lucidoneHi, when running juju add-k8s $cluster; juju bootstrap $cluster; against a k8s cluster in openstack. The controller service comes up with a ClusterIP. As such, it fails when it tries to contact the juju controller / api server becuse the address is inaccessible. I'm probably blind / doing something wrong,  but is there a config setting to make it use a spec.type=LoadBalancer instead?02:27
wallyworldlucidone: there's a new 2.7 feature https://discourse.jujucharms.com/t/whats-new-in-juju-k8s-for-2-7/230002:32
wallyworldyou can specify a bootstrap option02:32
wallyworldhpidcock: the final PR to remove charmstore.v5 https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1098802:33
lucidonewallyworld: ah, magic! thanks02:37
lucidone--config controller-service-type=loadbalancer worked a charm ;)02:45
thumperI'd love a review of my ratelimit PR: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1098702:56
hpidcockthumper: having a look04:07
thumperhpidcock: thanks04:54
achilleasamanadart: I fixed the broken test (https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/10979/commits/dcd69a17088c7d19bf5bcf95e7e025b661440dcc) and I think I got all your suggested changes in 10979; can you take another look?08:58
manadartachilleasa: Yep.08:59
achilleasamanadart: also, I got rid of some not needed code in the instancepoller facade which triggered the original type-casting error we were seing (this line: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/10979/commits/2393a6d3d1ce273564080359a62d46090b952ceb#diff-d177f61f881e38ac7ccb857814927e3fR118)09:01
nammn_de1manadart stickupkid up for a small review? https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1098510:44
nammn_de1rick_h: regarding the patch we were talking about yesterday12:52
rick_hnammn_de1:  did you get the feedback from thumper?13:00
rick_hI mentioned it on a call with him and he was going to take a peek13:00
nammn_de1rick_h: yes I did, I tried to work his feedback in, but needed to adjust a few places different13:05
nammn_de1I need make the err silent as manadart has mentioned13:05
rick_hnammn_de1:  gotcha, sorry yea just catching up on email this morning13:07
nammn_de1manadart: on your comment: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/10985#issuecomment-56212310713:17
nammn_de1That are the options I see, any else in your mind?13:17
stickupkidhml, can you check this one, this is the one that breaks all the tests :( https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/10990/files14:29
hmlstickupkid: looking14:29
hmlstickupkid: is there face to palm asci art?14:29
hmlfor me?14:30
stickupkidgenerally Patrick Stewart isn't it?14:30
hmlerrr… don’t know that one14:30
hmlah, i was thinking asci, not jpg14:31
stickupkidinterestingly I've met him on multiple occations, depends if you're a trekkie or not14:31
hmlstickupkid: seen a lot of it.14:31
hmlstickupkid: posted 2 comments14:37
rick_hhml:  can I bug you back in daily around the error message for the neutron thingy please?14:38
stickupkidhml, done https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1099014:45
hmlstickupkid: approved14:57
hmlanyone know if there’s a juju command to get the <commands> allowed with juju-run?  or it is just in docs?15:29
hmlfound it15:31
timClickswe received a 35x increase in anonymous pageviews on our discourse yesterday19:09
rick_htimClicks:  :/19:10
timClicksnot sure what the significance is; but it does throw everything out19:11
rick_hyea, I bet19:13
timClicksblog post about juju on the ubuntu blog!  https://admin.insights.ubuntu.com/2019/12/05/web-application-development-with-juju-charms/20:16
thumperhml: here's a quick PR for you https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1099220:33
thumpertimClicks: can we catch up now?20:33
thumpertimClicks: Friday meetings have been all screwed up since daylight savings20:33
timClicksthumper: sure, 2 mins20:33
hmlthumper: looking20:35
thumperhml: came across them trying to land my other branch20:35
hmlthumper: we seem to be hitting more intermittent again recently.  nice to see a fix for one.20:36
hmlor two20:36
wallyworldhml: tiny https://github.com/juju/bundlechanges/pull/58 pretty please21:32
hmlwallyworld: looking21:32
hmlwallyworld:  juju:master?21:33
wallyworldhml: parse rror?21:34
hmlwallyworld:  looks like your pr is trying to merge into master instead of develop21:35
wallyworldthis is bundlechanges21:35
wallyworlda different repo21:35
hmlwallyworld: ah21:36
wallyworldwe need to use bakery.v2 in juju and it's a friggin rabbit warren to get all the dependencies sorted21:37
hmlwallyworld:  definitely!  we’ve all(?) been down that path a run screaming at one time or another.  :-D21:37
wallyworldi'm living it :-( for the past week21:38
hmlwallyworld: :-(21:38
wallyworldfinally got charmstore.v5 all removed21:38
wallyworldnow hitting issues with go dep21:38
wallyworldty fore review21:39

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