AdianAntillesHey there. Is there a channel on the freenode server for questions about website hosting, website maintenance or suchalike? I am having trouble with a site.17:51
OvenWerksAdianAntilles: That is kind of vague. Do you mean how to set up a website? do you mean you found a website with a problem? Is it a freenode website?17:54
AdianAntillesNo, its a website some friends are hosting. We're trying to set up https, but there is a ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR when some people visit that site. I kinda exprected an self-issued cert error, but this error is different and has only user-site workarounds, it seems.17:56
OvenWerksAdianAntilles: weird There is on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList no channel listed for server.17:59
OvenWerksThere is #ubuntu-server18:00
OvenWerksand #ubuntu-stack18:00
OvenWerksBoth of these assume you are running ubuntu-server or a server on a ubuntu base18:01
OvenWerksbecause it will be based on the webservers and software that come with ubuntu18:02
AdianAntillesOh, okay, that isn't the case, afaik. I try to find another irc server then. Thanks for your help :-)18:07

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