cascardolocutus_: hi, there. any plans on updating bionic virtualbox and virtualbox-hwe to work with linux-hwe 5.3 ?12:01
locutus_cascardo, the packages in updates already work with kernel 5.3?14:03
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1847662 in virtualbox (Ubuntu) "virtualbox-dkms fails to build with 18.04-hwe-edge kernel 5.3.0-12 [error: void value not ignored as it ought to be, from smp_call_function]" [High,Fix released]14:03
cascardolocutus_: hum, it seems that ADT fails because...14:47
cascardoError! Module version 5.2.34_Ubuntu for vboxguest.ko14:47
cascardois not newer than what is already found in kernel 5.3.0-24-generic (6.0.14_Ubuntu).14:47
locutus_cascardo, we should fix dkms instead!14:51
apwcascardo, that is one of those ... we kinda expect that moments15:43
cascardoapw: what are you saying, should we fix dkms instead? :-)15:53
apwcascardo, well sort of, i am saying that test will always fail like that; it was one of teh reasons we started to look at an autohintere15:56
zx2c4apw: poke?16:11
apwzx2c4, s'up16:23
zx2c4still itching for a tree list16:23
apwzx2c4, ahh sorry just been burried, will try and get you something today16:23
zx2c4apw: cool16:25
teratornon xenial does anyone have opinions or documentation on which kernel I should prefer? I can't use stock 4.4.0, because it lacks support for a particular watchdog timer hardware chip. but 4.8.0, 4.10.0 and 4.11.0 do support it. 4.13.0 and higher all exhibit a regression in the i915 driver (apparently) that causes screen corruption in X.18:22
teratornthis is for a kiosk application where stability is most important, and naively I would assume that the latest 4.11.0 package should be the one I prefer, but just wanted to check if anyone has any other info on xenial kernels18:24
sarnoldteratorn: the newest 4.11 kernel provided by ubuntu hasn't been updated in two years. you probably don't want to use that.19:06
teratornsarnold: interesting. how are you getting that info?19:16
sarnoldteratorn: I've got a local archive mirror, which makes answering some of these questions way easier: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/mvdn3PHbcg/19:18
gpiccoliteratorn, this is also a good resource: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Support19:22
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cascardoteratorn: also, we apply fixes on our kernels, so linux-hwe, which is at 4.15 on xenial, may work for you21:33
cascardoif the regression bug is present on that kernel, you can report a bug with the details you have about that regression21:34
teratorncascardo: cool. it does happen with latest linux-image-4.15.0-73-generic 23:33

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