pmatulishow do i remove a resource from an application (opposite of 'attach-resource')?00:10
anastasiamacpmatulis: there is no such thing00:13
anastasiamacpmatulis: why do u need it?00:14
anastasiamacpmatulis: generally, u'd use resource, u would not "un-need' it...00:14
babbageclunkthanks hpidcock00:22
thumperwallyworld: sorry, back on it now00:42
thumperwallyworld: it is all good and merging00:59
thumperwallyworld: merged01:24
timClicks_has anyone got a recommendation for a local DNS server that I can "snap install <dns>"? I would like to add an "external hostname" to things using a .local tld that resolve to my microk8s cluster02:18
timClicks_(without using xip.io. ideally everything would be locally hosted)02:18
pmatulisanastasiamac, what if things change and it's no longer required?02:26
pmatuliskind of like any of the other "undoing" commands02:27
anastasiamacpmatulis: we have not encountered "resource is no longer required" case. also 'attach-resource' command does attach but also update... this satisfies  cases we have heard of...03:09
anastasiamacpmatulis: if u have scenario where it is required, plz file a bug and we'll prioritize :)03:10
pmatulisanastasiamac, i imagine a user can also just make a mistake right? like attach a resource to the wrong application?03:10
anastasiamacpmatulis: u can only attach a resource if ur charm declares it..03:11
anastasiamacpmatulis: and u can always update03:11
pmatuliswell, i do have a use case for wanting to remove resources. i will open a bug later. thanks for the context anastasiamac03:12
lucidoneIs it possible to change a controllers metadata-source after bootstrapping? The docs suggest not. Is it the case that bootstrapping with `--metadata-source ~/simplestreams/images` means that I'm locked into that set of images unless I destroy and recreate the controller? What are my options here with only user permissions in an openstack deployment?03:52
hpidcockpr please https://github.com/juju/bundlechanges/pull/5906:35
nammn_de1morning  manadart, stickupkid and i were talking about possible implementations of multiple featureflags:  https://github.com/juju/utils/pull/305 do you have a preference? Thankso09:29
stickupkidnammn_de1, mine is number 2, let's see what manadart thinks09:29
nammn_de1stickupkid manadart: another small one, unrelated to above. https://github.com/juju/cmd/pull/70 some feedback for it?09:29
manadartstickupkid nammn_de1: I missed why we have 2 flags for the same feature...09:37
stickupkidmanadart, rick wants users to be able to target them both in 2.709:37
stickupkidmanadart, i.e. generations and branches are the same thing09:37
nammn_de1manadart: he said he would like to ease user experience from someone going from 2.7 to 2.809:38
manadartstickupkid nammn_de1: I am probably with stickupkid on the alias thing. Mostly because:09:41
manadart1) Checking whether to make some logic nascent based on these *multiple* flags is a poor question to pose. A feature:flag should be 1:1.09:42
manadart2) It is ambiguous anyway. Is it "or" or is it "and" for example.09:43
stickupkidI'd love it if the feature flags was a type, then just make global functions09:59
zeestratAnyone have a rough ETA on next libjuju release? Is this side of new years realistic?10:07
stickupkidzeestrat, hopefully, we're just wrapping up on the last PR10:09
stickupkidmanadart, forward port of 2.7 into develop https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1100710:10
zeestratstickupkid: thanks, looking forward to it! it will make my ci lights finally go green.10:13
manadartstickupkid: Back. Looking at your patch.11:00
nammn_de1stickupkid: coming back to yaml/json output: https://github.com/juju/cmd/pull/6911:27
nammn_de1added some tests and make it to return {}11:27
stickupkidnammn_de1, gave some feedback, we need to work out what happens with an invalid format input error...11:38
nammn_de1stickupkid:  afaict that is not possible as we register the command beforehand and this   happens to me:  juju models --format=yafdsfs11:41
nammn_de1ERROR invalid value "yafdsfs" for option --format: unknown format "yafdsfs". But we still can look more into error handling just to be safe11:41
stickupkidnammn_de1, let's replicate that error handling.11:43
stickupkidnammn_de1, I'd like to write a guide of how to deal with errors, so others can follow11:44
nammn_de1stickupkid: ho?11:44
nammn_de1stickupkid: ahh ho for 2 min?11:50
nammn_de1stickupkid : thanks for the feedback. Added it https://github.com/juju/cmd/pull/6911:59
stickupkidnammn_de1, approved11:59
stickupkidgr8 don't have green tick, sigh - nammn_de1 might be worth speaking to rick_h or jam about my lack of green tick POWER in juju/cmd12:00
jamstickupkid: green tick POWER! :)12:00
jamstickupkid: I added hackers to Write on juju/cmd12:02
jamstickupkid: does that give you the GTP ?12:07
manadartstickupkid: Patch for emitting redirects: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1098912:30
stickupkidjam, yaep13:25
stickupkidmanadart, sorry it took so long, was busy in other stuff16:06
stickupkidmanadart, approved16:06
manadartstickupkid: Giddyup. Ta.16:06
stickupkidmanadart, https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/10989#discussion_r356125073 this would be good at some point16:08
stickupkidhelp with traceability etc16:08
manadartstickupkid: Yep. Saw it. Let's talk tomorrow. About to finish up for today.16:09
stickupkidmanadart, peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerfect16:09
stickupkidnammn_de1, CR'd16:10
nammn_de1stickupkid: thanks! Lol, looks like I overlooked that some commands fail on init as well. Should I add them as well?17:32
stickupkiderm, probably, propose a fix, let's see17:33
nammn_de1stickupkid: ohhh man haha17:33
nammn_de1stickupkid: damn on cmd/main it is harder as we do not have access to supercommand, looks like i need to parse it myself17:48
nammn_de1stickupkid: no access to commonflags, but then we are back to the discussion whether we want to add a ParseFlag(name, flags) function17:50
stickupkidnammn_de1, let's look tomorrow, brain is fried today17:51
nammn_de1stickupkid: haha no worries, i will open a pr tomrrow and we can talk about then17:51
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lucidoneIs it possible to have relations between charms in different clouds? Use case is postgres in openstack related to an app in k8s21:57
rick_hlucidone:  definitely, they're called cross model relations21:59
lucidoneMagic thanks, these are the docs I was looking for :)22:00
rick_hlucidone:  and for the video inclined https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUx6kYE60Mc22:03
lucidoneNeat! Cheers22:04
hpidcockwallyworld: https://github.com/juju/bundlechanges/pull/5923:46

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