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AndrioIs it possible to boot from a partition on a flash drive other than the first one?07:01
Kumoolconfigure grub Andrio13:09
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sylvain-2205Hello everyone ! I'm new on Xubuntu and i must say that i love it. But i can't fix some issues by myself and after searching solutions on ubuntu forums, i still can't fix it and i presently asking help to the community hoping that someone will help me. My issue concerns the using of simple scan wich doesn't detect my scanner. PS : if you can speak22:00
sylvain-2205french it would be awesome ! thanks for reading my post O:3 . Sylvain22:00
brainwashsylvain-2205: hello. that sounds like a general ubuntu problem, so I suggest that you ask in #ubuntu instead.22:02
brainwashit's usually the better place to ask when it comes to hardware/driver problems22:03
NightMonkeyHowdy. I'm a linux admin (and user!), but I'm just configuring a laptop for a friend. I'd like to offer them more that "sudo or bust" rights for managing devices. Are unix groups a path? And is there a guide to how access is managed by those groups? Thanks.23:46
NightMonkeyEx: If I want a standard user to be able to change Wifi settings without sudo, is there a group they should be a member of?23:47
NightMonkeyOoh, nevermind, I found the "Advanced User Setting"...23:57

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