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shallowhoundI have a very plain installation of Xubuntu 18.04, which I installed not too long ago and can't close any more without the screen turning off but the computer remaining on. This is the main behavior which I am asking about, but Ctrl+Alt+Del appears to repeat this behavior, and it also just happened without me doing anything just now.06:25
shallowhoundI cannot close the laptop, without it turning off, but not hibernating, or suspending, or shutting off. The screen is completely but appears to work every other way.06:28
shallowhoundcompletely dark06:29
gnrpshallowhound: What GPU do you have?08:10
gnrpI suspect a GPU problem. Having exactly this problem from time to time after an upgrade when the Nvidia driver was not properly upgraded08:11
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shallowhoundgnrp: lspci returns 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Skylake GT2 [HD Graphics 520] (rev 07)17:02
Noboru55diogenes_ hello18:17
Noboru55diogenes_ i lost the txt i saved with that command you showed to me to do the usb works better18:17
Noboru55diogenes_ could you paste it again please?18:17
Noboru55diogenes_ when you see it. of course.. thank you18:20
diogenes_Noboru55, nano /etc/sysctl.conf add: vm.dirty_bytes = 1572864018:22
diogenes_sudo sysctl -p18:23
Noboru55i have no idea what happened here, twice when i insert a pendrive in one of my usb ports, all the system get crazy, all user folders get a lock and when restart i get errors on my hd.....  i will not use anymore that usb port... some things only happens to me18:23
Noboru55diogenes_ thank you !18:23
diogenes_i'm almost sure it's NTFS.18:25
Noboru55the pendrive?18:25
Noboru55it works in other usb ports18:25
Noboru55that one where i get this error, is the port where my scanner of printer works18:25
Noboru55in others it doesnt work18:26
Noboru55its weird18:26
diogenes_maybe one is 2.0 another 3.0.18:26
Noboru55let me explain, i have an usb port where when i plug the pendrive, i get a system error... but the usb pen works good in other all ports usb...18:27
Noboru55where i got the error is always in the same port...  i think its 3.018:27
Noboru55because the scan only works there to scan18:27
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Noboru55but.. why it happens ?18:27
Noboru55anyway... i do not usee that port anymore... its almost a virus18:28
diogenes_only saint iGNUssius knows.18:28
Noboru55all folders get a lock... and if reboot u get error in file system partition18:28
Noboru55its ok now.. that usb port worked weird in windows too18:29
Noboru55so, maybe its my hardware doing something in the o.s18:29
diogenes_maybe you spilled some coffee on it.18:30
Noboru55thank you18:31
* genii 's ears perk up momentarily at the mention of coffee18:31
Noboru55good idea going to drink coffee right now18:31
Noboru55diogenes_ see you...18:31
diogenes_see you18:32
xubuntu47wcan anyone help me getting  xubuntu-18.04.3-desktop-i386 with usb on my laptop..19:24
orcus-deok - you found your way seemingly - good luck19:25
diogenes_xubuntu47w, did you download the iso?19:26
xubuntu47whey hello19:27
xubuntu47wyes i download the iso19:27
xubuntu47wi used a progama to make an usb stick with it..19:27
xubuntu47wi use f10 tot select boot device..19:27
xubuntu47wuse boot usb..19:27
xubuntu47wi get the xubuntu boot menu..19:27
xubuntu47wi can do try without install or install.. and some more options..19:28
xubuntu47wbut if you install or just try my screen turns white with an _ but nothing happend after a while my screen turns black and nothing happens..19:28
diogenes_try nomodeset19:30
xubuntu47wis that a difrent ubuntu ?19:34
xubuntu47wi googled it..19:34
xubuntu47wi dont get it .. nomodeset ...19:36
xubuntu47wis it something i have tot do in bootoption.. ?19:36
diogenes_yes in grub19:38
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter19:38
xubuntu47wsorry i m nw in xubunto i got a little experince with linux mint..19:41
xubuntu47wbut this is when i got the white screen with _19:41
xubuntu47wi have tot type something ?19:41
xubuntu47wor do i have to change something in my bios..19:42
xubuntu47wim in installer boot menu19:45
xubuntu47wtry xubuntu without install19:45
xubuntu47winstall xubuntu19:45
diogenes_where is says try.. hit 'e' on keyboard19:46
xubuntu47wi dont get it...19:49
xubuntu47wi m ready this is a grapic card prob...19:49
xubuntu47wso i have to switch but i dont know how19:49
xubuntu47wi m on help page19:53
xubuntu47whow dot i get in grub?19:54
diogenes_xubuntu47w, what working system you got ion your pc right now?19:57
xubuntu47wwindows 1019:58
xubuntu47wbut i dont want anything to do with windows..19:58
xubuntu47wand during an update it turned form pincode into password and i forgot my password...19:58
diogenes_xubuntu47w, boot into windows and get into the usb stick and tell me when you're there.19:58
xubuntu47wi dont understand it anymore.20:03
xubuntu47wi dont understand why i have to boot windows if i want linux20:03
xubuntu47wmy screen turns black so that !nomodeset story sounds more that i should do20:04
diogenes_xubuntu47w, in order to edit a file on the pendrive.20:04
xubuntu47wokay like that20:04
xubuntu47wi make the pendrive on a difrent laptop20:04
xubuntu47wa mutch faster laptop thats the problem ?20:04
diogenes_insert the pendrive into whatever working pc.20:05
xubuntu47wokay im in diwndows20:05
xubuntu47wim in20:05
diogenes_open the pendrive20:05
xubuntu47wsould i format the usb first?20:05
xubuntu47wi see disk boot casper sistst install..20:06
diogenes_go to /boot/grub/20:06
xubuntu47wi see loopback cfg20:06
diogenes_open grub.cfg20:06
diogenes_find line menuentry "Try Xubuntu without installing"20:07
diogenes_underneath find linux/casper/vmlinuz  ....20:07
xubuntu47wmenuentry "Try Xubuntu without installing" {linux/casper/vmlinuz  file=/cdrom/preseed/xubuntu.seed cdrom-detect/try-usb=true noprompt floppy.allowed_drive_mask=0 ignore_uuid boot=casper iso-scan/filename=${iso_path} quiet splash ---initrd/casper/initrd20:08
diogenes_add nomodeset there after vmlinuz20:08
diogenes_like this:20:08
diogenes_linux/casper/vmlinuz  nomodeset ....20:08
xubuntu47wmenuentry "Try Xubuntu without installing" {linux/casper/vmlinuz  nomodeset  file=/cdrom/preseed/xubuntu.seed cdrom-detect/try-usb=true noprompt floppy.allowed_drive_mask=0 ignore_uuid boot=casper iso-scan/filename=${iso_path} quiet splash ---initrd/casper/initrd20:08
xubuntu47wcan i also chang installing but i would like to install forever if posible..20:09
diogenes_save the changes, close, opent again20:09
diogenes_see if changes persist.20:09
xubuntu47wmenuentry "Try Xubuntu without installing" {linux/casper/vmlinuz  nomodeset  file=/cdrom/preseed/xubuntu.seed cdrom-detect/try-usb=true noprompt floppy.allowed_drive_mask=0 ignore_uuid boot=casper iso-scan/filename=${iso_path} quiet splash ---initrd/casper/initrd20:10
diogenes_now try to boot again20:10
xubuntu47wthanks for you time. !20:11
xubuntu47wi try one moment20:11
diogenes_and pick 'try xubuntu'20:11
xubuntu47wyes i will20:11
xubuntu47wsomething changed20:12
xubuntu47wi still get the with screen20:13
xubuntu47wbut the _ is bieping.. so i can type something...20:13
xubuntu47wand it dont turn black anymore..20:13
xubuntu47wow know its black again..20:13
diogenes_ok go back to win and after nomodeset add: acpi=off20:14
diogenes_it should read as: linux /casper/vmlinuz  nomodeset  acpi=off ...20:15
xubuntu47wmenuentry "Try Xubuntu without installing" {linux/casper/vmlinuz  nomodeset acpi=off file=/cdrom/preseed/xubuntu.seed cdrom-detect/try-usb=true noprompt floppy.allowed_drive_mask=0 ignore_uuid boot=casper iso-scan/filename=${iso_path} quiet splash ---initrd/casper/initrd20:16
xubuntu47wi try again..20:16
diogenes_looks good.20:17
xubuntu47wscreen turns gray  white again with the _ and now its black again..20:17
xubuntu47wi did save it checked again if it was safed before trying..20:18
diogenes_have you ever had linux on this machine?20:18
xubuntu47wno that was on a difrent laptop..20:19
xubuntu47wsomebody helped changing my bios20:19
xubuntu47wi still got my bios options open20:19
diogenes_what pc is this?20:19
xubuntu47wboot options20:20
xubuntu47wthis is a very slop laptop one moment20:20
xubuntu47whp model 14-ac181nd20:21
xubuntu47wi would love to have linux on this and nothing else... so my hdd can me format.20:21
diogenes_how old is it?20:23
xubuntu47wit got factory installed windows 10 on it...20:23
xubuntu47wbut exactly how old i dont know..20:24
diogenes_1 year? more, less?20:24
diogenes_HPs are linux friendly.20:25
xubuntu47wsorry i really dont know20:25
xubuntu47wthis is hp yes20:25
xubuntu47wi got this one from a friend... he got a pincode on this.. but after an update it pincode turned into password and we coulnd get into windows..20:26
xubuntu47wand with windows it was really really slow.. so i guess linux would be perfect for this one...20:26
xubuntu47wmy girl friend only use this laptop to play party poker ....20:26
diogenes_you said xubuntu 18 32bits?20:27
diogenes_try 19.10 64 bits20:27
xubuntu47wokay i try20:27
diogenes_might get a better chance.20:27
xubuntu47wi have to download again format stick befor makeing a new pen ?20:27
xubuntu47wi try i let you know take me some time starts right away :)20:28
xubuntu47wdo i also have to change grup again ?20:28
diogenes_use etcher this time.20:28
diogenes_even better would be win32diskimager: https://sourceforge.net/projects/win32diskimager/20:30
diogenes_win32diskimager is adviced by debian, they don't recommend rufus because it messes up the installer.20:30
diogenes_this time don't edit grub.20:31
xubuntu47wi got this20:32
xubuntu47wis that same is win32diskimager?20:32
xubuntu47wis this the right one ? http://ftp.uni-kl.de/pub/linux/ubuntu-dvd/xubuntu/releases/19.10/release/20:32
diogenes_yes and i'd recommend to use win32diskimager.20:33
xubuntu47wi will20:34
xubuntu47wopened the win32 program20:36
xubuntu47wone moment20:37
diogenes_wait till xubuntu is downloaded.20:37
xubuntu47wyes its don20:37
xubuntu47wi opend it20:38
xubuntu47wopend source usb20:38
xubuntu47wnow i have chose write i think20:38
diogenes_1.5 Gb downloaded in 5 minutes?20:38
xubuntu47wits proccesing the stick now20:38
xubuntu47woh yes a few seconds20:38
diogenes_that's crazy speed.20:39
xubuntu47whahaha where you life?20:39
xubuntu47wi download 100 mb on second and thats slow...20:39
diogenes_are you in South Korea?20:40
xubuntu47wi can download 0.5 gb one seconed if i upgrade haha20:40
xubuntu47wno holland...20:40
xubuntu47wthats in europe.20:40
xubuntu47wits still making the pen stick its 53 %20:40
diogenes_i been to Utrecht and some other places.20:41
xubuntu47wyes my girl friend is from utrecht20:41
xubuntu47wokay i try again now20:42
diogenes_make sure you wait till the writing process fully completes.20:42
xubuntu47wyour the greatest20:44
xubuntu47wi get xubuntu and a O moving... so i got a slow laptop but i believe it works now20:45
xubuntu47wso i choose for now try withou installing but i can also install and get it on my hdd with my usb?20:46
xubuntu47wyes dud it opend20:46
diogenes_yes and it will be even faster.20:46
xubuntu47wi got wifi network avaiglble20:46
xubuntu47wyes great20:46
diogenes_also you can dual boot with win.20:47
xubuntu47wshould i instal from bios of can i use the picotograma om my desktop install xubuntu ?20:47
xubuntu47wno i really want win gone..20:47
xubuntu47wit used 26 gb withou pictures of movies ..20:47
diogenes_ picotograma is good.20:47
xubuntu47wits trash win i believe..20:47
xubuntu47wok thnx :D20:48
diogenes_make sure you back up data on win.20:48
xubuntu47wthere is no date...20:51
xubuntu47wand because of the change in pincode to password we cant get any if there was...20:51
diogenes_you can get them right now from xubuntu.20:52
diogenes_just open file manager.20:52
diogenes_go to win partition.20:52
diogenes_and see what you got there.20:53
xubuntu11wits installing diogenes20:56
xubuntu11wyou  made my day :)20:57
xubuntu11wtry for 2 days now hahaha20:57
xubuntu11wits installed and starts up without usb so really thnx21:22
xubuntu11wi start up that chanel on my linux pc now21:23
xubuntu53wDoes Xubuntu track users like Ubuntu does?22:06
Unit193How does Ubuntu track users?22:12

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