rud0lfhello... i like my boot listing (nosplash boot option) clean - in the means that there are no errors.. lately it started to display few messages (not necessarily together) Invalid PKCS11 signature - how can i investigate the problem (system is UEFI, secure boot is off)00:23
rud0lfInvalid or Untrusted, i'm not sure00:23
rud0lfwould be signed driver problem?00:23
sarnoldrud0lf: can you pastebin the thing? someone may be able to suggest what needs changing00:24
rud0lfi'm saying what i have read in boot... do i need journalctl -xe or something?00:25
sarnoldyeah, look there first, if it's not there poke around in /var/log/ .. it may or may not be written in there, too00:25
rud0lfNVRM: loading NVIDIA UNIX x86_64 Kernel Module  430.50  Thu Sep  5 22:36:31 CDT 2019 -> PKCS#7 signature not signed with a trusted key00:27
rud0lfthat's one of the problems00:27
rud0lf(i ask before google hunting) can i add my own certificate to the list of trusted certs and sign drivers for secure boot?00:28
rud0lfnvm the last line, found the perfect solution00:30
rud0lfand also solution for all i asked i think - create own certificate, sign drivers, and import custom certificate by UEFI menu00:31
rud0lfif anyone had ever similar problem - https://ubuntu.com/blog/how-to-sign-things-for-secure-boot00:31
sarnoldoh nice00:32
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catalyst_OerHeks: Hi01:52
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Kon-Is there a list of 32-bit libraries that have been greenlit for inclusion in 20.04?02:15
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OerHeksKon-, perhaps there is, seek support in #ubuntu+1 for now, start https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/focal/i386 and https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/focal02:21
ubottuUbuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa) will be the 32nd release of Ubuntu, scheduled for April 2020 ( https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FocalFossa/ReleaseSchedule ). It will be a long-term support release. Join #ubuntu+1 for support and questions.02:21
OerHeks3654 results .. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/focal/i386?text=.02:21
Bashing-omKon-: See too: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=32-bit-Ubuntu-20.04-LTS-Plans02:22
Kon-Thanks for that02:26
fairuzGood day people02:57
fairuzI've seen this line "CRON[20973]: (root) CMD (  [ -x /usr/lib/php/sessionclean ] && if [ ! -d /run/systemd/system ]; then /usr/lib/php/sessionclean; fi)" in my syslog, I wonder what does it do? and how it affect my logged in users03:02
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leftyfbfairuz: it's for php sessions. Not users.03:36
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callipyg0usI'm *attempting* to run Ubuntu and Unity on a touch device04:27
callipyg0usA "slate" computer04:27
callipyg0usbut the touchscreen becomes unresponsive after a few minutes of using it04:27
callipyg0usthough plugging in an external keyboard, seems fine then04:28
callipyg0ussame problem in gnome3 and other Linux'es04:29
callipyg0ustouchscreen becomes unresponsive04:29
sarnoldweird :/04:31
callipyg0usmaybe it's an issue with the hardware04:31
callipyg0usI'll see what it's like in Windows04:31
sarnoldthat's a lot of area to cover.. hardware? software? which program if software?04:31
sarnoldah good if you've got another os you can try that's a good start04:32
callipyg0usI'll give it a go04:35
harisaminhi there04:59
harisamini currently don't have a live cd/usb and i'm trying to fix a parittion of unallocated psace and resize my current parittion04:59
harisamineveyrthing i'm reading is saying there04:59
harisaminis on way to resize the current parittion to take the unallocated parition's space without using a live cd/usb05:00
harisamini guess i'm wondering if there's a solution to do it without a live cd/usb05:00
Bashing-omharisamin: Uh huh -no can operate on a partition whos file system is in use - hence the liveUSB or another installed operating system.05:02
k_szeDoes anybody know how to get vice actually working on ubuntu?05:49
callipygoushmm yeha, dunno what's going on with the touchscreen "slate"05:50
callipygouswindows 7 seemed ok05:50
callipygousdidn't glitch on me05:50
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callipygousbest operating system for a SAMSUNG Slate 7?06:20
spitziHello, using Ubuntu 16.04. I have several machines, one of which exports an NFS share. I successfully mounted the share on one of the other machines, but for the rest, the mount hangs and timeouts on "mount.nfs: trying text-based options". Googling doesn't help, any advice?08:38
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spitziAh, obviously, it was a firewall block09:05
gordonjcpis there a way in "normal" Ubuntu to disconnect wifi without turning off wifi?09:20
gordonjcpeither that, or leave it connected but prioritise the 4G adaptor over wifi09:21
jeremy31gordonjcp: open the Ubuntu Software program and search for disconnect wifi09:22
zambai have issues getting output through my nvidia card when connected through a KVM system.. i see the screen connected: "Lenovo Group Limited LEN P27q-10 (DFP-0): connected" but no output09:23
zambaif i connect a screen locally, then i get image: "Samsung SyncMaster (DFP-0): connected"09:23
zambaanyone making any sense of that?09:24
zambacould it be that the mode is set wrong? how can i override that?09:24
gordonjcpjeremy31: I understand those words individually but not the actual sentence09:25
jeremy31gordonjcp: http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2018/08/add-disconnect-wifi-option-ubuntu-18-04/09:25
winternewtHi, I was in here asking about long stutters in some applications (firefox, visual studio code, keepassxc) that started happening after I upgraded to 19.10, if I run i3 as window manager. Well I figured out a workaround: if I run compton (a standalone compositing manager) the stutters go away. So it appears to have something to do with communication with the window manager and expectations of support09:26
winternewtfor compositing?09:26
gordonjcpjeremy31: that doesn't seem to show up in 19.1009:27
winternewtanyhow, I'm not going to dwell much on it for now as I have work to do, but it could be a useful workaround for others and perhaps a clue as to where the problem is.09:27
manwhitnonamevolume group vg0 not found on boot how to fix it09:29
gordonjcpmeh, once again Gnome3 trying to be too clever and failing09:29
manwhitnonameanybody has hint?09:29
gordonjcpmanwhitnoname: have you actually got lvm working in your kernel?09:30
manwhitnonamewell in rescue mode i can mount it09:31
manwhitnonamei see all pvs and vgs but when i reboot i get that09:32
manwhitnonameubuntu 18.0409:33
glachasHi everyone, I want to create desktop shortcut for which I created .desktop file in the same directory where the main binary is. Binary imports a file(it is successful) which imports another file(import error that is unable to locate the file). But when I am running the binary alone it is working fine. What could go wrong?09:34
glachasI am using ubuntu 18.0409:34
glachasIf I am placing the binary in /usr/share/applications, error is same09:36
AnthaasHi all - something on my machine is creating volumes. I have $HOME/disk, $HOME/disk1, and $HOME/disk2 - how can I find out what is doing it?09:44
AnthaasThey are 93MB, 57MB, and 24MB respectively.09:45
AnthaasOops - a mistake. They are mounted at /media09:47
geirhagnome lists all the filesystems it finds, that are not listed in /etc/fstab09:58
geirhaif you click on them, they get mounted under /media09:58
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paul98trying to do do-release-upgrade to go from 14 to 18, it says I need to install all avaialble update sofr your release before pugrading, when I run apt update, it lists 424 packages which not to upgrade / The following packages have been kept back:10:50
paul98can I forxe it to install this updates?10:50
Cheezyou can, dist-upgrade - but it's advisable to understand what's being kept back and why first. usually it means it has to install new dependencies or remove or upgrade existing ones.10:54
paul98well I tried to run it before and it erroed out, I can't remember what the error was though so just trying to get back on thi10:54
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paul98i run dist-upgrade seems ok, will need reboot see what it does, thanks Cheez11:06
imihi is there a way to check PDF signatures in linux? is there a way to sign PDFs in linux?11:10
paul98do i need to worry "No valid sources.list entry found11:14
paul98While scanning your repository information no entry about disco could11:14
paul98be found.11:14
EriC^^paul98: what does 'cat /etc/apt/sources.list | nc termbin.com 9999' give?11:17
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EriC^^paul98: where do you get that error11:23
paul98when running sudo do-release-upgrade11:24
EriC^^paul98: what's your current version? cat /etc/issue11:26
paul98Ubuntu 19.04 \n \l11:26
paul98i'll leave it11:27
paul98I thought it hadn't updated11:27
paul98I was on 16.04, wanted to go to 18.04 had bit issues run apt dist-upgrade (I guess this works the same as do-release-upgrade just more agressive11:28
paul98although gnome is horrible :(11:28
callipygousI'm having issues with the touchscreen on this "slate" samsung going unresponsive after about 15 minutes or so of use....11:28
callipygous....seems to not happen in windows...but happens in Unity and Gnome environments on Ubuntu and OpenSUSE11:29
callipygouswow, I haven't used windows ... since '02 til now.. it just, installs updates, doesn't ask...11:36
callipygousI think I'll give this computer back11:37
paul98you can turn that option off to install updates by default11:44
callipygousI don't think I'll even use windows11:45
callipygousIt can probably do what I want but...11:45
Cheezsame with most oses really, osx, macos, android, windows, all update by default without asking because when they ask, no one does it11:45
paul98no one likes doing updates11:46
paul98will unity work on 19.04 ?11:46
callipygousI'm pretty sure I have it working on 19.0411:46
callipygousUnless I'm running 18.xx11:47
callipygouswant me to check?11:47
paul98be nice11:47
paul98before i commit11:47
paul98i just don't like gnome :(11:47
callipygoushow do I tell?11:49
callipygouswhat version11:49
callipygousuname -a doesn't give the version of Ubuntu11:49
paul98cat /etc/release11:49
callipygousno such file here11:51
paul98my bad /etc/lsb-release11:51
callipygousIt says 19.1011:52
paul98or /etc/os-release11:52
paul98that will do me11:52
callipygousand Unity is running fine11:52
paul98:) thanks11:52
escanorhi i cannot open my terminal in ubuntu12:19
escanoronly i get option of xterminal12:19
tiggster79escanor: install another terminal from the software centre12:20
tiggster79can you open it?12:26
escanorBUt it comes with a message that /opt/..some file setup.bash not found12:27
tiggster79sounds like you have something screwy going on besides just your previous terminal not launching12:27
escanorAnd one more issue i have installed conda python and have env base12:28
escanormy console always opens in env enviroment by default12:28
escanortiggster79: yep don't know whats coming next12:29
escanorThe pc running fine but don't know what will happen when i give a restart12:30
escanorIs there any tool to check the same?12:32
escanorOr how can i restore the system to its previous state without deleting any file12:32
BluesKajHowdy folks13:19
marcoagpintoBluesKaj! Hello!13:26
BluesKajhi marcoagpinto13:26
TuorHi, why does the new ubuntu server installer write 0 for all partitions in the /etc/fstab?13:43
rbasakTuor: could you pastebin an example please?13:44
Tuorfstab: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/2hdn7GJkB2/13:46
Tuorrbasak: /etc/fstab https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/2hdn7GJkB2/13:47
rbasakTuor: thanks. Sorry, I'm doing multiple things at once. I asked a colleague if it's correct.14:00
rbasakTuor: ah: https://bugs.launchpad.net/subiquity/+bug/178535414:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1785354 in subiquity "/etc/fstab: fs_passno is 0 for all file systems" [Medium,Triaged]14:00
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adrian_1908Anyone know where I'd find  https://github.com/systemd/systemd/blob/master/sysctl.d/50-default.conf  on my system? I found /usr/lib/sysctl.d/50-default.conf, but that's a file with only 2 active commands. Using (X)ubuntu 19.1014:42
Tuorrbasak: thx!14:42
adrian_1908Found it, files in /etc/sysctl.d/ contain parts of these commands, so they're not in a single 50-default.conf file. I had looked there first of course, but only for 50-default.conf.14:46
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ceed^I got a Thinkpad X1 Carbon Gen 7 and going to install Ubuntu now. It's a work machine but without data that isn't constantly backed up. I would really like to install with ZFS but it says "experimental".14:57
ceed^How experimental is it?14:57
lotuspsychje_!zfs | ceed^14:58
ubottuceed^: For information concerning ZFS and Ubuntu, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZFS14:58
ceed^lotuspsychje_: I've read that. I just wonder if people use it on computers for every day use. I remember when other features were launched as experimental but the chance of problems were minimal.15:01
lotuspsychje_ceed^: you could try bringing up the discussion into #ubuntu-discuss if you like15:02
ceed^lotuspsychje_: Good idea, thanks. May fit better there :)15:03
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ploujI'm experincing a problem with starting my VPN NM connection in Eoan. journalctl says "Failed to request VPN secrets #3: No agents were available for this request." Anyone know how to debug whether an agent is running or not? What agent is it expecting in the first place? I've just rebooted the machine so it should be "fresh'16:09
ploujIt's a pretty recent Eoan install, but maybe there's some config problem that's causing the required secrets agent fromt starting?16:10
ploujAlso, I'm pretty sure my secret is stored in the xmlconfig entry of the [vpn-secrets] section of my /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/vpn-conn which makes me wonder why does NM need to talk to a secrets agent if it can get it from its own config.16:14
ploujEh, looks like this is only a problem if doing 'nmcli connection up vpn-conn'. Not a problem when starting the VPN via the GUI16:19
jwashhi everyone, i have this tv: https://www.lg.com/us/tvs/lg-47LN5750-led-tv hooked up to my computer with 18.04. I can't get the refresh rate to 120hz like the tv specs, it's currently at 60hz. the mouse response on the tv is sluggish. should i be able to specify 120hz in the display manager?\16:40
elias_aHow do I check what media my DVD writer supports?16:50
leftyfbelias_a: read the documentation on your DVD writer16:51
elias_aI remember there is a command line tool but cannot recall the name.16:51
elias_aleftyfb: No papers left. :/16:51
leftyfbelias_a: google for the model#?16:52
ioriaelias_a, maybe is 'wodim', not sure17:02
ioriaelias_a, or 'dvd+rw-mediainfo'17:06
elias_acat /proc/sys/dev/cdrom/info seems to give the necessary information :)17:08
elias_aioria: dvd+rw-mediainfo gives information about a medium. I need information about the optical device.17:10
ioriaelias_a, i misread 'what media my DVD writer supports'17:10
BluesKajjwash,  some other setting is slowing down your mouse response, I'm using 60Hz on my samsung led tv and there's nothing sluggish about the mouse response17:12
jwashBluesKaj, i just switch from a samsung 40" to the lg 47"17:12
jwashwas fine with the samsung17:12
legreffier  /3917:13
BluesKajjwash,  using hdmi ?17:14
jwashyep, same cable17:14
JonelethIrenicuswhen using geary i cant remove an email added from gnome online accounts17:17
BluesKajdoes LG have different labels on the HDMI inputsn like game, cable/sat, blu-ray etc?17:17
JonelethIrenicusthe thing is they assume my Google account is also a gmail account17:17
JonelethIrenicusit isn't17:18
JonelethIrenicuswhat can i do?17:18
mousesJonelethIrenicus: google account = gmail account17:20
mousesthey are one and the same17:20
elias_amouses: Are they? I have no gmail attached to my google account.17:21
mouseselias_a: they are - if you visit mail.google.com and login and all17:22
elias_amouses: No they are not. I just checked.17:22
elias_amouses: It is fully possible to have a google account without enabling gmail.17:23
mousesright, but even if not enabled you still 'have it' --> try it.  Create a google account 'without gmail' and send mail to that address.  Then log into gmail.17:23
mousesat least that's how it used to be, it's a google service though so they might have changed things *shrug*17:24
elias_amouses: See https://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Google-Account-Without-Gmail17:24
elias_amouses: I do _not_ want to have gmail enabled. I try to use as little google surveillance capitalist services as possible. :)17:25
mouseselias_a: yeah, I just noticed that myself - afaik unless they changed anything, you still 'have gmail' though -> you just are not accessing it17:25
OerHeksso, geary is an email client, you open google accounts, without email..17:25
elias_amouses: What exactly do you mean by "Create a google account 'without gmail' and send mail to that address.17:28
leftyfbPlease keep on topic folks. Feel free to chat in #ubuntu-offtopic17:29
mouseselias_a: not really on topic, so not too worried about it :)17:30
ColdKeyboardsarnold: 2.5+ days and counting without crashing!17:36
shibbolethrunning dhclient manually on a wired interface produces a warning: "cmp: EOF on /tmp/tmp.$foo which is empty"17:36
shibbolethbionic current, kernels 4.15, 5.317:36
shibbolethwhy is dhclient trying to read or do cmp on this non-existent file?17:37
shibbolethstarted happening after security updates last week17:38
ioriashibboleth, fresh install or upgrade from xenial 16.04 ?17:39
shibbolethalso, $foo changes every boot17:39
ioriashibboleth, there was a bug report but about an upgarde : https://www.google.com/search?client=ubuntu&hs=KSf&channel=fs&ei=sJHqXe6QGMXBgQa51J-QCw&q=dhclient+cmp%3A+EOF+on+%2Ftmp%2Ftmp.%24foo&oq=dhclient+cmp%3A+EOF+on+%2Ftmp%2Ftmp.%24foo&gs_l=psy-ab.3...34261.36050..36339...0.2..0.138.1040.0j9......0....1..gws-wiz.......0i71.2pxda1jNduU&ved=0ahUKEwjuqKfsx6HmAhXFYMAKHTnqB7IQ4dUDCAo&uact=517:40
ioriasorry, shibboleth https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/systemd/+bug/180518317:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1805183 in systemd (Ubuntu Eoan) "systemd-resolved constantly restarts on Bionic upgraded from Xenial" [Undecided,Fix committed]17:40
icfunkis there proper to create thunar archive plugin for peazip17:41
icfunk I tried to edit "file-roller.tap" it work but in proper way creating archive for multiple files only make for one file17:41
shibbolethso, systemd. again?17:44
shibbolethi suppose there's an impending update to it in the works, re the recent reverse path filtering brouhaha?17:45
leftyfbshibboleth: try #ubuntu-security17:45
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PeGaSuShi folks. quick question: does lingering needs admin permissions to be enabled or any user can do `loginctl enable-linger $USER`?18:01
wadHey guys. Do you use fail2ban? I've been using it for a long time, but I noticed recently that it seems like it hasn't been updated in a few years. Is there a better tool for this sort of thing?18:07
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pi0i keep getting this error message when my system starts were can i view the logs for this? https://imgur.com/a/JWsYRxv18:11
sliptteeshi guys. I have an crazy question. I can change grub legacy for grub UEFI without unistall?18:32
sliptteesreinstal system?18:32
shibbolethdepends on whether the drive is mbr- or gpt-formatted19:30
benjaomingDoes anyone recall malicious packages ever in Debian/Ubuntu repos? I'm thinking that the question "Has malware ever been discovered in the Debian software repositories?" hasn't been answered for >4 years https://www.quora.com/Has-malware-ever-been-discovered-in-the-Debian-software-repositories19:31
shibbolethyet, you'd have to try really hard to be in a position where this is a practical option19:31
shibbolethopenssl for instance19:32
benjaomingshibboleth: OpenSSL was an upstream vulnerability, not a clearly malicious/malware package. You mean Heartbleed, right?19:34
mguywad: what needs updating?19:34
shibbolethnah, more how the deb package couldn't be trusted for key generation :)19:35
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shibbolethbenjaoming, search for regressions. some are mistakes, others could be someone trying to pull a fast one19:37
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wadmguy: nothing that I know of. I guess they could "release" it, with a 1.0 version.19:56
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dellhemHi. How do I manipulate a date stored in a variable? Can I do that with "date"?20:25
HelenahI'm trying to compile st but I get Package fontconfig was not found in the pkg-config search path.20:26
ioriaHelenah, is libfontconfig1-dev installed ?20:31
HelenahI can't find any information on where to get X11/Xatom.h from20:35
HelenahI think I found the issue20:39
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Jondhoff59I'm trying to install over PXE using a preseed file, but the installer fails saying tasksel not found (/var/log/syslog). If I skip and finish the installation, I can apt install tasksel and use it fine. Any ideas?21:10
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douglasWhere's the best place to download ubuntu? $ wget https://releases.ubuntu.com/19.10/ubuntu-19.10-desktop-amd64.iso # is failing22:35
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OerHekswget http://releases.ubuntu.com/19.10/ubuntu-19.10-desktop-amd64.iso22:45
OerHekswithout https22:45
d0tsun7how should i best uninstall and reinstall my nivdia 390 drivers23:10
d0tsun7i switched from a geforce gtx 2070 to a geforce gs 7900. after the switch i got a lot of "nvidiapersistenced" errors flooding my logs, so i renamed /lib/udev/rules.d/71-nvidia.rules to 71-nvidia.rules.bak and it stopped the persistenced error. But now when i launch my kvm guest windows 10 machine my ubuntu host crashes. it still  runs my guest, but it full on crashes23:12
d0tsun7thats a geforce gtx 1070* not 207023:12
d0tsun7(i moved the 1070 to a vfio gpu passthrough to my windows 10 machine)23:12
OerHeksinteresting windows issue..23:13
OerHeks\reinstall windows, yes.23:13
d0tsun7the windows machine runs fine. it's my ubuntu host machine with the geforce gs 7900 that crashes23:13
d0tsun7it's the ubuntu machine i'm needing to fix23:13
OerHekssure, reinstall 390 could fix it.23:14
d0tsun7so yeah -- im just looking for the best procedure to wipe that baby clean and reinstall with sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall maybe23:26
OerHeksinstall --reinstall23:26
d0tsun7will the reinstall switch take for ubuntu-drivers autoinstall --reinstall23:27
OerHeksi think with ubuntu-drivers you need to return to nouveau first, reboot, and run autoinstall23:30
sparrMy laptop is currently in a state where I can move the mouse and the cursor changes as I hover over things it should change for, but it responds to no keyboard input or mouse click/wh23:37
sparreel events, except for ctrl+alt+F# to change to a virtual console which is where I'm chatting from now23:38
sparrbefore I reboot, is there anything I should try to resolve or diagnose the problem?23:38
sparrWhen I ctrl+alt+F1 back to the GUI I am prompted to enter my password to unlock the session, and that works normally, unlocking back to the same windows I was looking at before (web browser and text editor, chrome and sublime text if that might matter)23:39
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nshirelaptophowdo i list serial devices in terminal?23:44
OerHeks'devices' as in clients/hardware, or ports?23:50
OerHeksdmesg | grep tty # gives ports23:50

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