goatiaHi all, please can ayone help me setup my line in and mike in audio inputs, I am unable to utilize them14:35
jubo2Are there mixers that will take analog and USB sources? If it had a good routing system it'd be nice14:35
jubo2hi goatia. are you using an external sound card?14:36
goatiano not as yet, im trying to get 3 inputs via my onboard14:37
goatiathe mike mono is working fine but the system is not detecting my line in sterio14:38
jubo2what kind of connector your microphone has?14:38
jubo2Line in does not provide power for mics afaik14:38
jubo2line in expects an active source sending14:38
jubo2goatia: so you got some kind of adapters for your mics?14:40
goatiayes theat all good the mike will be pluged in directly and it works fine , but I want to plug my guitar to the line in which is not detected14:40
jubo2goatia: as I told you line in does not provide any power for the thing plugged into it (iianm) and mics expect some power, some even 48V Phantom Power14:41
jubo2so you can get 1 mic and 2-track with inbuilt ports, unless you on some advanced desktop soundcard thingy14:41
jubo2goatia: You might be interested in buying a cheap and good sounding USB-mic14:42
jubo2they show up in jack audio patchbay like "plop" enabling you to extend your N-tracking one-by-one14:43
goatiaI do understand, I have a floor pod effects unit that will be pluged into the line in, I then wnt to patch that to sooper Looper and audio out14:43
jubo2doesn't sound feasible14:44
jubo2or maybe it is if your floor pod effects unit provides power and your desired sound14:44
goatiaI can do this via the mike input and it works but I am limited to only that port, as the board has a mike input and a line input, I want to utilize both, but only the mike inputs are available and not the line.14:46
jubo2You know that ok external sound cards start from under $50 ?14:47
jubo2And that USB condenser mics start from around $35 or thereabouts ?14:48
jubo2goatia: 4-track audio interfaces start from 100€14:49
goatiaYs I know, I am just confused as why the line inputs do not show. I have phantum power so that is not the problem. I have 2 devices that I want to connect...a gutar and a mike.The mike input is mono, so that means I can only either use the mike or the guitar! If I can get the line in to work, that is stereo 2 chanels Left and right, I can then use the left for the mike and the right for the guitar and patch with Jack14:53
jubo2goatia: your audio card provides power?14:54
jubo2goatia: could you please answer the question about the adapters being utilized in your setup14:55
jubo2goatia: line-in does not provide power, so you are using some kind of device. Unless you have an external mixer or some gizmo that takes the mono plugs and sends out stereo that will not work14:56
goatiasorry there are no exernal adapters, im using the onboard interface14:56
jubo2what kind of plugs does it have?14:57
jubo2you got 3.5mm or 6.3mm ?14:58
jubo2if it is 2 x 3.5mm plugs, you gonna need a powered device between your mic and your guitar and the computer14:59
goatiaIts the standard, mini jack plug sockets, pink, green and blue. They are situated on the motherboard of the pc. Pink is the Mike in mono, Blue is the line in stereo, and green is the line out stereo. when I open Jack or patchbay I only have the mike input to patch, the line input does not show therefore I cannot route the inpu15:02
jubo2I dunno about GNOME sound settings. You want to look at them, you can switch some simplex-duplex thingy there, at least on Kubuntu (with Ubuntu Studio suite installed) one can.15:05
jubo2and line in should be in patchbay as 'system' with 'capture_1' and 'capture_2'15:06
jubo2and you gotta have some powered device, you did speak of some such but you ain't confirming if it powers your mic and guitar15:09
jubo2In Ubuntu Studio on Kubuntu I need to shut Jack down to access and change the sound card configuration. Another thing is that your soundcard sounds so old config that perhaps it just does not have enough A/D to do 3 streams15:12
goatiaThats correct I do see it as capture 1 and capture 2 but both cap 1 and 2 are for the mike input the pink slot not the blue, if it was the blue socket all would be fine...but the problem is that cap 1 and 2 are not seperate, they both are from the mono source, so 1 mike in the pink socket is on cap 1 and 2, its mono only 1 chanel15:12
jubo2go to audio settings and disable the mono in and start Jack again would be my guess15:13
jubo2goatia: have you looked at how your in- and outputs are in alsamixer? you can start it in a shell with 'alsamixer'15:14
goatiaok thanks, let me try that....thanks a lot jubo215:14
DirtyEarHi. I have a mixer Behringer XR18. The mixer has an app to work with it in Linux, but the app does not work. I found an older versionof the app and it works, but I want to try the last one. Any idea of what is missing in my PC?15:23
DirtyEarWhen I had Ubuntu 18 the app worked very well but in Ubuntu 19.10 does not work and I found some people with the same problem but in Ubuntu 18. I think is some library I have to install but I do not know wich one. This is a forum with the same problem but in Ubutu 18. If somebody may help me I will really appreciate it16:03

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