RikMillssanta_: apologies. launchpad/builder were broken most of yesterday, so I gave up trying to get anything done07:18
crydotsnake-MHello all!. I have a question.. i really want to Help improving Kubuntu, but i dont really find a starting Point.. could you give me some Tipps?. 08:32
mparillo(1) Help out with the #kubuntu channel. (2) Install the daily ISO (http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/current/) use it and report anything unusual here. You may be asked to create a bug report on Kubuntu (Launchpad.net) or KDE (bugs.kde.org). (3) Hang here and look for a call for testers and volunteer. (4) If you have particular talents in coding, system administration, documentation, translations, etc, announce 12:37
mparillothem here and maybe somebody needs a bit of help12:37
BluesKajHowdy all13:14
crydotsnake-MThank you ! mparillo 13:23
crydotsnake-MHow can i edit pages on community.kde.org?13:24
mparilloI think you need a KDE Identity14:29
mparilloLogin with Phabricator14:29
mparilloTarget URL for me: https://phabricator.kde.org/oauthserver/auth/?scopes%5B0%5D=whoami&scopes%5B1%5D=offline_access&state=a050fbac809f7cf3cac472f2b7be3372&scope=whoami&response_type=code&approval_prompt=auto&redirect_uri=https%3A%2F%2Fcommunity.kde.org%2FSpecial%3APhabricatorLogin%2Fcallback&client_id=PHID-OASC-tndrk63hnqw4rq3y4zjm14:30
mparilloProbably different for you, so look for the Login with Phabricator in the right hand navigation.14:31
RikMillsso many things are broken for building in the archive!14:34
* RikMills give up for a while14:34
santa_good afternoon15:47
santa_RikMills: ok, no problem, can we see a few easy things now?15:47
RikMillssanta_: sure15:47
santa_ok, FYI I have fixed yesterday one of my servers for the i386 drop15:48
santa_I'm going to fix the other one now and start with test rebuilds wo would be nice to get everything right in git repos15:49
santa_RikMills: ok, so first of all it would be nice to get the plasma .4 in the _archive branches15:51
santa_I'm here @ .315:51
RikMillsI thought I pushed. maybe just to the staging.....15:52
santa_yeah, the staging is right15:52
santa_the _staging branch I mean15:52
santa_but not _archive15:52
santa_ok, another one: kimageformats, no-change rebuild made by you15:54
santa_and I think they were a few apps not in sync, let me check...15:54
santa_hmm you already did marble15:56
santa_ok I will fix area51 now so I will start fresh with test rebuilds, I plan to build the _staging branches @ groomlake and the _archive branches @ area5115:57
RikMillsbe warned that there is breakage in focal proposed for building some things15:58
santa_oh, how is that?15:58
RikMillsgdk-pixbuf had a binary deleted16:00
RikMillsmake a mice chain of things from that to vlc to phonon backend to knotificationconfig-dev to maybe other things fail to install16:00
RikMillsmice chain?16:01
RikMillsnice chain!16:01
RikMillsmade the ktp-* things you wanted uploaded FTBFS16:01
santa_ok, well let's see how that affects the rebuilds16:02
RikMillsa lot should be ok. just saying16:03
santa_the kimeageformats tag is missing16:04
RikMillskdeconnect 1.4 is out :)16:04
RikMillswas a scripted rebuild without the tooling, so no automatic tag16:05
santa_oh, ok16:05
crydotsnake-MThanks mparillo 16:19
santa_RikMills: ok, more stuff, KA17:08
santa_I would like to fix that fix to not use float17:09
RikMillsgo ahead17:10
santa_wrt branch managing I plan to fix this in the 2.3 branch, make a new alpha package from there, merge 2.3 into master and then release 2.3 with whatever we have in master17:10
santa_* and then release 2.3 beta 1 with whatever we have in master17:12
RikMillsok :)17:12
santa_RikMills: changes pushed to 2.3 I haven't tested the 100% of things which could be tested but it seems it could work18:36
santa_RikMills: so could you do a quick test? if it works for you I will proceed with the package, then I will merge into master to prepare 2.3-beta118:38
santa_(which I would like to test doing fw 5.65)18:38
RikMillssanta_: seem to switch dir depending on version ok here on a VERY quick test18:43
santa_RikMills: ack18:44
RikMillsif an issue crops up can fix as we go, but dowloading tars and gbp seems ok18:44
santa_ok, I will proceed with the package then18:44
santa_RikMills: hmm, what happenned exactly with gdk-pixbuf?19:31
RikMillssanta_: vorlon deleted one of the binaries on all arches to break a circular build dependency for something19:34
RikMillssanta_: that got left overnight USA time, breaking lots of other things19:36
RikMillsthen a short while ago, he copied the binaries back19:36
santa_RikMills: what's the name of the removed binary?19:39
RikMillssanta_: it was libgdk-pixbuf2.0-common 2.40.0+dfsg-1ubuntu119:40
RikMillsDeleted 14 hours ago by Steve Langasek19:46
RikMillsHack around gdk-pixbuf circular build-dep19:46
RikMillsPublished 2 hours ago19:46
RikMillssame history for all arches19:46
santa_RikMills: thanks for the info, so I guess as soon as my mirror gets the package the builds are going to be ok19:51
santa_ok, so package published and everything merged into master20:02
santa_tomorrow or so I plan to do a few changes in master and test them doing the 5.65 release20:02
santa_specifically the branch checking removal20:03
RikMillsmight have to temporarily drop the libgit2 build dep for ktexteditor in a weeks time. the libgit2 soname transition seems to not be going anywhere in proposed at the moment20:07
RikMillsor maybe drop it in staging and test the consequences? I did that in my ppa, and could not see much impact of say kate20:09
santa_probably it's not the most important feature there20:10
santa_just don't forget to add it back ;)20:10
RikMillsthat is the thing!20:11

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