blackboxswnice powersj thanks for ubuntulog221:24
powersjthat should do it21:24
meenai think the changes that rharper requested are already in.21:33
meena(and smoser approved…)21:33
smoserthat pull request was kinda crazy22:00
smoserending up in like 10 lines of code and 30 of test ;)22:00
powersjOdd_Bloke, fyi I updated rtd to use github and confirmed the build works22:03
powersjit was still pointing at our launchpad url22:04
powersjhttps://cloudinit.readthedocs.io/en/latest/topics/security.html now shows up22:04
Odd_Blokepowersj: Great!22:05
meenaaaaaaaand another one: https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/9322:07
meenanow to find out how to discourage https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-init/+bug/1855170 or document or whatever…22:09
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1855170 in cloud-init "system_info can change the distro" [Undecided,New]22:09
meenaor perhaps just ask Hetzner to remove that damn distro line from their # cloud-config22:09
blackboxswinteresting. meena on that bug, I'd expect that the cloud-platform should not be setting an opinion on what the distro is expected to be from metadata checking the details on that22:23
blackboxswthe "system_info: distro specification is generally expected from the image filesystem"22:24
meenablackboxsw: especially since they allow to override the installation via ISO 🤣22:24
blackboxswif you had cloud-init query --all on the platform that exhibited that info that'd be cool22:24
blackboxswit *should* show all metadata consumed by cloud-init (I think)22:25
blackboxswsudo cloud-init query --all22:25
* blackboxsw doesn't have a heztner account afaik22:25
meenablackboxsw: https://gist.github.com/igalic/e637014696e7f0f8a69023a9fe873e1522:25
meenaignore the userdata22:26
meenacloud-init hasn't gotten that far yet xD22:27
blackboxswnice puppet facts :)22:29
blackboxswanyhow, ok vendor data is what's setting ubuntu as distro potentially?22:29
* blackboxsw needs to figure out a good oneliner to unmime unjson that vendordata content22:30
rharperblackboxsw: we could add a --decode flag to query ?22:41
meenawell, if i query only vendordata, you get something more useful22:41
blackboxswnice paste meena thx22:42
blackboxswyeah I'd expect if you were launching a non-ubuntu instance, vendordata can't set distro: ubuntu that's busted22:43
blackboxswthat sounds like a platform bug22:43
rharperwhat's all in vendor data? user-data can disable vendor data22:44
meenarharper: oh?22:44
meenawait a damn minute… where's the network config?!22:44
meenaoh, under network config22:45
meenaor not…22:47
meenaon my other server, running a very old version of cloud-init, i can query ds.meta_data.network_config22:48
meenabut not on this one :(22:48
meenai wonder why22:49
meenai think i'm gonna have a lot more patching to do22:53
meenasome other time.22:53
meenaGood night folks o/~22:54
chillysurferon a bionic machine, trying to run cloud-tests and getting an error `No storage pool found. Please create a new storage pool`. any thoughts? i ran this example exactly: https://cloudinit.readthedocs.io/en/latest/topics/tests.html#treerun-and-treecollect (the tree_run)23:10
powersjby default we try to use LXD, that certainly sounds like you don't have lxd setup23:12
chillysurferah yeah that's probably it23:12
chillysurferactually looks like lxd pkg is already installed23:12
powersjhave you run lxd init?23:13
blackboxswLxd unit then23:13
blackboxswOops lxd init23:13
chillysurferlooks like that might've done it23:15
chillysurferif i only want to run cloud-tests on azure, do i just comment out the ec2 config in platforms.yaml?23:18
chillysurferactually do i just set --build-platform to azurecloud then?23:19
chillysurferah i bet that's what it is23:19
powersjchillysurfer, that should do it23:19
chillysurferpowersj: nice thanks23:19
powersjwe default the platform to lxd since it is fast and easier to run usually23:19
powersjand doesn't cost money :D23:19
chillysurferi'm going to see if the read_file_or_url regression (that was already fixed) is caught with cloud-tests23:20

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