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hallynsarnold: i ...  don't mean to be negative, but that security/apparmor/lib/path.h:get_buffers() is not the most intuitive.  Seems like a comment wouldnt' go amiss.  14:58
hallyn(jj's not onhere and you signed the commit off, so i'm mentioning it to you :)14:58
hallyni mention it bc there's a patch on linux-security-module@vger.kernel.org  and i frankly can't tell whether it's right or not14:58
cascardoteratorn: can you report a bug, then? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+filebug16:09
teratorncascardo: won't let me attach multiple files; timeout error on hitting submit; yeah i'm done16:49
sarnoldhallyn: so right you are, after five minutes of reading I'm still not sure what it does :) thanks19:03
hallynsarnold: thank you for making me feel less stupid :)19:04
sarnoldhallyn: I have to wonder if it'd be easier to read with just ## instead of CONCATENATE and so on, but .. hrmph :)19:07
hallynwell it looks like get_buffers(a, b) returns "a->buf[b]".  which makes no sense given that aa_buffers() sends it one variable19:11
sarnoldhallyn: heh, I just did a git pull to see what might be new there and it's all vastly different from what I had i my local checkout19:58
hallynyes.  same fn names, completely different behavior :)20:52
hallynand i just can't seem to follow it.  i'll ask jj when he's around20:53

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