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enychrrm, when does  focal start to appear on  packages.ubuntu.com/  search facility ?!?!15:42
geniiAfter it's official release in April 202015:47
enycrighty-ho, ok.  I'm used to beeing able t asearch testing debian packages on packages.debian.org which is quite useful15:48
enycok no problem!15:48
lotuspsychjeenyc: are you looking to help test?15:50
enyclotuspsychje: not been unknown for me to try  debian testing and  ubuntu+1  or ubuntu-almost-released  in various circumstances16:23
enyclotuspsychje: in debian "testing" is a pointer/link/codename unto itself16:24
enyclotuspsychje: as-in, pointing towards debian+1 of the time16:24
enyclotuspsychje: sometimes, i've wanted to set up some service to work on "next LTS" and things like that, or want to see a longstanding bug fixed "before next LTS"  or that sort of thing16:40
lotuspsychjecool enyc im also help bugging lts releases19:11

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