Phruis[20072.170126] audit: type=1400 audit(1575346582.716:107): apparmor="DENIED" operation="open" profile="snap.gnome-calculator.gnome-calculator" name="/home/myname/.local/share/flatpak/exports/share/icons/hicolor/24x24@2/apps/" pid=25774 comm="gnome-calculato" requested_mask="r" denied_mask="r" fsuid=1000 ouid=100000:02
Phruissnap doesn't even use its own files?00:03
Phruisusing flatpak?00:03
sarnoldthe gnome libraries likely try to load personal configs from a handful of wellknown paths00:05
Phruisi really am not liking snaps00:09
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DirtyEarHi. I was looking for some extra effects for bass o guitar and I found the tubeAmp but I do not know how to intall it. Somebody could help me? this is the page I found https://github.com/olegkapitonov/Kapitonov-Plugins-Pack02:46
sarnoldheh, that README is a bit thin on details..02:50
sarnoldhow wedded are you to that one in particular? apt-cache search tube amp returns a few packages that look like they may do something similar; check out guitarix and zam-plugins02:52
DirtyEarThanks for answer03:04
DirtyEarI just tried to go to the folder, enter in a terminal but when I type: make, console shows me an error03:05
sarnoldDirtyEar: first step, run sudo apt install build-essential03:08
DirtyEarsarnold thanks for anwer, I am new with ubuntu. I have ubuntuStudio 19.10. What happen with that command?03:10
sarnoldit'll install the compiler and a bunch of related tools03:11
DirtyEarsarnold Ok. I'll do03:12
DirtyEarI have already installed the tools03:12
sarnoldDirtyEar: alright, then start up: sudo apt install libcairo2-dev libboost-dev libfftw3-dev03:17
sarnoldDirtyEar: oh sweet, faust looks like it's also packaged, sudo apt install faust03:18
AbhijitHi. After Brave browsder crashed due to heavy load from multiple tabs, my OS touchpad and wireless mouse both stopped working. i tried reinstalling drivers for touchpad which did not helped. any idea how can I fix it? keyboard do not have any button to enable/disable touchpad.03:18
sarnolddid you try a reboot?03:19
Abhijityes several times.03:20
DirtyEarsarnold: Ok. What I have to do know?03:21
sarnoldDirtyEar: cool, now re-try whichever make command you were running03:22
DirtyEarsarnold: Thanks, I just waiting for Faust to finish03:26
roothorickI swear I saw a way to do this but I can't find it. I want to keep network interfaces up during shutdown so I can send a command to a UPS over the network to turn off the outlet groups the system is plugged in to. I distinctly remember being a relevant setting03:26
roothorickseeing a relevant setting*03:26
roothorickthe machine is running 18.04 Server if it matters03:27
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sarnoldroothorick: alright, this is HUGE GUESS territory for me03:30
sarnoldroothorick: check out systemctl cat systemd-networkd.service03:30
sarnoldroothorick: notice that there's a: Conflicts=shutdown.target03:30
sarnoldroothorick: *try* to do the systemctl edit systemd-networkd.service -- try adding two lines, [Unit]   and Conflicts=03:31
sarnoldroothorick: then systemctl daemon-reload, systemctl cat systemd-networkd.service   and see if that Conflicts= line has been removed..03:31
roothorickI remember there being a much cleaner way than that03:34
roothorickalso the manpage says "Dynamic configuration applied by networkd may also optionally be left in place on shutdown."03:34
sarnoldoof. so it does: "When systemd-networkd exits, it generally leaves existing network devices and configuration intact."  https://www.freedesktop.org/software/systemd/man/systemd-networkd.html#03:36
sarnoldI missed that while skimming the manpage before suggesting this crazy thing :)03:36
roothorickso, in theory, this should Just Work(TM)03:36
thyriaenHello - i am looking for any ubuntu derivate where i can get the eoan base and i would like to install it without a gui on a i386 machine03:47
thyriaeni know ubuntu does no longer support i38603:47
thyriaenhowever i found a lubuntu minimal install which was available for i386 for 18.1003:48
thyriaenis there something similar for 19.10 ?03:48
sarnoldwhy not stick with 18.04 LTS, which will be supported on i386 for a while?03:49
C0nundrumHas anyone used apache cloudstacks ?03:51
thyriaensarnold because i unfortunatly need libc6 greater than 2.2803:51
sarnoldthyriaen: oh weird, normally the problem is that the 32bit thing is *ancient* otherwise you'd just rebuild it..03:58
thyriaenyea well : (03:59
thyriaendo you have a suggestion which iso of what distro could get me there ?03:59
drama thyriaen is this for wine?04:00
sarnoldhmm not offhand.. adelie embraces a wide variety of platforms including 32 bit x86 hardware, but uses musl instead of glibc04:00
sarnoldI don't know enough about fedora to know if they releases a >2.28 glibc on x86, and if they did, how much longer it'd be supported...04:01
thyriaendrama no04:03
thyriaeni want to run i3-gaps which needs libc6 > 2.2804:04
sarnoldreally?? that's surprising, it's just a WM, right? what features were added in the 2.28 abi that it needs?04:05
thyriaensarnold yea i was really confused too04:05
thyriaenbut i really struggle to find anything which does support libc6 AND is an iso for i386 :(04:06
thyriaenand i really like the ubuntu package manager so i dont really wanna go arch or something04:06
sarnoldhttps://github.com/Airblader/i3/blob/gaps-next/DEPENDS  -- no mention of a minimum glibc version...04:08
sarnoldmaybe they added a hard dep and forgot to update the table but .. I bet you can just rebuild this thing04:08
leftyfbthyriaen: all this effort just got a particular WM on i386?04:09
leftyfbthyriaen: you could maybe install 18.10, then upgrade to 19.04 and then 19.10. Again, a lot of effort for a specific WM and on i386.04:11
sarnoldthyriaen: I've got to run.. but my guess -- clone the i3-gaps repo, run autoreconf -fi, mkdir build && cd build && ../configure .... && make04:11
sarnoldthyriaen: I suggest trying it with 18.04 first, that'll be supported the longest04:11
leftyfbthyriaen: why i386? you know a $35 pi has better performance right?04:11
jayjoim trying to run a service on each reboot - will the happen if i put a service file in the right directory and use `service enable ...` . ? I'm trying to make sure cloudwatch is shipping logs to a remote location04:11
thyriaeni tried with 18.0404:11
leftyfbjayjo: look into systemd units04:11
dramaroll your own deb distro fro i3-gaps and run WoW for fun04:12
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ColdKeyboardI'm still getting Ubuntu Server crashes on AMD (log -> https://pastebin.com/ygUDCPcN) ACPI Error: Could not allocate 15 bytes (20170831/nsnames-344)05:15
ColdKeyboardI've updated the mbo to the latest BIOS but that doesn't seem to fix the issue05:15
Fudgehow bad is this?05:15
Fudge/dev/sdb1 alignment is offset by 3584 bytes.05:15
FudgeThis may result in very poor performance, (re)-partitioning suggested.05:15
makarahi. I'm on 19.10. I want to add a DNS server without editing /etc/systemd/resolved.conf. I can add a DNS to a particular network connection, but what file is that saved in?05:47
Vuurdraakmakara , i found this : https://www.techrepublic.com/article/how-to-set-dns-nameservers-in-ubuntu-server-18-04/05:59
VuurdraakThe configuration files are found in /etc/netplan05:59
VuurdraakI am wondering if "mount.ntfs-3g" is doing some journaling or other house keeping when the computer has been shut down for 6+ hours , i see the disk reads in the order of 2x 75MB on two NTFS partitions , one an ssd the other a harddisk06:07
Vuurdraakis this normal behaivoir ?06:08
RaqbitHi! I've recently upgraded to 19.10 but I ran into a couple of booting issues:06:57
Raqbit1. I get a fallback plymouth theme on boot (Text: "Ubuntu 19.10..."), shutting down shows the new cool bios-logo spinner06:57
Raqbit2. I boot into a blank purple-screen (essentially the same color as the background of the plymouth text), I need to hit Ctrl+Alt+2 and then Ctrl+Alt+1 to have the login screen (GDM) show itself.06:57
RaqbitI've been searching online but could't find anyone with these problems, let alone someone who has fixed them.06:57
RaqbitFor #1 I've been looking through plymouth logs but I wasn't able to decode if anything went wrong. With #2 I have no idea where I need to look.06:57
RaqbitCan anyone point me into the right direction?06:57
RaqbitOh I'm sorry, I didn't realise this client sends new messages for newlines >.<06:58
Vuurdraakit's at least nice formating to make it readable :)06:59
shibbolethi'm getting a "cmp: eof on /tmp/tmp.***** which is empty" doing dhclient from shell on bionic07:00
shibbolethfile doesn't exist before nor after doing this, what gives?07:00
VuurdraakRaqbit, could this be some sort of screensaver/sleep behaveoir  ? like when you need to press escape to login after opening your laptop after closing it ?07:04
Vuurdraaki mean its weird it pops up after switching tty back and fort07:04
VuurdraakRaqbit, maybe reinstalling the whole unity desktop stuff helps ?07:11
VuurdraakRaqbit,  like: https://askubuntu.com/questions/95458/how-do-i-reinstall-unity07:15
RaqbitVuurdraak, I only get this when doing a cold boot. Standby resumes are fine. Also, this is Ubuntu 19.10 with Gnome, so I doubt reinstalling Unity will help :P07:16
Vuurdraakah :')07:17
Vuurdraakreinstalling gnome then :) ?07:17
Vuurdraakas those things have something todo also with the login stuff07:18
Vuurdraakat least the screens07:18
Vuurdraaki had some login problems when messing with alternating to a different kernel line, and in the end had to reinstall unity to get my login screens properly working again in the gui07:19
RaqbitYeah, Although because the fallback-text boot logo issue occurs early in the booting process I think it might be plymouth or graphics drivers to blame. I'm using the i915 driver for the Intel HD Graphics 620 in this particular laptop.07:21
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ElectroXexualHi, Is there any tool in linux that's like "App data usage" in android? I want to see the data consumed by a process, but not just the current usage.. I want it to be like overall data consumed over past 24 hrs or something like that.09:09
EriC^^ElectroXexual: internet usage?09:10
ElectroXexualEriC^^: Yes09:11
EriC^^ElectroXexual: try "nethogs"09:11
OerHeksnethogs, bmon, tons of them.. https://www.tecmint.com/linux-network-bandwidth-monitoring-tools/09:12
ElectroXexualIsn't that just for realtime? I wanted something that'll show me a record of used overtime.09:12
OerHekswith logging if you like09:14
EriC^^ElectroXexual: i think it shows sent and received over time09:16
EriC^^ElectroXexual: i think you'd need to start it and let it record for 24hours then check back09:16
EriC^^as OerHeks said09:17
ElectroXexualOk, I'll try it.09:19
ElectroXexual'vnstat' looked like exactly what I want, but not sure it gives data by process..09:20
palooka-jockThanks sarnold, will give that a try09:36
ZaZaGXi'm using debian 10.2 right now. when ubuntu 20.04 comes out. should i switch to ubuntu?09:39
OerHekswhy are you using debian 10.2 right now?09:45
ZaZaGXUbuntu 18.04, 18.10 and 19.04 ... when it goes into sleep mode. it corrupts my system. like it would make my firefox all messed up and mess up some of my files09:49
ZaZaGXsince i got this laptop09:51
ZaZaGXit also says in the Ubuntu cerfication of laptops. that suspend would wake up too slow09:51
marenzGood day everyone10:02
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marenzWe have a problem here: A new laptop HP spectre x360 with ubuntu 19.10. It doesn't recognize any external monitor (tried two different ones) over HDMI10:02
marenzxrandr keeps saying "disconnected"10:02
marenzand monitor keeps saying no signal10:03
marenzIt has a intel/nvidia dual video card10:05
marenztried both modes10:05
addiksHello, i am on 16.04.6 and just installed updates. After updating, my firefox (currently 71.0+build2-0ubuntu0.16.04.1) wont start anymore. Starting firefox directly results in the "Mozilla Crash Reporter" window and nothing else. I have now downgraded to "70.0.1+build1-0ubuntu0.16.04.1" and everything works again (I had to create a new profile). Is there a problem with the new version of firefox in the repo's?10:11
addiksHere is a crash-log of my firefox 71.0 crashing before the downgrade: https://crash-stats.mozilla.org/report/index/16d07755-ea2d-45f6-8090-2d024019120410:19
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V7/autojoinem add11:34
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hanshi ran: apt remove --purge mariadb-server mysql-server default-mysql-server12:25
hanshit uninstalled mariadb-server12:25
hanshbut it left several GB of junk in /var/lib/mysql12:25
hanshisn't --purge supposed to make sure such garbage is deleted?12:25
hansh(while the sql server itself was deleted, it did not delete the on-disk files containing the databases)12:28
hansh(located in /var/lib/mysql )12:28
trenchhansh: kind of bad if it delete your personal db, if you had problems with the server?12:32
OerHekshansh, so that is by design, not junk, just old db12:33
EriC^^i think purge only removes configs by definition12:33
EriC^^so stuff in /etc12:33
OerHeksyeah, else we get: if i remove <x>, it removes me precious data12:34
martiansoulHi. I want to record the download time of a page using curl, but as well as the value of field `x-cache` in its header.12:35
martiansoulHow can I do that?12:36
OerHeksmartiansoul, interesting question, read that before these days, homework?12:38
OerHeksthis page maybe a help https://netbeez.net/blog/http-transaction-timing-breakdown-with-curl/12:38
martiansoulmartiansoul no not homework. Also, I also want to have the value of the field `x-cache` in the response header too.12:40
martiansoulBasically I want to record only the time when there is a cache hit and not a cache miss. that's the value contained in `x-cache`12:41
lmatI'm using Dell Precision M 4700. I was able to install Ubuntu 19.10 using "safe graphics" mode, but after installing and rebooting into installed system, logging in was successful, but before showing my desktop, the screen continues showing violet or magenta (or whatever that color is), but it has some artifacts in it, and hard drive activity ceases, and nothing can be done except hold the power button until12:41
lmatthe machine powers off.12:41
lmatHow can I get "safe graphics" mode (from the live medium) in my installed environment?12:41
jacklmat: not sure, i think that's only available for booting live12:44
martiansoulI want to record only the time when there is a cache hit and not a cache miss. that's the value contained in `x-cache`12:45
OerHeksmartiansoul, the 2nd part with x-cache, i don't know12:46
martiansoulOerHeks, okay.12:46
OerHeksmaybe the server channel has a clue/12:46
lmatjack: okay.12:46
martiansoulOerHeks, thanks12:46
lmatI've installed ubuntu UEFI; how do I add "nomodeset" to kernel boot parameters?12:47
jackyou can still try to find an util for your gfx-hw12:47
jackis it nvidia or amd?12:48
lmatjack: Sorry, are you talking to me? I think I'm AMD.12:50
jackchances are good then12:50
EriC^^lmat: did you try sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall?12:51
lmatEriC^^: nope. sudo apt-get install ubuntu-drivers; ? It did some "hardware configuration" during installation.12:51
lmatYou know what's super? Everything works fine if I unplug the laptop charger.12:52
lmatEriC^^: I only see apt-get install ubuntu-drivers-common; (using auto complete)12:55
lmatand it's already installed.12:55
lmatHeh, even Dell talks about it! https://www.dell.com/support/article/us/en/04/sln30632712:59
lmatI use UEFI. How do I make it so that my system uses nomodeset on boot?12:59
lmatoh my...just now reading that ubuntu uses UEFI to run grub which then loads Linux. I think this is normal, but I have always had UEFI just start Linux directly.13:01
lmatpress and hold shift to get to the GRUB menu? Didn't work that time...I'll try again.13:03
lmatYeah, didn't work :(13:04
iorialmat, if you can boot in the system, you can edit /etc/default/grub and comment the GRUB_TIMEOUT lines and run sudo update-grub13:04
OerHeksesc perhaps?13:04
lmatioria: Will do!13:04
iorialmat, but also try 'esc'13:05
lmatioria: Yeah, I can boot into it if I unplug the charger :-/13:05
iorialmat, interesting13:05
lmatioria: not update-grub2? ^_^13:06
lmatioria: I did as you said: update-grub, and it is apparent that my changes were regarded because the menu is now shown (GRUB_TIMEOUT_STYLE=menu now instead of hidden).13:08
iorialmat, i see :  go to 'System Settings'  ->  'power' and change the option below13:09
lmatHmm, the system didn't boot properly. It's not exactly hung, but there is a blinging cursor in the upper left. When I type, the letters show up there (no prompt).13:09
lmatMaybe X couldn't start because of nomodeset?13:10
lmatJK! It's running!13:10
lmatI guess it took *way* longer because of no KMS13:10
BluesKajHey folks13:12
iorialmat,  nomodeset is a temporary fix13:12
lmatI clicked "Settings" and I see the power settings. "and change the option below" which option?13:13
iorialmat,  i suggest to check 'On Battery Power' and 'When plugged in'13:15
lmatUm... doesn't say that. Let me get you a screnshot.13:15
iorialmat,  what extra parameters are in use atm ?  cat /proc/cmdline13:16
lmatioria: root=UUID=.... ro quiet splash nomodeset vt.handoff=713:16
iorialmat,  and why did you set nomodeset ?13:17
lmatioria: So I could boot and interact with the machine. Without nomodeset, the machine stops responding shortly after boot. Sometimes I make it to the login screen and login (press enter) before the freeze happens, and the system becomes unresponsive.13:17
iorialmat, what 's the spaces ? lspci -nnk | nc termbin.com 999913:18
lmatioria: Sure. It's a dell M4700. I'll get you specs.13:18
lmatioria: by the way, here's my power options: https://imgur.com/a/wZBn2Kd13:25
lmatioria: I seriously doubt any X settings will help this since KMS is in effect before X starts. (and X is running fine now that I successfully added nomodeset.)13:26
nikolamHello. I just have done updating Ubuntu-shipped ZFS packages in 19.10 , but I still can not import disk with newer OpenZFS pool feature, created with illumos/Openindiana, precisely com.delphix:log_spacemap13:26
nikolamWhen is Ubuntu planning to update ZFS that it is shipping, to be compatible with com.delphix:log_spacemap , so i can use OpenZFS formatted pool?13:27
iorialmat, also the charger problem has been solved with nomodeset ?13:29
lmatioria: YES! The charger is plugged in, and the machine is responsive.13:29
lmatioria: With KMS, I have to unplug the charger for the system to work. (I'm guessing it's a bug with the driver and my graphics card's power management states...or something.)13:30
lmatioria: With nomodeset, the plug is in, and the system is *still* responsive \o/13:30
C0nundrumAnyone use apache cloudstack ?13:31
lmatnikolam: Maybe try archlinux? It's a big change from Ubuntu, but you can format the disks however you like.13:31
iorialmat, yes, probably a video card power management issue13:31
C0nundrumKeep getting `There is no secondary storage VM for secondary storage host nfs://`13:31
lmatioria: Can u fix? giv me the codez13:31
iorialmat, try radeon.dpm=1 instead of nomodeset13:32
lmatioria: for you, anything.13:32
nikolamlmat I don't think that is viable solution, when using Ubuntu, but thanks.13:32
lmatnikolam: no sweat. I hope you can use your openzfs formatted pool soon ^_^13:33
lmatioria: poweroff is a lot slower with modeset, too :-)13:33
lmatioria: I also thought of trying amdgpu driver, but only glancingly considered it.13:34
nikolamlmat, so you have com.delphix:log_spacemap feature in OpenZFS packages in Arch Linux? I wonder if it is even in ZOL13:35
lmatnikolam: I don't know. I just know that Archlinux keeps "newest" upstream versions, so if it's supported in upstream, it's probably supported in arch linux.13:36
lmatioria: My system is stuck. I got the login screen, then after logging in, it hung. I'm going to restart and see if it hangs if I wait to log in.13:36
nikolamluckilly, it is fresh created pool, I can created with older OpenZFS or just by selecting exact features when enabling, just wondering for info about Ubuntu13:36
nikolamlmat, that is great, yet if it is not inside ZoL, then fat chances it is in Arch, too..13:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1848399 in grub2 (Ubuntu Eoan) "update-grub fails if a pool fails to import" [Medium,In progress]13:37
OerHeks it will be in the next major release, not 0.8x https://github.com/zfsonlinux/zfs/pull/8442#issuecomment-51191803313:37
nikolamUbuntu maintain it's own OpenZFS, so question stands.13:37
iorialmat, amdgpu ?  your card is basically a Capo Verde HD 7700 so it should use 'radeon'13:38
OerHeksso, be patient13:38
lmatioria: Okay. Thanks for the confirmation.13:38
martiansoulI have a file like this: https://pastebin.com/WJf2ULQL I want to know the fields corresponding to "time_total" and "x-cache"13:38
martiansoulHow can I do this using shell script?13:38
patrickkAny recommended free control panel for ubuntu?13:38
iorialmat, if  radeon.dpm=1 fails , try radeon.dpm=013:39
lmatmartiansoul: grep -o 'time_total: [^ ]\+' <your file>;  and similar for the other field.13:39
OerHekspatrickk, control panel fo what exactly13:39
lmatioria: Yeah, it failed. I'll try that.13:39
lmatioria: My friend, it's working so far!13:41
* lmat looks up this amazing codez13:41
iorialmat, test it with something heavy13:42
lmatoh, dynamic power management. Wow, you hit right on it.13:42
lmatioria: Oh, to stress power management? Hmm...I only use terminal ^_^13:42
martiansoullmat: it shows time_total: 24.571759, I just want to know the value 24.571759. Is there some way I can trim it?13:42
iorialmat, ah, ok13:42
lmatmartiansoul: Oh yeah, I always forget those codez... maybe    grep -o 'time_total: \K[^ ]\+' <your file>;13:43
* lmat bows to ioria 13:43
lmatmartiansoul: The other can be    grep -o 'x-cache: \K.*$' <your file>;  maybe13:44
lmatioria: How do I stress it? Maybe load up a web page with webgl example?13:44
patrickkOerHeks To manage the server/files/domains? like a cpanel alternative13:44
martiansoullmat:  grep -o 'time_total: \K[^ ]\+' <your file> this shows no output13:45
lmatioria: There's some webgl pasta no problem.13:45
iorialmat, yeah, try a  1080/720p video stream13:45
lmatmartiansoul: change -o to -oP13:45
OerHeksajenti, zpanel, pretty good comparison https://www.znetlive.com/blog/comparison-of-top-11-open-source-hosting-panels/13:45
Cheezpatrickk: that's probably beyond the scope of this channel, but there's plesk. it's not free either like cpanel.13:45
lmatioria: Ahh, okay.13:45
patrickkAh okay13:45
lmatioria: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jU9qzXVlwCY coming right up.13:46
lmatioria: Okay, there it goes.13:46
iorialmat, good13:47
martiansoullmat still nothing. it's showing usage options of grep.13:47
lmatioria: very good.13:47
lmatmartiansoul: lol; that's not good. Show me your command? And show the error message grep is giving.13:47
martiansoulgrep -oP 'time_total: \K[^ ]\+' test    :my command, lmat13:48
lmatmartiansoul: I was trying to help you without reproducing on my end. I will try harder now.13:48
lmat\grep -oP 'time_total: \K[^ ]+' somefile13:49
martiansoulhttps://pastebin.com/Q0Y2aSbY this is the output that I get - which is just nothing.13:49
lmatmartiansoul: You see my grep command above? Use that.13:49
lmatmartiansoul: And this will get you x-cache: \grep -oP 'x-cache: \K.*$' somefile13:49
lmatioria: Nice music still streaming from once-junk-heap laptop.13:50
martiansoullmat  file name is test. so I don't see a difference between the previous command that you wrote and this command. It still gives no output.13:50
martiansoul*my file name13:50
nikolamlmat, here is the answer, list of features in master ZfsOnLInux, versus par-system impelemntations and releases. It is not in released version yet. http://build.zfsonlinux.org/zfs-features.html13:50
iorialmat, better than mine13:51
lmatmartiansoul: oh? It's different! I changed "\+" to "+"...13:51
lmatioria: :( What's going on withy our laptop?13:51
lmatnikolam: Ah, there may yet be a way to get it in arch linux ^_^ Sometimes they offer pre-release versions.13:52
iorialmat, just too old13:52
martiansoullmat, oh sorry, didn't notice. But again, I copied and ran - no output13:52
lmatnikolam: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/ZFS  search for "zfs-linux-git"13:52
lmatmartiansoul: Would you paste from your terminal including the command you ran and the output you got?13:52
lmatioria: Sorry, my friend. If there's anything I can do for you to pay you back for your amazing dpm fix (short of replacing your laptop), please let me know.13:53
martiansoullmat - this is the command that I ran  - grep -oP 'time_total: \K[^ ]+' test13:53
martiansouland this is the output - https://pastebin.com/Q0Y2aSbY13:53
lmatmartiansoul: well crap... Let me try on ubuntu13:54
nikolamlmat, it's is not yet included in upstream release.  And I am targeting supported releases.One can always create ZFS pool with just the feature one wants, exactly.13:54
lmatmartiansoul: Whoa, I can reproduce! It doesn't work on ubuntu :-o must have an old version of grep.13:55
lmatnikolam: cool.13:56
martiansoullmat: oh okay.13:56
OerHeksnikolam, >>  it will be in the next major release, not 0.8x https://github.com/zfsonlinux/zfs/pull/8442#issuecomment-51191803313:56
lmatmartiansoul: Okay, try this:    grep -oP 'time_total: \K.*$' test;14:00
martiansoullmat: doesn't work.14:00
lmatmartiansoul: Does sed work for x-cache, too?14:03
martiansoullmat yes it works for x-cache too.14:05
lmatmartiansoul: good.14:05
martiansoullmat: thanks for your help14:06
elichai2Hi, when I see here "depends" do these packages depend *on* qtdeclarative5-dev? or the other way around? (does `qtdeclarative5-dev` depend on them?) https://packages.ubuntu.com/bionic/qtdeclarative5-dev14:09
webstrandI can't seem to enable nftables.service under Xenial: http://dpaste.com/2MTHSR014:17
webstrandAny idea how to fix this?14:17
webstrandI've tried to replace the service with: http://dpaste.com/37FGAY1 , but that still refuses to enable.14:21
webstrandIt seems I can just ignore the error, the service is enabled correctly14:36
Kristjan1291983Hey guys !!! Plaese check out a game of clicks on gameofclicks . getenjoyment.net ..... It requires turning on Chrome Experimental features, if they aren't already turned on .. It is interacrive, best players get their names in top players list !15:02
OerHeksKristjan1291983, please don't spam, thanks, ubuntu support only15:03
Kristjan1291983it is in Javascript15:04
Kristjan1291983It is no spam15:04
BluesKajKristjan1291983,  wrong channel ... period15:06
OerHekstry #ubuntu-offtopic or put it on askubuntu15:06
enycHrrm...  any suggestons on  which  ubuntu-19.10-variant   (gnome, cinnmon, budgie ??)  can give the best  pretending-to-be-windows-10 theme  impression  available ?!?!?15:24
OerHekswindows 10 theme.. really?15:26
OerHekslook at the specs of that theme15:27
enycOerHeks: hrrm i had a lot of succes with  mac-os-x  theme with somebody else ;p  get them started in a linux relaly worked well15:27
enycOerHeks: i'm now ... asking similar question15:27
OerHeksbtw if linux looks like windows 10, we get sued15:27
enycOerHeks: there seem to be a few,  I was wondering if anybody had advice "what works already" ;p15:27
user01hi does anyone know a tool for quickly labelling images eg. something where like if i have a picture of a family i can quickly draw lines and label "dad" "mom" "brother" "sister" "dog" "cat" etc15:27
enycOerHeks: quite, lost may be unofficial addons  rather than ubuntu-provisioned15:27
OerHeksi am not aware of a windows 10 theme..15:28
user01maybe like a gimp addon or or somethin15:28
akkuser01: If you have to draw lines manually to point to specific people, personally I'd use gimp though there are other tools.15:29
enycOerHeks: http://www.linuxandubuntu.com/home/transform-your-ubuntu-into-windows-10-look-with-these-gtk-themes  for exaple15:29
akkI don't think you'll find a gimp plug-in that can identify dad vs. mom vs. sister. :)15:29
OerHeksgtk, so gnome315:29
user01akk, yes but something where i can just drag and create a line then enter text . . .15:30
leftyfbuser01: "convert"15:30
akkuser01: Choose the pen tool, click once for the beginning of the line, shift-click for the end; choose the text tool, click, enter text.15:30
user01gimp manually without a plugin is a lot of manual steps15:30
akkI'm not sure how you could reduce the steps more than that given that you need to specify the line endpoints, the text position and the label contents.15:31
leftyfbuser01: though, you'll need to write a script that opens the picture and asks you to identify it, then it labels it once you close the picture15:31
user01akk, the lines dont look great just doing that15:31
akkuser01: What's wrong with them?15:31
leftyfbenyc: http://www.linuxandubuntu.com/home/transform-your-ubuntu-into-windows-10-look-with-these-gtk-themes15:31
akkuser01: Maybe you need  to specify exactly what you need for the lines.15:32
user01akk, compared to a nice tikz output they dont look nice15:33
leftyfbuser01: "convert" will do what you want. You'll need to spend some time and effort writing out the scripting to accomplish what you want15:33
user01leftyfb, ok let me check out that app15:33
leftyfbuser01: it's a commandline tool15:33
leftyfbuser01: it's part of the imagemagick toolset15:34
akkconvert is going to require a lot of extra work to figure out the coordinates15:35
leftyfbakk: correct15:35
akkand the lines will probably come out looking the same as gimp's.15:35
osseMS Paint sure is nice.15:35
leftyfbosse: can we help you with something?15:35
akkYou really need to figure out what you need different about the lines; "not nice compared to tikz" (whatever that is) isn't specific enough to figure out what you're after.15:35
akkMaybe if you had screenshots of one vs. the other.15:37
enycleftyfb: coo, GTK themes there specifies explicitly  mate, cinnamon, xfce, gnome15:37
enycleftyfb: thankyou =)15:37
leftyfbenyc: I googled for "ubuntu windows 10 theme"15:37
OerHekskrita, pinta, mypaint are pretty easy for drawing and text in pics15:37
akk(That convo might be better suited to #gimp-users on gimpnet than #ubuntu, though.)15:38
OerHeksdraw - ctrl z to wipe - draw again15:38
enycleftyfb: right yes, thouh i was interested in if anyody had $clue "what works, in practice"  aspect15:39
leftyfbenyc: that is a question for #ubuntu-offtopic15:40
user01sorry im a bit laggy i didnt think writing 5tb of 0's would use up so many resources15:40
user01going to jump on another laptop brb -- they joys of "pv -tpreb /dev/zero | dd of=/dev/mapper/harddrive bs=128M" on a 5tb disk :(15:45
osseleftyfb: I typed out something that was supposed to remain inside my head.16:09
osseakk: tikz is essentially programmatic drawing inside latex. it's pretty useful, but not in this case I think.16:10
paranoidiany idea what service/process is broken/sending me this spam https://pastebin.com/uQM9Sfg2 ?16:17
paranoidinothing relevant is in smartmontools configs either ..16:19
amosbirdHello, how can I install meson 0.52 on ubuntu 18?16:24
amosbirddo I need to acquire some ppa?16:24
EriC^^!info meson bionic16:26
OerHekshttps://launchpad.net/meson/+packages give 0.45 ..16:26
ubottumeson (source: meson): high-productivity build system. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.45.1-2ubuntu0.18.04.1 (bionic), package size 210 kB, installed size 1323 kB16:26
OerHeksthis ppa gives 0.52 ... else use pip3 ? https://launchpad.net/~jonathonf/+archive/ubuntu/meson?field.series_filter=bionic16:26
OerHeksi would upgrade to Eoan16:27
ioriaamosbird, https://launchpad.net/~jonathonf/+archive/ubuntu/meson16:27
leftyfb!yy.mm | amosbird16:28
ubottuamosbird: Ubuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle16:28
ramsub07Hi, How do I grant access only to a specific user to a particular directory ?16:33
EriC^^ramsub07: you could make him as the owner and group and set chmod to 77016:35
ramsub07EriC^^:  770 is read write and execute?16:35
EriC^^sudo chown $USER: /path/to/dir && chmod 770 /path/to/dir16:35
EriC^^ramsub07: yeah16:36
ramsub07also how do i make directory accessible by a group?16:38
ramsub07maybe change owner of that directory from user -> group?16:38
EriC^^ramsub07: set the group to the group you want access to16:39
EriC^^set the user to "root" or something else16:40
amosbirdgio-2.0 not found16:47
amosbirdhmm, what package should I install for that?16:47
pavlosamosbird: sudo apt install libglib2.0-dev16:57
amosbirdhmm, libfribidi ppa is required16:59
amosbirdwhere can I find ppa that provides libfribidi > 1?16:59
OerHekson launchpad?17:03
OerHeksor go wild, libfribidi-dev ?17:04
amosbirdsudo apt-get install gnutls-bin17:04
amosbirdis there a gnutls-dev?17:04
AavarHi. I am having issues with firefox on 19.10 and office365. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? This is a brand new firefox profile. https://imgur.com/mFbca9U17:11
leftyfbAavar: that has nothing to do with Ubuntu17:15
leftyfbAavar: Contact Microsoft for support17:15
Aavarleftyfb: It is infact something with firefox on ubuntu :) I tried Chromium and it works great. Also firefox (same version) on windows.17:17
rayzorbennot sure where i can get support for this. in a docker container i need linux-tools-`uname -r` which is 5.4.1-zen2-1-zen, but there is no apt-get package which matches. any idea how i can get linux tools for this kernel ?17:18
hggdhAavar: then perhaps you need to clear the FFox cache17:18
Aavarhggdh: brand new profile unfortunately.17:19
amosbirdhmmm, what package should I install to fix this  ERROR: Dependency "gobject-introspection-1.0" not found, tried pkgconfig17:20
hggdhrayzorben: there is no kernel 5.4 released by Ubuntu on published versions17:21
hggdhrayzorben: so you probably got this kernel somewhere else -- check there17:21
leftyfbhggdh: It looks like they're running ubuntu in a docker container on a VPS.17:22
Aavaramosbird: I believe it is called gobject-introspection17:22
JonelethIrenicushow many containers can you fit in your container?17:23
leftyfbJonelethIrenicus: can we help you with something?17:23
JonelethIrenicuscontainer inception17:23
amosbirdAavar: it doesn't work17:23
amosbirdas it doesn't have -dev?17:24
rayzorbenhggdh, I am running arch, ubuntu is the container. this is probably one of those weird situations that there isnt much I can do about it17:24
amosbirdwell, I'm not sure, but after installing it, it still errors17:24
Aavaramosbird: what are you installing? in the first place.17:24
hggdhrayzorben: so your Ubuntu container is running under the Arch kernel, correct?17:24
amosbirdAavar: building libvte17:25
amosbirdbtw, how can I list all the installed files of gobject-introspection?17:26
leftyfbAavar: gobject-introspection provides /usr/share/gobject-introspection-1.017:26
leftyfbamosbird: dpkg -S gobject-introspection17:26
amosbirdweird, it must somehow confuse meson17:27
rayzorbenhggdh, correct17:28
hggdhrayzorben: then yo need to look at the Arch repositories. The package will not exist in Ubuntu17:35
ncuxoHello I have lost my phone and I'm stuck with my gf old iPhone17:37
ncuxonow I have troubles transferring files from ubuntu to the device17:38
ncuxodo I need some special library because online I've found information about http://www.libimobiledevice.org/ and it seems outdated17:39
benergyHey guys, I am trying to accomplish two - somewhat conflicting - things at the same time: I need my files to have some metadata I can easily set and change (like "date when this invoice was sent/paid") and at the same time they should be easy to sync using unison. This usually breaks DMS solutions with databases in the background...18:00
benergyDoes anyone know how to get this razor-thin layer of metadata, easily accessible and changeable from the file manager?18:01
benergyMaybe a file manager which allows adding custom attributes for ext4?18:02
rbasakNot unison, but git-annex has its own sync features and supports metadata for annexed files18:03
rbasakI believe it has some form of GUI - web based I think?18:04
benergyrbasak: Thanks, it's an interesting concept.18:09
ioriabenergy, i don't know about  unison, but can't you simply set the metadata with setfattr ?18:11
amosbirdhmm, what packages do I need to   libXpm libjpeg libgif/libungif libtiff18:11
pgpfoxHey.. I have NVIDIA 970 on my laptop and when i try to start Total War II: Warhammer, i get this output: "Game crashed with signal 6. Vulkan device has no suitable graphics queue families. You may be able to relaunch the game to send the crash log automatically." .. Anybody knows how i can fix this?18:13
jackis there a libtga?18:13
benergyioria: Yeah, I found that command. If there was some file manager with this option, that'd be great...18:14
iffraffHi, I hope I'm not boreing y'all, I'm bring up my topic again about when my computer is idle for ~10 min or something, wehn I come back and log in all or most of my windows are all collapsed on eachother18:16
Menzador|Workiffraff: Collapsed how?18:16
benergyOf course, I could also start all my files with a date, but I'm sure there must be a better way...18:18
iffraffMenzador|Work: so indtead of being placed where I placed them, they are all on top of eachother.  It's a laptop but generally I have it hooked up to external screens18:19
ioriabenergy, you can try Dolphin  ->  Details View Mode , you  can add columns and stuff18:21
benergyioria: Awesome, I'll try that right away!18:21
ioriaiffraff, still using compiz on 18.04 ?18:21
iffraffhello again. yes I went into compizconfig -> window management -> window placement and set it up as per the suggestions for your link, but no dice18:22
ioriaiffraff,  i didn't post a link ....18:23
ioriaiffraff,  but ok, so you are using Unity ?18:24
pgpfoxHey.. I have NVIDIA 970 on my laptop and when i try to start Total War II: Warhammer, i get this output: "Game crashed with signal 6. Vulkan device has no suitable graphics queue families. You may be able to relaunch the game to send the crash log automatically." .. Anybody knows how i can fix this?18:24
iffraffwell, then! I did not! :)  Someone posted a SO link where someone explained how to correct the problem via those settings18:24
iffraffyes.  That is what comes with ubuntu 18.04  right? gnome3 I think?18:24
iffraffah you suggested I try a different window manager.  I'm, a little hesitant to do that, as I'm not sure what I"ll be giving up. Or if I'll have to relearn a bunch of basic stuff18:25
OerHeksso, spreading windows over 2 or more monitors, and you wonder that they group on one screen, when the others are disabled?18:26
iffraffa) I'm not wondering. I don't care.  I just want it to stop.  and b) they are all in one corner of the monitor.18:27
benergyioria: Dolphin does give me more display options than nemo, to be sure. It doesn't allow me to edit these, however. Setfattr also fails, probably it's not set up correctly.18:27
=== rubywarden is now known as rubenwardy
benergyioria: I'm afraid I will have to use a DMS instead, in spite of the overhead, and look for a way to sync it without breaking the database ... ;)18:28
OerHeksgnome-tweak-tool gives workspaces , standard 'dynamic', so change to static18:28
OerHeksthat gives static 4 desktops, if you want to, and the windows stay spread over monitors > virtual desktop18:29
OerHeks!info gnome-tweak-tool18:29
ubottugnome-tweak-tool (source: gnome-tweaks): adjust advanced settings for GNOME - transitional package. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.34.0-2 (eoan), package size 1 kB, installed size 12 kB18:29
iffraffOerHeks: interesting. Well, I did have it set to Dynamic so I've just changed it to static.  This is one of those fun problems that to iterate on you must wait. So I'll see if this works later.18:30
iffraffBut I wonder, why this setting affects how the windows are set?18:31
iffraffFor contect, I don't really use other workspaces,  I just use the one mostly18:31
OerHeksautomatic suggested setting, what happens when one monitor disappears, it regroups18:31
ioriaiffraff,  nope, what comes with ubuntu 18.04 is gnome-shell (and it does not use compiz)18:32
iffraffioria: hmm, also interesting.  I've installed compizconfig and I love it!  just kidding, I don't know if it does anything.  Now I'm guessing not.18:33
ioriaiffraff,  compiz simply  does not affect gnome-shell18:33
ioriaiffraff,  it's like not having it at all18:34
iffraffI figured.18:34
iffraffso is there anyh gnome-shell specific reason/fixes that come to mind?18:36
ioriaiffraff,  if you installed compiz (without unity) i suggest you remove it18:37
benergyThis may sound *really* weird - and no, I'm not new to either computing or Linux - but is there something like a "file filetype"? Meaning: a structured folder, to hold together multiple files in order, like a physical file?18:38
iffraffI"ll do that now18:38
benergyIf this existed, I could sync these "meta-files" and still have conversations, invoices, business processes structured inside...18:39
wonkoAre there known issues with the us mirror? I'm trying to install npm on 19.10 and it explodes trying to install node_inherits with a checksum/filesize mismatch.18:39
JuestoHello, Why PPAs don't appear to provide changelogs through apt?18:51
EickmeyerJuesto: PPAs are completely maintained by the PPA owner and are unsupported. Changelogs would be done by the PPA owner.18:52
JuestoI see, apparently most ppas dont use changelogs through apt :/18:53
Juestothanks Eickmeyer18:53
EickmeyerJuesto: It has nothing to do with apt, more to do with the packaging.18:53
Juestothe package does include a changelog18:53
Juestosynaptic and apt-changelog are unable to retreive them18:53
EickmeyerJuesto: Then the PPA owner isn't doing it properly.18:54
lotuspsychjeJuesto: what is this package you use a ppa for?18:54
JuestoEssentially: every ppa owner18:54
JuestoDoes it matter? I only asked about PPA changelogs... lotuspsychje18:54
OerHeksthis could filter changelogs, if the ppa owner gives them18:55
lotuspsychjeJuesto: we could try to suggest it the ubuntu way18:55
JuestoSure, there's just too many.18:55
EickmeyerIf you're adding a ton of PPAs, you're bound to run into problems.18:56
OerHeksmost ppa owners do publish, like https://launchpad.net/~jonathonf/+archive/ubuntu/meson/+packages18:56
OerHeks(changes file)18:56
JuestoI am meaning PPAs external to ubuntu18:56
Juestosay a distro such as elementaryos or ubuntu-x-swat18:56
OerHeksppa is internal on launchpad, external repos you mean?18:56
Juestowait i'll check the last one18:56
Juestoppa.launchpad.net apparently is not a source with changelogs.18:57
JuestoOerHeks: I am talking about the apt changelog retrieving facility18:58
OerHeksJuesto, apt-listchanges <package.deb>  does what you want, but not/not always for ppa packages19:02
JuestoOerHeks: that's what i am meaning and synaptic "get changelogs" button does the same thing, i do not like apt-listchanges because it pauses installation process most of the time.19:16
jackhelp...the installer is hanging in a loop19:37
jackDec  4 20:37:44 caine kernel: [68888.798213] ieee80211 phy0: rt2x00lib_autowakeup: Error - Device failed to wakeup19:37
jackDec  4 20:37:46 caine kernel: [68890.793953] ieee80211 phy0: rt2500usb_set_device_state: Error - Device failed to enter state 3 (-16)19:37
jackfor hours already19:38
jackhow do i get out of that? just unplug all usb crap?19:38
IaMnEwHeRejack looks like it, some devices cannot be woken up apparently19:41
Gigabittenodd. I want to simplify my terminal prompt down, and I've used `export PS1='\[\e[35m\]\w> '` to do so. This works fine. When I put this in ~/.bashrc, however, although some other things defined in .bashrc work, this doesn't. Why is that?19:45
sarnoldjack: probably removing the USB NIC would be enough19:45
jackjust removed 2 memory sticks and a cam19:46
patrickkHello, I am going to setup multiple websites on a vps with ubuntu 18.04. What is the best proceedure in terms of security for this? Should the php user be www-data or should I create a new user for each site?19:47
jackbut that "device failed to wakeup" keeps repeating :/19:47
jackkernel: [69530.303072] ieee80211 phy0: rt2x00lib_autowakeup: Error - Device failed to wakeup19:48
IaMnEwHeRepatrickk classically you would have a group apache and the users share and you would make a directory in the users home-folder a doc-root19:48
IaMnEwHeRethese days I would advocate containers though, e.g. Kubernetes, Docker-Swarm, etc.19:49
jackwish i knew which crapdevice that is19:49
sarnoldjack: "ieee80211 phy0:" --> NIC19:50
sarnoldpatrickk: depends; if all the websites are *you* and you don't care much, sure, one user is fine19:51
sarnoldpatrickk: if all the websites are different people paying you to host websites, give everybody their own user id at a minimum; better is everyone gets their own VM. lxd instances if they're friendly to each other.19:51
patrickksarnold yeah but what I am concerned about it, if one website gets infected, will the others be too?19:52
sarnoldpatrickk: yes, if they are all under one uid, that's a very real possibility.19:52
jacksarnold, dang...so it's my usb hub itself?19:54
jackthis sucks19:54
sarnoldjack: maybe; if you can remove the hub and connect your NIC directly to your computer and it works fine, then yeah. but unplugging the NIC alone may be fine19:54
patrickkand that user should be just a normal user and not a sudo user right?19:55
rfmGigabitten, since .bashrc isn't run for login shells, people usually run it from .profile (or .bash_profile).  If .bashrc isn't the last thing there, maybe PS1 gets reset in .profile/.bash_profile?19:57
Gigabittenah, okay19:58
sarnoldpatrickk: right; whichever account runs code ought to have as few privileges as possible -- eg just to write to the database socket and write log files19:58
ioriajack, you maybe can just turn off the power management19:58
sarnoldpatrickk: I strongly dislike the debian default of www-data owning the data *and* the processes. it feels so easy to do better..19:59
ioriajack, something like 'iwconfig wlan0 power off '19:59
patrickksarnold That's what has happened in my vps now, one site got infected and it kinda spread to other sites...20:00
jackthx! trying...20:00
sarnoldpatrickk: of course even with user separation, if you're running all the sites on the same software, they might just be multiply compromised20:00
patrickker so what's the best way to make sure if one site gets infected, the others don't?20:03
jackwlan0 is wlx0012bf5208cb in fact, but this looks promising :)20:03
jacksarnold, many thanks!20:05
sarnoldpatrickk: separation of privileges; you can confine processes used in serving web content with apparmor (selinux in rh-land), limit what privileges the user accounts running those processes can have; make sure your management processes don't rely upon potentially unsafe data20:07
Gigabittendamn it I forgot to check to be sure nothing else was changing ps120:07
Gigabittenthanks for the attempt at helping lol20:07
jackDec  4 21:06:39 caine systemd-resolved[2342]: Server returned error NXDOMAIN, mitigating potential DNS violation DVE-2018-0001, retrying transaction with reduced feature level UDP.20:13
jackharmless, right?20:13
mousesThis warning is logged by systemd-resolved, whenever a name can not be resolved by the DNS system (e.g. nslookup www.kjfoiqaefah34876asdf.com). This can be tolerated and is no reason to be alarmed. This is no error and nothing needs to be fixed.20:15
jackmouses: i guessed. thx.20:16
chaosfischOn some networks I'm getting errors in dmesg - sth. like this: "hung task .... blocked for more than 120 seconds"20:23
chaosfischApplications freeze - e.g. Chrome and kill -9 has no effect.20:24
chaosfischUpon sending kill -9 to the hung process the terminal freezes too....20:24
chaosfischRebooting does not work too. It will get stuck very early.20:25
ioriachaosfisch, what you mean exactly with 'On some networks' ?20:26
chaosfischsome wifi / lan networks20:26
chaosfischI've previously seen that commands like sudo can be slow if DNS is not responding.20:27
chaosfischand in some way it looks like this is a bug in Network manager or the underlying stack.20:28
=== Simon_NL is now known as SimonNL
ioriachaosfisch, if the whole system freezes , might indicate an exhaustion of resources20:28
sarnoldblocked task would be kernel issues20:29
chaosfischtop shows less than 5% usage20:29
chaosfischand processed like Chrome are marked as zombies20:29
ioriachaosfisch, if you think that the culprit is NM, set networkd as renderer and disable NM20:30
chaosfischioria will give this a try.20:31
chaosfischI'd open a bug report but I'm not sure which information is necessary. As a limitation: i cannot execute and commands which require root privileges as "sudo" will freeze the terminal. dmesg and accessing logfiles seems to be fine.20:33
d0tsun7hi -- what package should i install for h.264 video support? i can't seem to play videos from my digital camera20:34
d0tsun7or maybe there's a vlc package i should install or some broad video codec package?20:35
cnnxdropbox isnt working in ubuntu, fresh install.. i tried from the package manager and downloading ti from dropbox.com20:35
ulkeshd0tsun7: just install vlc, in my opinion20:35
sarnoldchaosfisch: file the bug report against the linux source package, be sure the copy-paste the *first* giant stack trace from your dmesg; as much of the dmesg as possible20:35
chaosfischsarnold alright! will have a look. dmesg contained quite a long stacktrace :P20:36
d0tsun7ulkesh - ok i'll give the vlc snap a shot20:36
cnnxok got it to work20:46
cnnxhad to apt install libatomic120:46
cnnxdont remember doing that before for dropbox20:46
Nomad_Anyone else having problems running Chromium via snap on kali-rolling? getting a sandbox perms error, but the sandbox is a read-only filesystem so I can't update20:48
sarnoldNomad_: the overlay filesystem things don't have good support for apparmor; it might be worth asking snap folks if there's any good options20:51
ncuxois there a dd bottleneck on ubuntu 19.04?20:53
ncuxobefore updating to 19.10 I was getting speeds of 99Mb/s20:53
ncuxoand now I'm on 183Mb/s20:53
ncuxosame disks same command20:54
sarnoldthere's way too many variables to give an easy answer20:55
dellhemI have an Ubuntu docker container. Any idea of how I change the time +1h for it?20:56
ncuxosarnold: I just found it weird20:57
sarnolddellhem: what's wrong with the current time?20:58
dellhemsarnold: It's wrong. 1 hour slow.20:58
ManouchehriHey, so for some reason when I plug a 5120x1440 monitor in, I get logged out and can't log back in unless I use Wayland :(20:59
sarnolddellhem: and chrony status or ntpd status?21:00
dellhemsarnold: I don't have permission to change it with ntp.21:01
dellhemAs mentioned, it's a docker container.21:01
dellhemsarnold: ntpdate
dellhem 4 Dec 21:06:27 ntpdate[4718]: Can't adjust the time of day: Operation not permitted21:07
sarnolddellhem: sorry, I meant to make sure the *host* has the correct time21:17
sarnolddellhem: I had short time, I had a meeting, so I just typed quick, too quick apparently, hehe21:17
Juestoit's specifically a synaptic issue actually21:55
Juestobecause the url appears wrong21:56
Juestoor something like that21:56
z1_how do you install the opengl dev for gcc on ubuntu22:28
z1_what packages do you need22:28
pragmaticenigmaz1_, you might want to try asking in the #ubuntu-app-devel ... there might be more people familiar with installing development environments and libraries22:40
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d0tsun7anyone know if adobe photoshop cc 2020 or adobe photoshop premiere cc 2020 works on ubuntu yet?23:13
pragmaticenigmad0tsun7, It's possible it may run using an WINE, you can check https://appdb.winehq.org/ to see what the support level currently is. Please understand that support for running applications with WINE is not supported here, as well as applications intended to run on another Operating system are also not supported here.23:17
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu23:20
geniid0tsun7: If you have a Windows license you could also try running it in a VM23:22
d0tsun7roger that pragmaticenigma23:22
genii( probably will run slower than molasses though )23:23
d0tsun7definitely genii, i have a kvm vfio windows 10 guest running my editing software currently... i just hate sometimes i feel i get stuck in windows just cause ill be doing tasks that require me to have my editing software, when id much rather be in linux23:23
d0tsun7or like ill play a game or something and then im just stuck in windows i feel like for a couple days23:23
ElijaxAppsHi. I have this message while running apt update on aeon (pi4): http://us.ubuntu.com/ubuntu eoan-backports/main 404 Not found [IP 80]. Same with eoan-security.23:24
geniid0tsun7: https://community.adobe.com/t5/get-started/adobe-when-will-you-give-us-creative-cloud-on-ubuntu-linux/td-p/9710073  was started in Jan 2018 and last comment was 3 hours ago. So it looks like you're not alone.23:24
d0tsun7awesome genii23:24
pragmaticenigmaElijaxApps, it's possible the mirror is temporarily offline while it is updating it's repository. Try again in a couple hours23:25
neilduganHi I am having trouble with a new system, I partitioned the drives using sgdisk, the first partition has a type of BF01 .... but when I reboot the computer the BIOS says there is no bootable drive, but using F10 to get to the boot menu, and selecting a drive ... it boots fine.... any ideas on what to do?23:28
ElijaxAppspragmaticenigma: is there another mirror for raspi 4? I just need to apt update without errors.23:30
geniiMaybe try just archive.ubuntu.com23:30
geniiIf the us mirror is updating, the original is probably already finished23:31
ElijaxAppsSame error, ip :(23:34
pragmaticenigmaElijaxApps, What version of Ubuntu are you running on the raspberry pi?23:35
ElijaxAppspragmaticenigma: aeon, ubuntu-desktop23:36
ElijaxAppsuname -ar: Linux ubuntu 5.3.0-1012-raspi2 #14-Ubuntu SMP Mon Nov 11 10:06:55 UTC 2019 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux23:38
pragmaticenigmaElijaxApps, There is no desktop support for Ubuntu on Raspberry Pi... Only IOT via the Ubuntu server image. Not sure how you got desktop enabled (or if you're attempting to add it)23:39
ElijaxAppspragmaticenigma tasksel did the job. I got a hd monitor plugged in...23:40
ElijaxAppspragmaticenigma within the download page there's a suggestion to execute tasksel :)23:44
jackaeon? don't you mean eoan?23:45
ElijaxAppsjack: yes sorry, eoan. I misread.23:46
pragmaticenigmaElijaxApps, currently the us.ubuntu.com mirror is down for me. Typically it can take a couple hours to come back online. The best thing you can do right now is have patience and wait it out.23:46
sarnoldElijaxApps: armhf and arm64 aren't on the main archive23:54
sarnoldElijaxApps: you need to get those packages from http://ports.ubuntu.com/ instead23:54
ElijaxAppssarnold certainly, my sources.list corrupted when installing software-properties-gtk, because I was looking for another mirror, and decided to try GUI way.23:57
sarnoldElijaxApps: here's what I've got on my rpi3b+ https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/H5QYXwkDjD/23:59

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