seb128vorlon, hey, was there any reason you did file bug #1853646 without doing the actual removals?09:27
ubottubug 1853646 in zope.lifecycleevent (Ubuntu) "RM: zope.lifecycleevent, lazr.lifecycle: python2-only, Ubuntu-specific, build-depends on removed van.pydeb, no other reverse-dependencies" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/185364609:27
RikMillsanyone want to port code-of-conduct-signing-assistant to PyQt5 so it can be kept?10:47
RikMillsit fails to start anyway since bionic, where Qt4Webkit went away10:47
RikMillsLP: #185525510:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1855255 in code-of-conduct-signing-assistant (Ubuntu) "Port to python3/pyqt5 or remove from focal archive" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/185525510:48
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coreycbcjwatson: have you seen by any chance when attempting to push a new git repo to launchpad? "fatal: remote error: Path translation timed out."15:57
cjwatsoncoreycb: Yes, it's a known problem when the parent repository has lots of refs.  I have an MP in review to (probably) fix this, but we can work around it if you tell us the repo you're trying to push16:00
coreycbcjwatson: great, thanks. I'd like to create lp:~ubuntu-server-dev/ubuntu/+source/migrate and lp:~ubuntu-server-dev/ubuntu/+source/python-cryptography if possible.16:02
vorlonseb128: LP: #1853646> mostly because there were a bunch more to file and I left one open so I could find it again and use it as a template :)16:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1853646 in zope.lifecycleevent (Ubuntu) "RM: zope.lifecycleevent, lazr.lifecycle: python2-only, Ubuntu-specific, build-depends on removed van.pydeb, no other reverse-dependencies" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/185364616:03
cjwatsoncoreycb: There's no sysadmin vanguard around right now, so might have to wait a bit ...16:03
coreycbcjwatson: ok16:04
cjwatsonI'll ask when I next spot one, and let you know16:04
Odd_Blokebryce: o/ I have a simplestreams upload prepared that I need sponsorship for, and powersj pointed me in your direction.  The debdiff is https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/J35wNpBDwQ/.  Is there a better way for me to communicate this to you (git-ubuntu &c.)?16:13
rbasakkanashiro: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2019-April/040622.html is the background I was referring to on Rails issues in proposed migration16:15
bryceOdd_Bloke, good morning!  yes I'll help with sponsorship16:16
bryceOdd_Bloke, we do usually use git ubuntu for stuff but I can work with debdiffs.  Unless you want to learn git ubuntu I can just take care of that end of things16:17
Odd_Blokebryce: I'd be happy to learn git-ubuntu.16:18
rbasakI suggest that you take it incrementally. For a start, if you already have a debdiff, you can just clone the 'ubuntu/devel' branch from https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/simplestreams, apply your changes, and then submit those back as a merge proposal.16:21
rbasakThere is currently no good solution for supplying the upstream tarball - you'll need to get that to your sponsor out of band (same as the situation with a debdiff)16:23
kanashirorbasak, thanks for the link, fair points you raised there16:24
bryceOdd_Bloke, ok let's dig into that post team meeting.  I'm reading through the debdiff presently.16:25
Odd_Blokebryce: rbasak: What's the appropriate commit message format?16:29
rbasakWe don't have any specific rule, but we usually use the same format as what would go into debian/changelog since then we can use a tool called reconstruct-changelog to write debian/changelog for us16:29
rbasakBut nothing is mandated16:30
bryceOdd_Bloke, what you're written looks fine, the trick is to have it as its own git commit16:30
Odd_Blokebryce: So my single git commit message would be "* New upstream snapshot.\n  - tools/j2signed: ...\n  - ..."?16:44
bryceOdd_Bloke, essentially, but indent it 2 spaces on the left, just like you cut and paste from the d/changelog16:49
Odd_Blokebryce: https://code.launchpad.net/~daniel-thewatkins/ubuntu/+source/simplestreams/+git/simplestreams/+merge/376423 <-- how's that?16:52
bryceOdd_Bloke, sorry distracted by the meeting :-)16:54
bryceOdd_Bloke, ok so the main thing is to make the changelog a separate commit from the rest of the changes16:54
rbasakbryce: I think we should be clear that making the changelog a separate commit is a convention we've established in our squad and isn't a git-ubuntu requirement.16:54
bryceso "git commit debian/changelog -m 'changelog'; git commit -a "  * New upstream snapshot\n..."16:55
brycerbasak, er, I thought it was a requirement16:55
rbasakIt's not :)16:55
brycerbasak, in any case, for teaching purposes best to give just one "right" way to do it16:56
rbasakbryce: I'm torn. I appreciate that point in general, but my intention for git-ubuntu is for all Ubuntu developers to be able to use it regardless of their specific preferences and workflows. I don't want to put people off by adding things they have to do.16:56
rbasakSo I want to be liberal in what we accept.16:57
rbasakIf it follows usual git conventions and results in a functional upload, I think we should accept it.16:57
Odd_BlokeFWIW, if I'm coming to you for guidance, being told that there are many ways I can do it is more offputting than having specific instructions.  (_I_ understand you're having a more general conversation, but bear in mind that most people _wouldn't_ know that. :p)16:58
Odd_Blokebryce: Updated the MP, how does it look now?16:58
bryceOdd_Bloke, yes looks great16:59
Odd_BlokeCool. :)16:59
brycenext, for the review process, I download your branch to my local checkout of simplestreams, in an lxc container, run the autopkgtests, and if all looks good I will approve and upload17:01
Odd_Blokebryce: https://people.canonical.com/~dwatkins/simplestreams_0.1.0-30-g3cc8988a.orig.tar.gz <-- that's my orig tarball if you need it17:01
Odd_BlokeI'm not attached to it though, so feel free to generate your own. :p17:01
bryceOdd_Bloke, there's some optional steps that people sometimes do, like stick it in a PPA to verify it builds, or add it to Bileto to demonstrate the autopkgtests will pass.  But these are just to help reviewers, and are separate from git ubuntu itself.17:02
rbasakOdd_Bloke: what, you're saying upstream didn't even release a tarball? :-P17:02
Odd_Blokerbasak: You're saying it isn't obvious that people should fetch it from my people.canonical.com account?? ^_^17:03
bryceOdd_Bloke, so yeah this would probably be a case where setting up a PPA for the reviewer would be super helpful, but I'll work from that tarball17:04
Odd_Blokebryce: I'm absolutely happy to do what you would generally expect, to develop "muscle" memory.17:05
Odd_Blokebryce: To which end, I've just uploaded to https://launchpad.net/~daniel-thewatkins/+archive/ubuntu/streams17:06
bryceOdd_Bloke, ok, so the next step in that case would be to run 'git ubuntu build-source' which should spit out a .changes file you can dput into a ppa17:06
brycethere is also a 'git ubuntu build' which will locally build the binaries, assuming you have needed dependencies installed17:07
bryceI usually run git ubuntu build first as a sanity check, then git ubuntu build-source17:07
bryceppa looks good17:08
Odd_BlokeI hit a couple of different errors when using `build-source`: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/bCtsPgxzBH/17:09
bryceyep it's complaining about the lack of a tarball17:09
Odd_Bloke(The source package I uploaded to the PPA is the one that our uss-tableflip tooling produces.)17:09
bryceand then complaining that a debian directory is already inside the tarball17:09
rbasakbug 173465717:10
ubottubug 1734657 in usd-importer "collision with debian dir on build-source - FileExistsError: [Errno 17] File exists: 'debian'" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/173465717:10
bryceI think there's a couple ways to work around that, but easiest if you're generating the snapshot yourself is to just exclude it from the tarball17:10
rbasakI guess that's maybe OK for simplestreams, but in general we shouldn't be modifying the orig tarball like that17:11
brycerbasak, thus my caveat "if you're generating the snapshot yourself"17:12
rbasakEven then though I don't think it's OK unless you _are_ upstream.17:13
rbasakBecause you'd be uploading an orig tarball that isn't actually a snapshot of what it claims to be17:13
Odd_Blokebryce: OK, in lieu of working out how to modify our snapshot script (or repacking the tarball manually), is the PPA as-is sufficient?17:15
bryceOdd_Bloke, I think so, yes17:15
Odd_BlokeOK, cool.17:15
bryceI've repro'd the debian dir issue here locally17:15
bryceit occurs for me on the master branch too17:17
rbasakbryce: see the bug I linked above17:17
brycerbasak, so what's the workaround?17:22
rbasakbryce: to not use git ubuntu build-source - it's fundamentally broken in this edge case and needs fixing.17:23
rbasakI'm sorry to say that's my general opinion of build and build-source - they are broken in too many edge cases for me to recommend anyone try using them.17:23
rbasak(right now)17:24
rbasakI'm hoping this can all be fixed soon :)17:24
rbasakSo I guess in answer to your question: arrange the orig tarball manually and use dpkg-buildpackage -S17:24
rbasakThe first error Odd_Bloke found is expected behaviour but could defeinitely do with a more helpful error message.17:25
rbasak(no possible way to get an orig tarball -> no source package build possible)17:25
bryceok...  so "exclude debian from the tarball"17:27
rbasakNo, because that results in an incorrect tarball. You don't want to upload that.17:27
rbasakIf upstream put a debian directory in their release tarball, it should be present in the orig tarball in the Debian/Ubuntu upload.17:28
rbasakdpkg can deal with it17:28
rbasakThe upload shouldn't be compromised because of a git-ubuntu bug.17:28
bryceI'm getting called for breakfast.  rbasak feel free to carry it from here else I'll continue in a bit.17:31
rbalintbdmurray, i'm about to migrate ubuntu-release-upgrader to git17:48
rbalintbdmurray, could you please review https://code.launchpad.net/~rbalint/ubuntu-release-upgrader/ubuntu-release-upgrader/+merge/376424 before the switch?17:48
bdmurrayrbalint: Is there anything about the dist-upgrader tarball creation we need to be concerned about?17:50
kanashirorbasak, who should I get in touch to fix mysql 8 related issues?18:19
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bryceOdd_Bloke, package sponsored, sorry for the delay.19:38
rbasakkanashiro: can you pastebin the error in here? Ping me or Skuggen here.19:39
tewardcjwatson: around to let me pick your brain?19:41
Odd_Blokebryce: Thanks!19:49
kanashirorbasak, sphinxsearch implements mysql support so you can connect to it using a client like you do with a regular mysql database. The problem is that I can't connect to it using ruby-mysql2 (ruby-riddle tries to do it) after mysql 8, there is no error log19:54
kanashiroaccording to upstream notes this bug was fixed in v3.1.1 (http://sphinxsearch.com/docs/sphinx3.html#version-3.1.1-17-oct-2018) and we have 2.2.11 in the archive19:54
kanashiromanticore is a sphinx fork and they fixed this issue in this commit: https://github.com/manticoresoftware/manticoresearch/commit/ed98fdd7230c1d7298e1000fd10812338c6ba69819:55
kanashirosince this is a fork the solution might be similar (or not), need to check19:55
Odd_Blokerbasak: If I wanted to request the addition of a package (simplestreams) to a packageset (ubuntu-cloud), how would I go about doing so?  An email to devel-permissions@l.u.c?  (And would you consider that a reasonable request?)20:02
bryceOdd_Bloke, do you mean add a package to the cloud-image Ubuntu seeds?20:09
bryceif it is, part of the process may involve creating a branch of https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu-seeds/ and doing a MP.  Robie would know the actual procedure better than me though.20:12
Odd_Blokebryce: I mean a packageset change so that ubuntu-cloud uploaders (such as myself :) could upload simplestreams: https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/packagesets/focal/ubuntu-cloud20:21
bryceOdd_Bloke, gotcha, sorry20:24
Odd_Blokebryce: :)20:26
rbalintbdmurray, related to the git conversion?21:10
rbasakOdd_Bloke: yes, email devel-permissions@ please. I haven't thought about in detail but superficially that sounds fine.21:15
Odd_BlokeAck, thanks!21:22

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