Phruishow can i remove snap from my system?00:30
OerHeksone could stop snapd and remove it.. but why?00:34
PhruisOerHeks, it might seem silly but many people have reported a bug to canonical about the snap folder showing up in the home directory but they wont fix it00:35
Phruisto me it is just a sign of their level of attention to detail00:35
OerHeksindeed, it is no bug.00:35
Phruisit really is to many people though00:36
Phruisthe home folder if not a dot file is for the user00:36
OerHeksno, you are the 2nd one i hear about it.00:36
gehnwhat's the difference between ~/.config and ~/.local00:37
Phruislook at the bug report like 800+00:37
OerHeksa single directory where user data is stored, defaulting to ~/.local/share; https://askubuntu.com/questions/14535/whats-the-local-folder-for-in-my-home-directory00:38
PhruisOerHeks, sir no one is ever going to use that folder00:38
OerHeksPhruis, sure there are, if you use confinement the data will stay in those snap folders.00:40
OerHekslike that ~/.local/share, not in your home messing up. pretty neat00:41
PhruisI think dot files are fine i am just saying a folder called "snap" that is lower case and doesn't match the other folders and has files most likely MOST users will never touch is out of place and doesn't make logical sense00:42
entrerihello, what is the best way to create a user and give him same privileges as root, but without sudo? What were01:00
entreripeople doing without sudo came around?01:00
entreribefore sudo came around**01:01
OerHeksi guess that would be a terrible idea01:01
entreriwhat were people doing before sudo?01:02
OerHeksdunno, clicking windows or ios?01:02
rommelentreri, in gentoo as user su - but there isnt sudo by default as in ubuntu. but you can sudo su if you need the # for extended time in term01:08
OerHekstor the terminal session *only*: sudo -i # would be the ubuntu way01:13
OerHeksbut granting no sudo use to users, meh..01:13
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo01:16
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !pkexec (for older releases: !gksu and !kdesudo). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo01:16
Phruisi tried to uninstall chromium with snap and it is trying to "save" it for me or something and it consumed my entire root partition01:18
Phruisi have 0 bytes now01:18
Phruisso now it wont remove it01:19
Phruishow retarded is this thing?01:19
Phruissnap is so messed up even people writing articles about how they have to force it not to retain backups01:24
OerHeksinteresting that you are still here, Phruis .. oh ofcourse, it is on an other machine01:27
OerHeksis there any support question in there?01:28
Phruiswell sir I am clearly having an issue removing chromium and I have to search on the internet to remove it01:28
Phruisit says it MUST be set between 2 and 2001:29
Phruiswhy do I need 2 revisions of a snap?01:29
OerHeks1 more than kernels .. i guess it is by design, though large snaps can be an issue01:31
Phruisin my var/log directory what are .journal files?01:38
robertparkerxHow do I `sudo apt install curl php-cli php-mbstring git unzip` for php 7.3 ? It wants to install 7.2 packages. I have the PPA.01:55
milkshakerobertparkerx: by adding 7.301:56
milkshakeguess its php7.3-cli01:56
robertparkerxlol I'm sorry01:57
robertparkerxmilkshake how do you store a hash as a shell variable01:59
milkshakejust like how you create a variable02:00
robertparkerx$hash = a5c698ffe4b8e849a443b120cd5ba38043260d5c4023dbf93e1558871f1f07f58274fc6f4c93bcfd858c6bd0775cd8d1; ?02:01
milkshakeyou only need $ when you want to call it02:02
robertparkerxNice thank you a lot!02:04
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HokarPokarHey guys. I have been facing issue with detecting second HDMI display from ubuntu 18.04 LTS for sometime now. It just stopped working out of the blue. I have taken out time to read solutions posted on stackoverflow and askubuntu before asking it here. Without being too verbose, I want to mention that I don't see the second display on arandr/xrandr.02:23
HokarPokarI have uninstalled the previouly installed nvidia drivers. I should be running nouveau driver now. Please help me find a solution02:23
HokarPokarAnd, I know I haven't shared the output of lspci and lshw. But if you think you can help me, I  will share the output of those commands as well.02:23
HokarPokarI have already tried running sudo X -configure but it comes back with a seg fault. I can share the stack if anyone wants to look at it. I have tested my display with another laptop, The display works just fine and shouldn't be the casue of the problem02:25
akemhpOn my setup, HDMI screen is sometimes only detected at login screen, when i turn the screen on and wait a bit.02:25
HokarPokarakemhp: It doesn't detect the screen for me. The screen goes into power saving mode and stays that way02:26
akemhpHokarPokar, Was it Ubuntu on the other laptop?02:26
akkPlease don't be insulted by the question, but have you tried a different cable?02:27
HokarPokarakemhp: No. The other laptop was running windows. But to add, I have been using this screen for over 2 months now with the ubuntu 18.04 LTSas well02:27
akkNot being detected by xrandr makes me think there's something more serious than just X config going on.02:27
HokarPokarIt was just 2 days before today that it stopped detecting the display02:27
HokarPokarakk: Is it normal if lspci shows my nvidia card as 3D controller and not VGA controller. I see that only Intel shows up as a VGA compattible controller02:29
akkHokarPokar: Sorry, I wouldn't know, have 0 experience with nvidia. But with nvidia there could always be some kind of weird driver issue involved.02:30
akemhpHokarPokar, Because you have an optimus laptop which has both Intel and Nvidia.02:30
akemhpNvidia drivers are prefered on this kind of laptops, i would reinstall them.02:31
HokarPokarakemhp: Well, I can give it another shot. Before doing that, I just had another question. I read up some posts which advise to make an edit like "nouveau.modeset=0" during boot. What does that do ? Do I need to do that ?02:32
akemhpHokarPokar, I think it's a kernel internal parameter to change the behavior of how the graphics stuff are handled.02:34
akemhpIn a normal situation you shouldn't have to add boot parameters like that OFC.02:37
Bashing-omHokarPokar: Make sure you are clean prior to re-installing the Nvidia driver. ls -al /etc/X11/xorg.conf ; ls -al /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d ; dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia .02:38
Bashing-omHokarPokar: Also efi system ? Then too disable secure boot in bios.02:40
HokarPokarBashing-om. I don't have the xorg.conf in /etc/X11. I see a bunch of files in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d and dpkg -l returns a bunch of libnvidia libraries that I installed for tensorflow. Should I be concerned about this ?02:41
HokarPokarBashing-om akk akemhp_ I can't believe disabling secure boot fixed it. Thank you Bashing-om. While I'm going to look up why it fixed the issue, can you add your 2 cents as well ?02:49
Bashing-omHokarPokar: :D the nvidia driver is 3rd party software - secure boot is doing its job :)02:57
lamar_123where can i get the Latest News about 20.04? Whether there is a review article and use experience?02:59
Bashing-omlamar_123: See: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue60703:00
Bashing-omlamar_123: In this week's forthcoming issue: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Ubuntu-20.04-Desktop-Trello-Dec03:01
lamar_123thanks very much. I'll pay attention @Bashing-om03:05
Bashing-omlamar_123: Very welcome; there is also #ubuntu+1 channel.03:06
lamar_123Bashing-om: ok, i have join it. thanks again03:09
wollwllowI'm having a problem with my touchpad (xinput identifies it as "SYNA3255:00 06CB:7F27 Touchpad") on 19.10 on a new Lenovo 330S-15ARR laptop that has be confused.  Everything works for the most part, but if I suspend and wake up it only registers "right" click (the touchpad has no actual buttons, so it's all multitouch I guess...  two finger click in other words).  It happens randomly sometimes too while03:15
wollwllowin use.  Fixes itself if I switch to GDM using Alt-Ctrl-F1 and back or use xinput disable/enable or rmmod/modprobe i2c_hid.  Only other clue I can think of is a "pushModal: invocation of begin_modal failed" in journalctl output when it happens.03:15
wollwllowIt seems to act like the single click is pressed when it wakes up too.03:16
akkwollwllow: My Lenovo model is different, but it seems like a lot of new Lenovos have a touchpad bug that shows up on suspend, and is cured with installing new firmware -- check Lenovo's website.03:21
akkwollwllow: Unfortunately at least for my model the firmware is packaged as an exe so installing it is hard if you don't have a Windows dual-boot.03:22
wollwllowyeah, I don't have windows installed03:22
wollwllowHaven't used it in years... I should look into setting up a Windows USB boot drive or somethng i guess03:23
wollwllowThanks for the advice.03:23
akkwollwllow: I fought with it for 4 days and finally managed it, but I had to borrow a real windows machine as part of the process. I wrote it up, http://shallowsky.com/blog/linux/exe-firmware-on-linux.html03:23
wollwllowAwesome, thanks.03:23
akkWish I could offer an easier solution, but good luck!03:24
akkMy trackpad has been working much better since the update.03:24
Connasorry type bro03:24
Connasorry typing :)03:26
DarkTrickubuntu 19.10 bug: ibus-settings cannot be found though the search of all applications03:49
DarkTrickubuntu 19.10 bug: ibus indicator is not shown in top panel03:50
DarkTrickThis bug affects people with Japanese input. And all other languages with pre-edit input (e.g. chinese)03:50
leftyfb!bug | DarkTrick03:51
ubottuDarkTrick: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.03:51
DarkTrickI was told to first post it here before going that route03:51
lotuspsychjeDarkTrick: didnt you file that japanese input bug already?03:52
DarkTrickI remember there was something. But this should be a different one. I'll check on launchpad03:54
lotuspsychjeDarkTrick: i made you file one not too long ago, you dont recall?03:54
DarkTrickI do03:54
DarkTrickbug 185461003:56
ubottubug 1854610 in ibus-anthy (Ubuntu) "No Japanese input possible after upgrade from 19.04 to 19.10" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/185461003:56
DarkTrickbut that's not related - apparently03:57
lotuspsychjeDarkTrick: did you compare your bug yet with a clean install 19.10 yet?03:57
DarkTrickthe one I just posted?03:58
DarkTrickthat's on a clean install03:58
AbhijitHi. i did sudo apt-get remove linux-image-4.15.0-72-generic but still see the same kernel in the output of dpkg --list | grep linux-image03:58
Abhijithow to remove all kernells except currently in use?03:58
Bashing-om!info linux-image-generic bionic | Abhijit .  try: ' sudo apt --purge autoremove '.04:00
ubottuAbhijit . try: ' sudo apt --purge autoremove '.: linux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (bionic), package size 2 kB, installed size 15 kB04:01
robertparkerxI'm trying to connect to github on a personal server and it is failing. Permission denied publickey04:02
Bashing-omAbhijit: Make sure that linux-image-4.15.0-70-generic is *NOT* removed.04:02
robertparkerxssh-agent is running04:02
leftyfbrobertparkerx: https://help.github.com/en/github/authenticating-to-github/connecting-to-github-with-ssh04:02
robertparkerxI try to ssh-add -l -E md5 but it says this agent has no identities04:02
robertparkerxah ty04:03
lotuspsychjeDarkTrick: if you think your issues are unrelated, and you experience this on a clean install 19.10, follow the route leftyfb adviced,another bug04:03
robertparkerxleftyfb :)04:03
DarkTricklotuspsychje, ok04:04
AbhijitBashing-om, ok.04:05
AbhijitBashing-om, but if i do autoremove it will remove .70 (current) also right?04:05
Bashing-omAbhijit: That is correct . I expect that the -70 kernel still exist andis bootable.04:06
Bashing-omAbhijit: Autoremove will leave the -72 and 70 (latest 2 kernels), removing all others/04:08
Bashing-omAbhijit: Will be of benefit to know why the -72 version kernel fails to boot. A regression ?04:10
robertparkerxleftyfb, I nano my id_rsa.pub and copy to github but it says the key is invalid04:11
robertparkerxoh wait04:11
robertparkerxThanks a lot04:13
AbhijitBashing-om, mouse does not work in that kernel.04:18
Bashing-omAbhijit: Humm, what trouble shooting have you done ?04:25
Abhijitswitching to old kernel! :-)04:53
Abhijiti tried installing some synaptic drivers but it did not fix it04:54
Exumavery dumb question06:42
Exumaim setting a server up for someone who really wants to use SFTP06:42
Exumanginx is running on www-data06:42
Exumawhich has access to /var/www/site.com/html06:42
Exumahow can i make a user which has an SSH key and can edit this www-data folder06:42
Exumacurrently we have the ubuntu user06:42
Exumacan i add ubuntu to the www-data group?06:43
doug16kExuma, yes07:01
Exumadoug16k ok thanks, i think i figured it out07:02
funabashiHello all, i have problem with install a package with apt-get install  , anyone know how i can solve this ? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/j72CzX9Vy3/08:48
amosbirdis there anyway to make systemctl stop myunit kill my unit with -9?08:50
funabashiOh i did a misstake , i did this comamnd apt-get install -y --allow-downgrades perl-base=5.22.1-908:59
funabashihow can i get all packages back?08:59
Fudgewhat would cause an ssh server to just put up connection refused after a while, no firewall running and ip is static10:19
Fudgedefault ssh config on a local network10:19
ryuoFudge: connection refused means there's nothing using that port; it's closed, or that the firewall is blocking it.10:21
Fudgeryuo:  i was logged into the machine, i guess you are right the ssh server may have stopped10:25
ascentHi all! How does one install to a mirrored raid 1 software raid nowadays? Can I boot from raid1/lvm by now?10:53
tatertotsthat's a topic that will start a war or flame war11:02
tatertotsascent: are you familiar with the terms fake raid or software raid11:03
tatertotsascent: i can't really say a lot without a war breaking out lol11:03
ascentthe latter, I prefer mdadm for this11:03
ascentI think there was a time that /boot needed to be a real partition (/dev/sda1 instead of md0, md1 whatever and/or LVM)11:04
tatertotsascent: i think some people have tinkered with trying to boot from software raid / mdadm ...you'll find a youtube video of a guy doing it with a virtual machine...11:05
tatertotsascent: you should find that video and see if that's something you're willing to do11:05
ascentHow is this still an issue after howmanyyears now... haha.11:08
ascentok, thanks tatertots11:08
tatertotsascent: lol...i've always had real hardware controllers so it's never been a issue in any of my Linux environments11:08
sazawalI have this bug in my recently installed gnome-shell for Ubuntu 19.04, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-shell/+bug/1822846 . Someone has mentioned that "This bug was fixed in the package gnome-shell - 3.32.1-1ubuntu1~19.04.1". My question is how do I apply this fix, or how do I upgrade my gnome-shell to this version. My gnome-shell version is GNOME Shell 3.32.011:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1822846 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu Eoan) "Icon disappears from favorites in gnome-shell 3.32 (upstream dock, not the ubuntu-dock)" [High,Fix released]11:29
lapionGrub is broken for installs on uefi systems without secureboot built-into efi11:45
jeremy31lapion: do you see error, failed to install grub-amd64-efi-signed to /target11:47
lapioneven if I remove grub-amd64-signed grub still does a bad call I will check later what the precise error is..11:49
jeremy31lapion: try installing without internet11:49
lapionjeremy31, after updates the same error will return..11:50
jeremy31lapion: something unique happens during install on EFI when updates are allowed during the install.  Once you boot to the install updates should be fine11:51
lapionI did a reinstall because I had this problem and I hoped that would fix the problem but I guess the updates installed during the install11:51
lapionjeremy31, this is a reinstall to try to see if I could get the grub to work from a fresh install..11:52
jeremy31lapion: try an install without internet connection11:52
BluesKajHiyas all11:52
lapionjeremy31, it was a running system with a fresh install of some months ago that got the grub bug after updating..11:53
jeremy31lapion: on 18.04?11:54
lapionyes 18.04.something after updating to 18.04.311:55
jeremy31lapion: you might have to file a bug report as I didn't have any grub update issues on Ubuntu 18.04.  I take it this computer is 2012 ish that it has UEFI without Secure Boot support?11:58
Bladeroot update-grub12:03
Bladewhat is a problem12:03
jeremy31Blade: It is a different problem with grub12:06
Bladeoot@ubuntu-ivan:/home/nikolov# inxi -F12:08
BladeSystem:    Host: ubuntu-ivan Kernel: 5.4.2-050402-generic x86_64 bits: 64 Desktop: Gnome 3.34.112:08
Blade           Distro: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa)12:08
Blade  i am lame no problems12:08
Bladejust test12:08
BluesKajBlade,  ask in #ubuntu+112:09
Blademute in ubuntu+112:09
Bladei no problems12:09
Bladehttps://paste.ubuntu.com/p/XNWBgj7ywr/  BluesKaj  cool jocke with me but12:11
BluesKajBlade, so what's your question, if any?12:16
Bladeno pass12:17
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lapionjeremy31, did not help will try to backtrack and install earlier version then 1804312:33
Coolersomething very wrong with the package system https://bpaste.net/raw/VEHDO12:45
Coolertried to install tmux and that happened12:45
Coolerthere are problems with the software updater as well12:45
CoolerI am Ubuntu 18.04 LTS btw12:46
Cooleram on*12:46
ioriaCooler, sudo fuser -v /var/cache/debconf/config.dat12:53
mousesCooler: you already have a process hooked into something that the package installer needs access to12:54
mousesCooler: https://askubuntu.com/questions/136881/debconf-dbdriver-config-config-dat-is-locked-by-another-process-resource-t12:54
Cooleralso the software updater is broken12:55
mousesPID 7648 is hooked in12:56
mousesfigure out what that is, or kill it12:56
ioriaCooler, sudo kill -9 764812:56
ioriaCooler, sudo dpkg --configure -a12:57
Coolerioria, it says frontend12:59
Paddy_NIWould anyone here know why (under gnome) it says in the Network section of the system settings dialogue that my wired connection is "100 Mb/s" and not "1000 Mb/s"?12:59
Coolerdoes that mean the GNOME desktop?12:59
Paddy_NII am fairly certain everything on the chain is gigabit12:59
mousesPaddy_NI: speed of the adapter / router / cable13:00
mousesPaddy_NI: the lowest speed is what you will see13:00
Paddy_NIRouter is Gigabit cable is cat5e (shielded) NIC is Gigabit, switch is gigabit.13:01
mousesPaddy_NI: and are you getting gigabit speeds when moving data across the LAN?13:01
mousesPaddy_NI: bypass the switch and plug direct in and test?13:02
mousesbest to eliminate points of failure13:02
Paddy_NImouses, I will do that although its a bit of a nightmare to do13:03
mousesPaddy_NI: yeah :(  Might want to try another cable too to eliminate that.  Also, if the system you are testing speed from->to cannot keep up (perhaps a FUSE filesystem?) overhead can really take a big chunk out of throughput13:04
Paddy_NImouses, What would be a good solid test?13:04
mousesPaddy_NI: two devices hooked into the same gigabit able router via LAN and a native sync operation13:05
Paddy_NImouses, Would sftp suffice?13:05
mousesthat'll take a bit of chunk out of it, but yeah - should be okay13:06
Paddy_NICool I guess if it climbs above 100mb/s then I know it's good13:06
mousesSSH is encrypted so you're going to get crypto overhead13:06
Paddy_NIWas thinking that13:06
mousesalso the speed that the device you are copying to is a factor13:06
mouseslike if it's a old 7200 RPM drive or something13:07
Paddy_NIThanks for your time, I had my home rewired a few years back and had them add shielded cat5 cable however fishing that cable back through again looks to be a nightmare13:08
mousesheheh it always is :(13:08
mousespain in the butt13:08
lapionjeremy31, sorry it's a ubuntu-mate 18043 problem..13:08
Paddy_NImouses, Yeah :-(13:08
sazawalI have this bug in my recently installed gnome-shell for Ubuntu 19.04, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-shell/+bug/1822846 . Someone has mentioned that "This bug was fixed in the package gnome-shell - 3.32.1-1ubuntu1~19.04.1". My question is how do I apply this fix, or how do I upgrade my gnome-shell to this version. My gnome-shell version is GNOME Shell 3.32.013:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1822846 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu Eoan) "Icon disappears from favorites in gnome-shell 3.32 (upstream dock, not the ubuntu-dock)" [High,Fix released]13:08
Paddy_NImouses, Hmm.. I noticed this line in the Pi B+ spec "Networking: Gigabit Ethernet (via USB channel)"13:10
mousesPaddy_NI: ahhhh yeah13:11
mousesPaddy_NI: So you are limited by USB speed13:11
mousesand that's slow on a PI13:11
Paddy_NIDoes that mean they use the same bus or I need a ethernet to usb adapter to get gigabit13:11
Paddy_NIOr buy a Pi 413:11
mousesnah, you're likely limited by the storage device of the pi13:11
mousesis it using a SD card for storage?13:11
Paddy_NIOh good point13:11
Paddy_NIUsb for boot drive and sd card for extra storage13:12
Paddy_NIUSB is faster13:12
mousesyeah, so there's your bottleneck13:12
mousesUSB is faster, but it's still USB13:12
ioriasazawal, gnome-shell for disco 19.04 is now 3.32.2-2ubuntu1~ubuntu19.04.1 (not 3.32.0); sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade13:12
mousesno where near 1000GB13:12
Paddy_NIWould that limit my entire network13:12
mousesnah, should just be when dealing with the pi13:12
Paddy_NIAnd it does not explain why my pc is getting "100 Mb/s"13:12
Paddy_NILike currently the pi is off13:13
mousessomething in the chain is likely not gigabit or the visual indication you are getting is not correct13:13
Coolercan I use a .deb without installing it?13:15
Paddy_NImouses, This is my switch https://www.tp-link.com/uk/home-networking/soho-switch/tl-sg108/13:15
Coolerjust unpack and start using the application inside?13:15
Coolerit is ok if some features don't work properly13:15
mousesevery single component on a network must be gigabit rated, such as the switches, hubs and network interface cards -> afaik, if you have even one device on that LAN that does not support 1000, you're going to get 10013:17
Cooler./code: error while loading shared libraries: libnss3.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory13:18
tdsPaddy_NI: on a pi 3 you should see ~300Mb/s, but the interface should definitely come up at 1G - what does ethtool say about it exactly?13:18
mousesCooler: a .deb file not only includes the atual application, but all the versions of all the requirements needed.  You can't just normally try to use something inside a .deb file.13:19
mousesCooler: What are you trying to run, and on what OS and what version?13:19
Paddy_NItds, Installing ethtool now13:20
Paddy_NIOn both PC and Pi13:20
Coolermouses, well I don't have admin access on this server and I want to use vscode13:20
mousesCooler: talk to the admin of that server13:21
Paddy_NIhmm.. so ethtool has a massive amount of options tds what do I need to run?13:21
Coolermouses, on vacation13:21
tdsPaddy_NI: `ethtool eth0` (swapping that for your ethernet interface name)13:21
Coolerso I downloaded the .deb package from the vscode website and unpacked13:21
mousesCooler: if a simple dpgk -i foo.deb does not function, you'll need to talk to your server admin13:22
Coolermouses, I can build stuff13:22
Paddy_NItds, on the RPi 3b+ https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/BHs3ZGKYjD/13:23
CoolerI can build from source and run13:23
Coolerwill that work?13:23
tdsPaddy_NI: so that's definitely up at 1G, no idea why network-manager would claim 100Mb/s then, odd13:23
mousesCooler: If all the needed deps are available, sure.13:23
Paddy_NItds, On my PC https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/NcM4NmYNXd/13:24
Coolerok how do I do that?13:24
mousesfollow the instructions to build from source for whatever you are trying to build13:24
tdsPaddy_NI: ah, that one is at 100M, but the nic claims to support 1G13:24
Paddy_NItds, When I did a Steam Link connection test it did not climb beyond 100 Mb/s13:25
Paddy_NItds, Oh13:25
Paddy_NISo my PC is the issue13:25
tdsor the cable, or the switchport13:26
Paddy_NIWhat limiting factors would the cable have13:26
Paddy_NII thought cat 5 was cat 513:26
mousesdepends on length of run, quality of cable, condition of cable - there are so many factors13:27
alekblankSorry, havent read the issue so forgive me if this is not being dicussed. Does the network adapted support faster than 100 MBPS13:27
Paddy_NImouses, It's not a long run very short really13:28
Paddy_NII wonder if the cable that the electricians put in is the problem13:28
mousesPaddy_NI: a good bet would be to isolate/bypass anything you can13:28
mousesit could be13:28
mouseseliminate any variable you can13:28
alekblankYeah, thats not whats being discussed lol xD13:29
mousesalekblank: you're a bit late - that is 100% what we have been discussing :)13:29
alekblankoh okay lol13:29
mousestroubleshooting 101 = eliminate any possible unneeded variables to help isolate a point of failure.13:30
alekblankhence, the stupid questions from tech support. "Have you double checked that it is plugged in"13:30
mousesalekblank: bingo :P13:30
mousesalekblank: always start simple13:31
Paddy_NIRight so I have plenty of testing to do.  I have a laptop here with a Gigabit NIC. I could swap the cable from my desktop to that. Going to be disconnected for a sec.13:31
mousesPaddy_NI: I'm off to bed for the day, but good luck testing it!!!13:31
mousesPaddy_NI: you'll figure it out.13:31
Paddy_NIThank you13:31
mousesanytime, sorry I was not of more use.13:32
Paddy_NIYou've been great help13:32
Paddy_NItds, mouses okay so I unplug the cable from my PC (which was reporting 100 Mb/s) and plugged it in to my ThinkPad T420 (running Windows 10) and it reported 1 Gbps. I then plugged same cable into an Alienware laptop running Ubuntu 19.10 which reports 1000 Mbp/s13:41
Paddy_NII plugged the cable back into the PC and it now reports 1000 Mbp/s13:41
Paddy_NII am confused13:41
alekblankit works, just accept it lol13:41
alekblankdon't question it13:42
Paddy_NIThat's not how my brain works13:42
Paddy_NII wish it did believe me I wish it did13:42
Paddy_NIMy wife and everyone I know also wishes I worked that way too13:42
alekblankdid you change the port on the router? or maybe the router didn't know it was a gigabit port and so was sending it megabit13:43
Paddy_NIIt makes me wonder about either the ethernet port or the jack on the cable13:43
Paddy_NINope just unplugged cable13:43
Coolereverything is still broken13:43
Paddy_NII am going to run a steam link connection test on the pi now13:43
Paddy_NICooler, No it works13:44
CoolerI want to go home13:44
alekblankat work?13:44
Paddy_NIME too and I already am home!!!13:44
Paddy_NII might go to someone elses home13:44
Coolerso this is the situation https://bpaste.net/raw/CDJVM13:45
Paddy_NIThat's pretty nasty looking13:45
Coolerand this is what I get when I do that https://bpaste.net/raw/D3GJI13:45
Paddy_NIAre your sources okay?13:46
Cooleris it safe to kill frontend?13:46
Coolerwell I gave it a SIGHUP and it's gone now13:46
Paddy_NII honestly don't know where to begin. We would need to roll this one all the way back uphill13:46
CoolerPaddy_NI, well there is definitely something wrong with the software update13:47
Paddy_NIHow old is this install?13:48
CoolerPaddy_NI, Ubuntu 18.0413:48
CoolerI installed it just a few months ago13:49
alekblankIs there a way to mount 2 drives in one folder?13:49
alekblankI guess that would be kinda confusing for the system wouldn't it13:50
Coolerso tmux is installed now13:51
Coolerbut the entire package system is still borked13:51
EriC^^alekblank: overlayfs13:51
Coolerso https://i.imgur.com/CWhnEbq.png13:53
Coolersee all those updates?13:53
alekblankalright so my idea may be easier than i thought13:53
Coolercan't do any of those, these updates have been accumulating for several weeks now13:53
Coolerit just keeps failing13:53
Cooleranyone have any idea how to fix this?13:54
huttanHello, I have a problem with ubuntu installer when installing on a luks volume. The grub install fails because the GRUB_ENABLE_CRYPTODISK variable hasn't been set. Is there anyway to modify an ongoing install on the fly and echo that line to the installers /etc/default/grub ??13:59
alekblankYou can edit it by hitting e when you have the os selected I believe14:01
alekblankI don't think its a permanent fix though14:01
huttanalekblank, what would be an example of the path the ubuntu installers grub settings file use ?14:01
huttanalekblank, If I can somehow just temporary enter the line to make the installer work w/o grub install error. I can chroot and add to the actual files after the installer completes14:02
alekblankive not looked through the iso in a while lol let me see14:02
=== Condor is now known as ghnou
=== ghnou is now known as Condor
huttanalekblank, thanks for looking14:03
jeremy31huttan: can you start the install booted into the ISO using terminal>  ubiquity -b14:03
alekblankOhhh, sorry I didn't read your question very well sorry14:04
huttanjeremy31, ah .. ubiquity -b is the equivalent of double tapping the install ubuntu file on desktop ?14:04
jeremy31huttan: that should install without installing grub bootloader14:05
huttanjeremy31, ohh I see .. even better. Then I manually install boot loader when the installer finishes without error14:06
geekPantherHey guys. In GPG How can I encrypt a file using my Private-Key so that the other person can use my public key to decrypt the message? How can I do this in CLI?14:18
jaydemircan anyone suggest a type of "Light Gun" that works on Ubuntu? (something I can hook a sensor up to a screen, kind of like arcade machine shooters and duck hunt)14:19
klfI am now loaded into the Ubuntu live installer but all I see is a black screen with a movable cursor (left and right buttons are unresponsive)14:22
klfI can switch to a different virtual terminal (ctrl-alt-<num>)14:23
klfhow can I restart the live installer from the command line?14:23
klfhow can I restart the live installer (test-and-install desktop environment)from the command line?14:24
jeremy31klf from terminal try> shutdown now14:25
klfthat's not what I want.  I am going to try to restart the lightdm service now.14:26
adrian_1908klf: do you have exotic hardware that the installer craps out like this?14:26
adrian_1908klf: Also, consider trying a different release like 19.10 (if you can accept that).14:28
klfYes, I am on old hardware (P4).  alright.  I am going to try to swap out the video card.14:29
adrian_1908klf: Ah ok. Another option might be to try an Ubuntu derivative. I like e.g. Xubuntu. If you mostly care about reviving an old machine, that's worth considering. Ubuntu always froze on my small netbook but Xubuntu ran fine.14:33
* adrian_1908 not talking about ram constraints here, but graphics support/acceleration issues, as desktops are accelerated these days, and Ubuntu's Gnome3 more demanding in that department.14:34
klfadrian_1908 thanks.  but switching to an even older video card ATI 9600se 128MB fixed the issue.14:35
adrian_1908Ok, cool! :)14:35
klfI've always suspected something iffy with my https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/asus-v9570.b181214:35
adrian_1908klf: could also have been due to the modeset issue with Nvidia cards, if you're familiar with that. Your Ati card working hints at that possibility.14:51
sazawalioria, Hi, sudo apt full-upgrade doesn't show gnome-shell update. Am I missing something here?14:53
EriC^^sazawal: type sudo apt-get update && apt-cache policy gnome-shell14:56
klfadrian_1908, quite possibly b/c the blank-screen-with-only-a-movable-cursor issue appears in all version from 12.04 through 16.04 (the versions that I've tried)14:58
sazawalEriC^^, gnome-shell:14:59
sazawal  Installed: 3.32.0+git20190410-1ubuntu114:59
sazawal  Candidate: 3.32.0+git20190410-1ubuntu114:59
sazawal  Version table:14:59
sazawal     3.32.2-2ubuntu1~ubuntu19.04.1 50014:59
sazawal        500 http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu disco-updates/main amd64 Packages14:59
adrian_1908klf: I assume you don't have the nerve to start over with the Nvidia card again, but otherwise you could pass the nomodeset to your LiveCD and see if that does it. Once the OS in installed, you then wouldn't run into that particular issue anymore.15:00
klfI have no problem starting over b/c all these livecd installers are being mounted/booted using the loopback method.15:02
sazawalEriC^^, here is the output https://termbin.com/zwdk15:03
klfSo it's of little effort to try.15:03
klfi.e., the livecd ISOs are mounted/booted using the loop method.15:04
klfadrian_1908, ^15:05
huttanjeremy31, Thank you very much. This was exactly what I needed !15:06
adrian_1908Ok, have a look at online guides on setting the nomodeset kernel parameter for the LiveCD then. It might just work.15:07
huttanjeremy31, Have a great day15:07
sazawalEriC^^, One of my friends has accidentally upgraded the system from 19.04 to 19.10. And I didn't want it, so I downgraded it. Maybe this is causing the problem.15:08
adrian_1908klf: I think once (if) you install the proprietary drivers, the setting isn't even needed anymore. I don't have it set on my Workstation and that uses an Nvidia card.15:08
adrian_1908sazawal: May I ask why not? It's not like you're moving away from an LTS release.15:09
sazawaladrian_1908, I understand. But I didn't want a change as other things are going pretty fast for me.15:10
adrian_1908sazawal: Fair enough. In a few months you can switch to 20.04 and stick to that until the next LTS. That's often a sensible choice.15:12
sazawaladrian_1908, Yes, that is the plan, and I will do a fresh installation of 20.0415:12
* adrian_1908 will be doing the same :)15:14
sazawaladrian_1908, Can you help me with this issue?15:15
adrian_1908sazawal: I'm watching sports and preparing a meal right now, maybe later. sorry!15:16
* BluesKaj is already testing Kubuntu 20.04 Focal and it's really quite stable, dunno how well the gnome and flavours are doing tho15:17
klfadrian_1908, lo and behold; I have an Ubuntu Unity for the LiveCD environment15:17
klfIt's a beautiful Saturday morning ladies and gentlemen15:18
compdocBluesKaj, have you installed packages, like kvm?15:18
BluesKajcompdoc,  no, not using any VMs15:19
klfNow that I have resolved the issue, what does the kernel option 'nomodeset' actually do?15:19
DirtyEarHi. I have a mixer Behringer XR18. The mixer has an app to work with it in Linux, but the app does not work. I found an older versionof the app and it works, but I want to try the last one. Any idea of what is missing in my PC?15:23
adrian_1908klf: Nice! Glad that worked.15:26
klfadrian_1908, Now that I have resolved the issue, what does the kernel option 'nomodeset' actually do?15:27
sazawaladrian_1908, Cool, thanks anyway :)15:27
ioriasazawal, let me guess; you literally did this : https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-downgrade-ubuntu-linux-system-to-its-previous-version15:28
sazawalioria, yes you are right15:34
ioriasazawal, and did you read the comments below ?15:35
sazawalioria, no :(15:35
ioriasazawal, there's  no downgrade on ubuntu. that said , probably 1) your packages are still pinned 2)  python3 is borked 3) sources.list is borked15:38
ioriasazawal, so, check your sources.list , remove /etc/apt/preferences ; check your python3 and update and full-upgrade again15:40
sazawalioria, I have already edited my sources.list by changing eoan to disco. So I am removing etc/apt/preferences now. Will check python3 later.15:41
DirtyEarWhen I had Ubuntu 18 the app worked very well but in Ubuntu 19.10 does not work and I found some people with the same problem but in Ubuntu 18. I think is some library I have to install but I do not know wich one. This is a forum with the same problem but in Ubutu 18. If somebody may help me I will really appreciate it16:03
XLVis the alternative installer for 32bit no longer available for 19.10?16:09
XLVhttp://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/eoan/main/installer-i386/current/images/netboot/ doesnt work16:10
pomehahello, after the last packages upgrade I now have broken behavior with l2tp tunnels: after I connect - the system doesn't seem to query the DNS specified for that connection16:10
ducasseXLV: 19.10 dropped 32-bit support16:11
XLVducasse, they said the same for 19.04 but they offered a 32bit alternative mini.iso for 32bit16:12
XLVthey are building 32bit packages for 19.10 and 20.0416:13
ubottuFor information about the future of support for i386 packages in Ubuntu 19.10 Eoan Ermine and onward, please read the following official statement: https://ubuntu.com/blog/statement-on-32-bit-i386-packages-for-ubuntu-19-10-and-20-04-lts . Note this applies only to i386 (Intel/AMD) builds, not other 32-bit architectures like arm.16:13
XLVhmm.. selected packages.. whatever that means.. oh well16:14
XLVi guess the old netbook doesnt get the 19.10 treatment .. time to RIP it16:14
ducasseor stay on bionic until it's eol16:15
XLVbah.. i am gonna make it a dedicated ikaros machine16:15
ioriaXLV, why don't you install 19.04 mini.iso 32bit and do-release-upgrade  it ?16:18
XLVioria, yeah, thats something to try16:19
XLVsee what exactly this "selected packages" means and how it works out16:19
pomehahelp, please16:21
pomehahow to diagnose that?16:21
pomehanmcli section about DNS shows https://paste.ee/p/ZKK0b, so why does 'dig teamcity.workdomain.com` return nothing while `dig @ teamcity.workdomain.com` returns an IP?16:23
pomehawhile I'm connected to VPN16:23
tdspomeha: what's the contents of /etc/resolv.conf on this system?16:24
pomehatds: nameserver   options edns0   search workdomain.lan homelan16:25
tdsthat's systemd-resolved then, what's the output of `resolvectl`?16:25
pomehahmm, not installed16:25
tdsah, probably an older systemd version then, `systemd-resolve --status` should do the same thing?16:26
pomehatds: well, it output a set of rules for all interfaces + 'Global', I see `DNS Servers:` for Lin 11 (ppp0)16:27
tdscould you pastebin the whole thing? :)16:27
pomehatds: https://paste.ee/p/hAG0k16:28
tdspomeha: you probably want to add workdomain.com to the list of search domains for that interface?16:29
tdsat the moment only queries for workdomain.lan names would go to
pomehatds: but it worked before16:29
tdsi'm not sure how default resolver selection works on that resolved, it might've changed16:30
tdsif you want to force all queries to use a specific interface's resolvers, you could also add ~. as a search domain16:30
pomehatds: thanks, that worked!16:31
osseI have a couple of directories inside my homedir owned by root. Is this intentional? ~/.cache/dconf, ~/.dbus and ~/.gvfs16:31
pomehaweird how it used to work before that16:32
LaurentDumontAnyone having random "This program has stopped working..." even if the program in question wasn't working?16:37
LaurentDumontThat's on a T480 running 19.04 with all updates.16:38
DirtyEarxlv: Hi. Excuse me. Im back. The one for 32 bits does not work on my pc16:49
DirtyEarI alredy ask this in this forum and somebody with UbuntuStudio 19.10 ( I have the same ubuntu distribution) download the app and the app works fine but In my pc does not work16:52
DirtyEarI mean, it opens but I not be able to "move" any buttons.16:52
XLVDirtyEar, havent used ubuntustudio and it doesnt have a 32bit release either.. probably the ubuntustudio specific apps have 32bit packages available16:54
XLVidk why it doesnt work for you16:54
DirtyEarXLV Anyway thanks for answer!16:55
ducasseDirtyEar: which app is this?16:56
DirtyEarI found and older version 0.5 and it works for now!16:56
DirtyEarducasse the app is "X-AIR-Edit"16:56
DirtyEarIt works like a surface control of some audio mixers from Behringer16:57
adrian_1908LaurentDumont: What's the program in question? A program might crash as it starts up.16:57
LaurentDumontI'm seeing a either Chrome or Terminator.16:58
adrian_1908LaurentDumont: And they randomly report this even though you haven't launched them?16:58
ducassewe really only support what is in the repos here, for third-party apps you need to get support of the developer. that said, did you try the ubuntu studio channel?16:58
DirtyEarYes I have tried but nobody answers yet16:59
DirtyEarI have write to the Behringer Support but they do not know yet.16:59
ducassethat's the best suggestion i have, i'm afraid17:01
DirtyEarI think is some library or something becasue I have seen that in ubuntu 16 some people had to install something called "gcc-4.9" and "g++-4.9" in order to run the app. I have already installed the last version "gcc-9" and 2g++-9" but does not work. And in ubuntu 18 it worked perfect for me17:01
DirtyEarducasse: Thanks. Just to be willing to help counts!17:02
ducasseDirtyEar: does it print any errors to the shell you launch it from?17:04
DirtyEarducasse: I have tried but does not show me anything. If you know how to do that I can follow you17:05
ducasseyou just start the app in a terminal, and pastebin any output17:07
DirtyEarducasse: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/vMZbKG6fNF/ Does not show anything to me. THe app opens but I not be able to do anything. Like a picture or something17:10
DirtyEarDirtyEar: This is how it looks like https://ibb.co/txBP2PB17:11
ducassedo you mean sliders etc are frozen, or that they move, but nothing happens on the mixer?17:11
DirtyEarYes, you are right. frozen17:12
DirtyEarLike a photo. But the older version the one in lower case it works. Let me show you17:12
DirtyEarducasse: This is what I get with the older version. I moved some sliders and opens the setup menu just to show you that the app works good. https://ibb.co/bdkYhwP17:15
huttanIs there any way to pre select /boot / and swap space when starting ubiquity ?17:16
ducasseDirtyEar: right. please give me a minute, i'm reading through something here17:20
DirtyEarducasse: Take your time. Thanks a lot for your time!17:20
XLVDirtyEar, why you are running that app with sudo?17:22
DirtyEar XLV when I right click on it, show me permission to just read. But i have tried without sudo and is the same result https://ibb.co/VN89xkr17:24
ducassedon't run apps as root unless you have a very good reason and know what you are doing. and the only people who can debug this is the developer, i think you need to talk to them17:27
DirtyEarducasse: Ok. Thanks for the advice17:28
apawlSomething strange is happening in my terminal.. When I "tab" to autocomplete something, my whole system seems to freeze. This is a recent behavior. Where can I determine _what's_ happening when I hit tab in the default ubuntu terminal?17:50
apawlNothing seems to be suspicious on top while the terminal hangs17:50
RadSurfer_How do you change a file association to an application18:00
EriC^^RadSurfer_: right click -> properties18:02
EriC^^open with18:02
RadSurfer_file/permissions/open with... okay18:02
ducassemost desktops have a mime type editor, i think18:03
RadSurfer_file/properties/open with... okay18:03
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raidghostAny of you that have next-pvr running? i got some issues with scanning channels (yes, i know this is #ubuntu and not the author channel for nextpvr) bit i give it a try.18:12
bathtimeI'd like a program that can allow me to modify my keyboard keys to add accents to letters. Any recommendations?18:26
scientesbathtime, you need to enable the compose key18:27
scientesbathtime, I recommend using caps lock18:27
bathtimescientes: I activated the compose key and had a few accents working. Unfortunately, one accent doesn't work as I don't have the key that needs to be pressed (it's a straight apostrophe)18:28
bathtimeI have my keyboard set on French (the language I want keys for)18:29
ducasseor use setxkbmap and xkbcomp to load your own keymap18:29
bathtimeducasse: Thanks, will look it up18:29
=== irked is now known as n_np
kingxhello, running into a weird issue since upgrading from 19.04 to 19.10. Whenever I start my PS4 controller, my desktop locks up.18:33
kingxany pointers on how to find out whats happening when the controller is turned on? After the restart the controller works fine18:34
ducasseyou can run 'journalctl -b -1' to see the log from the previous boot, might be something there18:35
RadSurfer_from terminal, if I want to see a list of applications running with their process numbers, how do I do that please.18:39
ducasseRadSurfer_: ps ax18:39
RadSurfer_say I'm only interested in firefox?18:40
ducasseor aux to get the user as well18:40
ducassepgrep firefox18:40
RadSurfer_sometimes FF locks up on me, not sure issue. I want to be able to kill it safely.18:41
RadSurfer_kill process_id somehow?18:42
ducassethat, or 'kill -9 pid' if it doesn't obey18:43
RadSurfer_that sounds familiar, thank you.18:43
RadSurfer_seems to work :)18:44
ducasseyou can also use 'pkill firefox', to shorten things18:45
RadSurfer_will make a note of it.18:45
=== n_np is now known as irked
RadSurfer_Only a few apps seem to absolutely fail to run properly under Ubuntu18:46
RadSurfer_Is there a list of known software that has series issues under Ubuntu, even though they are in the repositiories?18:47
ducassenot as such, the nearest thing is the bug interface on launchpad18:48
RadSurfer_I tend to watch webcams alot, and pluto.tv, after about 2+ hours, firefox seems to act like its overwhelmed sometimes18:49
RadSurfer_Not sure if there's anything I can do that would help Ubuntu/PC handle that.18:49
RadSurfer_One program that seriously acts badly under Ubunder is Lazarus_IDE18:50
ducassehave you tried another browser, like chromium?18:50
RadSurfer_heck no.18:50
RadSurfer_Tried installing Brave-browser, but that acts weirdly too18:50
RadSurfer_I've managed to run 3+ hours with firefox on pluto.tv, maybe more I use it, more system adapts?18:51
ducassei know others here use brave without problems, so that's odd18:51
RadSurfer_installed via snap?18:52
ducasseiirc, yes18:52
RadSurfer_8gigs of ram available18:52
ducasseshould be enough18:52
RadSurfer_Would you be willing see check if "Lazarus fpc" has a bug report please?18:54
ducasseif that's a third party package it won't be on launchpad18:54
RadSurfer_standard sudo apt instal lazarus fpc18:55
ducasseok, those are two different packages, let me check18:56
RadSurfer_fpc is required to install lazarus18:56
RadSurfer_it's GNU Pascal Compiler & IDE18:56
ducasselazarus: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/+bugs?field.searchtext=lazarus&search=Search+Bug+Reports&field.scope=all&field.scope.target=18:57
RadSurfer_thanks. BTW it runs perfectly under Linux mint, however18:57
ducassewhich ubuntu release are you running?18:58
RadSurfer_I tired installed latest...18:58
RadSurfer_''5.3.0-24-generic #26-Ubuntu SMP ''18:58
ducasseand your system is up to date?18:59
RadSurfer_I allow all software updates18:59
ducasseyou can file a bug on what you're experiencing, and hope the maintainers are active19:00
RadSurfer_Launching Lazarus IDE LOCKS UP system solid19:01
coz_to be sure I would run  sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade19:01
RadSurfer_that's a thought19:01
ducassealso check the logs19:03
RadSurfer_Okay... done :)19:03
coz_RadSurfer_,  try to run    system-analyze blame   maybe get an indication of what happened?19:04
RadSurfer_that bug list you posted dates back to 2011 !!19:04
RadSurfer_Strange how Linux Mint seems to be ahead of the game19:05
ioriaRadSurfer_, gtk2 module or/and dbus  isse : https://forum.lazarus.freepascal.org/index.php/topic,47240.0.html   the probable fix is installing  appmenu-gtk2-module19:06
ioriaRadSurfer_, a long read, btw19:06
RadSurfer_THANK YOU! Appreciated.19:06
coz_sorry the command is  systemd-analyze blame   not  system-analyze blame19:07
CarlenWhiteI'm trying to diagnose something. Is the print dialog for Ubuntu just "Print" > Connect to CUPS > POST file > Done?19:19
CarlenWhiteBecause I'm checking cups and for some reason I'm seeing: HTTP_STATE_WAITING Closing for error 32 (Broken pipe)19:20
RadSurfer_THANK YOU! ioria!! Lazarus fpc appears to actually work now!19:20
ioriaRadSurfer_, good job19:21
RadSurfer_Thank you for sharing.19:21
bathtimeGot the French keyboard working. I had to chose the keyboard setting (French (US, with French letters)19:22
lenny_lemonI have installed tor but when I search for it, it does not launch. ubuntu 18.0419:38
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cariveriHi. Does anyone know how to emit messages at the top the screen like npm does when its done compiling? in bash for instance. ? Thank you.20:09
ducasseyou can use notify-send20:11
molthey y'all. I'm running ubuntu 18.04 64bit (gnome desktop) on my laptop. It is painfully obvious that Hibernate and Sleep are completely and utterly broken. I don't actually care, but I want to completely turn them off.20:18
moltI've gone trough and turn off everything sleep related in the system, but no Joy.20:18
moltIf I lock the screen (windows-key and L) and leave for too long the system is basically dead (black screen and any key presses you make don't wake it up again --- must hard reboot)20:19
moltAlso, if I turn on my system and don't log in the same thing happens --- after waiting too long it goes to sleep state and never comes out20:20
ioriamolt, try   : sudo nano  /etc/systemd/sleep.conf   and edit with :  [Sleep]   SuspendMode=false  (on 2 different lines)20:20
ducassealso take a look at /etc/logind.conf, there are settings for how to react on lid open/close20:21
moltducasse - already modified those. I always like my pc to stay on when lid is closed (one of the 1st things I do). It works correctly.20:22
moltioria: thanks. just looked in there. everything was commented out. I uncommented "SuspendMode=" and set it to "false"20:23
moltlet me restart my machine, then test it (locking screen or just sitting on login screen without logging in)20:23
moltbe right back with an update20:23
molthey y'all. no joy. System still locks up.20:40
moltI even went back into the config file and turned EVERYTHING off explicitely20:40
moltstill no joy20:40
ioriamolt, cat /etc/systemd/sleep.conf  | nc termbin.com 999920:41
moltioria: got it. one moment20:42
moltioria: done20:42
ioriaand ?20:42
ioriamolt, gsettings list-recursively | grep -i suspend  | nc termbin.com 999920:45
moltbtw: catting a config file and piping it to a website, then getting a url of the catted contents is THE DEFINITION of Badass20:45
moltioria: roger. I'm on it20:45
moltioria: done --> gsettings list-recursively | grep -i suspend  | nc termbin.com 999920:45
ioriathe url , please20:45
moltdamn... didn't paste my term contents20:46
molti know20:46
moltone sec20:46
moltthat was strange20:46
ioriamolt, you have org.gnome.desktop.screensaver ubuntu-lock-on-suspend set to 'true' ; set it to false20:48
moltwas looking at that entry as well20:48
cariveriducasse: thanks. thats it.20:48
moltbut was ultimately just thinking right now that it shouldn't even go to suspend20:48
moltand lock on suspend should mean that the user is asked for a password when returning from suspend right?20:49
moltanyhow. I'll try it anyway ;)20:49
molthow do I edit that second file?20:49
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moltioria: how do I edit that second file?20:52
ioriamolt, it's not a file ; you do :  gsettings  set org.gnome.desktop.screensaver ubuntu-lock-on-suspend 'false'  ( and revert with 'true')20:53
ioriamolt, but if sleep.conf does not work, might be something else20:53
moltgotcha. enter in terminal --> gsettings  set org.gnome.desktop.screensaver ubuntu-lock-on-suspend 'false'20:53
ioriasleep.conf should disable 'sleep' mfor good20:55
moltioria: exactly20:55
ioriano idea, sy20:55
moltioria: no worries. that was a really good try20:57
moltioria: I highly appreciate the effort20:57
molttrying this: https://ubuntu-mate.community/t/stop-the-screen-from-blanking-in-ubuntu/67821:08
SomeTanyone know how I find a file by its name and extension on ubuntu command line please?21:11
rfmSomeT, "locate <filename>"21:13
LaurentDumontThat requires locate though21:15
LaurentDumontYou can use find / -name $FILE_NAME21:15
EriC^^SomeT: find / -iname 'file.extension'21:17
SomeTdo I include the dollar sign?21:19
EriC^^SomeT: no21:21
EriC^^SomeT: if you want case insensitive search use -iname rather than -name, also it's good practice to use single quotes as sometimes if you want to use . and * and other stuff the shell might process that instead by mistake21:21
SomeTthanks for the help21:22
EriC^^no problem21:23
eruditehermithi, I'm having trouble getting my bash shell script to run with cron. My crontab tries to redirect stdout to a log file in my home dir but it doesn't appear to be invoking my script at all as the file isn't being created. I've tried googling but I can't figure out what is wrong.21:44
eruditehermitmy crontab looks like this: 43 4 * * * touch /home/username/test.log 2>&121:46
EriC^^eruditehermit: whats the actual line for your script21:47
ducassethat command has no output unless it fails21:47
leftyfberuditehermit: also, use full pathnames21:49
leftyfb /usr/bin/touch21:49
eruditehermitEriC^^, ducasse, leftleg_: 41 4 * * * /home/username/copy_data.sh >> /home/username/myscript.log 2>&121:51
leftyfberuditehermit: write your log file from within your script21:52
EriC^^eruditehermit: are you doing it from the cron of the same user?21:53
eruditehermitEriC^^ yes. Though I tried with sudo too. Neither work. Even the touch isn't executing21:55
eruditehermitroot users crontab and regular users crontab21:56
eruditehermitsyslog says RELOAD21:56
eruditehermitbut the actual command never gets executed21:56
EriC^^whats the line in syslog for it21:57
eruditehermitDec  7 16:53:01 workstation-0 cron[674]: (username) RELOAD (crontabs/username)21:58
EriC^^eruditehermit: it should say something like CRON[16246]: (e) CMD (touch /home/21:58
eruditehermitEriC^^, yeah that isn't happening21:58
EriC^^eruditehermit: type as your user 'crontab -l | nc termbin.com 9999'21:59
EriC^^also 'systemctl status cron'21:59
eruditehermitEriC^^, service is running22:00
EriC^^what about the paste22:01
eruditehermitsent it to you22:02
EriC^^it looks fine22:03
EriC^^odd, for some reason cron is not running the commands22:04
EriC^^eruditehermit: does "grep 'CRON.*CMD' /var/log/syslog" return anything?22:04
EriC^^eruditehermit: do you have any "/etc/cron.deny" file?22:09
eruditehermitEriC^^, nope22:09
eruditehermitit's very weird, even some simple commands will not run22:10
EriC^^eruditehermit: yeah it's a problem with CRON, it's not even attempting to run them22:11
EriC^^eruditehermit: i wonder if it's user specific or system-wide, you said you tried from root's crontab with the same results?22:12
eruditehermitEriC^^, yes I tried with the roots crontab and it doesn't work from there either22:12
EriC^^odd, i'm out of ideas, i'd recommend asking in ##linux as well22:14
lbracherHi there! How can I save files on an ext4 partition after an sudo rm -rf * ? TIA!22:26
lbracherUbuntu box is 18.0422:26
ducassetry extundelete22:27
lbracherducasse, Yes, I tried! Is this the best option nowadays?22:27
ducassethat, and photorec/testdisk22:28
lbracherducasse, good to know! Thank you!\22:28
ducasseno problem, good luck22:28
ducasseif you can, though, make an image of the partition before you start messing with it22:29
AlexBemay be instaled firefox 71 to ubuntu 9?23:14
AlexBeubuntu 8.10*23:19
AlexBeUbuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope)Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala)23:19
blue19.10 is no longer supported23:21
ducasse!eol | AlexBe23:23
ubottuAlexBe: End-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades23:23
OerHeksor wait for the release next hours..23:26
Ann1caIs there any tool, similar to linux man pages, so one can get info / help in the terminal about HTML / CSS ?23:45
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