Mark60ok in that fs00:00
EriC^Mark60: are you booted in efi mode currently? try a quick "ls /sys/firmware/efi" tell me if it says no dir or you get some dirs back00:00
Mark60EriC^ i got: config_table efivars esrt fw_platform_size fw_vendor runtime runtime-map systab vars00:02
EriC^Mark60: looks good00:03
EriC^Mark60: type "grub-install"00:03
Mark60ok its running00:04
EriC^Mark60: nice00:06
Mark60EriC^ is it normal to see alot of WARNING: ??00:06
EriC^Mark60: not really, but warning's usually aren't important00:07
EriC^Mark60: once it's done, type "update-grub"00:07
Mark60its WARNING: DEVICE ........ not initialized in udev database even after waiting 10000000 microseconds.00:08
EriC^odd, let's hope it's not important00:08
Mark60its at each line for now :/  yeah hopefully <crossfingers>00:09
EriC^Mark60: has it finished yet?00:12
Mark60nop seems like its going in a loop00:12
EriC^Mark60: no worries try to kill it using ctrl+c00:13
Mark60mean with killing the task00:14
EriC^Mark60: ok, type "exit" at the chroot for a second00:14
Mark60ok out of chroot00:15
EriC^Mark60: once you get the original shell back, type "sudo mount -B /run /mnt/run"00:15
Mark60ok mounted it00:15
EriC^Mark60: then "sudo chroot /mnt"00:15
EriC^Mark60: then try "grub-install" again00:16
Mark60in chroot?00:16
Mark60EriC^  finished. No error reported.00:16
EriC^Mark60: great00:17
EriC^Mark60: type "update-grub"00:17
EriC^Mark60: then let's confirm stuff with "cat /boot/efi/efi/ubuntu/grub.cfg | nc termbin.com 9999" and see if it added the grub.cfg line00:17
Mark60EriC^  second command in chroot?00:18
Mark60EriC^ https://termbin.com/4njyb00:19
dreamonBashing-om, Nvidia works!00:19
EriC^Mark60: great, it's there00:20
EriC^Mark60: ok, type "exit" then try to reboot as usual and see if it works00:20
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Mark60EriC^ i now get the purple screen but i cant get further to be able to log in00:22
dreamonBashing-om, I added a file. https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/4PZVBCnkv5/00:22
EriC^Mark60: you mean it's stuck at the ubuntu purple screen with dots?00:23
dreamonBashing-om, but still have no hdmi audio output :(00:23
Mark60yeah purple ubuntu screen but no dots00:23
EriC^Mark60: what happens if you press esc?00:24
Mark60EriC^ nothing00:24
EriC^Mark60: ok, try to reboot pressing alt+prntscrn+ s , then + u then + b00:25
EriC^Mark60: then hold shift when the pc is starting up at the very start00:25
Mark60EriC^ got the purple screen with a menu now00:26
EriC^Mark60: aha, try pressing "e" over ubuntu00:27
Mark60EriC^ ok now i see some gray text00:27
EriC^Mark60: ok go down to the line that says linux /boot/vmlinuz ......blablabla quiet splash ... --00:27
Mark60EriC^ ok im at that line00:28
EriC^Mark60: remove "quiet splash" and replace it with "debug ignore_loglevel"00:30
EriC^Mark60: then press F10 to boot00:31
Mark60EriC^like this? .... debug ignore_loglevel $vt_handoff ?00:32
EriC^Mark60: yeah exactly00:32
Mark60EriC^  just hit f1000:32
EriC^it should boot up and show exactly what it's doing and stuff00:33
Mark60EriC^ still at the purple screen with no other visualsation00:33
Bashing-omdreamon: catching up :)00:33
EriC^Mark60: hmm00:33
EriC^!info linux-generic eoan00:34
ubottulinux-generic (source: linux-meta): Complete Generic Linux kernel and headers. In component main, is optional. Version (eoan), package size 1 kB, installed size 16 kB00:34
dreamonBashing-om, nvidia-setting shows me all options.. works fine. :)00:35
Mark60EriC^ was that !info meant for me?00:35
EriC^Mark60: that's odd00:35
EriC^Mark60: no i was just checking the kernel on 19.10, it's 5.3 which you had in your /boot00:35
dreamonBashing-om, but still no luck with hdmi audio output.00:35
EriC^Mark60: try holding shift as before, then go to advanced > choose the recovery kernel for 5.300:36
Mark60EriC^ so reboot? and then the wierd key combinations?00:37
dreamonBashing-om, any ideas what I can do? I think I set pavucontroll right.00:37
EriC^Mark60: nah the weird key combinations are to reboot safely00:39
Mark60EriC^ Ubunut, with Linux 5,3,0-19-generic or ^ Ubunut, with Linux 5,3,0-19-generic (recovery mode) or ^ Ubunut, with Linux 5,3,0-32-generic00:39
Bashing-omdreamon: One cannot just assume now that the driveris at fault - have you checked your sound settings ? By the way your xcongig looks good to me//00:39
Bashing-om!sound | dreamon00:39
ubottudreamon: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - https://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.00:39
EriC^Mark60: ah interesting, i dunno where it got 5.3.0-32 from00:39
EriC^Mark60: try just the normal kernel with no recovery mode, Ubunut, with Linux 5,3,0-19-generic00:39
EriC^Mark60: ah was that a typo on the last one00:40
EriC^did you mean 5.0.0-32-generic00:40
Mark60error: Unknown TPM error00:40
Mark60ah yey
EriC^oh ok00:40
EriC^Mark60: hmm weird00:40
Mark60my bad00:40
EriC^Mark60: try the recovery mode for 5.3.0-1900:41
Mark60same error00:41
EriC^Mark60: i wonder what it was attempting to boot by default00:41
EriC^Mark60: press 'esc' to go back to the main menu00:41
Mark60ok back there00:41
EriC^Mark60: and press "e" over ubuntu to peak at its menu entry00:41
EriC^Mark60: which kernel is next to linux /boot/vmlinuz00:42
dreamonBashing-om, found that old xconfig file and added it. it works fine.  but not sure all option are right there.00:42
EriC^Mark60: aha, it seems like some bug related to grub https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/184889200:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1848892 in grub2 (Ubuntu Focal) ""error: Unknown TPM error." after upgrading to grub 2.04" [High,Fix released]00:43
EriC^Mark60: some guy said he was able to work around it by disabling secureboot in his bio00:43
Mark60EriC^ shell i try to disable secureboot?00:44
EriC^Mark60: yeah00:44
EriC^if it's already off, try disabling any TPM option00:44
dreamonBashing-om, hdmi sound option I think they are right. I can choose output to hdmi and play mpv to hdmi .. but no sound. but i will check your hints now..00:45
Bashing-omdreamon: I do not know what might have changed recently, but the file looks sane per my older experience. ( I no longer use a config file, rely on DKMS for all discovery).00:45
EriC^Mark60: as a last resort, it seems downgrading grub to the earlier 2.02 would solve the issue00:45
Mark60EriC^ there is also the option: CLEAR TPM (currently set to [NO])00:45
EriC^Mark60: hmm i dunno about that one, dont press it yet00:46
Mark60ok disabled TPM and booting up again00:46
EriC^Mark60: is secureboot on currently?00:46
Mark60EriC^ no that was off already00:46
EriC^ah ok00:46
Mark60EriC^ same purple screen as before00:47
EriC^Mark60: what happens if you go to advanced then choose ubuntu with linux
Mark60EriC^ error: you need to load the kernel first00:48
EriC^Mark60: aha what about ubuntu with 5.3.0-19? same tpm error stuff?00:48
EriC^seems there's an easier workaround we can try in a min00:49
Mark60EriC^ yeah00:49
EriC^Mark60: ok, press "c" to get the grub> prompt00:49
Mark60ok in grub00:49
EriC^Mark60: type "rmmod tpm"00:49
Mark60EriC^ unknown TPM error00:50
EriC^Mark60: aha, try it again just to see if it worked00:52
EriC^the rmmod00:52
Mark60error: no such module00:52
EriC^ok good00:52
EriC^i think00:52
EriC^Mark60: press esc to go back to the menu00:52
EriC^then try pressing on ubuntu again00:53
Mark60EriC^ same purple screen00:53
EriC^Mark60: ok let's try 2 stuff, first try to boot an older kernel quickly since we're in grub already, 2nd we can boot the live usb again and try to get grub to use the non-secureboot efi cause it seems people are using that as a fix too00:55
EriC^Mark60: go to advanced > ubuntu with 5.0.0-31-generic, press "e" over it00:56
EriC^then add the line "rmmod tpm" right before the first line that says insmod .........00:56
Mark60EriC^  insmod gzio befor that?00:57
Mark60EriC^ ok inserted00:58
EriC^Mark60: ok, try pressing f1000:59
Mark60EriC^ it booted up. and i loged in. then i got prompted: Oh no! Something has gone wrong. A problem has occured and the system can't recover. please log out and try again.01:01
EriC^Mark60: ah great that's a start01:01
EriC^Mark60: i gtg to bed though, hopefully you can sort it out if not i'll probably be on tomorrow (in like 10 hours or something)01:01
Mark60EriC^ i should also go 2 bed now. can we plann in arround 11hrs  or so as im completly lost and have no idea what you have done ?01:02
Mark60thank you :)01:03
EriC^no problem :)01:03
EriC^have a good night, see ya01:03
Mark60you aswell. catch ya soon01:04
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n-iCeHi, what's the most lightweight Ubuntu flavour03:31
sparrOnce a week or so my computer gets into a state where the UI is nonresponsive except I can ctrl+alt+F# to a virtual terminal then back to ctrl+alt+f1 and the screen unlock prompt works normally but then I'm back to the same nonresponsive UI. Is there anything I might try to figure out what's going wrong then?03:31
sparrn-iCe: xubuntu and lubuntu are both pretty light, I wouldn't say either is a clear winner in that comparison03:32
n-iCesparr will work in a 1GB laptop?03:33
lotuspsychje!flavours | n-iCe try one03:33
ubottun-iCe try one: Recognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours03:33
n-iCeI'm currently using slitaz03:33
n-iCeBut community is poor03:33
sarnoldsparr: if you've got gnome extensions enabled, try disabling half of theem, see hwhat happens, disable the other half, see what happens, etc.. narrow down to find out which one(s) give trouble03:34
lotuspsychjen-iCe: another idea, is using the minimal option during setup, or choosing xenial based lightweight flavours03:34
martiansoulHi. I don't understand by reading from Wikipedia the difference between monolithic and micro kernel. Can someone please enlighten me on this? Thanks.03:43
sarnoldmartiansoul: a microkernel will use the cpu's memory management unit to run drivers in their process address space03:44
sarnoldmartiansoul: a monolithic kernel runs all drivers in one address space03:44
martiansoulsarnold at what layer is cpu's memory management unit written on?.03:46
martiansoulI mean is it even lower level than kernel?03:46
sparrsarnold: where would I see them?03:46
sarnoldmartiansoul: the enforcement of emmory mappings is performed on the CPU -- see for example the meltdown CPU flaws, where the memory mapping unit protections were being bypassed by improper CPU execution03:47
sarnoldsparr: sorry, I don't know03:47
sparrI think I only had one on, desktop icons, and I've now turned it off03:48
sarnoldmartiansoul: managing the MMU is a core functionality of the kernel in both microkernel and monolithic kernels03:48
martiansoulsarnold okay. But all processes are using memory. Why is there a distinction between their address spaces?.03:50
sarnoldmartiansoul: the process is the fundemental unit of security on most operating systems -- eg your web browser shouldn't be able to just modify the memory of your tax software, and vice versa03:51
=== ben_r_ is now known as ben_r
sarnoldmartiansoul: (of course the ptrace debugging interface changes that calculation a bit, as there's ways for processes to directly modify the memory of other processes)03:51
martiansoulOkay. sarnold essentially it means that it's not a better option to use monolithic kernel, because it uses a single address spaces.03:53
cowpacityi'm trying to find the default network configuration file, i don't think i'm seeing it in /etc/netplan, am i in the wrong place?04:06
sarnoldmartiansoul: I'm not sure it really makes a difference; the microkernels I've seen in use in practice (OS X, WinNT) don't really *do* anything with their microkernelness, and feel like they just pay performance penalty but don't see much security or safety benefits04:31
sarnoldmartiansoul: but SEl4 sure looks neat... dunno.04:32
makaraanyone know what the hell's going on with Chrome on Ubuntu?04:39
n-iCecan I use netinstall and make a minimal installation as slitaz?04:47
eraserpencili have two usb cameras from the same manufacturer and i cant find any concrete identifiable properties to write a udev rule for each device. I decided on identify the cameras via the usb ports rather than the device now. I have a script that checks if the ports trigger v4l and then assign the camera to /dev/cam_left or /dev/cam_right etc. etc.05:48
eraserpencilis there a way i can use dmesg to do it automatically when i plug in the cameras? I'd love to not run that script everytime before i launch my application05:48
bindi/dev/v4l/by-id and by-path, are they already unique?05:49
eraserpencilooh, thats interesting05:52
eraserpencilby-id shows only 1 device05:53
eraserpencilby-path shows both05:53
eraserpencilthanks alot05:55
bray90820Is there any way to get 5.1 on netflix with ubuntu?07:23
OerHeks5.1 sound?07:30
OerHeks no, html5 does not do that on linux07:30
elias_aOerHeks: Interesting - do you know anything about the reason why?07:57
OerHekselias_a, no, just that html5 is not that advanced for now07:59
ducassearen't those encodings proprietary?08:01
elias_aOerHeks: Ok. Thanks.08:02
tatertotsDTS / Dobly 5.1/7.1 are proprietary08:02
ducassei guess that explains why they're not supported08:03
elias_aHas anyone installer the MS Teams for Linux client released yesterday? https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Microsoft-Teams-Blog/Microsoft-Teams-is-now-available-on-Linux/ba-p/105626708:06
elias_aI have problems with it - similar as with beta version.08:07
elias_aThe application just disappear somewhere after login.08:07
OerHekson windows/edge there is Dolby 5.1  afaik08:07
elias_aTeams also leaves several icons left to top bar of 18.04 even if I don't see a Teams instance running.08:08
OerHeksi guess you find a verry little support for those packages outside our repos08:09
elias_aOerHeks: Yes, that is true. I wonder if the new release is on its way to Ubuntu repos?08:21
elias_aI suspect that it is not...08:22
airstormFinally! I have managed to trick ubiquity to install the system onto an encrypted partition (/boot included)!!!08:41
graingertdo you know where I can report a CoC violation?09:55
graingertand or discuss privately with someone about a potential violation?09:55
makaragraingert: https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/what-is-the-ubuntu-community-council/70610:04
graingertmakara: do you know who I could talk to privately about an issue?10:05
JoeMerityour doctor10:07
tatertotswow you want to literally "speak" to someone? ..that's rare in FOSS ecosystems10:07
rbasakgraingert: you can contact the community council privately: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/community-council10:26
gebbioneafter the last few updates i just have lost my double screen setup on 18.04, what can i do to troubleshoot?10:28
gebbioneon screen display it shows only one unknown display10:29
gigirockgebbione, install driver video10:34
gebbionegigirock, i have touched nothing10:35
gebbioneit is not a new install, i have no clue what driver i need to install because as far as i know it should use built in with my card10:35
makaragebbione: driver support is typically better with newer versions. Would you consider doing a release upgrade?10:36
gigirockgebbione, in ubuntu you have additional driver in 'software source'10:36
gebbionemakara, last time i had to go from i think 14 to 18.04 i had a lot of troubles10:37
Ben64why you guys suggesting driver stuff without even knowing the issue :|10:37
gebbionebtw my system is using llvmpipe (LLVM 8.0, 128 bits)10:37
Ben64gebbione: pastebin the output of 'lshw -C video'10:38
gebbionei am wondering if i should switch to a previous kernel and see if that goes back to sanity10:38
gebbionei ll paste it10:38
Ben64could try that too10:38
gebbioneshould i run lshw as root?10:39
amosbirdI, can I make this as a default action?10:39
amosbirdit's chromium10:39
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Ben64huh weird10:41
graingertrbasak: who does that go to? and how do I get replies?10:41
=== Ricola is now known as coconut
gebbioneBen64, any other non kernel skipping ideas?10:44
Ben64just make sure you also have the lastest xorg-amd package installed10:45
Ben64that's not the full name btw, i don't remember it right now10:45
gebbionekinda looked up on the internet and i can see that there are no new radeon drivers for 18.0410:50
gebbionei ended up here https://www.amd.com/en/support/graphics/amd-radeon-hd/ati-radeon-hd-5000-series/ati-radeon-hd-577010:51
makaragebbione: have you ever set any custom config? Remove and purge drive packages and reinstall10:59
rbasakgraingert: details are on the page I linked. Replies will go to you since the receipients will be able to see the sender's address.11:00
graingertoh ok great thanks rbasak11:00
gebbionemakara, i had in the previous version of ubuntu, they were conflicting with the llvmpipe stuff, but i removed them long time ago11:00
* gigirock hate amd gpu11:00
gebbionedo you only use nvidia?11:01
gigirockgebbione, yes always, normally i have pc's with intel hd when some super gpu is requested.... i use nvidia11:02
gebbionemakara, no clue on what to look for in terms of drive packages, i tried installing something like flxrg common but made no difference11:06
cnnxI don't have sound in ubuntu but it works in firefox, why?11:12
cnnxchrome i mean11:12
cnnxis it because im streaming to my chromecast?11:13
makaracnnx, do you mean not in ubuntu, yes in chrome; or not in chrome, yes in firefox?11:16
Cheezcnnx: you haven't really explained that very well. what do you mean? You have sound in general in ubuntu, but not in chrome? you have sound in firefox and not in chrome? sound from what, are you playing a video?11:18
cnnxmy sound in chrome is not working, and my OS is ubuntu 18.0411:18
cnnxbut im also streaming a tv station using chrome to my chromecast11:18
cnnxand that is working11:18
gebbioneusing an older kernel didnt get the monitors back :/11:20
Mark60EriC^ good morning11:20
makaracnnx: usually when I plug in my earphones, it stops sound going to the speakers11:20
gebbioneany other thoughts on how to get ubuntu to display the dual monitors again? I have just done an update of the packages and reverted kernel to the previous but it has made no difference. https://pastebin.com/3MnZCYF011:27
Mark60gebbione i use 3 monitors with ubuntu 18.04 and didnt have to install any other divers.....11:28
gebbioneMark60, you might have a different GPU, mine was working fine without any custom drivers and currently has none. using default llvmpipe (LLVM 8.0, 128 bits) but this morning it decided to stop working11:29
loganadenhi all11:31
loganadeni'm using ubuntu 18 as a host for building ubuntu on disks11:32
gebbioneif i run sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm i get that the package does not exist, it is one suggestion online to install it11:32
loganaden sgdisk -n1:0:0 -t1:BF01 $DISK11:32
loganadenCould not create partition 1 from 0 to 3311:32
loganadenCould not change partition 1's type code to BF01!11:32
loganadenError encountered; not saving changes.11:32
loganadenany clue ?11:33
gebbioneand i m back, dual monitor still not working on 18.04 .. tried switching to lightDM, resolution was better but monitors were still undetected. Also tried older kernel. No fix yet :/11:48
graingertGenerally newer kernels have better hardware support gebbione11:48
graingertgebbione: what's your GPU11:48
dostoyevskyI am using 18.04 and my hoster complains that I am running the `Portmapper service (portmap, rpcbind)' port 111... which I think is needed for nfs...  They say it might be used for reflection attacks... but I am not sure how I could improve this :-/11:48
gebbionegraingert, AMD Radeon HD 5770 -> https://pastebin.com/3MnZCYF0 btw this was working yesterday. I have obviously installed something new last night that broke the system but not sure what11:49
rbasakdostoyevsky: I wouldn't open NFS to the Internet at large. Maybe run it over a VPN instead?11:50
dostoyevskyIt's a kubernetes cluster that requires persistent storage...11:50
graingertgebbione: try a fresh 19.1011:50
dostoyevskyso they all have nfs between them...11:51
gebbionedostoyevsky, only allow nfs access from kubernetes11:51
dostoyevskygebbione: how would I do that?11:51
gebbionedostoyevsky, on the system running the nfs just allow incoming traffic on the nfs port from the k8s machines11:52
makaragebbione: can you see where it loads in the driver in dmesg output11:52
dostoyevskygebbione: so via firewall?11:52
gebbionegraingert, fresh mean hell unleashed, i am not structured for a fresh upgrade ... i could just upgrade but I am also worried11:52
gebbionemakara, i ll try to check11:53
graingertgebbione: fresh upgrade is always good11:53
gebbionegraingert, just to clarify ... fresh and upgrade for me are two separate things .. fresh is a new install, upgrade one on top of the other ... what do you mean exactly11:54
graingertgebbione: fresh: delete the partition and install a new os11:54
gebbionegraingert, definitely not feasible11:55
gebbionemakara, [   28.708326] [drm:radeon_init [radeon]] *ERROR* No UMS support in radeon module!11:55
graingertgebbione: upgrade: install a version of software newer than an old one on a particular device or system11:55
EriC^Mark60: hello11:55
gebbionedostoyevsky, yes firewall is an option11:55
Mark60EriC^ :)11:56
EriC^h r u?11:56
Mark60not to bad. wbu11:56
EriC^good thanks11:56
EriC^Mark60: alright, shall we continue? :D11:56
Mark60yes please :D11:57
EriC^(im kinda waking up as we speak)11:57
Mark60if u need more time let me know11:57
EriC^Mark60: ok, iirc it lastly worked when you booted the 5.0 kernel with the rmmod line right11:57
EriC^nah im good11:57
Mark60and then ubuntu gave me the error screen when i logged in11:58
EriC^Mark60: ok try to hold shift, press e over ubuntu, then add the line "rmmod tpm" before the insmod stuff11:58
dostoyevskycould I setup the firewall like that: allow all traffic but don't allow connections to port 111 except from these four ips...11:59
Mark60EriC^ ok line inserted. press f10?11:59
Mark60purple screen again :/#11:59
EriC^ok, so it only works with the older kernel12:00
Mark60hmm interresting12:00
EriC^Mark60: in the bug report they mentioned the non uefi grub working, maybe that;ll help it work with the newer kernel for some reason, lets just make a quick check cause using the proper kernel would be nicer12:00
EriC^Mark60: try to boot the live usb, then run "sudo parted -ls | nc termbin.com 9999"12:01
Mark60EriC^ just booting the live usb :)12:01
graingertgebbione: what are you missing for a fresh install?12:03
dostoyevskyHow about: ufw deny from any to any port 111 proto tcp // ufw allow from <ip> to any port 111 proto tcp ?12:03
Mark60EriC^ https://termbin.com/u0y812:03
dostoyevskyand then: ufw enable12:04
EriC^Mark60: which laptop/pc model is it btw?12:04
Mark60its  a HP specter x360 15"12:04
Mark60i think its a 2016/7 model12:04
gebbionegraingert, i have a lot of custom software etc and i dont have a structured approach to port all files and configs over to a new install12:04
dostoyevsky> ufw deny from any to any port 111 proto tcp && ufw allow from $IP to any port 111 proto tcp && ufw enable12:04
EriC^Mark60: ok, type "sudo mount /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root /mnt"12:06
gebbionecould someone remind me how to edit the grub configuration, i need to check if some options are enabled possibly causing problems with my monitor setup12:06
graingertgebbione: maybe try a new install on a new HDD?12:06
graingertgebbione: then you can see if it's a problem with your hardware or Ubuntu12:06
Mark60EriC^ ok done12:06
EriC^Mark60: sudo mount /dev/nvme0n1p1 /mnt/boot/efi12:07
gebbionegraingert, i think i just need to check grub config, remember how to edit it?12:07
Mark60EriC^: ok :)12:07
EriC^Mark60: let's see which efi file it's using currently to boot, type "(sudo efibootmgr -v; ls -l /mnt/boot/efi/efi/ubuntu) | nc termbin.com 9999"12:08
Mark60EriC^:  the brackets?12:08
BluesKajHi folks12:08
EriC^Mark60: yup with them as well12:08
Mark60EriC^: https://termbin.com/8rhq12:09
EriC^Mark60: what about "sudo efibootmgr -v | nc termbin.com 9999"12:10
Mark60EriC^:  also said sudo: efibootmgr : command not found12:10
EriC^Mark60: oh, try sudo apt-get install efibootmgr12:10
dostoyevskyI wonder if this is the shortest way to setup a firewall to secure port 111: # ufw deny 111 && ufw allow from $IP && ufw enable12:11
Mark60EriC^: ok installed. shell i run the first command again?12:11
EriC^yeah pleASE12:11
EriC^oops sorry for caps12:11
Mark60EriC^: all good :)  https://termbin.com/g9vu12:11
EriC^Mark60: ok it looks like it's using shimx64.efi which is the secureboot efi12:12
EriC^Mark60: let's try to get it to use grubx64.efi12:12
EriC^Mark60: type "sudo efibootmgr -B -b 0000"12:13
Mark60EriC^: done12:13
EriC^Mark60: type "for i in /dev /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -R $i /mnt$i; done"12:14
makaragebbione: that's pure google12:14
Mark60 EriC^: completed12:14
EriC^Mark60: sudo chroot /mnt12:14
EriC^Mark60: then type "grub-install --no-uefi-secure-boot"12:15
Mark60EriC^: this will not delete all the files i had on the system or?12:16
EriC^Mark60: nah this should just install grub without uefi12:16
EriC^i mean secureboot12:16
Mark60EriC^: /proc/devices: fopen failed: No such file or directory12:16
Mark60instalation finished. no errror reported.12:17
EriC^Mark60: hmm odd, what does "ls /proc" give? dirs or empty?12:17
EriC^Mark60: oh, type "exit"12:17
EriC^then type "sudo mount --bind /proc /mnt/proc"12:17
Mark60EriC^: done12:18
EriC^Mark60: "sudo chroot /mnt"12:18
Mark60EriC^: ok12:18
EriC^Mark60: try "grub-install --no-uefi-secure-boot" again12:18
gebbionemakara, I can gedit /etc/default/grub or also SHIFT and press e at boot, whats the difference?12:19
Mark60EriC^: that looked better12:19
EriC^Mark60: ok, try 'sudo efibootmgr -v | nc termbin.com 9999" again12:19
gebbionei think the nomodeset option might be causing the problem12:19
Mark60EriC^: in chroot?12:19
gebbioneand it is at the end of the grub file12:19
EriC^gebbione: /etc/default/grub is permanent, pressing e is a one time boot temporary12:20
EriC^Mark60: yeah12:20
gebbioneEriC^, thanks12:20
EriC^no problem12:20
gebbioneis it possible something added nomodeset on its own again? i see it disabled in a line above in the file12:20
Mark60EriC^: https://termbin.com/2s1912:20
gebbioneand then enabled again at the bottom12:20
EriC^Mark60: ok great, it's added the grubx64.efi file12:21
EriC^Mark60: i think we might as well run "apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade" so everything is up to date12:21
Mark60EriC^: update the live usb?12:21
EriC^Mark60: nah it will update the system in the chroot12:21
Mark60EriC^: oh wow thats amazing12:22
EriC^Mark60: ok, let's give it a quick try just to see how it goes, type "exit"12:22
EriC^then reboot and see what happens12:23
Mark60EriC^:  dpkg was interrupted, you must manualy run'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem12:23
Mark60sorry just got that error :/12:23
EriC^Mark60: hmm try sudo dpkg --configure -a12:23
EriC^if it still errors out, try "sudo dpkg --configure -a 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 999912:24
Mark60EriC^: ok no errors :)12:25
EriC^Mark60: ok cool :)12:25
EriC^type "exit" and try rebooting12:25
Mark60EriC^: OMG im in and didnt get an error12:26
EriC^Mark60: great!12:26
Mark60EriC^: anything i have to change now before i use the laptop again?12:27
Mark60thank you so much :)12:27
EriC^Mark60: nah you should be good, just keep in mind in the future if you get the purple screen it might mean grub installed and used the secureboot shimx64.efi again12:27
EriC^so you'd need to boot a live usb and chroot and run grub-install --no-uefi-secure-biit12:28
EriC^Mark60: no problem :)12:28
Mark60EriC^: how did you learn this? that was impressive how you knew what to do :O12:28
EriC^Mark60: lots of experience with uefi/grub + i looked the bug report by googling :)12:29
Mark60EriC^: wow thats impressive. One day i want to know so much as you do12:30
EriC^Mark60: hopefully they will fix this issue soon12:30
Mark60yeah imagine how many others there are with this issue :(12:30
sveinseHmm. Amazingly little traffic here these days... Are IRC falling out of favour?12:40
sveinseAnyways, I'm having problems getting multiple screens on my Lenovo P51 laptop with hybrid graphics on 19.10. X or gnome doesn't even detect my extra screens. Running on nvidia drivers. Nouveau does not help, nor setting BIOS to discrete. This works fine in 18.04. So what are my options? Ditch 19.10 and wait for 20.04 and hope it will be fixed there?12:43
gebbioneok so i just tried to edit grub booting options SHIFT -> enter grub -> press advanced option ... then i press "e" but i cannot edit the options. Any suggestions? this is so weird.12:48
gebbionesounds a little quiter than earlier12:49
gebbioneeveryone gone for lunch ?12:49
makaragebbione: grub is a pain. I had that nomodeset problem once13:11
guivercsveinse, I'd be tempted to boot a 20.04 'live' system, run a QA-test of it & report the issue if it occurs there.. You maybe required to help run some tests, but a 'live' test doesn't require 20.04 to be installed and is easy to do.  It'll help ensure when 20.04 is released, your hardware is actually fully supported.13:14
gebbionemakara, a pain yes but how is it possible i cannot edit the options for a one off13:15
gebbionei would rather do that than edit permanently the file13:15
guivercgebbione, what do you mean you cannot edit; has it been locked (needs password), or why can't you edit, what do you see?  and which release owns grub?13:16
gebbioneit looks like something has changed the grub file yesterday but left no backup :/13:17
gebbioneguiverc, i enter at boot with SHIFT -> advanced options -> on one of the options if i press "e" then it does nothing13:18
gebbioneif i enter failsave it will not boot even safely because it could not initialise GUI or something13:18
gebbioneguiverc, does my description make sense? I dont know why it wont work :/13:19
guivercI can't recall having <E> do nothing; I would boot a 'live' system & explore your system for issues (fsck it maybe for example).13:19
drogashow can I hide the icons on my desktop13:20
drogaswant it all clean13:20
lotuspsychjedrogas: disable it with dconf-editor13:20
drogasisn't that outdated?13:21
gebbioneguiverc, the strange thing is that indeed the grub file was changed yesterday but i have not done that myself13:21
drogaswhy can't I do it like I would on fedora13:21
guivercdrogas, We don't know your release, your desktop on Ubuntu, let alone fedora.  My guess is you're talking about different desktops, or if the same desktop - different versions of desktop.  Without clear details we cannot fully understand or help13:23
pragmaticenigmadrogas: Fedora is running a newer version of Gnome Desktop, where the Gnome no longer treats the desktop like a folder. I believe a version of Gnome-Desktop with that behavior will be part of the Ubuntu 20.04 release, but I have not seen any notes or articles on the topic.13:24
drogaspragmaticenigma thank you, that's more like it it seems. So until then have to "hack" it or find a way around13:25
pragmaticenigmadrogas: The proposed fix is not a hack. It's a settings change.13:25
drogasI was not aware of it, but seems to require additional install13:25
drogasby default dconfg-editor is not installed it seems. And SE says it is outdated?13:26
lotuspsychjedrogas: org/gnome/desktop/background/show-desktop-icons is active here (on 20.04)13:26
pragmaticenigmadrogas: I'm not aware of what "SE" means... please avoid acronyms as they may not translate to different locales13:27
drogasstack exchange13:27
pragmaticenigmadrogas: I would treat sites like stack exchanges as containing rumors and gossip. Unless someone sites an actual source from the developer of a piece of software, it's not based in fact and is likely someone's personal opinion13:28
gebbioneyeaaa ... so the problem is with nomodeset in the boot makara13:31
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makaragebbione: sorry man I'm snowed under, and about to leave13:34
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coconutIs tethering with mobile phone supported by default on any official ubuntu distro at the moment?14:00
rbasakcoconut: you mean accessing the Internet via a data connection on a mobile phone?14:01
_raven__after upgrade to 19.10 graphics is very sluggish. running 4 displays (2 on pcie card and two on mainboard) on 5.3.0-24-lowlatency. same setup was on lowlatency on 19.04 before. suggestions welcome, tnx14:01
rbasakI've found that Just Works on stock Ubuntu - both over Bluetooth and over USB.14:02
rbasak(and of course wifi - that doesn't need any further support on the client)14:02
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=== SysGhosts_samvet is now known as SysGhost
gigirockcoconut, if you connect a Iphone6 to ubuntu via usb cable.... and be patient for a while... then you can find a new ethernet interface... that is your iphone.... you can't sync music or backup , but you can surf internet with that interface14:10
coconutoh you rock, thank you.14:11
* coconut is smiling the rest of the day...14:11
coconutand thank you too rbasa.14:13
johnjbogle1hello. I seem to have deleted my Settings, as in no ability to edit or adjust any kind of settings whatsoever. When I click on the top-right menu bar, in the dropdown it shows the PowerOn/Off icon, but where the Settings icon is supposed to be next to it, it's gone. Even when I press the Super key, and type Settings into the search bar, nothing comes up. This began after I was Removing items off my machine via the Ubuntu Software Store. I thought I14:15
johnjbogle1<johnjbogle1> was being careful not to Remove any item that seemed remotely system-important, but I guess not careful enough. No idea what I could've Removed that would've done this. Any advice please? TIA. -- https://i.imgur.com/vwpQjJ9.png14:15
pragmaticenigmajohnjbogle1: I think the package is "gnome-control-center" which should restore the settings app14:18
johnjbogle1pragmaticenigma: How do I install that?14:20
pragmaticenigmajohnjbogle1: In terminal "sudo apt install gnome-control-center"14:21
johnjbogle1awesome thanks much14:21
johnjbogle1Should I restart for it to take effect?14:22
pragmaticenigmaShouldn't need a restart, but it may take a moment for the search tool to index it14:23
johnjbogle1Ok I got the main functionality back, but the icon still isn't showing in the top-right menu dropdown. It's not a big deal as I can just launch it manually, but would be nice to have again if you know how to restore it?14:25
roryWhat shell does cron use when running a command? bash or sh?14:28
rorybasically can I use bash's &> syntax to redirect cron stdout and stderr to the same file?14:28
rbasakrory: see crontab(5) for details. It uses /bin/sh by default but you can change that by setting SHELL14:31
EriC^rory: yeah you can14:31
EriC^i mean wait 1 sec14:32
EriC^i thought you meant 2>&114:32
EriC^nevermind seems someone answered already14:32
roryI will set SHELL in order to be explicit. Thanks folks.14:32
pragmaticenigmarory: Yes, you can use the same syntax to redirect output for a specific task just like you would in bash14:32
pragmaticenigmano setting changes are required14:33
roryWhile I'm here with some cron experts, I want to have a script run on startup and then again every N minutes... right now I have two duplicate cron entries, one on @reboot and one on */N14:34
roryIs there a better way?14:34
wedrI think I made a boo boo on Ubuntu...14:50
roryWhat's the nature of the boo boo wedr ?14:51
wedrtyping... the answer is too long14:52
wedractually, scratch that, I'm shortening my answer14:53
wedrI wanted to use Python 3.8.0, but I currently have Python 3.6.9.   I ran "sudo apt-get remove python3.6" and then ran "sudo apt-get install python3.8"    so, I'm good right?14:53
wedrOr I ruined my Ubuntu?14:53
pragmaticenigmarory: they have to be two separate entries... the only thing I could think of would be to make a bash script if you don't want to manage more than one large line of options for your task14:55
akkwedr: Not a good idea, but how bad it is depends on whether your version of Ubuntu (which you didn't mention) depends on python3.15:02
akkIf it were me, I'd try reversing those, sudo apt remove python3.8; sudo apt install python3.6; then install 3.8 some other way, like from a PPD or from source.15:03
rorywedr: you can have both afaik15:03
rorywedr: I would recommend, for each Python project, to use a virtualenv, that way you have specific version of Python for each project15:04
pragmaticenigmarory: Not exactly. Many of the built in system utilities run with python, and many of them do not take kindly to version differences15:04
altendkyor pyenv.  just forget your os has python.  then create envs (virtualenv or venv) from those pyenv installed pythons15:04
wedrakk > I'm on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, and I'm not sure how much python3 was dependent , rory > I reversed what I did by reinstalling python3.6 and python3 for good measure15:06
wedrFirefox got removed during the removal of python3.615:06
wedrI reinstalled that15:06
wedrOur work uses Python3.815:07
wedrugh, going to have to take my work machine home and then reinstall ubuntu with a live USB todayI guess15:08
altendkywedr: https://github.com/pyenv/pyenv-installer do follow the instructions including reading the wiki re: what system dependencies to install before building your python `pyenv install 3.8.0`15:08
akkthere's no problem having multiple versions of python installed at once; the problem is replacing the system python.15:08
altendkyand i wouldn't think ubuntu would offer a python3.8 package that would break your os if you really like dealing with system packages.  though i can't say i've had great experience getting the various extras working right15:09
akkBut on the other hand, I doubt 18.04 actually uses python3 for any important system programs.15:09
wedrThe system's Firefox was removed when removing python3.615:09
altendkypresumably they would have been uninstalled when python was uninstalled if they needed python15:09
wedra lot of gedit stuffs were touched15:09
wedrwell, visual studio code no longer runs15:10
akkThen evidently you should follow the suggestions that have already been made, restore 3.6 and install 3.8 separately.15:12
wedrI did15:12
wedrAh, VS Code now works15:13
wedrIt's just taking way too long15:13
* wedr rubs hands15:13
wedrAlright, it's make or break15:13
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GolynxHi . I accidentally deleted the EFI partition on the main drive instead of the flash drive. Now i get No bootable device found. How to get back my boot?15:30
EriC^Golynx: do you have a live usb you can boot15:30
Golynx@EriC^: No i do not15:30
Golynx@EriC^: will that fix it ?15:31
EriC^Golynx: yeah you can fix it from there15:31
EriC^(manually) not something automatic15:31
Golynx@EriC^: ok, how to go about it?15:31
EriC^get a live usb booted and we'll go from there15:32
EriC^!usb | Golynx15:32
ubottuGolynx: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent15:32
Golynx@EriC^: will that install a new ubuntu or fix the current one?15:32
EriC^Golynx: when you boot the live usb choose "try ubuntu" it should give you a live environment you can use15:33
EriC^like a temporary desktop15:33
Golynx@EriC^: i see. Then what options do i choose to fix it?15:34
EriC^Golynx: we'll manually fix it, there's not a single program or something for it15:34
beepbeep_Hello everyone, I'm using a tool that ssh's into a server and executes a series of commands. We use this tool to deploy a piece of software. This little tool has ran flawlessly for the past two years. The tool executes commands one after the other and not in parallel.15:36
Golynx@EriC^: i see. Will try to find and make a live usb. And another way to chat . May take a few hours15:36
EriC^Golynx: you can chat from the live usb15:36
Golynx@EriC^: ok15:37
EriC^via freenode's website or an irc client of your choice, it lets you temporarily install repo programs15:37
beepbeep_Hello everyone, I'm using a tool that ssh's into a server and executes a series of commands. We use this tool to deploy a piece of software. This little tool has ran flawlessly for the past two years. The tool executes commands one after the other and not in parallel. Part of the chain is to run npm install, and after npm install is finished, run15:37
beepbeep_node_modules/.bin/some-command. Since today, the tool doesn't wait for npm install to finish. So npm install is still running and the tool already executes the next command, which obviously fails, since the previous command hasn't finished running. What could possibly cause this?15:37
EriC^beepbeep_: can you paste the relevant lines in the script?15:38
beepbeep_EriC^, the one part of the script is: "npm install && node_modules/.bin/gulp prod".15:39
beepbeep_when I personally ssh into the server, this command works fine.15:39
beepbeep_when the script runs this, the "gulp prod" command is executed before npm install is finished.15:39
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pragmaticenigmabeepbeep_: You might want to check the documentation on the npm installer. It may have changed to have it self move to a background task, which would allow bash to execute the next item in the script.16:14
golynxEriC^ sorry. i had issues making usb boot disk. i am in Live cd now16:28
golynxEriC^ using web chat Firefox16:29
shuahAfter upgrading to Ubuntu 19.10, I can't boot Linux 4.4 and 4.9 stable releases. Does 19.10 depend on CONFIG_SQUASHFS_ZSTD?16:30
EriC^golynx: ok, type "sudo parted -ls | nc termbin.com 9999" and paste the link it gives you here16:31
golynxEriC^ https://termbin.com/pkk316:31
EriC^golynx: type "sudo gdisk /dev/sda"16:32
EriC^golynx: you should get a menu, press "n" to create a new partition16:33
=== dionysus70 is now known as dionysus69
golynxEriC^ ok, its prompting16:34
EriC^golynx: when it asks for starting sector use the default16:34
golynxEriC^ Partition number (1-128, default 1):16:34
EriC^just press enter and leave it blank basically til it asks for type16:34
EriC^hit enter16:34
golynxEriC^ First sector (34-234441614, default = 2048) or {+-}size{KMGTP}:16:35
EriC^keep at the enter til type, then put in "ef00"16:36
EriC^(that's ef zero zero)16:36
golynxEriC^ Current type is 'Linux filesystem' Hex code or GUID (L to show codes, Enter = 8300):16:36
EriC^once it's done, press "w" to write the partition table16:36
_raven__GeForce GT 620 100% utilized all the time after upgrade to 19.10 / 5.3.0-24-lowlatency. any idea?16:36
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golynxEriC^ Changed type of partition to 'EFI System'16:37
golynxis that right ? then press "w"16:37
golynxEriC^ OK; writing new GUID partition table (GPT) to /dev/sda. The operation has completed successfully.16:38
EriC^golynx: ok, type "sudo partprobe"16:38
golynxEriC^ Warning: The driver descriptor says the physical block size is 2048 bytes, but Linux says it is 512 bytes.16:39
golynxEriC^ ok. So its fixed now ?16:39
EriC^golynx: type "(sudo blkid; sudo efibootmgr -v) | nc termbin.com 9999"16:39
EriC^golynx: no16:39
EriC^with the () as well16:40
golynxEriC^ https://termbin.com/70b016:40
EriC^golynx: odd, it seems like the first partition used to ntfs not vfat (efi)16:41
golynxEriC^ i see16:41
EriC^golynx: type "sudo mount /dev/sda2 /mnt"16:41
golynxEriC^ done16:42
EriC^golynx: it could be that there was a tiny ntfs perhaps, and the efi was after it i guess, in any case do you care about the ntfs one? we'll see what's inside in a sec16:42
EriC^golynx: type "sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/boot/efi"16:42
golynxi dont know about the ntfs. Did the command16:43
EriC^golynx: ok, type "ls /mnt/boot/efi" it should show the contents of the fs16:43
EriC^check it out16:43
golynxEriC^ its not outputting anything16:44
EriC^golynx: ok, guess it's empty16:44
EriC^golynx: ok, type "sudo umount /mnt/boot/efi"16:45
golynxEriC^ done16:45
EriC^golynx: type "sudo mkfs.fat /dev/sda1"16:45
golynxEriC^ mkfs.fat 4.1 (2017-01-24)16:46
EriC^golynx: type "sudo blkid /dev/sda1" and paste the output here16:46
golynxEriC^ /dev/sda1: UUID="D52F-0D5C" TYPE="vfat" PARTLABEL="EFI System" PARTUUID="10f055be-2178-455b-b296-3b15734f74b0"16:47
EriC^golynx: type "sudo nano /mnt/etc/fstab"16:47
EriC^golynx: there should be a line that says UUID=bla-bla /boot/efi16:48
EriC^replace the bla-bla with D52F-0D5C16:48
golynxEriC^ UUID=59D4-D3C2  /boot/efi       vfat    umask=0077      0       116:48
EriC^that's the one16:48
EriC^golynx: once you're done editing it press ctrl+o to save and ctrl+x to exit16:49
golynxEriC^ ok done16:50
EriC^golynx: type "for i in /dev /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -R $i /mnt$i; done"16:50
golynxEriC^ done16:51
EriC^golynx: type "sudo chroot /mnt"16:51
golynxEriC^ its open16:51
EriC^golynx: ok, type "mount /boot/efi" it should return a blank prompt16:51
golynxEriC^ ok done16:52
EriC^golynx: real quick, "ls /sys/firmware/efi" does it give back a bunch of dirs, or says dir not found?16:52
golynxEriC^ config_table  esrtfw_vendor  runtime-mapvarsefivars       fw_platform_sizeruntime    systab16:53
EriC^golynx: ok perfect16:53
EriC^golynx: type 'grub-install'16:53
golynxEriC^ Installing for x86_64-efi platform.Installation finished. No error reported.16:54
EriC^golynx: update-grub16:54
golynxSourcing file `/etc/default/grub'Generating grub configuration file ...Found linux image: /boot/vmlinuz-5.0.0-36-genericFound initrd image: /boot/initrd.img-5.0.0-36-genericFound linux image: /boot/vmlinuz-5.0.0-32-genericFound initrd image: /boot/initrd.img-5.0.0-32-genericgrub-probe: error: cannot find a GRUB drive for /dev/sdb1.  Check your16:54
golynxdevice.map.Adding boot menu entry for EFI firmware configurationdone16:54
EriC^golynx: type "exit"16:55
EriC^then you can reboot and see if it boots up16:55
golynxEriC^ ok thanks :)16:55
EriC^no problem :)16:55
Gotango@EriC^ everything is working again . Thank you so much! :D16:59
EriC^Gotango: great! no problem :D16:59
_raven__GeForce GT 620 100% utilized all the time after upgrade to 19.10 / 5.3.0-24-lowlatency. any idea?17:35
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KamuelaI'm trying to install a version specific version of google chrome, but I'm not sure how. I've tried `apt install google-chrome-stable=78.0.3904.108` after looking here https://www.ubuntuupdates.org/package/google_chrome/stable/main/base/google-chrome-stable but it can't find it17:44
leadgeekIs it even possible to mount a windows smb2 share from ubuntu 16.04?17:51
leadgeekthe windows admins disabled the older protocols.17:52
VozivHas anyone else run into the issue where the output audio device isn't remembered on next boot? It worked fine for me on 19.04, however 19.10 it keeps resetting back to my monitor speakers rather than my USB interface (Focusrite Scarlett 2i2)18:01
roryVoziv: if you never use your monitor speakers, you could install pavucontrol, run it, go to Configuration tab, and disable the monitor speakers completely.18:05
roryNot really an answer, but might be a solution.18:06
VozivThanks, I don't think I want to disable them completely yet18:09
ncuxoHello everybody18:30
ncuxohow can I get an icon in the application menu after compiling an app?18:30
ncuxoI've done that in the past with moving the $app.desktop file18:31
ncuxobut the app that I've compiled doesn't have such a file18:31
ncuxoso I'm lost18:31
ncuxoshould I make a bash script with soft link?18:32
lordcirth_ncuxo, you write a simple .desktop file18:33
roryYou will need to make your own .desktop file https://askubuntu.com/questions/64222/how-can-i-create-launchers-on-my-desktop18:33
jformanhi all. i'm trying to figure out why a binary i installed via snap (helm) would randomly disappear. am i missing something here in how snaps are used?18:35
lordcirth_jforman, 'disappear' as in the file actually stopped existing, or it stopped being in $PATH?18:45
jformanlordcirth_: seems the latter, the more i dig into this. i use ZSH as my shell. i'm remote right now, and so sshing into the machine and running helm finds file not found. i presume when i get back to the actual console, it will work. i found some solutions which suggest 'source /etc/profile' fixes it. which it does. but i'm still baffled18:45
lordcirth_jforman, could be that zsh sets it's path differently than bash does, and doesn't pick it up18:46
hggdhjforman: snaps should be in /snap/bin (which soft-links to /usr/bin/snap)18:48
hggdhjforman: so, for example, clion is /snap/bin/clion -> /usr/bin/snap18:49
hggdhjforman: what that means: your PATH should have /snap/bin18:49
vezultSo, I'm trying to automate an ubuntu install.18:56
vezultusing 16.0418:56
vezultthe problem is...18:57
vezultnothing I enter at the boot prompt seems to do anything other than send me back to the default cd install screen18:57
vezultI've read through https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/installation-guide/amd64/apbs02.html18:57
vezultI'm familiar with preseeding, and I regularly do it with the standard debian installer18:58
vezultI'm just not sure how to make the install CD let me specify a boot command18:59
vezultany pointers?18:59
jformanhggdh: hmmm i will take a look at that. i wonder if zsh is setting things differently local vs remotely ssh'd in. thanks19:01
jformanhggdh: huh yeah, https://pastebin.com/mEras9en. before/after sourcing /etc/profile (which i found as a solution), at least while remotely sshed in19:03
hggdhjforman: perfect, one less source of discomfort :-)19:04
nt0_how can i track down which scripts bash is running when it starts up?  i'm getting an error when it starts up and i can't find a culprit in ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile19:08
nt0_this is the error:19:08
nt0_Traceback (most recent call last):19:08
nt0_  File "<stdin>", line 3, in <module>19:08
nt0_ImportError: No module named conda19:08
vezultnt0_: look for a python script19:09
vezultthat's a python traceback19:09
nt0_i thought it looked familiar.19:11
vezultnt0_: you could look through any of: ls /etc/bash*19:12
nt0_found it in ~/.miniconda/etc19:12
nt0_*i think*19:12
EriC^nt0_: startup apps application?19:26
nt0_EriC^: naw, i installed conda bash completion from https://docs.conda.io/projects/conda/en/latest/user-guide/configuration/enable-tab-completion.html19:29
nt0_didn't read the part where it says DEPRECATED, unfortunately19:29
nt0_and even after uninstalling the package from the base environment i get that stupid trace.  a lot of files in the ~/.miniconda3 directory were altered at the time of that install, so i'm sifting through the scripts to see if i can find the problem19:30
imiin earlier versions of ubuntu there used to be a gksudo command. is there any contemporary alternative for this gksudo command?19:31
EriC^imi: in 18.04 there's gedit admin:///path/to/file19:33
imithat's good :)19:33
EriC^you can always use "sudo -H gedit"19:33
EriC^or for other apps19:33
EriC^the -H sets the HOME variable so your user dir isnt affected by root files and stuff19:34
lordcirth_Every time I do a full-upgrade that touches the kernel, Virtualbox completely breaks until I reboot. Is there any way to solve this other than not doing kernel updates until I'm about to reboot?19:50
sarnoldthat's weird19:54
roryThere's a virtualbox kernel module lordcirth_ - try this19:54
rorysudo dpkg-reconfigure virtualbox-dkms && sudo dpkg-reconfigure virtualbox && sudo modprobe vboxdrv19:54
rory(assuming virtualbox was installed via apt)19:54
lordcirth_rory, thanks. I tried sudo sbin/vboxconfig as it says, and also modprobe, but I will try this19:54
lordcirth_Oh interesting, virtualbox-dkms isn't installed19:55
roryskip that one maybe19:55
roryI think it matters how you installed virtualbox. If you're using virtualbox-dkms it should automatically sort itsself out every time the kernel is upgraded via apt19:56
vezultOK, so this is stupid. You *have* to use f6, and then send backspaces until the default is deleted.19:58
vezulteven though escaping takes you to a boot prompt, it just won't work.19:58
lordcirth_Oh, it looks like I might have had leftover bits from a .deb install of 6.019:58
lordcirth_That would explain a few things19:58
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kur1jCan someone tell me why a package isn't installing a file that it supposedly includes?20:28
kur1jwhen I install openvpn it shows "/etc/openvpn/update-resolv-conf" it included in the package20:28
kur1jbut when I install it...its not there20:28
rypervenchekur1j: Is this a new install of the package? Or did you just notice the missing file?20:32
kur1jrypervenche: so I screwed up the configuration file that was there previously...and needed to get it again..so I uninstalled the package and reinstalled it20:33
kur1jbut it wasn't there20:33
kur1jthe second time around20:33
rypervenchesudo apt install --reinstall -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-confask,confnew,confmiss" openvpn20:34
haakjesMy ubuntu 14.04 ESM just started giving the following error: W: Failed to fetch https://esm.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty-security/main/binary-amd64/Packages  gnutls_handshake() failed: Handshake failed. Did the esm.ubuntu.com servers just disable TLS ciphers that were required for 14.04 ESM updates or did I just mess something up?20:34
kur1jrypervenche:damn thats a hellva trick...20:35
kur1jthat did it...what/when/where/why is it doing that?20:35
rypervenchekur1j: By default, a reinstall or uninstall then reinstall won't overwrite conf files that you have modified or removed. You have to explicitly tell it to if you want that.20:36
kur1jahhh interesting20:36
kur1jmakes sense though20:36
kur1jrypervenche: did you google that or just know? I've never seen that before20:36
agile_prghi all, I put a 3.7 tb hardrive in my linux desktop, what is the easiest way to format it etc...?20:36
rypervenchekur1j: I knew what I was looking for, but forgot the exact syntax. Just Googled "apt reinstall file"20:37
kur1jagile_prg: mkfs.xfs /dev/<device>20:37
OerHekshaakjes, maybe that mirror is in sync? try again in a few minutes?20:38
kur1jrypervenche: ahh I was headed down the --fix-missing flag20:38
kur1jbut that didn't work either20:38
geniikur1j: Sooner or later you just come across that situation on a debian-based linux. Like uninstalling something and reinstalling it because of o messed up config and it keeps behaving the same20:38
kur1jyours did though20:38
OerHeksagile_prg, open disks utility, and have fun formatting ext4 ?20:38
agile_prghow do I open the disks utility please?20:39
sarnoldhaakjes: our internal monitoring apepars to be giving the same problem, probably nothing you changed20:39
OerHeksit is in your menu? or type disks in search20:39
agile_prgok I see it thanks OerHeks!20:40
OerHekssarnold, thank you for confirmation :-)20:40
agile_prgit sees it and says 4.0 TB Unknown20:40
haakjesthank you indeed, according to https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html?d=esm.ubuntu.com, they just disabled tls 1.1 on both IP's20:40
agile_prgit won't let me edit the partition or create a partition20:41
OerHeksagile_prg, hit the unmount button, then you can20:43
agile_prgI don't see an unmount button20:44
EriC^agile_prg: it might be in your file manager20:44
agile_prgno, I do not see it there either, let me try it from the command line20:44
EriC^agile_prg: what does "mount | nc termbin.com 9999" give you?20:45
agile_prgit says I can format it ext420:46
agile_prgshould I just do that?20:46
EriC^do you need to access it for windows too?20:46
EriC^then you can use ext420:47
EriC^ntfs is probably better though in case you ever need to mount it on windows for some reason20:47
agile_prgok, I am formatting it thanks :>20:48
agile_prgI guess I will have to modify something to make it mount on bootup right?20:48
agile_prgok I mounted it :>20:48
OerHeksadd it to fstab?20:51
EriC^agile_prg: you can add it to /etc/fstab with the options "nofail,x-systemd.device-timeout=3" in case it's not present or fails20:52
OerHekshttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions  ---- https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab20:52
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voldialI have a 32bit arm9 eabi toolchain, and a 64bit install, can someone point me to the best way to execute 32bit code on a 64bit system (not qemu, natively)?20:54
agile_prghere is what I put in my fstab: /dev/sda /media/nyb/4tbhd ext4 errors=remount-ro 0       120:57
agile_prgdoes that look good?20:57
EriC^agile_prg: it's better to create a partition table and use a partition instead of formatting the whole disk, can you paste "sudo parted -ls" to see how the disk is partitioned currently?20:59
agile_prgModel: ATA ST4000VN008-2DR1 (scsi)21:00
agile_prgDisk /dev/sda: 4001GB21:00
agile_prgSector size (logical/physical): 512B/4096B21:00
agile_prgPartition Table: loop21:00
agile_prgDisk Flags:21:00
agile_prgNumber  Start  End     Size    File system  Flags21:00
EriC^!paste | agile_prg21:00
ubottuagile_prg: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:00
EriC^agile_prg: is that all the output for it?21:01
agile_prgwell I don't want to show you my other volumes21:04
EriC^agile_prg: i meant for sda21:04
EriC^agile_prg: ok, unmount it, make a gpt partition table using gdisk/gparted create a single 4tb partition then format it21:04
agile_prgwhat is wrong with the way I did it?21:05
IsraphelCan I mount an ntfs partition that's in unsafe state? I can't login to windows to disable the fast boot21:05
EriC^agile_prg: well there's no partition table, and sometimes a stupid software will think nothing's on the disk and "initialize it" and you'll lose your stuff, it's bad practice not to use a partition table + partitions21:06
EriC^Israphel: if you just need to read it, you can mount it read-only, otherwise ntfsfix program might help you might it read-write21:07
Israphelntfsfix also tells me that windows is hibernated, because win10 by default always do that21:07
Israphelbut I need ubuntu to repair windows, I'm in a loop21:07
EriC^Israphel: repair windows how?21:09
Israphelchange the password that my father has forgotten21:09
sarnoldhaakjes: could you give it another try please?21:17
deadrom18.04 LTS updates: says wants new grub. where to install. I tick sda since that's where it is now. next it asks: "[ ] continue without installing grub?"  <- me: "?"21:18
EriC^deadrom: you need to use the space to select sda21:19
EriC^if you just hit enter itll proceed unselected, tricky21:19
haakjessarnold: works again!21:20
deadromEriC^: nuh uh. same.21:20
haakjessarnold: tnx for fixing! i can now disable the worst monkey-patch ever on my end21:21
sarnoldhaakjes: thanks! :D21:21
EriC^deadrom: you could manually reinstall grub once the update's done21:21
sarnoldhaakjes: oh my. happy to hear that :)21:21
EriC^deadrom: sudo grub-install /dev/sda && sudo update-grub21:21
Habbieit was the worst monkeypatch21:22
Habbiei was crying21:22
aeixeaHi, someone is using st term from suckless tools?21:22
haakjesoutgoing connections go through squid, so made that forward connections to esm.ubuntu.com to localhost:1234. Ran socat tcp4-listen:1234,fork,reuseaddr ssl:esm.ubuntu.com:443,verify=0 on the same system and sed -i'' -e 's@https://esm.ubuntu.com@http://esm.ubuntu.com@' /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ubuntu-esm-infra-trusty.list on all 14.04 systems21:23
Habbiehaakjes, you can't scare sarnold with that because i already told him... :D21:23
haakjescannot be unseen21:23
dreamonBashing-om, good evening. do you remember my hdmi audio issue?21:25
Bashing-omdreamon: Hello - yeah Ido :)21:26
dreamonBashing-om, Found somethin that could be a solution. https://forum.ubuntuusers.de/topic/kein-sound-ueber-hdmi-displayport/3/ position "/usr/bin/hdmi-audio-workaround"21:26
sarnoldhaakjes: hehe, yeah, that's definitely hacky, but .. if it works :)21:26
Bashing-omdreamon: reading.21:27
sarnoldhaakjes: many thanks for the excellent report and debugging21:27
haakjessarnold: i see esm.ubuntu.com now supports the old tls ciphers again; i guess that was the fix?21:27
sarnoldhaakjes: yes21:27
aeixeaBye eveyone.21:27
sarnoldbye aeixea21:27
haakjessarnold: thank you for the quick turn-around21:28
dreamonBashing-om, and the last post.. I told that issue is solved. But the adresses are differnt to mine I think21:28
Bashing-omdreamon: The PCI's will be different, See the adresses from the /var/log/gpu-manager.log file. But I will not vouch for the script - but is easily reversed if it does not work.21:34
dreamonBashing-om, hmm.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/mjzY5Tgk3Z/ → how is the correct syntax for setpci ?21:38
dreamonBashing-om, 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Haswell-ULT Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)21:41
dreamonBashing-om, 04:00.0 3D controller: NVIDIA Corporation GF117M [GeForce 610M/710M/810M/820M / GT 620M/625M/630M/720M] (rev a1)21:41
Bashing-omdreamon: I would think " 4:0:0:0 " to be the Nvidia chipset.21:45
Bashing-omdreamon: dreamon ^^ /var/log/Xorg.0.log should confirm.21:47
dreamonBashing-om, I dont know how to test it. is a systemd thing? how do I start? start the first script? oder by systemd?22:01
dreamonBashing-om, https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1024022/linux/gtx-1060-no-audio-over-hdmi-only-hda-intel-detected-azalia/22:07
Bashing-omdreamon: Maybe as ' systemctl start hdmi-audio.service ' .22:08
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dreamonBashing-om, good night. Im confused22:32
Bashing-omdreamon: What can I do to UN-confuse ?22:34
qwebirc95665hello, i just got an error in nautilus: Invalid reply received.  I tried to move a file from my desktop to an remote server via drag and drop. is this not supported by nautilus? the connected user is owner of the directory22:35
qwebirc95665connection is via sftp22:35
dreamonBashing-om, I will be back next days.. today Im to tired. ;)22:36
Bashing-omdreamon: :D22:36
dreamondevtalk is to complicated for me. I have to learn more about it, and take a look in my arch laptop maybe that helps me out.22:37
dreamonBashing-om, see you. I wont give up.22:37
Bashing-omdreamon: Got that right )... Understanding is the key to the universe and everything.22:38
ZeZuI updated an ubuntu server install from 14.x LTS to 16.04.6 LTS as recommended w. do_release_upgrade.  There were no errors but on reboot libstdc++ linked to by apt is missing23:05
ZeZuit's a compare,  basic_string::char_traits::compare()23:06
de-factowhat is  [jbd2/sda2-8] on iotop? it constantly writes to my ssd :(23:19
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ZeZujournal updater23:20
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de-factohmm killing snapd stopped it, what is going on?23:22
de-factook i deleted snapd, i dont like software that causes constant writes wearing out my flash23:24
ZeZudifficult to say without some clue as to what snapd was doing at the time23:24
ZeZudid you check dmesg?23:24
de-factonothing in dmesg hints to snapd23:26
de-factobut since it was high in iotop i killed it and the writes from   [jbd2/sda2-8] stopped aswell23:26
de-factoi read some bug reports that also describe similar behaviour23:27
de-factowell i dont use snaps, so i just deinstalled it23:27
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de-factoweird software going berserk with writing on my ssd :/23:29
ironpillowHi all, I enabled rsyslog server on my ubuntu machine and I have another machine sending logs. On the server I created this template `$template TmplAuth, "/var/log/client_logs/%HOSTNAME%/%PROGRAMNAME%.log"` Under client_logs, everything is logging correctly. So it's client_logs/myseconddevice/sshd.log. How do I make sure files under client_logs directory are rotated daily and have max 7 copies? Thanks!23:31
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wedrHello, currently facing a weird issue when booting UEFI mode to Ubuntu. When the laptop is turning on, it emits static noise23:39
wedrStatic noise continues to play while booting the BIOS23:39
wedrAnd then I landed in the GNU Grub 2.02 command line screen23:40
AppAraathi, is there an official Qemu/KVM PPA for Ubuntu?23:53
rfmwedr, falling into the grub CLI makes me think the grub install is messed up somehow, though I don't know why that would cause static noise.  What I would do is reinstall grub from a live CD. This superuser post seems to have OK instructions in the first answer:https://superuser.com/questions/376470/how-to-reinstall-grub2-efi23:54
sarnoldAppAraat: the ubuntu cloud archive packages up different versions of qemu etc http://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ubuntu-server/cloud-archive/stein_versions.html  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OpenStack/CloudArchive23:56
wedrrfm Checking23:56
rfmwedr, the static noise makes me think the BIOS isn't initializing the sound card right; maybe you should look for a BIOS update from the laptop manufacturer?23:56
wedrHP laptop drivers aren't the best... :/23:56
AppAraatthanks, I'll check it out.23:57

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