TwistedBlizzardHi all, I'm going to be building a general purpose home server and was wondering which (if either) of these would be a good fit: https://ibb.co/HtmsFvfhttps://ibb.co/1TY90Fv18:20
TwistedBlizzardSorry, https://ibb.co/HtmsFvf https://ibb.co/1TY90Fv18:21
compdocTwistedBlizzard, the one with the X566718:44
TwistedBlizzardcompdoc, Cheers! May I ask why?18:46
compdocnewer chip, and faster18:46
TwistedBlizzardOk, thanks once again - It is dual 5570 - I'm mostly planning on running storage and domain stuff so I thought the extra cores might be worth the trade-off18:49
compdocdidnt see the dual cpu part. if the number of core are important then get that18:51
compdocare they both dual cpu?18:51
TwistedBlizzardThe 5667 has a dual cpu option for about 10% price increase18:56
CarlFKI want to have an ssh port forward from A to B, but I don't want A to have a shell on B.  I remember something like shell=/bin/true - anyone know what I am talking about?22:10

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