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burneris there a way to use the super key to open the whisker menu in 19.10?06:17
burnerer... in a sane way that on keyup instead of keydown so winkey can be bound to other things of course... i assume not, thought I'd check to see if anyone had some special hacksauce06:20
diogenes_burner, in keyboard shortcuts, xfce4-popup-whiskermenu set to Super_L.06:22
burneryeah kinda, that does the problem of capturing the keypress instead of on the up, this means it stop super+d and super+r and super+up etc from working... I think I figured out my hack though, super+x is the powermenu in Win10, I just bound xfce4-popup-whiskermenu to it and set super+i to xfce4-settings-manager to feel more Redmondy for my Windowsy friends06:23
burnershouldn't say it stops them from working it means you popup a menu as well as the other action. it's a little annoying and not like other desktops.06:24
iwasframedhi everybody12:43
iwasframedI got a panel at the bottom, there I have a whisker menu. I want to open it by clicking Windows Button, how could I do that?12:46
iwasframedFound the answer12:48
xubuntu3wpowerdiogenes u there?13:08
xubuntu3wpowerguys i got a question13:09
xubuntu3wpoweri want to install flash13:09
xubuntu3wpoweri got xubuntu13:09
xubuntu3wpowerdo i have to install13:10
diogenes_xubuntu3wpower, here: https://linoxide.com/linux-how-to/install-adobe-flash-player-linux-terminal/13:11
xubuntu3wpowersorry long time i go i used linux and it was mint not xubuntu13:15
xubuntu3wpoweri go to terminal and put in those 2 lines ?13:15
xubuntu3wpoweri frist have to make it sudo or sudo root :)  sorry really long time :)13:18
diogenes_xubuntu3wpower, everything is on that link :)13:19
diogenes_nothing complicated.13:19
xubuntu3wpowerhahaha it was a little because i forgot hou to make the command line but its clear now flash is installed13:23
xubuntu3wpowertthnx again13:23
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xubuntupowerdiogenes are you bizzy ?13:29
diogenes_xubuntupower, kinda.13:30
diogenes_but this should not stop you to ask the question, here are 115 people always eager to help.13:31
xubuntupoweryeah.. you told me yesterday i might be able to make this laptop a little faster... i dont know if thats the right question tot ask all the other people... but sorry mayb some other time..13:33
m4d-d0x0 /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER m4d-d0x0 cqogkkndowih14:27
m4d-d0x0whats up14:27
xubuntupowerhi guys14:32
xubuntupowercan somebody help me installing wine,,,14:32
xubuntupoweri allready installed in in my terminal.. cant find it :(14:32
jarnos19.10 did something weird. Whole desktop was suddently zoomed out so that it does not fit to screen at once, but I can pan it. How do you get things back to normal?20:37
jarnosIt is something with the compositor. If I disabled it or re-enabled it, display looks correctly.20:41
brainwashjarnos: https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1112121:14
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 11121 in Settings "xfwm4-4.11 "ALT+mouse wheel" zoom feature breaks other applications and should be an option in window manager tweaks settings" [Normal,Assigned]21:14
jarnosbrainwash, thanks21:20
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