ElijaxAppssarnold yeah I got to auth repo key wait a minute. software-properties-gtk messed up it all.00:01
neildugancould I be having trouble because I am using SSD instead of machanical Drives?00:05
pragmaticenigmaneildugan, it sounds like when you installed, you opted to not update the MBR for GPT ... Without that, BIOS is not going to automaticaly run00:07
neilduganpragmaticenigma, ok ... what to do now?00:08
pragmaticenigmaneildugan, This is why I didn't answer (and possibly why no one else has answered) I don't know more than what I suggested00:09
neilduganpragmaticenigma, oh!00:09
neilduganpragmaticenigma, any way to check?00:10
pragmaticenigmaneildugan, Only you could answer that question... that was part of the installation process, you would have been given a question if you wanted to update and Master Boot Record (or something similar.) To the best of my knowledge (and again, I know nothing more than what a mentioned earlier) there is no method for checking after the fact00:12
ubottuThere are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications01:02
ubottucedega is a project based on WINE, aimed at running Windows games on Linux. For more info, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Cedega01:02
Juestoanyways im having the little issue where synaptic appears to be unable to retreive changelogs from ppa packages01:02
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k_szeJust me or there's a problem with the triggers for appstream?02:26
k_szedpkg: error: version '/usr/share/app-info/yaml /usr/share/app-info/icons' has bad syntax: version string has embedded spaces02:26
timypI'm trying to use rsync over ssh but need to import the key which is stored locally with a normal ssh sesson I would just use ssh -i key_rsa root@server when but can't figure how to do this with rsync rsync -avhP -e '-i mx01_rsa ssh -p 22' /root/scripts root@server:/root/ does not seem to work02:28
timypany suggestions02:28
sarnoldk_sze: ew02:29
timypor rsync -avhp ssh -i mx01_rsa /root/scripts root@server/root/02:29
timyprsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at io.c(226) [sender=3.1.0]02:29
sarnoldtimyp: wild guess time, try rsync -avhP -e 'ssh -i mx01_rsa' /root/scripts root@server:/root/02:30
timypthanks sarnold that did it!02:31
timypyou are great!02:31
sarnoldyay :)02:31
ColdKeyboardJust an update; Flashed new bios yesterday and no crashes so far... fingers crossed that this was the issue of server crashing randomly02:49
ryuoColdKeyboard: Brave man. If I thought the hardware was flakey, i'd be reluctant to try that.02:50
ColdKeyboardHey man, didn't have much left to try... all power saving options disabled, latest kernel, everything up to date... still crashing. Went on Gigabyte site and they have new bios... so why not live dangerously :)02:51
sarnoldColdKeyboard: sweet! how long did it normally go between crashes previously?02:52
ColdKeyboardThanks sarnold BW for suggesting BIOS update02:52
sarnoldyou're welcome :)02:52
ColdKeyboardsarnold: A day max, usually it would take couple of hours... So far it's up and running for over 24h so if anything, it's better. Still have to see if it's fixed :)02:53
sarnoldColdKeyboard: alright, it's almost fine to start getting excited :)02:54
k_szeWhy does updating intel-microcode *not* require a restart?03:09
k_szeDoes it some how know that my (Intel) CPU is not affected?03:09
sarnoldno, you need to reboot for the new microcode to be applied03:11
k_szeIt doesn't write to /var/run/reboot-required03:11
k_szeIsn't that a bit of a problem?03:12
pragmaticenigmak_sze, microcode doesn't require a reboot because it can be applied after BIOS has applied its stored version.03:12
sarnoldk_sze: probably it's not a big deal -- often times the microcode updates also need corresponding kernel changes, which will set the reboot needed flag03:13
pragmaticenigmak_sze, the microcode supplied by an OS vendor is typically applied during the boot sequence. After the machine is first turned on. The BIOS or UEFI system loads its ROM saved version of the Microcode. Once the BIOS/Firmware hands control off to the booting OS, the OS has an opportunity to "reflash" a different set of microcode. The microcode from the OS can be applied at anytime. However, to be most effective, it is a good idea03:14
pragmaticenigmato reboot after such an update is applied.03:14
k_szepragmaticenigma, so you mean the microcode update can be applied even when Ubuntu is already completed booted up and I'm logged into a desktop session.03:16
pragmaticenigmak_sze, it can be, however your system may encounter instability which is why it's a good idea to reboot when you see that update03:17
sarnoldyou may be able to get the microcode loader to load new microcode after boot but because this can lead to severe reliability problems, the early boot loading mechanism is the only supported mechanism03:17
k_szeI see.03:18
k_szeLet me reboot then, heh.03:18
pragmaticenigmak_sze, Mozilla has a KB article about Firefox instability after microcode updates. They recommend always rebooting after installing the microcode update in the OS03:18
Bashing-omk_sze: "Unpacking intel-microcode (3.20191115.1ubuntu0.18.04.2) over (3.20191115.1ubuntu0.18.04.1) ... >> intel-microcode: microcode will be updated at next boot03:20
k_szepragmaticenigma, I see.03:20
GBGamesI'm running 18.04, and periodically, I find that my machine has crashed. Unfortunately, I am having a hard time troubleshooting what has happened. Any help? Normally, I leave my monitor on and the screen goes dark when idle, and when I hit a key on the keyboard, the log in screen appears. Sometimes, however, the screen stays dark. I can't ssh in either. I suspect my Nvidia card/proprietary drivers are to blame.03:21
sarnoldGBGames: is there anything in the logs after you come back up?03:22
sarnoldGBGames: any outstanding firmware updates?03:22
GBGamesMainly because the only things I see in my logs are related to some issues with the graphics card, but I don't know if it is normal or not, and it has been hard to find info online about it.03:22
sarnoldGBGames: one thing that's been helpful for me is having top or ps auxw running periodically, so I could see what the machine was doing just before it dies03:22
GBGamesI believe I am up to date on firmware (I will double check next time I reboot). Let me look at my logs and get something specific to pastebin.03:23
sarnoldfwupdmgr may be able to help with the firmwarew updates03:26
bsdfreakHey, Swift! Long time no see.03:32
GBGamesHuh, I am having trouble finding the logs that mention the video card. But here's the paste of my syslog: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/qJRjXzhB9F/03:33
bsdfreakAnything from lspci?03:34
sarnoldsamba reload probably happened due to the new dhcp assignment03:37
GBGamessarnold: Ah, that makes sense. I wonder if there was a bit of a brown out and the router reset? The computer is on UPS, but the router isn't.03:40
sarnoldGBGames: it's entirely possible that something is being silly :)03:42
swift110how r u bsdfreak03:44
GBGamessarnold: I've been tolerating this for a long time. I can go weeks without a reboot, and then there are days like today when the machine just won't respond twice and I need to reboot it manually. Also, sometimes when a software update requires a reboot, it won't shut down, so the OS is down but the computer is still on and won't finish the reboot.03:45
GBGamesSo I figure there has to be some weird configuration related to power management or the hardware is slightly glitchy.03:46
sarnoldGBGames: ugh that sounds frustrating :( the 'shutdown but not off' thing feels more like firmware end of the world..03:47
GBGamesWell, fwupdmgr finds nothing needing an update. Thanks for that tip, though. I didn't even know it was on my machine.03:50
sarnoldGBGames: dang. I wonder if that's beucase there's no updates, or because your vendor doesn't publish updates through this channel.. heh03:51
GBGamesThe computer is a Dell XPS 8700, and it says "Recent IoT, XPS, Latitude, Precision, and Optiplex hardware is supported. For older systems not supported by LVFS, the vendor recommends creating personalized update notifications using the Dell support site." I don't know if mine is older or not.03:52
sarnoldhmm I don't see xps 8700 on https://fwupd.org/lvfs/devices/03:56
bsdfreakThat's a pretty old build, right?04:02
GBGamesWell, anyway, I can't find logs pointing to the video card, and the logs I do have don't seem to point to anything. I once tried keeping an SSH connection open from a separate machine, and the only thing I saw was that the connection dropped eventually. I believe I tail -f the logs and that is how I saw the nvidia card errors leading up to it.04:02
bsdfreakWhat's the service tag?04:02
GBGamesbsdfreak: I bought it in 2013, yes.04:02
GBGamesBut I didn't start using it in earnest until last year. It was a backup machine, and my main one finally died.04:03
bsdfreakHave you run a 2 pass memtest on it just to be sure it's not the RAM?04:03
GBGamesSo I got a new power supply and a new nvidia card, and otherwise popped in a few hard drives I had to spare.04:03
GBGamesHeh, no, I keep forgetting I want to do that overnight.04:03
GBGamesBut there was an attempt at a single pass that I gave up on after multiple hours. No errors, but it was still nowhere near done.04:04
sarnoldiirc the 'random' one's always given me quickest results04:06
GBGamesSo I guess that's another thing that could be going wrong. Maybe those old hard drives (which are mounted but almost never used) are finicky and causing a problem? I suppose I can try to remove them next time and see if it helps with stability.04:06
sarnoldit migh be worth a smartctl run on the drives if yuo suspect them04:06
GBGamesAnd that's a sudo aptitude install smartmontools for me.04:09
bsdfreakYeah failing drives can cause all manner of weird IO issues.04:11
GBGamesWell, the drives seem to be functioning fine? At least with the short tests I ran.04:22
bsdfreakGBG: My advice if you want to get to the nitty gritty of this is to run a two pass memtest86+ overnight and if that psses then a full hard drive sector scan.04:29
bsdfreakAlso check system temperatures, clean fans.04:29
bsdfreakThere's a GPU testing utility too IIRC.04:29
bsdfreakArg, didn't mean to paste it that way. My apologies.04:30
GBGamesThanks, bsdfreak! I'll check that out.05:32
TuorHi, I'm running kubuntu 19.10. I have 3 screens, but this problem also is happening when I only have one screen...07:37
TuorWhere normaly was my main screen is now no desktop and now menu bar. I can move my mouse and windows on this screen.07:39
TuorI can't any menu bar to other screens. I can start programms with alt+space/alt+f2.07:41
TuorI can use this programms normaly as it seems.07:41
TuorJust my Desktop and menu bar / task list is not working07:42
TuorAs I'm typing I realize, I maybe have to ask in #kde or #kubuntu. I'll ask there to. I don't know which part of my system is causing the problem...07:43
TuorI also asked in #kde and will report any solutions into the other channel, if found.07:55
patstomsi have ubuntu which automatically goes in recovery mode07:57
patstomsi can't really understand reason from journalctl -xb07:58
patstomsmaybe there is some hints what i should search?08:00
patstomsstartx shows some errors, seems like i will start with that08:02
tatertotspatstoms: are you chatting from the PC right now?08:07
tatertotsfirst time you installed Linux on the system?08:08
patstomsseems like error is not related, it is some issue when i do su nonroot and then startx08:08
patstomsfrom root startx gives black screen08:08
patstomsno, it was working at some point, but then i reinstalled grub and now this issue08:09
tatertotshave you tried any other versions or flavors of Linux with success?08:09
tatertotsso it was working fine..and then you made configuration changes (reinstalled grub) and now you only boot to recovery08:10
tatertotsworst case ...reinstall ..and try not to repeat the same actions08:10
AugustusCaesar24if i dont use my track pad after a while it freezes08:16
AugustusCaesar24is there a way i can get it to stop doing that08:16
TuorRestarting plasma did work around temporary until the next login...08:23
hanshuser01 you really should add iflag=fullblock to that, i've experienced dd doing some data-corrupting schenaningans without it =/08:38
hansh.. albeit that was over netcat08:38
phockingoh hi frens08:38
phockingi need to netboot ubuntu with a kickstart file, is there a way to do that without having to master an iso?08:39
phockingi was thinking i should be able to point at a github gist or something08:39
phockingshould i just use packer?08:41
maelcumhello. purely out of curiosity - when and why did ubuntu move the X session to tty1?09:33
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ecstoianHi everyone. Is there any way I can drop to busybox by changing kernel parameters in GRUB ?10:50
ecstoianI want to simulate a situation where the system fails to fully boot the system, and thus reverts to a limited busybox environment.10:51
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Jonopolycan microsoft teams run on ubuntu?11:21
jeremy31ecstoian: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/71754/how-can-i-force-a-ubuntu-kernel-to-fail-mounting-and-drop-into-the-initramfs-r11:23
yuradochello. what do: libglu1-mesa-dev: Depends: libgl1-mesa-dev but it will not be installed or libgl-dev12:06
yuradoci did switch fully to amd descrete video and after that i have "broken packages" very often12:07
yuradocthe message above is one that happands often12:07
yuradoc"sudo apt-get install -f" doesn't help12:07
yuradoccan't find easy solution12:08
yuradocexample: sudo apt install qt5-default qtbase5-dev outputs that too12:09
luckybunnyI'm having crazy input issues. Mouse is laggy enough to be completely unusable. Meanwhile there's nothing swallowing up memory or cpu12:23
luckybunnySeems like it's dropping keystrokes too12:23
luckybunnySeems as though the system is actually running just fine... But it's just acting like it's struggling12:24
EriC^^luckybunny: what does free -h give?12:25
luckybunnyI have htop running on tty2. Very low memory usage. Cpu almost zero12:25
luckybunnyMem 7.8Gi used 939Mi free 4.7Gi12:26
luckybunnyPlus more, but yeah... That gives a solid picture12:26
luckybunnyI'm just lost as to what to check next12:32
luckybunnysems keybard nput works ok12:44
luckybunnyor not quie12:44
luckybunnydefinitely dropping keystrokes12:44
ne2kany nifty bit of software that's part of ubuntu that would allow me to control a panel indicator light/text/whatever with a simple bash script? i.e. without having to write my own applet12:45
ne2ki guess a bit like zenity but for the panel12:46
ne2kah, yad. let me look at that. seems old12:47
luckybunnyI seem to remember there was a separate help channel somewhere12:47
luckybunnytried #ubuntu-help, but that's invite only12:47
elias_aluckybunny: What is wrong with asking here?12:49
BluesKajHey all12:50
luckybunnyI did... It helps to broaden horizons, though12:50
Klanticushey guys, Is there any know issue with Ubuntu 18.04 laptops, (m2) SSDs and ACPI? I have a new Dell laptop that works perfectly while connected to AC Power, but will remount the main partition in RO mode soon after going to battery power while doing IO13:42
Klanticusthis is what I've got on dmesg after unplugging -> https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/dRnX69yY5J/13:44
lotuspsychjeKlanticus: wich kernel does this happen please? is your bios up to date?14:47
mrchairmanTo fully remove a snap, do I just delete its file in ~/snap ?14:51
ChunkyzWhy is chromium now installed with snap?!14:51
lotuspsychje!discuss | Chunkyz14:53
ubottuChunkyz: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!14:53
Chunkyz? I don't want to discuss it lotuspsychje14:55
ChunkyzI'm asking why it changed14:56
lotuspsychjeChunkyz: that fits under a discussion question14:56
lotuspsychjeChunkyz: we are trying to divide real ubuntu issues, from discussing questions here, please understand14:57
Klanticuslotuspsychje: kernel 5.0.0-37-generic15:00
lotuspsychjeKlanticus: would you have older kernels in your list to test with?15:01
KlanticusI'm not sure whether the bios is fully updated or not. Will have to check that15:01
KlanticusNo, I've installed Ubuntu just a few days ago, so I only have this one15:01
lotuspsychjeKlanticus: bios version would show in your dmesg, or with inxi -F15:01
lotuspsychjeKlanticus: to test other higher kernel, we reccomend !mainline15:02
Klanticuslotuspsychje: bios seem to be updated. What do you mean with mainline?15:04
lotuspsychje!mainline | Klanticus15:04
ubottuKlanticus: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds15:04
Klanticusah, ok. I'll try to update15:05
lotuspsychjeKlanticus: its not really an update, but a higher kernel test, to see if your issues crosses several kernels15:06
Klanticuslotuspsychje: It looks like the problem is gone now, however I don't get wifi anymore (missing firmware). Do you know how to solve that?15:26
hanshlotuspsychje, mainline kernel build with the usual ubuntu patches, or vanilla kernel builds?15:27
lotuspsychjeKlanticus: lets try to fix 1 issue at time, maybe you can file a bug on kernel -37 first on your first issue?15:27
Klanticusyeah, sure15:28
lotuspsychjeKlanticus: can you boot into -37 and use ubuntu-bug linux from there please?15:28
Klanticuslotuspsychje: I have a meeting right now, but will do it as soon as possible15:30
lotuspsychjeKlanticus: thank you, meanwhile you can use your wifi working on -37 right?15:30
Klanticuslotuspsychje: I have another computer (the one I'm using to talk to you) for that. Thanks for worrying :)15:31
lotuspsychjeKlanticus: ok great, after you filed the bug, ask again about your wifi chipset here, and the volunteers will help you15:32
jackthat installer annoys me :/15:35
jack"setting up devices" - but all it does is15:36
jackMemory pressure relief: Total: res = 5406720/5447680/40960, res+swap = 5271552/5271552/015:36
jackMemory pressure relief: Total: res = 5439488/5443584/4096, res+swap = 5267456/5267456/015:36
jackMemory pressure relief: Total: res = 5439488/5439488/0, res+swap = 5271552/5271552/015:36
jackblurb? who cares?15:36
yuradocHey guys - I need latest qt 5.13, but it's 5.12 from repo?15:46
krunkletonwhat's a way to create a light (~20%) CPU load in the background?15:46
lotuspsychje!latest | yuradoc15:47
ubottuyuradoc: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.15:47
yuradocam i doing someth wrong. I did install that through: sudo apt install qt5-default15:48
wintenewtHi, I upgraded to 19.10 today and now I am experiencing ~1 second hangs every 5 seconds or so, in many applications. I am running i3 as window manager and it only happens there, not in Unity. Is there some new Unity service that has been introduced that I need to be running to avoid this?15:48
yuradocqt 5.13 release date: 19.06.201915:49
wintenewtoh, not Unity, guess it's GNOME again now? Same question, different desktop environment.15:55
lordcirth_wintenewt, what release did you upgrade from?16:06
lordcirth_And what graphics card & drivers?16:07
GreatEmeraldI'm trying to update qgis on xenial to 3.X (from ubuntugis ppa), but for some reason apt thinks that it's a "downgrade" to go from 1:2.18.16+24xenial to 3.4.6+dfsg-1~xenial1. Any ideas as to why?16:08
GreatEmeraldNow I need to manually specify all the version numbers of 3, which is quite difficult16:10
wintenewtlordcirth_: 19.04, I believe? Intel card, UHD Graphics 620. i915 driver.16:13
ioriaGreatEmerald, apt-cache policy qgis16:18
wintenewtI used to have stutters like this because I had no dbus service that could show notifications, so any program showing a notification would instead hang for a few seconds. But I fixed that by running dunst. So now I suspect there's some periodic communication with something else that is failing.16:19
Klanticuslotuspsychje: bug reported -> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-signed-hwe/+bug/185530416:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1855304 in linux-signed-hwe (Ubuntu) "Device(m2 ssd) remounts in readonly (sometimes with data corruption) mode only in battery mode" [Undecided,New]16:26
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jackquestion: if my installer is stuck in the "setting up devices" phase...16:42
jackonly ouputting stuu like16:42
jackMemory pressure relief: Total: res = 5685248/5685248/0, res+swap = 5341184/5341184/016:42
jackMemory pressure relief: Total: res = 5685248/5685248/0, res+swap = 5349376/5349376/016:42
jackMemory pressure relief: Total: res = 5681152/5681152/0, res+swap = 5349376/5349376/016:42
jackMemory pressure relief: Total: res = 5668864/5668864/0, res+swap = 5341184/5341184/016:42
jackMemory pressure relief: Total: res = 5660672/5660672/0, res+swap = 5337088/5337088/016:42
lordcirth_!paste | jack16:43
ubottujack: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:43
jack...should i ctrl-c that?16:45
lotuspsychjeKlanticus: thank you very much for reporting your bug!16:50
ioriaKlanticus, http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=134120   but no activity; i suggest to check the SATA settings in your BIOS17:05
KlanticusI'm doing some experiments now. I've disabled laptop mode when on battery and it's working fine so far17:21
swift110hey all17:49
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lordcirth_swift110, hi18:04
swift110how are you lordcirth_18:10
lordcirth_swift110, good thanks. This is the Ubuntu support channel. Do you have a support question?18:10
swift110lordcirth_, oh goodness ill check out the offtopic channel then since I am not looking for support at the moment18:12
swift110thanks lordcirth_18:12
lordcirth_you are welcome18:13
ChunkyzHow can I downgrade chromium now it's installed with snap?18:22
ChunkyzSupport question ^18:22
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lmatioria: Thanks so much for resurrecting my laptop that has been dead these 6 months. I wish I had one to give to you ^_^18:29
iorialmat, no worries18:30
lmatioria: I have a machine you can use "off-site". Do you need someone to hold a hard drive for your off-site backup? I have a friend with one of my laptops in his house with a hard drive attached and I rsync every night for off-site backup18:30
iorialmat, not atm, but it's very kind of you18:32
geniiChunkyz: sudo snap revert chromium-browser18:47
Chunkyzgenii: what does it revert to?18:48
pragmaticenigmaChunkyz, read the documentation: https://www.mankier.com/8/snap#Commands-revert18:50
te_xHey, I'm running ubuntu on my laptop and tried to install another ubuntu on an external hard drive. Unfortunatly this broke grub on my internal hard drive and now it always takes me to a "Minimal BASH-like line editing is supported." How can I boot into my OS?19:37
te_xI've found a few guides saying to do:19:38
te_xset prefix=(installation_partition)/boot/grub/19:39
te_xinsmod normal19:39
te_xbut it doens't seem to do anything for me19:39
pragmaticenigmate_x, Have you seen this? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub19:40
te_xpragmaticenigma I've tried the graphical way (boot-repair), but no success19:41
warriorf2rGodI recently purchased a 4k monitor to add to my 3 monitor setup.  For some reason when I enable to 4k monitor it will shut off the 4k monitor and another 1080p monitor, and shove everything to one monitor.  If I disable the 4k monitor my 2 1080P monitors start working.  Any ideas?  I have tried purging and reinstalling nvidia drivers as well as blowing away all instances of xorg.conf.19:44
pragmaticenigmate_x, I'm not sure how to repair grub beyond what's listed on that page I'm affraid. What I can say is that when you install to an external drive, make sure you do not let the installer update the MBR and/or GRUB. It was an option during the installation that was likely enabled by default19:45
pragmaticenigmawarriorf2rGod, Are you trying to drive all those monitors from one graphics card?19:46
te_xpragmaticenigma Thanks :)  I've specificaly said that grub should be installed in the external drive but somehow the internal disk was also modified19:46
OerHeksimportant: how is that 4k monitor connected, DP or hdmi?19:46
pragmaticenigmate_x, That's what I'm saying... you shouldn't have let it install grub19:47
pragmaticenigmaat all19:47
warriorf2rGodpragmaticenigma: Yes.  An nvidia 1070.19:47
warriorf2rGodpragmaticenigma: I have it hooked up through DP right now.  Let me try swiching it out for hdmi19:48
OerHeksDP is good19:48
OerHeksi guess 1 DP 4k and 1 hdmi HD would work together too?19:48
pragmaticenigmawarriorf2rGod, have you checked the specifications of that card? It probably has an upper limit to the number of pixels it can drive. Meaning, all those monitors add up to more pixels than the card can support. The 1070 series supports a combined total of 7680x4320@60Hz resolution19:49
warriorf2rGodpragmaticenigma: Looks like it was because of the dp input.  I changed it out for an hdmi cord and it is working now.  Thanks!19:50
OerHekscan you chainlink that DP monitor with hdmi?19:51
OerHeksgpu > dp > 4k > hdmi > hd19:52
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Apachezso I modified an ubuntu iso using ISO Master (replaced the filesystem.squashfs with an updated one) - the modified ISO boots fine and I can create a usb drive using "Startup Disk Creator", but the USB created out of the modified ISO refuse to boot... any hints on how to troubleshoot this or what did I miss?20:17
pragmaticenigmaApachez, this channel focuses its support on the official images provided through Ubuntu's and Canonical's distribution portals. Perhaps a channel like ##linux could help?20:23
gryApachez: you could try another program for writing the iso to the usb20:24
gryApachez: perhaps as simple as 'dd'20:25
pragmaticenigmagry, The "startup disk creator" as are most USB flashing tools, are wrappers around "dd"20:27
Apachezpragmaticenigma: well its ubuntu related because startup disk creator is being used20:27
Apachezand that usually works out of the box20:27
Apachezbut this particular iso refuses to boot when using startup disk creator, however burning the iso on a dvd and boot from there it will work20:28
Apachezso the iso isnt entirely broken20:28
Apachezor perhaps ISO Master was the wrong tool to replace the file within the iso?20:29
pragmaticenigmaApachez, Why are you changing the filesystem in the first place?20:29
Apachezany hints for other ISO modifying apps in ubuntu that will retain the booting capabilities of the iso being modified?20:29
Apachezpragmaticenigma: its a custom thingy20:29
gryApachez: can you write the original .iso to a usb20:34
gryApachez: and then make the custom modifications in that20:34
gryApachez: see discussion at https://askubuntu.com/questions/882845/how-do-i-modify-an-ubuntu-iso-and-keep-it-bootable\20:35
bpromptApachez:  if it works on DVD and not on usb, it may just have been the iso editing tool, as far as I know, you can include data or information on the bootable part for disk geometry, in which case it may work only with such geometry, namely in this case for optical devices  and not usb20:39
bobdobbsHi all. I'm using ubuntu 18.04. This morning I rebooted. After I log in, Gnome runs for a few minutes and then dies. After it dies the screen drops back to a terminal mode that shows the startup log. The last message is '[ok] Started Gnome Display Manager'20:39
bpromptApachez:  that said, you can hmmm also burn the official Ubuntu ISO, give it some persistent storage, boot it up, once boot it up, you can install or make modifications to the booted session, when shutting down, the persistent storage will retain those modifications on any subsequent boots20:40
bobdobbsiirc, I used to be able to press ctrl+alt+f[n] to switch between sessions. I tried to do this, but it in my situation that combo doesn't do anything20:41
bobdobbsI'm not entirely sure how to describe the problem, because I don't know if gnome is actually crashing. If it did, I'd expect to see errors on the screen I'm looking at. It seems like gnome just... stops20:43
pragmaticenigmabobdobbs, /var/log/syslog or checking journald is likely to have an entry for the crash20:44
bobdobbsI've got no way to access the system. I can't use ctrl+alt+f[n] to drop to a terminal.  The screen I'm on just echo's back any keyboard input20:46
bobdobbsctld+d | ctrl+c just echo back their respective characters20:47
aukhello channel20:47
aukcan anyone recommend a (standalone) program to browse and launch .desktop files?20:47
sarnoldbobdobbs: stty -sane ? reset?20:47
bobdobbsoh wait... something is happening. My monitors are showing the 'kubuntu' startup logo20:48
bobdobbssarnold: what is 'stty -sane' ?20:48
auki specifically need something that launches its own window (not an applet or menu). And it needs to provide a list/grid/whatever of all apps, with no typing20:48
sarnoldbobdobbs: it'll help repair a lot of busted terminals20:49
auki already use synapse and other type-to-launch launchers. I need one that can provide an overview to browse installed apps, without needing to search20:49
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Apachezgry: the confusing part is that the iso boots just fine when burned onto a dvd20:52
Apachezbut using startup disk creator is says everything went fine but it wont boot20:52
Apachezand thanks for the link20:53
auk...so basicalyl i'm looking for something that provides the kind of browsing that GNOME-shell does, but a standalone app20:53
bobdobbsThat's odd. I haven't done anything. Gnome started again. But now it looks different. There are now two gray bars on one screen: one bar at the top, the other at the bottom20:54
bobdobbsThe Applications menu looks completely different20:55
bobdobbsMy Gnome appears to be high20:55
bobdobbsMaybe I should try switching desktop environments. Is KDE still a thing?20:56
lordcirth_Yes, KDE is still quite popular.20:56
bobdobbsI might install it. It's been a few years since I last gave it a whirl. I quiet liked it.20:58
grybobdobbs: you may want to try gnome with a new OS user in case your configuration files are the issue21:00
bobdobbsthat's an idea21:00
gryApachez: if it gives an error message when booting, sharing that may be a bit helpful21:02
aukhmm, xfce4-appfinder might do the trick21:14
bpromptApachez:  startup disk creator IIRC is just a GUI for burning the iso, everything went fine means, the burning went fine, that doesn't mean the copied blob is perfect, but sounds like the iso contains some optical geometry data to work on optical media only21:20
Apachezyeah thats the odd thing21:39
Apachezhowever filesystem.size isnt modified21:39
ApachezI guess Ill have to test if that somehow affect the output of startup disk creator21:39
Apachezgry: nothing, booting dvd works fine, booting usb dont21:40
Apachezbut using original ubuntu iso works with both dvd and usb on the same box (and same usb drive)21:40
grydid you try to copy to usb first and then modify the one directory which you needed21:45
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gryHi nabblet22:22
codebamhey, does anyone here know how much canonical support costs? for an educational institution22:57
codebamI'm just curious22:57
codebamI want to compare windows 10, chrome os, and ubuntu22:58
codebamfor support costs22:58
OerHeksthe advantage package, not sure if that is per machine or 50..22:59
codebamOerHeks not advantage, that would be for development23:00
codebamI mean the equivalent of windows 10 licensing costs, but for the support portion not the license23:00
codebamlike if a university wanted to license per student for example23:01
sarnoldcodebam: it depends on what you're doing: if you want to install a supported LTS within the "standard support" lifetime of the LTS, the licensing cost is $023:02
OerHeksi think you need to contact canonical, https://ubuntu.com/pricing23:02
sarnoldcodebam: if you want to buy ESM to provide for support *after* the end of standard support, that costs money, and I believe ubuntu advantage is the way to get there23:03
OerHeksfor livepatch/esm, that is free for personal use23:03
sarnoldcodebam: if you'd like commercial support contract on those machines for support tickets and so on, that is also part of ubuntu advantage23:03
codebamoh, so that's still advantage23:03
codebamokay cool23:03
OerHeksDoes this Uni run a mirror yet?23:05
codebamnah we don't. I could try I guess. I'm a student, but I work and know people in our IT dept who would have to set that up23:08
codebamhow much storage would I need. is 5TB enough?23:09
OerHeksit could save bandwidth ..23:09
sarnold5tb's more than enough23:09
codebamokay cool. we don't have ubuntu running, this was so I can show how we're paying $168 per W10 license instead of $25 for ubuntu23:10
sarnoldif you're happy with getting help on irc and askubuntu.com and so on, it could even be $023:11
codebamhmm... is that why universities run mirrors? to save bandwidth?23:11
OerHeksthere should be no reason indeed, even Disney+ is fixed.23:11
sarnoldbut a lot of places really do like having someone to help file bugs and so on23:11
sarnoldcodebam: and faster install / updates etc23:11
OerHekscodebam, yes, and avoiding the situation if the wan is down, things stop.23:12
codebamtrue yeah23:12
codebamoh yeah, makes sense23:12
OerHeksbut costs in bandwidth, sure 1st place23:12
sarnoldcodebam: you could also run squid-deb-proxy to cache the packages that are installed / updated -- it's less work to setup and configure than the mirror, takes far less disk space too, but I think it's less convenient to configure23:12
codebamoh I see cool23:13
codebamI think the main problem with something like this ever succeeding is that I'm the only person who would have any idea how to set something like this up23:15
codebamand I don't get paid enough to even bother suggesting it let alone doing it23:16
codebam50 cents above minimum, if you were wondering23:16
sarnoldcodebam: yeah, it's important to get some kind of buy-in from others for something to become a success23:18
sarnoldcodebam: a small lab off in the corner for CS, math, physics, biology, etc folks might be just the trick..23:18
codebamare the desktop essential licenses per machine or per user?23:18
codebamsarnold problem with that is that it doesn't really save any money, because windows licenses are per user23:19
codebamso it's all or nothing23:19
sarnoldcodebam: those'll be per-machine I think23:19
sarnoldcodebam: ugggh :(23:19
codebammaybe first things first could get the servers migrated from windows to ubuntu haha. no one would go for that though because they'd lose the microsoft AD support23:24
codebamwould probably help with uptime though :shrug:23:24
sarnoldI left windows before AD, so I've not tried it myself, but I think samba can do (some?) AD things23:26
codebamoh LDAP would be for AD23:27
codebamI think?23:27
codebamthe way the ubuntu documentation is set up it says to use k8s. which is probably a good idea anyways23:30
sarnoldkubernetes sure sounds like it's got a lot of neat stuff but it also sounds like a lot of overkill for some uses23:30
codebamyeah true23:31
codebamthat's cool. thanks23:31
ApachezI always forgets, instead of physically removing a newly paritioned usb you can run some command that does similar like partrefresh or such, anyone remember the exact command?23:33
codebamanyone have any suggestions as to how me as a 4th year cs student can suggest this to our IT dept. I work as a level 1 support23:33
Apachezthanks Apachez :)23:34
Apachezdarn... didnt fully work23:34
Apachezstill needed to physically remove the drive to make kernel spot the changes :(23:35
codebamusually fdisk and parted run partprobe automatically don't they?23:35
Apachezbut I use dd to clear the partitions23:35
codebamahh okay23:36
Apachezhandy for the iso9660 onto usb cases23:36
Apachezso I was hoping I could avoid physically remove the drive each time23:36
Apachezgladly I use a short usb extender cable between the box and the drive so I wont wear out the usb contact in the box :)23:36
Apachezif poop hits the fan I will only have to replace this short extender cable23:37
Apachezand in case someone else wonders how you can boot from a usb using virtualbox in ubuntu, https://www.pendrivelinux.com/boot-a-usb-flash-drive-in-virtualbox/ :)23:37

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