BluesKajHi folks12:08
RikMillssanta_: ok14:48
RikMillsI guess this? https://cgit.kde.org/kxmlgui.git/commit/?id=1fa7e40c78627b6c0a456f98b99e3dc9214d540214:48
santa_RikMills: yep, that kxmlgui and some others with new symbols (which I can only update doing a PPA build, because my server is just amd64)21:19
santa_anyway KA/master looks good so far21:20
santa_wow, lots of packages with updated symbols21:49
santa_I will push tomorrown the symbols updates22:12
santa_seems launchpad is busy now XD22:12
santa_good night everybody22:12
valorieniters santa_23:07

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