fluvvelI've installed ubuntu 18 on a new Intel motherboard with secure boot installed (EFI) -all went well, booted, ran etc. Then discovered I needed a custom kernel. Can't seem to reset, reinstall for love nor money03:54
fluvvelhave turned off secure boot and turned on legacy in BIOS but no avail. keeps saying no bootable drive03:55
sarnoldI suggest turning UEFI back on; you can either disable secure boot in the bios or maybe try this mokutil --disable-validation  command listed here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UEFI/SecureBoot/DKMS  --- or you could sign things, if you wished03:58
fluvvelok, will try, think I already did try that but I've deleted the keys from the bios at this stage.04:02
fluvvelSigning sounds fun, but potentially complicated.04:02
sarnoldyeah it seemed a bit of a hassle to me, I'd probably have to have a huge fleet of machines before I'd want to put in that kind of effort :)04:05
sarnoldtwo or three.. naaaah04:05
JanCmaybe if you need the security...04:16
fluvvelwhat I need is to just wipe and start from scratch04:20
sarnoldheh, that might be quickest04:24
sarnoldbut it doesn't feel great, you know?04:24
eanderssonWho do I talk about adding components to OpenStack services? frickler sent me!06:59
eanderssonI added two new services to OpenStack Senlin https://review.opendev.org/#/c/688784/07:00
eanderssonand need to have the Ubuntu packages updated to support them.07:01
fricklereandersson: most likely adding an issue at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/senlin would be helpful, then maybe jamespage or coreycb can take a look09:18
jamespageeandersson, frickler: yep raise a bug and we'll get to it with the next round of updates09:19
calcmandani'm installing a fresh server. manually handling the partitioning. 2 4tb drives. setting root on one, and home on the other. is 500mb suffician for the efi boot partition?09:27
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fricklerjamespage: coreycb: another python3 compat issue: openstack-dashboard-common contains some python scripts like /usr/share/openstack-dashboard/manage.py which start with "#!/usr/bin/env python" which fails when python3-django-horizon is installed13:46
frickler(this is on rocky, didn't double check newer releases yet)13:47
fricklerwell the previous should read "... when python3-django-horizon is installed instead of python-django-horizon"13:48
frickleroh, the post-inst has this code http://paste.openstack.org/show/787165/ and then calls $PYTHON manage.py, likely I can do the same in our automation13:50
coreycbfrickler: is that an issue in your own postinst script or in ours? it looks ok on rocky. that shebang originates from the upstream code and I think it needs to remain as-is until py2 support is dropped.14:15
fricklercoreycb: the issue in our own code that calls manage.py on certain occasions. yes, once py2 is gone, things should be simpler again. the other solution would have been moving those scripts from -common into the python(3)-* pkgs and handle them via /etc/alternatives like some other binaries14:24
fricklerbut as I said we can likely work around that14:24
coreycbfrickler: yes alternatives would've been a good approach. alright let me know if you need anything. thanks.14:26
loptaWhat software would a person use to deploy Ubuntu Server to a cluster of compute nodes?17:06
lordcirth_lopta, MaaS, or simply dnsmasq to PXE boot17:11
loptabrb, phone17:11
loptalordcirth_: Thanks17:32

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