IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> everything "landed" fine here... thanks again Rik!02:34
BluesKajHey folks13:12
santa_good night everybody20:20
santa_RikMills: thanks for new plasma 20:22
santa_I'll test asap20:22
santa_have you pushed to _archive already? :P20:22
santa_RikMills: another thing beyond plasma: I have seen a bunch of ktp-* packages failing to build in my latests test rebuilds, they are fixes in kde's git which I plan to get into the packages so you could upload ubuntu2 versions20:24
santa_they are 5 packages20:24
santa_ok, so:21:38
santa_- plasma tested, it works21:38
santa_- they are fixes in the staging branches for: ktp-accounts-kcm, ktp-call-ui, ktp-common-internals21:39
santa_also ktp-contact-runner and ktp-text-ui would fail to build in focal if not built against the fixed ktp-common-internals 21:40
santa_so I didn't touch these two21:41
santa_RikMills @RikMills ↑21:41
RikMillssanta_: thanks! I'll try to take a look in the morning21:51
* santa_ signs off, see you :)22:38

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