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AppAraat[m]hi, is there a way to use a dark theme for `qjackctl` ?19:06
OvenWerksAppAraat[m]: it appears not. You could ask the author though.19:43
AppAraat[m]hmm, is there otherwise something like `qjackctl` but for the CLI?19:44
OvenWerksAppAraat[m]: rncbc hangs out on #lad at least19:44
OvenWerkslike qjackctl in what way?19:44
OvenWerksjack_control will start jack19:45
AppAraat[m]oh, cool to know. Thanks.19:45
OvenWerksjack_connect can connect one port to another19:45
OvenWerksjack_lsp will list existing ports and with the -c option will show connections19:46
OvenWerksjack-plumbing can use a file to make connetions when certain ports show up.19:47
OvenWerksbasically type jack and then tab a few times to get a list of all jack* commands19:47
OvenWerksIf you have not installed jack-tools, it gives a few more19:48
AppAraat[m]ah, looks kinda messy but I'll take a look, thanks :)19:48
AppAraat[m]most of them don't seem to have manpages :(19:49
OvenWerksstandard unix-y lots of tools that do only one thing kind of messy yes19:50
AppAraat[m]I don't see any reason most of them could be integrated with the use of flags or subcommands, or at least be documented, but that's my first impression.19:51
AppAraat[m]*could not19:51
OvenWerksfully agree19:56
OvenWerksI got more out of jack_control by trying to run it with no parameters than any documentation19:57
OvenWerksmany of them are python scripts BTW19:58
AppAraat[m]oh hmm, yeah seems like `jack_control` is the big daddy.20:42
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