gijoe3kHave any of you folks run into weird issues with Xubuntu 19.10(or XFCE or any other Xubuntu) when in multi monitor setups(im using a tv via HDMI) where apps refuse to launch in the primary screen(my laptop screen) and in the secondary screen?00:11
gijoe3kEven though i have arandr told to have my laptop screen as the Primary screen...00:12
gijoe3kMay have found and option, do any you guys and gals have a current guide to install Compiz with at least xubuntu 18.04?01:27
Bashing-omgijoe3k: compiz I would think as non relevant to xubuntu. ' apt show compiz' >> Gnome desktop environment.01:40
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TheCoolest[m]Hey can someone here please help me understand what happens when I set the kernel parameter amdgpu.dc=005:21
TheCoolest[m]It seems like it might fix an issue where my computer sometimes kernel panics in its sleep, and with it set like that I can't notice any immediate differences, so I just want to know more about what the displaycore is and what the heck I'm doing. Thanks.05:21
TheCoolest[m]Wait I think I get it. Nvm.05:47
BuSdRiVer320Hi All! Well done on an excellent distro 19.1007:51
BuSdRiVer320I've got a problem. When computer activates screen lock with screensaver, i just get a black screen and cannot  unlock again.07:52
BuSdRiVer320I've switched off screen lock. Any ideas?07:52
fietBuSdRiVer320: Could it be that your computer entered some energy saving mode that it can't get out of? Like some ACPI event07:55
BuSdRiVer320Could be, but i have no idea how to find out08:02
fietStart with disabling it08:08
fietSee if it still occurs08:08
BuSdRiVer320excuse my ignorance, but how do i disable the acpi? from bios?08:27
fietEhm. No. You just prevent it from starting up. Or kill it altogether.09:24
Robert74Hello. I've got a trouble with Xubuntu 19.10: There's no option "Enable Wi-Fi" inside the network manager applet. May I get help in here or should I ask help in another place? Thanks!13:00
gnrpRobert74: Is your wifi card actually recognized?13:11
Robert74It wasn't recognized and isn't, but in Xubuntu 19.04 I followed the instructions from https://github.com/cyberkotov/mw300um-linux-driver , and it worked. Now it doesn't work, though the output didn't show any errors.13:15
gnrpbut if it is not recognized by the system, then it is not nm-applet's issue13:17
gnrpwhen you do `/sbin/ip a`, does the wifi device show up?13:17
Robert74No, it doesn't13:19
gnrpthen there is your issue. ;)13:21
gnrpI cannot help you with the driver though. There will be more specialized channels than this one here, though13:21
Robert74Sorry for bothering, then... Where could I get help? It worked in previous release... So it's possible to make it work in the present one.13:22
brainwashyou should contact the person who offers this driver13:22
Robert74on github?13:22
brainwashwell yeah13:22
Robert74Thank you13:22
tempestHi :) so other than the fact that you use XFCE instead of Gnome 3 is this distro identical to stock Ubuntu? Thanks for your time16:06
diogenes_tempest, what do you mean?16:11
geniitempest: Each different variation of Ubuntu comes with a selected suite of applications which are usually written for the backend their particular desktop environment uses.16:12
GridCubetempest: the base of all *buntu flavours is the same, xubuntu comes with xfce and a preset of default software that might or might now coincide with mainbuntu16:13
tempestI guess I'm just mostly concerned that it isn't going to be a huge learning jump for me. I've been using standard ubuntu on a desktop PC but I prefer the look and feel of XFC16:18
GridCubeit wont16:20
tempestokay thank you16:21
tempestI need to do a backup then ^^16:21
GridCubewhy for?16:23
GridCubejust sudo apt install xubuntu-desktop16:23
GridCubeand then chose a xubuntu session from login16:23
tempestI've heard bad things can happen if you try to install more than one desktop is that not so?16:24
GridCubeI don't think it would, a fresh install is always better, but there shouldn't be a real reason why not just have different desktops16:25
GridCubeat much you'll have two text editors?16:26
GridCubelike mousepad and whatever gnome uses?16:26
GridCubeyou could use xubuntu-core and it wouldn't install all the extra software16:27
tempestso if I installed ubuntu core then xubuntu-desktop would that be the same as installing xubuntu?16:29
GridCubexubuntu-desktop would do all you need, either you have a full ubuntu-core or not16:30
GridCubeeverything lacking would be got16:30
tempestokay well I haven't quite decided on how to do it yet but it sounds like I have options16:54
tempestthank you very much16:55
Ed49I need some help regarding the issues of battery draining and heating after closing laptop lid21:16
Ed49I am running Xubuntu on my Early 2015 13inch MacBook Pro21:16
gnrpEd49: So the computer continues running, or does it go to sleep?21:17
Ed49My power management setting says "When laptop lid is closed: Suspend"21:18
gnrpbut does it actually suspend?21:35
gnrpoh, he's gone21:35

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