dabukalamis there a default password to the 'ubuntu-server' user you get ttyed to from ubiquity?01:08
sarnoldhmm, what install media did you use? I don't recall seeing 'ubuntu-server' as the user account before01:18
sarnold'ubuntu' is sometimes the password01:18
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lordievaderGood morning07:07
sarthorHI, I just deleted rm -rf /usr/lib/systemd/ by mistake .. can i go back or reinstall ubuntu ?08:30
sarthordid nothing after that.. just now deleted before a minute. :))08:31
lordievaderYou might be fine after copying this folder from a live-cd. Though there may be missing services. Depending on what you have installed.08:46
fricklerjamespage: I've updated https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openvswitch/+bug/1839592 with my findings. Is there a chance to update to a new minor release of glibc in bionic-updates? I would want to avoid the task of having to find the relevant subset of patches for backporting11:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1839592 in glibc (Ubuntu) "Open vSwitch (Version 2.9.2) goes into deadlocked state" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:09
dabukalamsarnold: sorry just saw this14:17
dabukalamI did try ubuntu I think to no avail14:17
dabukalami suspect there is no password since I get thrown straight in14:17
dabukalammaybe I could set one up though14:17
dabukalamsince sudo just works14:17
smoserpowersj, rcj, philroche i'm going to let my simplestreams membership expire unless someone objects.14:31
smoserI have no objection to being in it, but don't really intend to look at reviews or do any work on it unless someone prompts me to.14:38
weedmicdabukalam: the original account you create is a regular user who is in sudo users group.  sudo makes you root for that command session.  you can create a root account that can login, but it is not what most ubuntu users do.14:50
powersjsmoser, thanks for the heads up14:50
rcjsmoser: ack and thank you15:51
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dennis38 using uvt-kvm create --user-data filename and, while the vm is created, none of what I've specified in the user data file is being applied. I have tried including debug: verbose: true (properly formatted of course) and nothing at all is output to stderr or stdout.23:26
dennis38 ubuntu 18.04, guest ubuntu 16.0423:27
powersjdennis38, have you look at the cloud-init logs in /var/log?23:30
dennis38I have just now noticed, at your prompting, that there are such files on the guest. I would have expected to find them on the host.23:32
dennis38Thanks, now I have something to work with23:33

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