor like an apache license18:53
SlowJimmyoh so i can just upgrade the entire distro and get the new php?18:54
OerHekssame license as ubuntu provides, i guess?18:54
OerHeksnot sure there are non free packages in that ppa, never heard talk about that18:55
leftyfbSlowJimmy: is there some incompatibility with the php available in 18.04?19:04
palooka-jockHello all. Wondering if someone might have any ideas - I'm running Kubuntu 18.04 on a dual 30" screens. I like having zero window decorations, so I've gone into System Settings > Application Style > Window Decorations > Window Specific Overrides and added a ".*" regex which is set to no border and hides the window title bar. Most applications work seamlessly when I set them to fullscreen, but I've noticed19:09
palooka-jockthat terminal emulators seem to have large gaps at the bottom, and small gaps on one side. See attached screenshot https://imgur.com/gallery/6lQRLgM. The white at the bottom & left side of both screens is the gap. I mainly use urxvt when noticing this issue but it also occurs in xterm. I've just tried konsole for the first time for some time and that doesn't seem to have the same issue. Any tips?19:09
kenperkinswhat's the correct way to permanently disable a sound device? my monitor is hdmi, and ubuntu thinks it's a sound card and keeps switching to it19:21
sarnoldpalooka-jock: try fiddling with the -bd command line option (borderColor resource) https://linux.die.net/man/1/urxvt19:21
arooniquestion; on ubuntu 18.04 gnome seemed to hang on my t420 so i read a stack exchange somewhere that said to uncomment the line in /etc/gdm3/custom.conf to WaylandEnable=false ;; what does this do19:27
arooniafter i uncommented it it seemed like i could login19:27
arooniand is it bad to leave it that way?19:27
sarnoldwild guess, that forced x11 instead of wayland; it's probably fine19:27
arooniam i losing anything on this ?19:28
arooniwith this setting rather19:28
sarnoldprobably not; I don't think there's any real user-facing gee-whiz features..19:32
OerHeksarooni, no, you just lost the wayland session19:33
OerHeksno problem, so have fun!19:33
arooniis this a common thing?  i read other people doing it19:34
aroonii normally booted fine even with that line commented out ; but even after restarting recently it was the only thing that let me in19:34
aroonidont wanna lose out on cool new features either lolz19:34
OerHeksno, it is an extreme measure for some boot problems / video, i guess19:36
arooniwhats weird is i just have an integrated intel video card for this laptop19:38
aroonitheres nothing exotic and its the t420 back from 201119:38
Apachezany of you who knows the purpose of the /casper/filesystem.size file in ubuntu isos?19:43
geniiApachez: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomizationFromScratch#Compress_the_chroot seems to indicate it's for the installer to know the actual size of a compressed squashfs image, if it will be installed elsewhere19:53
geniiSo most likely Ubiquity scans this file to see if the place you're installing to has enough room to hold it19:54
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AnnoyedGreetings... having a problem updating a VM running ubutu 16.04.6 LTS desktop. The software updater tool fails with a package operation error box: The installation or removal of a software package failed., and command line apt upgrade bombs out with the following: files list file for package 'libvte-2.91-0:amd64' is missing final newline20:02
AnnoyedAny ideas?20:02
ioriaAnnoyed, might be a cache or a /var/lib/dpkg/status  corruption, or an out of space issue20:06
Annoyedsda1        12G  7.7G  2.9G  74% /20:07
Annoyed'bout 3 G free20:07
geniiAnnoyed: I might try: echo -e "\n" | sudo tee -a /var/lib/dpkg/info/libvte-2.91-0:amd64.list        ...and then try the apt upgrade command again20:08
ioriaAnnoyed, try that ^20:09
Annoyedok, that gives different error. no output from the command you suggested, and upgrade now gives : files list file for package 'libvte-2.91-0:amd64' contains empty filename20:12
geniiSo that means the file file had no content before we added the newline20:14
ioriaAnnoyed, ls /var/lib/dpkg/info/ | grep libvte-2.91-0 | nc termbin.com 999920:14
Apachezgenii: ok so it should be safe if I forgot to update that then20:15
geniiProbably dpkg package state is in an inconsistent state where it says installed but this file got corrupted/didn't download20:15
Annoyedresult: https://termbin.com/m1hb20:15
ApachezI was worried startup disk creator somehow used that info to create a static size partition on the usb or something20:15
geniiFastest fix would be to use --reinstall switch on the package, it will redownload everything for it even those files already exist20:16
geniiAnnoyed: I'd suggest: sudo apt-get install --reinstall libvte-2.91-0:amd6420:17
genii( I still prefer apt-get, apologies )20:17
AnnoyedI'm not trying to install anything. Just trying to do a system update.20:17
ioriaAnnoyed, try the reinstall20:18
AnnoyedThe GUI updater tool prompted, I ran it, it dropped a useless error, no details, and then I tried apt update and apt upgrade20:18
geniiThe update should be able to proceed normally after the list file for that package actually contains what it's supposed to20:18
ioriaAnnoyed, if it fails we do a sudo mv /var/lib/dpkg/info/libvte-2.91-0* /tmp and try again20:19
Annoyedok, moving to /tmp allowed the install to proceed, apparently ok, now trying update20:20
ioriaAnnoyed, in any case, might be a bad sign about the disk health20:21
AnnoyedIt's' a VM20:21
AnnoyedI use ubuntu on VM's for browsing/general internet use... Safer than windows. =)20:22
ioriavm writes on disk20:22
iorianot on clouds20:22
Annoyedyeah, I know... but the upgrade went through that time after your suggestions.20:22
AnnoyedGotta reboot it, was a kernel update.20:23
AnnoyedThanks for your help.20:23
ioriano prob20:24
geniiGlad to assist20:24
geniiSometimes strange things like this happen when files are downloaded midway through a repository update, I've seen it a few times previously20:25
geniiApachez: Yes, if the image you made does not run the installer, the filesystem.size file should not matter20:34
iffraffHello,  I here about an issue I'm having.  I have a laptop with external monitors.  When I step away from my computer for some 10 min, I return and need to log in.  After logging in all of my windows are piled up ontop of each other in a corner.  This does not happen if i simply engage the lock screen.  Only if, whatever happens after some 10 minutes happens.20:41
iffraffThis is not the worst thing in the world but multiply it times 1000 which is how many times I've already gone through it and hair will be ripped out.20:42
iffraffdoes anyone have any ideas on how I can preserve my window placement?20:43
ioriaiffraff, no idea, try to disconnect the external monitors and wait 10 mins20:46
iffraffyes it collapses when it's just the laptop too.  now that you mention it20:46
bpromptiffraff:  is clearly some setting on the window manager, that on the screensaver timeout it comes back in "Cascaded Windows" mode20:47
ioriaiffraff, what release and what DE ?20:49
iffraffIt's not very consistent, sometimes all the windows are piled up somtimes only most of them20:49
iffraffubuntu 18.0420:49
bpromptiffraff:  cheap answer, change the window manager =), I run Kubuntu, so I don't run gnome window manager, but I assume you can poke around the settings with a dconf editor or other gnome configuration tooo20:49
geniiThis was a known problem on Unity20:49
ioriaiffraff, did you install the Cascade win extension ?20:50
iffraffI'm not familiar with those two tools, do I apt install them?20:50
iffraffioria: I didn't intentionally install cascade ext.  I can check thoguh20:51
iffraffcascade is turned off20:52
ioriaiffraff, but you have it ?20:52
iffraffactually I searched for in the gnome ext sight, it showed up with the "on/off" toggle on off, but now that I look at my "Installed ext" I don't see it there, so I'm gonna say no20:53
iffraffso what other windows managers are available for ubuntu?20:54
bpromptiffraff:  *nix are well know to have a plethora of window managers, pick whichever20:54
ioriaiffraff, you have an interesting issue, but i'am leaving. gl20:55
bpromptiffraff:  but there are many, you can check the repositories, some lightweight, some very featured and fancy, is a matter of choice, I use LXQT20:55
geniiiffraff: Are you using Compiz? If so then it can fixed regardless of DE with settings in CCSM20:56
iffraffbummer well this is not going away so I'll probably be back20:56
iffraffgenii: I have compizconfig, is that what you mean?20:56
genii( as per second answer here https://askubuntu.com/questions/493824/remembering-window-positions-and-preferrably-sizes-too-in-ubuntu-14-04 )20:56
geniiiffraff: It's probably a Compiz issue then, I'd try the suggested fix I just gave20:57
iffraffit's for 14.04 you think it may still apply?20:57
geniiIf you're running compiz, then yes, it's still relevant20:58
iffraffok, cool.  I'll give it a read20:58
PraecepsHey, is there anyway to get the menu that comes up during an do-release-upgrade to come back up again? I need to re-evaluate some configuration choices21:05
leftyfbPraeceps: you mean the "Software & Updates" application?21:07
geniiPraeceps: Unfortunately not21:08
PraecepsLooks like some sort of apparmor/libvirt change is causing me issues where libvirt doesn't have permission to kill the qemu pids21:08
geniileftyfb: No, he means the do-release-upgrade command, which asks at points about merging , keeping, or installing new config files during it's run21:09
Praecepsgenii, Yeah, that21:09
sarnoldPraeceps: are you getting DENIED lines?21:09
Praecepssarnold, Yeah - audit: type=1400 audit(1575406918.331:82): apparmor="DENIED" operation="signal" profile="libvirt-e297da73-c8b1-4120-9b0d-0a92ab1ec86c" pid=3753 comm="libvirtd" requested_mask="receive" denied_mask="receive" signal=term peer="libvirtd"21:09
PraecepsResults in libvirt not being able to fully shutdown the VM21:12
PraecepsHave to kill the process manually then destroy the vm21:12
PraecepsRight pain21:12
sarnoldPraeceps: hmm. this is pretty old, the conclusion may be incorrect https://alioth-lists.debian.net/pipermail/pkg-apparmor-team/2018-January/002240.html21:14
sarnoldPraeceps: were you prompted with the 'use existing, install new from maintainer, diff' kind of option for an apparmor policy file for libvirt?21:14
Praecepssarnold, Yeah exactly that21:15
sarnoldPraeceps: dang I *hate* those. heh.21:15
PraecepsDenied it at the time because I had to do all sorts of stuff to get my setup to work but looks like it had an important change21:15
PraecepsDon't know why tbh21:15
PraecepsHave ZFS21:15
PraecepsCould just rollback if I needed too21:15
sarnoldPraeceps: it's *possible* that doing apt-get install --reinstall libvirt  will bring back the prompt21:16
Praecepssarnold, Unfortunately not21:17
PraecepsAt least libvirt-daemon21:18
geniisarnold: dpkg-reconfigure, maybe?21:19
sarnoldgenii: does that do the 'changed conffile' dance?21:19
geniisarnold: It should make a new one based on the answers ( at least if you use -plow )21:20
sarnoldgenii: interesting21:21
* genii runs off to answer a phone21:21
sarnoldPraeceps: it feels worth a quick try anyway, dpkg-reconfigure -plow libvirt-somethihng?21:21
Praecepsdpkg -S says  it's owned by libvirt-daemon-system - doesn't come up with any sort of menu21:23
Praeceps(with dpkg-reconfigure -plow libvirt-daemon-system)21:24
sarnoldPraeceps: dang. thanks for trying..21:25
PraecepsI mean I feel like do-release-upgrade has to do the call from something that probably exists already right?21:26
PraecepsI doubt it's specifically for that21:26
sarnoldPraeceps: indeed, but debian config files are a complicated dance of dpkg having built-in handling for conffiles *and* maintainer scripts to try to work around that complicated handling for config files (note conffiles aren't config files)21:27
jackhelp...i'm using "caine", an ubuntu derivative21:27
jackdoesn't have an own chan21:28
jackso i'm here21:28
PraecepsAha! Got the sucker.21:28
Praecepsucf /etc/apparmor.d/abstractions/libvirt-qemu.dpkg-dist /etc/apparmor.d/abstractions/libvirt-qemu21:28
sarnoldPraeceps: YEESSSSS21:30
Praeceps"update configuration file" - makes sense I guess :L21:31
sarnoldI'm noticing that the profile name changed from /usr/sbin/libvirtd to libvirtd too :/21:31
sarnoldthis may drastically complicate things ..21:31
PraecepsPotentially I don't know much about apparmor21:31
IarlaMan.. I changed a setting for my touchpad and made the machine unbootable :) It's fixed now again, but I can't believe something like adding an invalid setting to xorg.conf.d/51-synaptics-quirks.conf could cause that much trouble.21:34
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sarnoldPraeceps: so.. here's my current guess.. aa-status ought to report a bunch of profiles for running VMs21:35
sarnoldif Praeceps returns: the idea is to add signal (receive) peer=libvirtd, signal (receive) peer=/usr/sbin/libvirtd,  rules to the profiles in use by the running VMs, apparmor_parser --replace those profiles, and then once that's going, it ought to be possible to stop VMs, restart libvirt, and then resume all the VMs again21:40
guntbertjack: we don't support derivatives here21:47
corshmockDoes anyone suffer with Ubuntu (Studio) 18.04 and the mouse left and right click pack in?  The mouse still hovers around no problem, but no clicking available.  Nothing but a reboot will fix it temporarily.  Googling tells me it's a known issue, but I haven't seen a proper fix for it yet.  Albeit after some updating it's not as bad, but surely someone has a once and for all fix for this?22:23
Rabid_Raven install kubuntu 19.10 with default settings, set up my second hard disk manually and it works with the proper settings in fstab, had sleep problems and assumed it was the result of a small swap file (1GB) in the main hard disk so I created a 24GB partition on the second hard disk, updated the swap file settings and sleep _STILL_ doesn't work. why doesn't sleep EVER work in linux?22:35
Rabid_Ravenactually... it's more like wake. why doesn't _wake_ ever work22:35
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dwigtonPeriodically, on an x1 carbon gen 6 running 18.04, after a s3 sleep state, all windows are closed. It seems to happen more often with periphials plugged in. Is this an OS thing or Gnome thing?22:57
akkdwigton: Not sure what all windows closed corresponds to, but on my gen 7, sometimes when I come out of sleep, X gets confused and just gives a black screen23:02
akkdwigton: and if I try ctrl-alt-Fn, X dies and dumps me back at the console prompt (I don't run a DM, with a DM it would probably give a login screen).23:03
akkoh, or maybe with a DM it keeps you logged in and restarts X, in which case it might indeed look like all the windows disappearing.23:03
akkdwigton: For ubuntu I filed bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1852158 which links to a couple other probably related bugs in the freedesktop and redhat bug systems.23:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1852158 in xorg (Ubuntu) "Xorg black screen on resume, and VT switch crashes with "EnterVT failed for screen 0" " [Undecided,New]23:05
akkSeems like Fedora might have a fix for it, but there's been no response on the ubuntu bug.23:05
akkIt's pretty annoying, just happened to me a few hours ago in the middle of a meeting.23:06
sarnoldI'm not sure if I've ever used s3 state on my x1c623:11
sarnoldI had a very frustrasting few weeks when I was using a usb-c connected monitor to power the thing, every now and then the PCI bus would die and all devices would power cycle and the monitor would turn off and then back on and it was the most annoying thing ever23:12
sarnoldI replaced the dock and that seemed to sort it out23:12
pragmaticenigmaakk: there isn't any movement on it, because it hasn't been resolved in the other referenced bug trackers. Intermittent issues are some of the hardest bugs to fix. My recommendation is to not allow the system to "sleep" and especially do not transition on/off the docking station when the machine isn't in a powered off mode or fully powered on.23:13
akkI have a usb-c dock and it's a bit flaky, sometimes the monitor disappears for a while, but I thought it was a bad connector.23:13
sarnolddwigton,akk, try fwupdmgr to install firmware updates, there's a chance that updates have addressed issues, I've heard there's some issues with lenovo firmwares that have been sorted out with gen7 machines, not sure if they have pushed fixes back to gen6 yet or not23:13
akkMine's a gen7 and I think it said there weren't any available firmware updates (it's pretty new), but I'll check again.23:14
sarnoldmy (unsubstantiated) guess was the monitor couldsn't supply enough power over usb-c, it cut out every time the machine had to do any "heavy lifting", even if it wasn't actually all that heavy23:17
akkpragmaticenigma: The last nontrivial comment in the redhat bug says it was fixed  there, and the freedesktop bug is marked fixed.23:17
akkAgreed on intermittent issues being difficult, of course.23:17
akkWhat's the alternative to sleep? Hibernate, I guess? I used to do that ages ago but it was super slow (and would be worse with this machine, where it takes ages just to get to the grub screen).23:18
sarnoldI leave my laptop powered on and running all the time, except when I travel, when I shut it all the way down whenever I walk away from it, so that the full disk encryption provides some value23:19
dwigtonsarnold: I have run all the firmware updates through the software center.23:20
pragmaticenigmaakk: reading through both tickets referenced, they were not fixed. They were closed as in one, the original author reported lack of time to further pursue the issue23:20
pragmaticenigmaakk: the other was closed because it was thought to be resolved by not using the i915 driver23:20
sarnolddwigton: alright, I think that ought to be the same set of things. bummer, I was hoping for an easy win :)23:21
dwigtonakk: sorry, I got distracted. But when I log back in all of my windows, firefox, terminal, etc are just .. not running anymore. No black screen, just Gnome shell as if I just booted.23:22
akkOh, you're right, pragmaticenigma, it's a workaround, not a real fix. Guess I should try the workaround.23:22
pragmaticenigmaakk: I second sarnold's technique. I always power off machines when transporting, and to ensure encrypted data can't be recovered because a hibernation/memwory swap file contains the decryption key in an unsecured portion of the disk23:23
dwigtonIt is mostly annoying to have vim close. Though it seems to do so fairly cleanly.23:23
sarnolddwigton: *weird* :/23:23
akkShutting down every time I transport the computer or go away for a few hours seems like a huge inconvenience compared to every other Linux machine I've had.23:24
dwigtonsarnold: it seems to b pretty random too. But higher frequency with an external keyboard and almost guarnteed with external monitor on the hdmi port.23:25
jeremy31akk, clone the HDD to a SSD23:25
akkIt's an SSD already.23:25
sarnoldheh, gen7 x1c is nvme23:26
sarnoldway faster than ssd23:26
sarnoldboot still takes an eternity though :)23:26
jeremy31I get under 15 second boot times from my SSDs, not sure how much that can be inconvenient23:26
dwigtonYeah, I am pretty sure my gen 6 is under 20 seconds.23:26
akkThe actual boot is fast, it's getting to the grub screen that takes forever. Maybe it's doing a RAM check or something.23:27
jeremy31akk, using LVM?23:27
akkThis is something happening at the bios level.23:27
SimonNLno idea how long my boot takes I press power button and walk away23:28
akkI don't think the bios would know about LVM even if I used it?23:28
jeremy31akk:  is the SSD the first boot device?23:28
akkyes, first and only23:28
sarnoldBIOS setup routines are never real quick; I've heard of some servers haing five-minute boot times cut down to *seconds* when the bios is replaced with coreboot or something similar23:29
akkBasically, it has a black screen with underscore cursor for what seems like an eternity, then the bios info screen flashes for a second, then a half-eternity, then the grub screen.23:29
dwigtonmaybe you are an android and mere seconds feel like eternity to you?23:30
cnnxis there a way to find out if the optical S/PDIF Port of this card would work under ubuntu before i order it?23:31
akkI haven't timed it, and should; I'd guess 20-30 seconds for the first part, maybe 8 seconds for the second part, then 5-10 seconds for ubuntu to boot.23:31
jeremy31akk: any DVD drive?23:31
sarnoldakk: cripes that's slow23:32
sarnoldI'm just whinging about 20-ish seconds..23:32
sarnoldor at least it feels like 20ish seconds, I've not measured it..23:32
sarnoldcnnx: if you can find pci device identifiers for the thing, maybe..23:33
cnnxsarnold: ok23:33
akkjeremy31: No, nothing like that.23:33
dwigtonI personally think ram should have a 1-1 flash mapping to allow shutdown and bootup in a fraction of a second.23:34
sarnoldcnnx: you could try this too https://linux-hardware.org/index.php?view=search23:34
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