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AngssHi. I've just created Ubuntu 18.04 server on Microsoft Azure. However, ip addr show or ifconfig doesn't show the public ip address on the eth0 interface. Does anyone know how to bind the public IP addr on the eth0?14:39
flybackhow am I upgradeinng 16.04 x86 to 18.04 x86 despite there not being a i386 port for several versions now19:26
* flyback is really confused19:26
flybackunless they are fake virtual i386 packages that are converting it to x64 somehow19:27
flybackoh nm19:36
flybackthere was a upgrade path just not a full bootable installer for i38619:36
flybackseriously I was like "ok did I wake up this morning" HAHHAAH19:36
flybackI did it to see if it would offer to move up to x64 from x86 (replaced the hw) but I was like WTF? when it actually started installing a bunch of 18.xx i386 packages19:37
flybackwell that worked, now to backup the data recovery files and move it from x86 to x6420:07
flybackbut the 16.04 to 18.04 i386 to i386 upgrade worked good20:07
mwhudsonflyback: i386 is fully there for everything up to eoan20:24
flybackthat was over quick20:48
flybackboard just decided to die20:48
flybackoh well20:48

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