HokarPokarHey guys. I have been trying to get my ubuntu 18.04 LTS to detect a second display. I had been using that display for about 2 months now but just 2 days ago, it stopped detecting the display. I know this is developer's channel. I was wondering if anyone can help me or point me to the right resources. If anyone is willign to help me out, I can share02:37
HokarPokarinformation about my graphics card and drivers/02:37
HokarPokarI'm asking politely without trying to spam the channel02:37
alkisgHi, the following Ubuntu-specific packages should be removed from the archive for Focal: ltsp-cluster-*, python-ltsp03:59
alkisgThey've been unmaintained and not runnable for ages, and now with the new LTSP19 in Focal they're completely irrelevant.03:59
alkisgQuestion, where would I report that? Should I file a bug in launchpad against each one of those 9 packages?03:59
rbasakalkisg: file a single bug, add a bug task for each source package that needs removing, and subscribe ~ubuntu-archive please.09:46
alkisgrbasak: file the bug under which package?09:46
rbasakalkisg: any one of the source packages involved09:46
alkisgThank you09:46
rbasakalkisg: then add tasks for the other source packages09:47
rbasakBinaries not built from any source will be batch detected and removed by archive admins as part of the release process09:47
alkisgrbasak: I'm not sure I have enough rights to create "bug tasks", is putting them to the "affects list" similar? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ltsp-cluster-accountmanager/+bug/185552509:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1855525 in ltsp-cluster-control (Ubuntu) "Remove unmaintained ltsp-cluster-* packages" [Undecided,New]09:52
rbasakalkisg: yes that's correct - we call those bug tasks09:54
alkisgOK ty continuing then :)09:54
* rbasak disappears09:55
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alekblankI was thinking. Has it ever been brought up, maybe instead of using the phone as the desktop entirely, just combining the apps, and data on to an already running computer? Then later on trying to work on stand alone solutions.13:23
alekblankSo all the apps and data you have on the phone would apear and be runnable on the desktop13:24
kanashiroLocutusOfBorg, ruby-riddle fails because of a sphinxsearch bug, the current version does not support MySQL 8 clients14:23
kanashiroI have patches to fix them and I am looking for sponsors :)14:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1855475 in ruby-riddle (Ubuntu) "autopkgtest regression triggered by ruby-defaults/1:2.5.2" [Undecided,New]14:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1855468 in sphinxsearch (Ubuntu) "Version 2.2.11 does not support MySQL 8 clients" [Undecided,New]14:23
kanashiroin Debian ruby-riddle works fine because the default mysql server is mariadb14:24
kanashiroah since you synced my upload from Debian I need to update my ruby-riddle patch14:27
LocutusOfBorgkanashiro, wrt sphinxsearch, please open a bug with patch in debian...14:56
kanashiroLocutusOfBorg, in debian is not needed, it just works fine14:57
LocutusOfBorgok, but Debian might also use mysql8 if they wants14:57
LocutusOfBorgan user might change the backend and recompile on his own machine14:57
kanashirook, fair enough, I'll file a bug report14:58
LocutusOfBorgyour patch against ruby-riddle doesn't apply anymore, lets try to merge it14:59
kanashiroI am uploading an updated debdiff14:59
LocutusOfBorgack thanks15:00
LocutusOfBorgbtw, I don't think this is usually worth an upload, because meh, it just needs a no-change rebuild15:01
LocutusOfBorgbut wilco15:01
LocutusOfBorgbtw, if you want to provide me a sphinxsearch updated Debian package, with your patch and the other bugs with patches fixed (e.g. watch file, cross-builds and so on) I can upload in Debian as NMU15:02
kanashiroyeah, I added that version constraint just to make sure it is built agains the right sphinxsearch version15:02
kanashirothanks for the offering LocutusOfBorg, I might prepare something but I don't need to bother you this time because I have upload rights in Debian15:05
kanashirobut I should work on sphinxsearch in the Debian side on Monday (no more time today and might not have it tomorrow)15:12
kanashiroand thanks LocutusOfBorg for sponsoring those patches, it will let ruby-defaults migrate to the release pocket15:12
LocutusOfBorgthanks to you for the nice work!15:15

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