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ki4ufaHello all21:20
jubo2Hi ki4ufa21:22
ki4ufawell jubo2, I was just beginning to accept the fact that I was all alone in here21:24
jubo2nah. there are people. this channel is a bit special because it is not only a support channel, but also for creative talk. In a support-only channel no irc channel traffic is good21:25
jubo2coz if there is a bunch of traffic in a support channel it means the software got bugs ... or more likely brokenness caused by inadept action on part of someone who just installed the software, isntead of the people who write it21:26
ki4ufaahh...thanks for the info.  This is actually the first time I've really sat down and explored the whole IRC world.  Literally minutes ago finished downloading a client and getting set-up.  And yes,21:27
ki4ufaI agree, most issues are user created21:28
ki4ufaI'm dealing with one right now in fact...LOL21:28
jubo2ki4ufa: the first ever irc client and irc server were written by Mr. Jaakko Oikarinen in Oulu, Finland in 198921:28
jubo2ki4ufa: I remember in 1994 I got on a BBS that was connected to the Internets21:29
ki4ufaThat could come in handy next trivia night.  I feel at home in this client...It's more "terminal" like.  LOL21:29
jubo2took me for ages to figure out to write 'irc' and press enter. Then it took me even longer to figure out to write /list or /help or /join #channelname, but once I got those and joined a channel.21:30
jubo2So I find myself talking with a Chinese bloke in China about what's the time and what's the weather (those were common things to exchange on irc, at least where I was)21:31
jubo2Then I tell people around me that there's this thing called Internet and it gonna be huge. Local Xian youth worker basically communicated that I'm a nerd for saying "This Internet thing is gonna change things vastly"21:32
ki4ufaso much easier than point and click.  The world has gone and gotten pampered...too lazy to type now.  I somewhat remember the bulliten boards back in the early days...my teens and early twentys is when digital exploded.  I regret today that I didn't keep the passion I had as a child when Daddy put a Commodore 64 on my desk.  I was instantly addicted.  Had I stayed with it, who knows what I would be doing today.21:35
jubo2I had a very rare Commodor C64 .. the luggable version with inbuilt disk drive (that needed a hit on the right hand side of the machine sometimes) and awwwwwesome 7" CRT color display and a way to instert program moduls21:37
ki4ufaMan my program module was in the form of a cassette tape.  Didn't even know internal storage existed then.21:38
jubo2My dad bought it 2nd hand for me. Came with the original Elite, which was awesome as it was the 1st 3D computer graphics game for home computers afaik21:38
jubo2ki4ufa: It had 5.25" floppy drive, not a hard drive21:39
jubo2For disk drives there were turboloaders, and they worked. Load the game in a tiny fraction of a time than the normal loader took21:41
jubo2anyways, great games but everyone pirated them instead of paying and then people moved on to Amiga 500 and do the same thing21:42
jubo2ki4ufa: If I run into money I could be interested in buying a C64 reimplementation, preferably with thousands of games. Perhaps talking about memories of old computers not point of this channel21:44
ki4ufaahh...I misread that.  I can still remember how to program simple stuff in BASIC.  Who knew programming would turn into something so complex compared to BASIC.Again, I wish I had continued down the digital path at that age.  I've always somewhat kept up with the basics throughout the years, but in the last two years I've gotten back into sitting in front of a monitor ( or three ) pretty much most all the time.21:44
jubo210 GOTO 2021:45
jubo220 GOTO 1021:45
ki4ufaconstant loop. My friend I gotta go give my first born some help with a task, I look forward to speaking with you again soon.21:46
jubo2Ok, take care, talk again21:47

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