CidaHey folks. I have a quick question. For the last few days, when I first boot up Xubuntu I can't type with certain keys. Weirdly enough, after about 20 minutes of the machine being on I can use those keys again. Today it was B, N, and +. What gives? Why did those keys not work for 19, 20 minutes?00:35
tertl3i just set up the xubuntu crouton for chromebook01:01
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xubuntu80whow do i get rid of the password crap when returning from a screen save (black) .......also those damnable keyring things??????15:28
gnrpxubuntu80w: Hu, what are you talking about?15:56
gnrpThe password stuff you can set in the settings. Go to the "session" panel in the settings15:57
gnrpkeyring things, no clue waht you are talkin about15:57
xubuntu81whow long does this take to install?21:08

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