didrocksI will probably skip the MIR meeting today. I have nothing special to report.12:25
joeubuntuHere for the MIR meeting.14:00
dokocpaelzer, jamespage, cyphermox ?14:04
dokostarting with https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches-proposed.svg14:05
dokojamespage: could you file issues for nova/netcat?14:06
dokocpaelzer: cloud-init/ifupdown214:06
dokocpaelzer: logcheck/esmtp14:07
dokodidrocks: xorg/xterm, libnotify/sugar,14:08
cpaelzerfor cloud-init I'll start with a cloud-init bug if they really want this14:09
cpaelzerbut I'll file the others as placeholders pointing to that one - to be found by AAs14:09
dokowhich MIRs are pending reviews?14:10
cpaelzernut sure if we want esmtp for logcheck14:10
cpaelzerthat came in via a sync14:10
cpaelzerwe'll sort it out if we drop the dependency instead of a MIR14:10
jamespagedoko: done for nova/netcat - I don't think its even needed14:11
dokofeel free to drop it instead14:13
cpaelzerdoko: how did cloud-init get that report?14:18
cpaelzerthe one in focal doesn't have a ifupdown2 dependency14:18
cpaelzerand that is the same version SRUed to Xenial-Eoan14:18
dokocpaelzer: https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches-proposed.txt14:19
dokoProvides: ifupdown14:19
cpaelzerdoko: ah now I see, cloud init has "netplan.io | ifupdown"14:20
cpaelzerand netplan is in main14:20
cpaelzerhow do we usually handle those cases?14:20
cpaelzerit has a valid package in main fulfilling that dependency in every release14:21
cpaelzerup to Disco it was ifupdown and since bionic it is netplan14:21
cpaelzerand netplan is listed first14:21
cpaelzerso the problem is that the alternate dependency puts it on the component mismatches14:21
cpaelzerthat also explains how it could already migrate into the -release pocket14:22
cpaelzercan we just ignore it then, any guidance on what cloud-init is supposed to do to avoid being listed there?14:22
cpaelzerthe package is tried to be the same across releases14:22
dokocpaelzer: netplan.io is seeded in eoan, but not anymore in focal?14:23
cpaelzernetplan.io is seeded from bionic onwards14:23
cpaelzerand ifupdown from the dawn of time up until disco14:23
dokomaybe component-mismatches gets confused by the provides14:26
cpaelzeryeah I'd think so14:26
dokoadd it to extra-excludes?14:26
cpaelzerif that is the common solution, I can open an MP14:27
cpaelzerand logcheck is the same case - it depends on 'mail-transport-agent' which has a provides in many places14:27
cpaelzeresmtp is one of them14:27
cpaelzerbut so is e.g. postfix14:28
cpaelzerdoko: I can add extra excludes for them if you tell me that is the way to resolve that14:28
cpaelzerdoko: but that leaves my confort zone, so I want you to tell me it is the right way :-)14:28
* didrocks will ask in the desktop meeting14:28
dokoI'll check with colin maybe14:29
cpaelzerdoko: ok, let me know once you know the path that I should let these server packages take then14:29
dokoI didn't check before the meeting, is any existing MIR missing review?14:30
cpaelzernot from us14:31
dokojoeubuntu: any updates for security reviews?14:32
joeubuntudoko -  6 in progress the remainder in queue, we meet 2x a month with server/foundations to review priority and progress. a few more sec engineers are taking on MIRs to get the queue down again.14:34
dokoanything else for today?14:34
dokodo we want a meeting next week, or skip until January?14:37
didrocksI'm on holidays starting tomorrow14:38
dokothere doesn't seem to be much interest ... let's skip14:40
dokoand finish for today14:40
didrocksthx :)14:42
cyphermoxo/ sorry14:45
cyphermoxwhy is cloud-init depending on ifupdown2? that's sounds very very wrong14:46
Odd_Blokecyphermox: cloud-init depends on `netplan.io | ifupdown` and ifupdown2 provides ifupdown.14:48
cyphermoxI posit that's probably wrong14:48
cyphermoxifupdown2 providing ifupdown14:48
cyphermoxit's a full rewrite, I don't know that it's quite the same14:49
cyphermoxanyway, the story is I doubt we really want to MIR ifupdown214:50
Odd_BlokeI think we're all in agreement there. :p14:51
cyphermoxyup ;)14:51
cpaelzerdodk: if possibel please answer on bug 1855557 once you ahve the answer hwo to handle the component-mismatches due to provides15:59
ubottubug 1855557 in cloud-init (Ubuntu) "please drop ifupdown depedency" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/185555715:59
Odd_Blokecpaelzer: Were you trying to ping Matthias?  Because... you didn't. ;)17:05
xnoxcyphermox:  Odd_Bloke: we have removed i386 arch specific packages, yet cloud-init and ifupdown2 are arch:all and it is a bug that they are (a) published in i386 archive (b) used by components missmatches to promote things23:47
xnoxcpaelzer:  my bug report was slightly tigential to the components missmatches being buggy.23:48
xnoxcpaelzer:  Odd_Bloke: as a product, Ubuntu, no longer supports ifupdown and thus on Ubuntu platform cloud-init should not allow any but netplan.io network rendering.23:48

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