enoch8592Hi guys!11:00
enoch8592I have an issue that's been bugging me for days11:00
enoch8592make that weeks btw*11:01
enoch8592Running Ubuntu Mate 18.04 as a server for LTSP with dual screens (one VGA and one DP) on kernel 4.10 from mainline.11:02
enoch8592The DP screen is forced in ltsp.conf to be shown to the client, without it it's not comping online at all. The clients run HP T574511:03
enoch8592Problem is that when moving the mouse in between the screens, the DP screen flickers for like 1-2 seconds and then comes back. This happens randomly.11:03
enoch8592I've been talking alot in #ltsp about this and they sent me here11:04
enoch8592I've read in many places that editing this would help: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?pid=1533863#p153386311:04
enoch8592I've also tried 12 different DP cables, from different brands and the issue presists11:04
enoch8592Other than that I've tried with the latest kernel (5.0) and using that makes the screen disappear completely, not even possible to force it. Only 4.10 works afai have tested11:05
enoch8592Do you have any trick in your sleeve that I could try to sort this out, or is the next step to file a bug report with intel?11:06
tjaalton5.0 is hardly latest16:05
tjaaltonoh he's gone'16:05
ricotztjaalton, 5.0 is the lastest supported hwe kernel in bionic ;)16:32
tjaaltonstill pointless to file bugs about it to intel16:35

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