DarkTrickeven if an app does not have the focus, selections appear as if they were selected (e.g. thunar) or text-cursors are blinking (e.g. GhostWriter)02:37
DarkTrickIt seems like it is an application-dependend behaviour (?)02:37
DarkTrickIs this so?02:37
DarkTrickShouldn't the windowing system (?) ensure, that these things don't happen?02:37
DarkTrickSorry, maybe this was not the appropriate channel.02:37
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DarkTrickthe last sentence was actually not meant to be here.04:51
Unit193ᗣ ᗣ ᗣ   ᗧ * * * * * *04:54
DarkTrick"Bugreport": I get screen freezes: Nothing I do with the keyboard or mouse has any response. Like all windows, panel, etc is frozen. But I can still move my mouse06:00
DarkTrickThis happens, when I switch applications or click links inside firefox06:01
DarkTrickI don't know how to figure out more details, so I just write it here.06:01
DarkTrickMaybe someone can use this information in some way06:01
DarkTrick(The freezes last for a few seconds. Then everything gets back to normal)06:02
diogenes_DarkTrick, try hw accel in ff.06:06
DarkTrickdiogenes_, ↑06:14
diogenes_DarkTrick, run: about:support06:15
diogenes_features - Compositing what is there? basic?06:16
DarkTrickdiogenes_, not unexpected, but: `about:support: command not found`06:16
diogenes_DarkTrick, in ff :)06:17
DarkTrickdiogenes_, says "basic"06:18
diogenes_DarkTrick, ok now about:config06:19
DarkTrickbut even, if it was firefox, that wouldn't explain the freezes on window switch (per alt-tab)06:19
DarkTrickgl.require-hardware? false06:20
diogenes_well as you said it happens only when you click a link in ff.06:20
DarkTrick"This happens, when I switch applications or click links inside firefox"06:20
diogenes_i will pasebin what to change in about;config06:21
DarkTrickthank you06:21
diogenes_DarkTrick, http://dpaste.com/0SJNY9G06:24
diogenes_after applying those, go to about:profiles > restart normally06:25
diogenes_after it restarts go to about:support see if it changed to opengl06:26
DarkTrickThere are no values included. I guess you meant "true"06:35
DarkTrickbut gfx.canvas.azure.backends is a string....06:35
DarkTrickmy fault06:35
DarkTrickgfx.canvas.azure.accelerated isn't even present06:36
diogenes_create it and set as true.06:37
DarkTrickdid not06:38
DarkTrickg2g now. I'll be back in a few hours.06:44
lovExubuntuhi everyone...10:26
lovExubuntudoes some here play party poker on xubuntu. ?10:27
diogenes_lol, is that an invitation?10:34
lovExubuntuhey diogenes you helpt me yester day10:38
lovExubuntuthanx !!!! so happy hahaha10:38
lovExubuntumy girlfriends laptop is so mutch faster with xubuntu10:39
diogenes_btw you can make it even faster.10:43
lovExubuntui can ?10:47
lovExubuntui also got 2 xubuntu questions...10:47
lovExubuntuwhen she is watching a movie... the screen turns black and she have to give pass word..10:47
lovExubuntui pot everyting on  with energy on never accu power and net power but it still save s power by putting the screen black..10:48
diogenes_lovExubuntu, go to settings > Screensaver > turn off "Enable Screensaver"10:49
lovExubuntuthnx thats it ... it was on and every 5 minutes haha10:50
lovExubuntui believe thats it haha everything works fine now i think i can make party poker to work myself i got a dutch website that says its posible..10:52
DarkTrickdiogenes_, I checked with you pastebin again, but it seems I have everything entered as you say13:34
DarkTrickI still have no opengl13:34
diogenes_DarkTrick, did you restart ff?13:35
DarkTrickbtw: why would the change to hw acceleration probably stop the freezing?13:35
DarkTrickyes, several times13:35
diogenes_DarkTrick, i never said it would stop the freezing, it's just a try.13:35
DarkTrickof course, yes. I'd be interested, why this is the trial you ... well ... would try13:35
DarkTrickThat question is basically just to educate myself13:36
diogenes_DarkTrick, with hw acceleration, it takes a good amount of workload from cpu and transfers it to the gpu so it might be a cause of freezing is that the cpu gets overloaded.13:39
diogenes_hence the try to enable hw accel.13:39
DarkTrickthank you13:40
diogenes_you could also try and see if another browser gets your pc frozen.13:41
hanshevery time i reboot i get this "system error detected" message, how do i get rid of it? https://i.imgur.com/41VtmhY.png16:59
hanshi'm guessing i would get rid of it if i did ld -s /bin/false /usr/bin/update-notifier17:03
EvaristeGaloisthere's another folder that you should empty17:03
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