zx2c4apw: hey14:08
zx2c4so wireguard is approaching upstreaming pretty soon14:08
zx2c4will try to get the transition as smooth as possible for packaging14:09
zx2c4know which kernel 20.04 plans to ship with?14:09
sixwheeledbeastIt's too early to say but I imagine the next 5.x long term. 14:13
apwzx2c4, most likel 5.414:26
zx2c4apw: oh 5.4 is easy peasy, cool14:32
zx2c4Latest snapshot supports that14:32
apwzx2c4, when is it likely to merge, 5.5 ?14:37
sixwheeledbeast5.4 is currently listed as EOL in 2021. I would expect with 20.04 being an LTS they would want a LTS kernel.14:44
apwsixwheeledbeast, we are told it will be the upstream LTS14:44
sixwheeledbeastOh np14:44
zx2c4apw: 5.6, unless linus steps in for a 5.5 miracle14:50
apwzx2c4, nice; pretty quick by upstream standards14:52
apwand not sooo far away that we couldn't backport it most likely14:52
zx2c4apw: indeed, ive already done the work :)14:53
zx2c4I can have a patch ready for any kernel you need14:54
zx2c4apw: actually, the current patch set that's going to LKML for 5.6 actually applies over 5.515:51
zx2c4(since there's no 5.6 yet)15:51
zx2c4and then ive backported from there to 5.4-->3.1015:52
zx2c4so whenever you guys settle on a version for 20.04, let me know and ill prepare a clean patch for that15:53
apwzx2c4, nice, if you have a 5.4 lying about you could point me at it15:53
apwzx2c4, or that; there is a version coming based on 5.4 final, would be in our unstable repo right now15:53
zx2c4https://git.zx2c4.com/WireGuard/tree/ that's this repo15:53
zx2c4it uses a "compat.h" horror show to dynamically patch based on the version15:54
zx2c4for the ubuntu kernel, i'm happy to make a single coherent patch that inlines all the compat hacks15:54
zx2c4kerneltoast is pretty familiar with the compat.h stuff, iirc15:54
apwzx2c4, we'll have a think about what makes most sense15:54
apwas to some degree it is sensiuble to have what you are supporting15:55
zx2c4apw: in other words, what im proposing is thta i give you a 5.4 patch that looks identical to the 5.5 patch above in that it's a single straight forward thing that doesnt touch much15:55
apwthat sounds appealing indeed15:56
zx2c4apw: cool well, just send me a link to whatever tree when you're ready and ill do that15:56

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