eamonnmrLet me see if Mozilla's site is any good in lynx00:08
Sbur3I seem to recall that there was a program for making multiple page PDFs. Anyone remember the name of the program?00:09
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hatsuhow come installing qemu-kvm installs the x server and other desktop related stuff?00:22
hatsui want to run qemu-kvm headlessly00:22
hatsuah if i pass --no-install-recommends it gets me what i want00:25
gimmelHi all, I thought I'd give openbox a spin. I installed through a simple apt install openbox, and I can log into it. However, the absolute basics aren't working - such as when a menu is opened, it won't close again. I've made no changes (yet).00:27
melatoninaHello. Is placing a cron tab in cron.d enough to have it taken into consideration by cron?00:53
cariveriducasse: thanks.01:01
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eamonnmrYou can use `lynx developer.mozilla.org`01:35
eamonnmr@Sbur3 https://unixblogger.com/how-to-easily-merge-pdf-documents-under-linux/01:36
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dramahi milkt01:46
hatsuso i am trying to get my VM setup online01:57
hatsui'm wondering if it's a bad idea to do a storage-over-lan thing01:57
hatsulike, i have a NAS attached and I have my VM image on the NAS itself01:58
hatsui'm wondering if it's a bad idea not to have a local image and serve the image up via samba01:58
pragmaticenigmahatsu: Do you have a specific Ubuntu OS question? System organization and recommendations should be asked in #ubuntu-discuss or #ubuntu-offtopic please01:58
kinghatis there an app that can cast a specific monitor to chromecast?02:00
pragmaticenigmakinghat: software recommendations, please ask in #ubuntu-offtopic02:01
ducassekinghat: iirc, vlc can cast to chromecast. maybe that helps?02:05
kinghatare you able to select a monitor as the source?02:06
ducassei don't know, sorry. there is a #videolan channel, i think02:08
ducasseno, there isn't02:08
pragmaticenigmakinghat: The only way that I am aware to cast a monitor, is to use the Google Chrome browser's built in ability to cast a screen. You can consult the documentation for Google Chrome here: https://support.google.com/chromecast/answer/3228332?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en02:08
kinghatya you can select desktop but that really only works if you have one monitor.02:11
kinghatotherwise it casts your entire desktop02:11
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ducassekinghat: you might be able to crop that02:37
kinghati was thinking of like a capture device from vlc and using vlc to cast it somehow02:38
pragmaticenigmaif a screen capture program can output realtime network streaming, vlc might be able to pick it up and cast it02:39
pragmaticenigmarather roundabout way to do it, but might work in a pinch02:39
ducasseffmpeg might do that02:39
kinghatwell vlc has capture devices but im not sure how to set it up:  https://irc.kinghat.info/uploads/ae35bff37584f7e6/image.png02:39
hatsuIIRC you can just straight up cast any arbitrary mpeg stream to chromecast02:41
hatsubut encoding an mpeg stream is quite resource intensive unfortunately02:42
ducassekinghat: you can try their forum, https://forum.videolan.org/ - someone might have done this before02:42
kinghati looked at a thread and nobody replied to it: https://forum.videolan.org/viewtopic.php?t=14351502:42
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kinghatdont care about resources atm02:45
ducasseyou could try #ffmpeg02:45
ducasseidk if that can cast to chromecast, but it might02:46
hatsukinghat, take a look at pychromecast02:47
hatsuit's a python library that lets you just go straight up like chromecast_object.stream(media)02:47
hatsuand it Just Werks (TM)02:47
hatsuquite incredible02:47
kinghatwonder if there is a node one02:47
ducasselooks like there are a couple from a cursory glance of search results02:50
kinghatthough at this point the casting can easily be done via vlc its getting a stream of my desktop to it02:50
ducassei'm pretty sure ffmpeg can do that02:50
pragmaticenigmaor run two instances of VLC... Desktop => VLC(send) => VLC(receive) => Chromcast02:51
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kinghatlooks like it needs another plugin: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1023896/unable-to-capture-screen-with-vlc-on-ubuntukde-17-1003:29
kinghatalso: https://itsfoss.com/vlc-pro-tricks-linux/03:30
kinghatand looks like its full desktop and not individual screen03:30
ylluminatethe version of msmtp in the repos is quite old (a few years old now) currently for 18.04 and terribly, terribly out of date03:59
ylluminatewho should i talk to about getting this updated?04:00
akkLooks like in 19.10 it's 1.8.3 so it's from February; a bit old but I wouldn't call that terribly terribly.04:04
akk18.04 I would expect to be quite a bit older, that's kind of the point of using old distros.04:04
akkBut maybe file a launchpad bug asking it to be updated?04:04
ylluminatesince 18.04 is lts and on servers the new version, 1.8.6, is very much needed @akk04:12
ylluminateso yeah, that's what i'm working on filing here04:12
ubottuStable Release Update information is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates04:12
OerHeksfile an important update?04:13
ylluminatethe problem is that 1.6.6 is broken in various regards and will no longer work with various ssl/tls services04:13
ylluminateit's a relatively trivial update, but must be done04:13
ylluminatecurious, any good tutorials on pulling together a basic init.d script for bringing up a service like msmtpd at boot?04:23
ZeZuAnyone know where the setting for printscreen key is on current kde/plasma?04:24
ZeZuIt's not working for some reason04:24
ZeZuworked fine on default desktop,  and afair it normally is mapped to take a screenshot on plasma as well04:25
ZeZuthought it was in [settings] > shortcuts > global > kwin but not finding it04:27
ducasseylluminate: might as well make a systemd service, shorter and simpler04:32
ylluminatei fiddled with this before but i must have missed something as it didn't start up properly. do you have a particularly solid tutorial that offers a good starting template?04:33
ducassethere's tons of examples on the systemd homepage at freedesktop.org04:34
ducasseguides too04:34
ducasseylluminate: also this - https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Systemd#Writing_unit_files04:36
ylluminatethanks for the tips. this has been a major pain for some reason04:36
ducasseylluminate: there's a build here, but see the notes about using at your own risk - https://launchpad.net/~sdeziel/+archive/ubuntu/ppa04:41
ducassethat's 1.8.3 for bionic04:41
ducasse!imdb the matrix04:59
ubottuducasse: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:00
ducasse!help imdb05:00
kinghatcool got it working05:19
kinghatOBS -> VLC -> chromecast05:19
rustytacoGood day all! Quick question i'm finding conflicting answers to -- my system is running EFI boot on an SSD. Right now i don't have swap (but i have room i can assign to it) -- i've only 4gb physical ram and would like to make kernel minimally use the swap besides for hibernation -- how to do this?05:40
ducassejust add swap and set vm.swappiness to a low value05:41
rustytacoIt seems from time to time my browser will consume huge amounts of memory so i was concerned oof it swapping needlessly when it really should just get OOM'd05:42
rustytacoducasse: sysctl?05:42
ducasseyes, /etc/sysctl.conf05:43
rustytacoducasse: thanks05:44
ducasseno problem05:50
phockinghey i have a bash script that is hanging, can anyone take a look at it to see why?05:51
ducassepastebin it05:51
phockingi think the problem is the tee05:57
ducasseput 'set -x' at the top of your script and run it to see where it hangs05:58
ducasseyou need to feed tee something06:01
ducassephocking: try 'echo "deb http://www.ui.com/downloads/unifi/debian stable ubiquiti" | tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/100-ubnt-unifi.list'06:27
ChronDon*sigh* updated bios still cant boot legacy06:44
ChronDonevery time I try it says pick a valid boot device and restart06:45
phockingducasse: thanks!06:47
RadSurfer_I am trying to install Freebasic 32-bit in Ubuntu 19.02 and its complaining of libtinfo.so.5, none of what I've read has solved the problem. SOMEONE I hope knows what to do here :)06:48
guivercUbuntu 19.02?  There was no release of Ubuntu in 2019-February RadSurfer_07:03
RadSurfer_latest 19.x07:03
RadSurfer_point is, how do I solve this libtinfo.so.5 thing?07:03
RadSurfer_some posts suggest some sort of symlink, but that is not working for me...07:04
guivercthe release info would be a start07:04
RadSurfer_how to check it?07:04
guivercWe don't support Linux Mint which does have a 19.207:04
RadSurfer_This is Ubuntu 19.x07:04
RadSurfer_surely theres a command to check/verify version07:05
guiverc`lsb-release -a` will give details07:05
RadSurfer_no such command07:06
sxpertlatest ubuntu is 19.1007:06
RadSurfer_then thats what I have installed! 64-bit07:06
RadSurfer_I thought uname used to give more details07:06
guivercI think you need https://packages.ubuntu.com/eoan/libtinfo5  (64 bit doesn't tell me anything; 64bit x86_64/amd64 or 64bit arm, or 64bit...)07:07
guiverc`sudo apt install libtinfo5`  which is available for arm64, amd64, s390x, ppc64el etc07:07
RadSurfer_it's already installed!07:08
RadSurfer_application can't find it; its somehow connected with ncurses07:08
guivercYour system should already have `lsb_release` too, but you don't seem to know what you're running, I wonder myself07:08
RadSurfer_correct command to suggest/recommend is actually :: hostnamectl07:09
RadSurfer_  Operating System: Ubuntu 19.1007:10
RadSurfer_            Kernel: Linux 5.3.0-24-generic07:10
guiverc`ldconfig -v` will show what libs are detected; are you trying to compile somethign with that library?\07:11
RadSurfer_still doesn't help me resolve getting FreeBASIC to recognize this silly .so it requires07:11
guivercIt's possible that you need https://packages.ubuntu.com/eoan/libtinfo-dev  (-dev package; which is also provided by libncurses-dev - ie. you might need that installed)07:12
rustytacoducasse: little bit of ffuss later, hibernate works. Cheers~!07:12
RadSurfer_I may have to wait until morning/afternoon, when someone else using FreeBASIC might know what's going on.07:13
monr0eSo apparently ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS is a little easier to configure postfix and courier on. Is it recent enough to be patched against the likes of heartbleed, and when was it's last security update? I'm a little wary of using it but it's just a home server for now07:57
sxpertthe problem is systemd ;)07:58
monr0eCome again?07:58
ChiLLabiSHaha sxpert ! :)08:08
ChiLLabiSmonr0e: Isn't 16.04 EOL?08:08
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades08:09
monr0eChiLLabiS: I believe so. I was just hoping it got the update against heartbleed before it went EoL. I need to see if I can configure postfix to properly work on it, then maybe I can migrate to 18 once I understand the differences between the two. Since it's just a home server, being EoL is not as concerning as if it were a prod system.08:13
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monr0eI've been trying for a good two weeks to make 18 work :(08:14
rustytacotime for a new postfix config sounds like :P08:15
monr0eI wish I was skilled enough to do so. I'm pretty much fresh from Microsoft, and whilst I did manage to get postfix operational on a Pi it just wasn't capable enough to run AV on top08:16
monr0eAlso I couldn't get outlook to play nice with raw postfix, which is why I wanted Ubuntu for courier08:17
monr0eCourier is, I believe, the issue at the moment08:17
rustytacomonr0e: Might i suggest giving mailcow a look? It's a nice little docker based setup that's easy to admin.08:24
monr0erustytaco: ass opposed to postfix, or courier?08:24
acetakwasI have just installed Ubuntu on a newly purchased system.08:40
acetakwasThe Wi-Fi does not work.08:40
acetakwasHow can I find out if the Wifi hardware is present?08:40
acetakwasI don't usually run into driver issues, because it has always worked out of the box for my previous setups.08:41
CarlenWhiteIs there some kind of intended feature in print jobs to a cups server to kill the connection when submitting a job after 15 seconds?08:43
CarlenWhiteI have an old printer I poking with that has a small buffer and slow printing speed, but according to what I'm seeing in the spec for cups it should store the job then attempt to print it.08:45
blue_pearlacetakwas is lspci not giving you the wifi card details ?08:54
triadhej people08:55
triadis there a way from command line to set ubuntu to suspend when it's on battery , especially lower than 10%08:56
gimmelHi all, I thought I'd give openbox a spin. I installed through a simple apt install openbox, and I can log into it. However, the absolute basics aren't working - such as when a menu is opened, it won't close again. I've made no changes to the default config (yet). Any suggestions?09:15
angryantI am trying to remap key combos in 18.04 and have been looking into XKB for this. However it does not seem well suited for my case, so I was wondering if anyone had advice on this. The type of remap I would want to do could for instance be Shift+Ctrl+F17 -> Ctrl+A.09:27
angryantEX: This is my .xbindkeysrc attempt to make it happen: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/W3xtSTvt78/09:53
angryantNo effect and the xbindkeys setup in general runs, given that my mouse button remaps function flawlessly.09:53
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StephenLynxanyone else having issues with nvidia cards?11:22
StephenLynxI think mine was causing my system to freeze. I ran a update + distro-sync and now it can't even get any resolution but 480p after a reboot11:22
StephenLynxmine is a 720 or 750, can't remember11:23
tatertotsStephenLynx: is it still freezing after the update?11:27
StephenLynxi didn't check for that.11:27
StephenLynxnow, it seems oddly similar to this https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1063389/linux/ubuntu-18-04-completely-freezes-after-a-few-minutes-of-being-booted/11:28
StephenLynxI just disabled it after I couldn't get resolutions.11:28
StephenLynxI turned off it's power and switched to onboard, no freezes yet.11:29
StephenLynxit would freeze if I had my browser open. I could run a terminal for as long as I wanted and it wouldn't freeze.11:29
tatertotswell now you've had one problem and now another stacked on after the first..do you have a action plan?11:30
StephenLynxDo I look like a guy with a plan?11:31
StephenLynxa dude mentions on that thread a bios update11:31
tatertotsyou're using intel graphics now so you never confirmed or validated if the first symptoms persisted11:32
StephenLynxI know.11:32
tatertotsbut you got a new symptom now with resolutions11:32
tatertotsso which battle are you going to fight?11:32
StephenLynxi dunno man. it seems their drivers are botched currently.11:32
tatertotsor fight first11:32
tatertotsALL their drivers?...or just the version(s) you were using when the symptom occurred ?11:33
StephenLynxsome version, from what that thread tells me.11:33
tatertotssurely if it was ALL their drivers the entire world would be up in arms with issues11:33
tatertotsthose small details may be important11:34
tatertotsI hope you are keeping notes of some sort11:34
StephenLynxhm. makes sense.11:34
StephenLynxill try updating the bios11:34
StephenLynxit's been going on for too long now.11:35
Intelohow to force check fsck next boot. Please tell what you are 100% sure works?12:08
Intelocheck and fix12:08
Intelothe /dev/sda112:08
EriC^Intelo: sudo touch /forcefsck12:19
InteloEriC^,  are you sure it will work?12:19
EriC^Intelo: what is /dev/sda1 ?12:19
InteloEriC^,  root /12:19
EriC^then yeah it should work12:19
InteloEriC^,  how will I know? I see no message at boot?12:19
InteloI want to force check and auto fix12:20
EriC^Intelo: boot into recovery mode from grub, select to fsck12:20
InteloEriC^,  it says first do it, then says its mounted, cannot proceed12:20
EriC^Intelo: are you pressing anything in recovery mode like networking etc first?12:21
InteloEriC^, no12:22
srgedWhy am I getting two (very different) values when I test my SSD speed with two different tools (hdparm and dd)  ?12:26
tatertotsbecause they are two different tools12:40
tatertotstry testing two different SSD's with the same tool12:41
CoolerXdoes ubuntu 18.04 installed in headless servers come with any graphical software?12:51
srgedtatertots: the difference is huge, it cannot be, have a look: https://paste.debian.net/1120064/12:55
boy1how many use ubuntu mate13:07
boy1my touch pad is not working any help13:10
BluesKajHowdy all13:14
osseI've copied and customized a desktop file. But when I start the app from the unity launcher it's recognized as if I use the original desktop file, so that's what appears in the sidebar and that's what I can add to favorites.13:19
osseHow can I fix this?13:19
triad@BluesKaj having fun, you ?13:48
BluesKajodd how users misinterpret the word howdy, it just means hello14:06
rud0lfthey mistake howdy with yeeehaaaw14:06
BluesKajwatched too many old westerns and misunderstood them too :-)]14:22
chullI know there is a command to see which video cards are supported by my hardware .. at least in 19.04. But 1. I can't remember it and this is 18.04. I need a new video card, not for gaming but reading and email, regular stuff. Can someone remind me please?14:54
chullwell, ok 2. was it's 18.04. I need help?14:57
ducassei've never seen such a command, so i'm not sure what you mean.15:03
BluesKajvideo cards are hardware...maybe he means which drivers support his gpu15:10
RadSurfer_Anyone here using FreeBASIC 32-bit? I have that dreaded "Can't find libtinfo.so.5" issue. Nothing I've tried has worked yet.15:20
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Intelohow to force check fsck next boot. Please tell what you are 100% sure works?16:03
RadSurfer_is it possible to list only LINKS? "sudo ln -s "16:04
jeremy31Intelo: https://www.linuxuprising.com/2019/05/how-to-force-fsck-filesystem.html16:07
Intelojeremy31,  I have read many articles. Looking for working solution experienced by someone16:11
InteloI have this in fstab. but my root is on /dev/sda1  /dev/mapper/kubuntu--vg-root /               ext4    errors=remount-ro 0       116:14
Intelo# /boot was on /dev/sda1 during installation16:14
InteloUUID=d4fc67cc-b870-42dd-ac68-f1ef2a4f9adf /boot           ext2    defaults        0       216:14
__marcoHello. I am using an Ubuntu Docker image as a building machine. Before running any job I update the OS via apt-get. For bionic and disco the update finishes smoothly but when I update eoan, the package tzdata asks for some input from the user to chose the geographic area. How can I say to dpkg-reconfigure (or whatever is running at that moment) to not ask for any input and maybe also to set up some sensible answer?16:19
leftyfbRadSurfer_: find -type l16:19
__marcoI think it is debconf, not dpkg-reconfigure16:20
__marcodebconf: unable to initialize frontend: Dialog16:20
__marcoPlease select the geographic area in which you live. Subsequent configuration... etc.16:20
leftyfbRadSurfer_: what exactly are you asking for?16:20
LaurentDumontI think that's normal for Docker containers.16:20
RadSurfer_Trying to get 32-bit FreeBASIC to run under Ubuntu. it can't find libtinfo.so.516:21
LaurentDumontCan you try : NV DEBIAN_FRONTEND noninteractive16:21
leftyfb__marco: https://askubuntu.com/questions/909277/avoiding-user-interaction-with-tzdata-when-installing-certbot-in-a-docker-contai16:21
LaurentDumontENV DEBIAN_FRONTEND noninteractive16:21
__marcoLaurentDumont: leftyfb thank you both16:22
jwashhi everyone, i have 2 monitors. I'm trying to apply nvidia-settings like this: nvidia-settings --assign CurrentMetaMode="DP-3: 1920x1080 +0+0 {viewportin=1920x1080, viewportout=1770x1000+93+45}" --assign CurrentMetaMode="DVI-I-1: 1920x1080 +0+0 {viewportin=1920x1080, viewportout=1830x1020+40+20}" . the problem is that it only makes one monitor active. can someone help me correct this?16:31
BlueProtomanI'm trying to upgrade some software on Ubuntu 19.10, but I get this error. https://pastebin.com/H85N6H80 The file size seems to be different than promised. Any tips?16:41
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Rockwoodi wanna remove just passphase from my ssh public key17:19
Rockwoodwith it regenerate, is possible?17:19
Rockwoodwithout it regenerate, is possible?17:20
rypervencheRockwood: It is possible.17:20
Rockwoodwhat command for it?17:20
Ether_ManHey. So I was wondering. If I replace the binaries of some installed packages. Would that cause any issues directly? (provided the replacement works and such ofc). And what happens when those packages need updating. Will it just overwrite the binaries or will it start complaining about no longer matching or something like that?17:22
rypervencheCheck: ssh-keygen -p -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa17:22
rypervencheOr whatever the path to your private key is.17:22
pragmaticenigmaEther_Man: That would make your system unsupported in this channel. You should never replace the binaries or any files that are provided through a package repository.17:22
pragmaticenigmaEther_Man: It might help to know what you are trying to do, as there is very likely a safer alternative17:23
LaurentDumontYou can use whatever source for the package. You can also mark the package as "held" within APT.17:23
Rockwoodgit@bitbucket.org: Permission denied (publickey).17:23
Rockwoodfatal: Could not read from remote repository.17:23
LaurentDumontWhich means it won't be upgraded anymore through the system.17:24
Rockwoodrypervenche, ssh -Tv git@bitbucket.org is working fine for me17:24
jebladSeems like a buggy update was rolled out late yesterday. It hits the window mangager, and the window decoration becomes unresponsive. Sometimes everything is unresponsive. Any quick fix?17:25
rypervencheRockwood: What's NOT working for you then?17:25
Ether_Manpragmaticenigma: well I understand it would become unsupported though I figured I'd ask about how it would react. The reason I'm asking is because I need features from Docker.io that's currently only available by replacing the docker bins with nightly build ones for docker.io itself, and some more custom ones for the cli tools. Specifically in regards to capabilities in Swarm mode17:25
Rockwoodrypervenche, i am unable to clone my project from git17:25
Rockwoodits connecting successfully at time this command "ssh -Tv git@bitbucket.org17:26
jebladRockwood, check if you use the correct protocol.17:27
rypervencheRockwood: Do you have an entry in your ~/.ssh/config file? Also, what is the command you are using for your git clone command?17:27
adrian_1908Ether_Man: Do the nightlies contain everything? If so, you could instead uninstall the apt one and set up your nightly binaries manually, e.g. in /opt17:27
adrian_1908Overwriting the existing binaries is not a good idea, as p.e. said17:28
jebladIf you want to clone for a docker image you should use https, as you don't have a valid account for ssh (aka git@โ€ฆ)17:28
pragmaticenigmaEther_Man: I would recommend uninstalling the Ubuntu managed ones and installing using the docker.io installers. When using docker.io supplied binaries, they should install to /usr/local/bin and stuff, to avoid conflicting with any of the Ubuntu managed packages17:28
Ether_Manadrian_1908: they don't. At least I don't think so. https://master.dockerproject.org/ lists all the files to replace and that doesn't seem to be all.17:29
Rockwoodjeblad, rypervenche sudo git clone git@bitbucket.org:robdehart/criminalimpulse.git i am using for clone17:29
Ether_Manpragmaticenigma: they're not docker.io supplied binaries though. Due to them being bought up recently their releases are on hold.17:30
rypervencheRockwood: Why are you using sudo? When you use sudo you are using the root user's home directory and its ~/.ssh directory.17:31
pragmaticenigmaEther_Man: My recommendation is do not manually replace the Ubuntu package managed binaries... If anything else shares those libraries, it will become unstable or fail to launch. (I foolishly did this with Python and several Ubuntu programs no longer work)17:31
Rockwoodrypervenche, git clone git@bitbucket.org:robdehart/criminalimpulse.git fatal: could not create work tree dir 'criminalimpulse': Permission denied17:32
Ether_Manpragmaticenigma: cheers. Will see how I do it then :)17:34
Rockwoodrypervenche, its not ve permission17:34
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Rockwoodrypervenche, so what should be next?17:43
rypervencheRockwood: Sounds like you're trying to clone the repo into a directory that you don't have the proper permissions in.17:48
Rockwoodrypervenche, is a good way to give full permission to html folder17:49
rypervencheRockwood: Personally, I would clone it as your user, and then with sudo copy the directory into your html folder.17:50
rypervencheSo some place in your normal user's home dir, and then sudo cp -r that dir into your /var/www/html/ directory or wherever you have it set. You may still need to set your permissions correctly afterward, something like sudo chown -R www-data: /var/www/html17:52
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OsmodivsHello. I am using Ubuntu 18.04.3 (uname -a18:55
OsmodivsLinux Djiin-Mk-IV 5.0.0-37-generic #40~18.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Thu Nov 14 12:06:39 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux18:55
Osmodivs) I want to use a HUION 610 Pro tablet on my system but in order to make it work I need to install the "linux-headers-3.13.0-29-generic" in doing so, isin't that gonna overide my current kernel?18:55
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leftyfbOsmodivs: yes, and it's a VERY outdated kernel that shouldn't be used anymore. That kernel was last seen on Ubuntu 12.04 which went unsupported over 2 years ago.19:15
Osmodivsleftyfb: So, what do you suggest?19:26
OsmodivsI really need this tablet to work19:26
leftyfbOsmodivs: contact the company for support. Or run an outdated and unsupport kernel just a tablet19:27
Osmodivscompany does not support linux...19:27
ioriaOsmodivs, i have no experience with tablets, but we can try something:  paste  'usb-devices | nc termbin.com 9999'19:28
ioriaOsmodivs, seems usbhid is loaded, not sure is right19:29
Osmodivsioria: Like, not sure if it's loaded correctly?19:31
ioriaOsmodivs, nope, maybe it not the correct module for that devie :  paste 'lsmod | nc termbin.com 9999'19:31
Osmodivsioria: https://termbin.com/7vap19:32
ioriaOsmodivs, sudo modprobe -r hid_uclogic19:34
Osmodivsioria: no output19:35
ioriaOsmodivs, sudo modprobe -v  hid_uclogic19:35
Osmodivsioria: insmod /lib/modules/5.0.0-37-generic/kernel/drivers/hid/hid-uclogic.ko19:35
ioriaOsmodivs, yes, and works something ?19:35
Osmodivsioria: it just turns the light on the tablet, nothing more19:37
ioriaOsmodivs, 'dpkg -l | grep linux-module | nc termbin.com 9999'19:39
Osmodivsioria: https://termbin.com/jkgh19:40
ioriaOsmodivs,  we can try to remove usbhid and reload hid_uclogic; but you'll lose control of some devices that use  usbhid19:42
Osmodivsioria: like what other devices?19:42
ioriaOsmodivs, Logitech , SIGMACHIP ...19:43
ioriaOsmodivs, you can simply relaod it btw, it's just for test19:44
Osmodivsthat's my wireless keyboard...19:44
Osmodivsioria: reloading sounds safer19:44
ioriaOsmodivs, ah, ok19:44
Osmodivshow do I reload?19:44
ioriaOsmodivs, nope, not if it's the keyboard19:44
pfirsichhello! is it possible I am not booting Ubuntu through grub? I have a timeout of 0, but even if I hold shift when ubuntu is booting, I don't see a grub boot menu19:45
ioriaOsmodivs, nvm that; read this : https://github.com/DIGImend/digimend-kernel-drivers19:45
Osmodivsioria: let me try that19:46
Osmodivsioria: it worked19:55
ioriaOsmodivs, very good job19:55
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RadSurfer_SHOULD anyone be trying to get FreeBASIC 32bit to work under Ubuntu 19.10(64) I now know what is required!20:47
ioriaRadSurfer_, and why 32 bit ?20:47
RadSurfer_because it is popular with FreeBASIC users.20:47
ioriaRadSurfer_ then you'll need all the 32bit dependencies20:48
RadSurfer_It's actually quite simple, and it a tad more than that.20:48
ioriaRadSurfer_, so what's the problem ?20:49
RadSurfer_under ubuntu :386 apparently means "32-bit"20:49
ioriayou mean 'i386'20:50
RadSurfer_I stand corrected, yes.20:50
RadSurfer_ioria :: http://dpaste.com/0CRETGR20:51
ioriaRadSurfer_, yes, sounds correct afaik20:53
RadSurfer_Now we know :)20:54
RadSurfer_no silly tampering with sym-link stuff.20:54
ioriaRadSurfer_, you just read the readme.txt  included in the .tar20:55
RadSurfer_actually, it makes NO MENTION of manually installing info5:i38620:55
RadSurfer_or that you must explicitly supply -i /home/<user>  path20:56
RadSurfer_perhaps it is implied by studying install.sh, but not otherwise20:57
ioriaRadSurfer_,  i think because libtinfo5  is provided as dep by libncurses20:57
RadSurfer_not 32-bit by default, no. apparently.20:57
RadSurfer_ubuntu keeps things in /usr/lib3220:57
OnkelTemHi all. Folks, I'm connecting an external device as a Microphone, but it doesn't appear in the list of available devices. What is worse - sometimes it works, sometime doesn't. I replaced 3 cables but it hasn't resolved the issue. Also I tried the last cable with Windows and Mic works just perfectly20:58
OnkelTemAny ideas>20:58
OnkelTem? damn this new kbd20:58
dreamonhallo. Ubuntu 18.04. i installed automatic drivers with "additional-driver" and it showed me nvidia-340 to be installed. but thats the wrong driver for my graphic card.22:04
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dreamonI need nvidia390. is it possible to set the right one?22:05
Bashing-omdreamon: Pastebin  ' sudo lshw -C display ' to confirm the correct driver to install.22:14
sylvain-2205hello everyone i have problems using simple-scan : it doesn't detect my scanner. I have an EPSON WF-2750 series. it seems that libsane is not installed properly after checking ubuntu forums. Could someone help me ? Thanks for reading my message. Sylvain22:17
PazoozaI learned a long time ago it's best to stick to HP printers with linux. Then you can use the scan tool in HP Toolbox.22:25
Bashing-om!pastebin | dreamon22:27
ubottudreamon: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:27
dreamonBashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/63BtjM5fkv/22:32
Bashing-omdreamon: checking.22:34
Bashing-omdreamon: Confirmed that the card will take the 390 version driver, What release are you on ?22:39
dreamonUbuntu 18.04.3 LTS22:40
dreamonbut sudo ubuntu-drivers list โ†’ nvidia-340 it want to install 340 instead of 39022:41
Bashing-omdreamon: Hummm 'apt list nvidia-driver-390' says the driver is there in the repo. As I do not do GUI, want to try from terminal to install the 390 version driver?22:43
dreamonI used a ppa to install nvidia-390 but I was lost, tring to get work with prime-select. But could install without any errors22:43
OerHeksgood driver for that card, why do you think 390 will do better?22:43
dreamonnvidia-340 installing ran in a lot of error messages22:43
OerHeks.. why a driver ppa, that card is not that new22:44
dreamonBashing-om, yes..22:44
Bashing-omdreamon: pastebin ' dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia ' see then if we can get a handle on what is not going on.22:44
dreamonsry. I try this since years an tried anything I could22:45
dreamonBashing-om, let me remove my ppa..22:45
sylvain-2205hello everyone. i have problems using simple-scan : it doesn't detect my scanner. I have an EPSON WF-2750 series. it seems that libsane is not installed properly after checking ubuntu forums. Could someone help me ? Thanks for reading my message. Sylvain22:46
dreamonBashing-om, I used a ppa cause I couldnt install 390 from normal repos.22:48
dreamonI think best way is to tell ubuntu to use 390 instead of 340? someone did a mistake by choosing needed driver.22:50
Bashing-omdreamon: Presently you show the 390 driver partially installed while there are also configfiles remaining from the 340 version, I suggest we purge all and re-install the driver.22:52
dreamonBashing-om, pse help me, to do this. I sure I made lot of mistakes.22:54
sylvain-2205#Bashing-om hello22:55
Bashing-omdreamon: Sure - help is what we do :) Let's start by seeing the configfiles. ls -al /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d ; ls -al /etc/X11/Xorg.conf.22:57
Bashing-omsylvain-2205: Hey hewy :D22:57
dreamonBashing-om, https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/jJJmGCrcHf/23:01
OerHeksepson gives image scan v3 downloads ? http://support.epson.net/linux/en/imagescanv3.php23:01
dreamonI remove the nvidia.conf and intel.conf one last time..sorry23:02
sylvain-2205OerHeks Yes but it has worked previously with simple scan and i want it to work23:06
Bashing-omdreamon: OK then we can try ' sudo apt --purge remove nvidia* ; sudo apt update ; sudo apt full-upgrade ; sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall ' . Reboot to see the effect.23:06
dreamonBashing-om, But ubuntu-drivers autoinstall will install 34023:07
dreamonsudo apt --purge remvoe nvidia* โ†’ zsh: no matches found: nvidia*23:08
Bashing-omdreamon: If it does then there is a package management issue we will need to address. As the latest driver "should" be installed.23:09
dreamonok. its running and it installs 340.. i will post resule23:10
dreamoninstallation failed with errors.. https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/zzRbB6syXt/23:12
OerHekssylvain-2205, remove/rename ~/.cache/simple-scan and reconnect again?23:13
dreamonBashing-om, should I reboot anyway?23:13
Bashing-omdreamon: looking.23:13
dreamoninstalling 390 works without issue, I remember23:18
Bashing-omdreamon: There are unresolved issues:( .. what shows ' sudo dkms status ' and ' dpkg -l | grep linux-' ?23:20
dreamonBashing-om, did I told you, this is a optimus graphic card in a lenovo laptop23:21
Bashing-omdreamon: We;; - I assumed as such from the lshw output :)23:22
dreamonBashing-om, do you think 340 is the right one?23:24
Bashing-omdreamon: 340 may indeed work - but Nvidia does recommend the 390 driver. The question now is the status of "dkms" ? What shows ' lsmod | grep nvidia ' ?23:32
dreamonBashing-om, no output23:33
OerHeks340 is also the legacy driver.23:33
sylvain-2205OerHeks i tried what you told me and sent you a feedback in private23:34
Bashing-omdreamon: 340 may indeed work - but Nvidia does recommend the 390 driver. The question now is the status of "dkms" ? What shows ' lsmod | grep nvidia ' ?23:35
Bashing-omOppps dreamon :(23:35
Bashing-om!info ubuntu-drivers-common bionic23:36
ubottuubuntu-drivers-common (source: ubuntu-drivers-common): Detect and install additional Ubuntu driver packages. In component main, is optional. Version 1: (bionic), package size 42 kB, installed size 224 kB23:36
Bashing-omdreamon: what shows on your system ' dpkg -l ubuntu-drivers-common ' .23:37
dreamonBashing-om, It wasnt installed. I did now!23:37
Bashing-omdreamon: Purge nvidia once more - maybe good too to get rid of all that kernel cruft - carefully ' sudo apt --purge autoremove ' ----- *IF* you are currently booting 4.15.0-72-generic .23:40
dreamonuname -a โ†’ Linux mydreamon 4.15.0-72-generic23:42
dreamonBashing-om, Now it romoved โ†’ libcuda1-340* nvidia-kernel-common-390* nvidia-settings* screen-resolution-extra*23:43
dreamonBashing-om, should I retry? โ†’ sudo apt --purge remove nvidia* ; sudo apt update ; sudo apt full-upgrade ; sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall23:44
dreamonBashing-om, It looks better โ†’ https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/qNgbvCZZQJ/ But line 43 โ†’ dpkg: error: Version ยป-ยซ wrong Syntax: Revisionsnummer is empty23:50
dreamoncan we ignore this?23:52
dreamonBashing-om, Or reboot?23:52
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Bashing-omdreamon: looking :)23:52
sylvain-2205i find no real help for my issue with simple scan OerHeks no more answers me23:58

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